Keira Viru

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Keira Viru
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Half Umbaran, Half Human




5 Feet 6 Inches


135 Pounds


Long Raven Black, with Blue Highlights


Ice Blue with a Gold Star burst around the Pupil

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"There is so much more to see; such things I have left to learn..."
―Keira Viru

Keira Viru (pronounced kear-ruh veer-rue) is a mystery unto herself. She has no knowledge pertaining to the circumstances of her birth, or her life before waking up under Methyas L'eonheart's care. What is known, however, is enough to drive her on. Keira was born to Renora Viru, and is a half-breed Umbaran with connections to Clan Naga Sadow. She uses every resource at her disposal to track down who she is, and her lost life.


From Darkness

Having no memories to speak of, Keira was immediately 'adopted' by Methyas' wife, Naomi. Settling in as a member of the family, she set about learning as much about the Galaxy as she could. It served little to fill in the missing pieces that made up her lost life, but it helped her to cope. During this period she also received lessons from Methyas in the history of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and Clan Naga Sadow in particular. He also made sure to teach her the basics of leadership.

Not content to sit around aimlessly, Keira also took to combat studies. Since her life consisted of the search for knowledge, it was in there that she found her training as well. She studied the forms and tactics that Methyas' library contained, and looked at them from a philosophical perspective. She tried many before finally settling on a style she felt fit her most, and then trained constantly in its use. The same could be said of her knowledge of the Force. Naomi told her many times that Keira was always reaching out, looking for more. This trait became evident as she quickly mastered the use of Telekinesis and even learned to easily channel her raw emotions into Lightning.

She continued her training in the solitude offered within Methyas' home, until the Son of Sadow informed her that it was time to pack her things. The Quaestor of Shar Dakhan had passed, and there was need of her.

Came For A Brother, Found A Sister

Shortly after becoming Quaestor, replacing Atra Ventus, Keira continued following the clues of her past. She knew they were rooted with Naga Sadow, and her mother, but no specifics. Methyas refused to speak on the subject and she had grown tired of asking. Instead, Keira used her new found access to scour the Sadow Library for any and all clues she could find in regards to her mother. Having come so close to finally having answers, Keira was able to retrieve the personnel data for Renora, only to find access completely restricted. Upon investigation, she discovered that access was locked out to all members of the Clan, save for Xia Long.

To have come so close, yet still be kept from her answers, set Keira into an emotional frenzy and she fled on foot from the Temple of Sorrow on Sepros. Lost within the confines of the Shadow Lands, Keira gave in to her grief and lost all sense of time. When she finally reclaimed a semblance of self, she was confronted by Gwei Long, who had been shadowing her for several days. A conflict ensued between Keira and the man who had followed her, consisting of both mental and physical challenges for the fledgling Quaestor. In the aftermath, Gwei revealed that he had come to look into the loss of her predecessor, who had been known also as Xue Long, and found her instead. Having tested her suitably, he called her by Xue Long as he had Atra before and offered her assistance in finding her answers, if she chose to follow.

It was a decision easily made.

Physical Description

Keira in her standard attire.

Keira is of an average height for her race, despite being half Human, but is still far from being considered short. Her eyes are a chilling ice-blue, possessing a gold starburst around each pupil, a stark contrast to her pale, moon-kissed flesh. Her messy, chin-length, layered hair is raven-black, shining with a navy hue as light glosses over it, flowing into a tight ponytail that ends at the small of her back.

Genetics blessed her with a curvy, athletic build that belies her graceful movements. Her face is full and almost pixie-like, her cheekbones merely hinted at as opposed to shaping her features. Makeup is almost a completely foreign concept to her, resulting in a dark eye shadow that further accentuates her eyes and a faint, natural blush upon her lips. Her stance is confident, if not relaxed, appearing to be a step away from lounging and never at full height.

Keria's outfit consists of black, leather pants that fit her form. Upon her right thigh can be found a storage pouch, held on to her leg by two dark grey belt straps. She wears dark grey leather boots, outfitted with black belt straps at the top of the boot and a series of same coloured straps wrapping about her ankles, forming a criss-cross pattern over the heel. She wears a grey tank top, covered by a grey corset, held together with cross stitched string running up the back in addition to a belt running just under her bust and straps on her shoulders. From the corset, a half-skirt flows down her right side, made with a faintly see-through blue fabric. The same clothe falls from the straps at her shoulders, flowing down to her elbows.