Drae'lath Rahath

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Republic eraImperial eraNew Order era.


Biographical Information

Celae (Vat-born)

Date of Birth:

205 BBY (240 years old)

Date of Death:


Physical Description







90 kg.


Brown (original), White (Dyed), Undercut (Hairstyle)


Light Blue (Originally), Yellow (Dark Side, permanent)



Personal Information

Katrea Lanari Kandras (Wife)

  • Vesh
  • Scarlet Agna

Jihk 'Jex' Grukriq (KIA)

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


  • DX-13 Blaster Pistol x1
  • Riot Shield x1
  • A-280C Blaster Rifle x1
  • Zealot's Vibroblade x1
Fighting Style(s):

Fighting system that closely resembles Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information
  • Agent (formerly)
  • Commander
  • Blackguard (formerly)
  • Aedile, House Shar Dakhan (formerly)
  • Lord-Commander of the 16th Legion (co-currently)
  • Lord-General of the 88th Celean Siege Army Group
  • Republic Era
  • Clone Wars Era
  • Rebellion Era
  • Galactic Civil War
  • New Order Era
  • Celea (Primary)
  • Clan Naga Sadow (Secondary)
  • Dark Jedi Brotherhood (tertiary)
Personal Ship:


Known masters:
  • Aul Celsus (formerly)
  • Morax Darkblade (formerly)
Known apprentices:

Jannala Umbra



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I, Lucius, of House Sevra, Lord Commander of the 88th Siege Army Group, ever in the service of Celae do sentence thee, the city of Kaith and its people, to death. Let all who stand here witness the death of traitors.

- Lord Commander Lucius citing final rites before the beginning of what would be remembered as the Desecration of Kaith.

Lucius is the first of three names utilized by a tank-bred Human Male that hails from a planet named Celae [pronounced See-Lay or Say-Lay]. He has lived for over 240 years due to the near overuse of Carbon Freezing based stasis and with nearly 60 years of warfare experience. His first name was one earned in blood as was custom amongst his heavily militaristic people. He was born into military service and specializing in what was known as a Sub Orbital Drop Shock Assault or SODSA. An honourary member of the SODSAT Vanguard special operations unit, he has been recorded to have have fought in 2 known planetary wide civil wars and in 15 recorded battles. To most, these numbers would appear to be an incredible service history but is to his people were seen as a less than stellar performance. It would be during his time of service that he would find Katrea Kandras in the slums of Elros.

It was during his early years of service that the soldier would be grievously wounded during the Siege of Delendar as the result of a mortar round having impacted the ground near him. The damage prompted field medics to preform a mid-battle amputation with his right leg below the knee and his left leg above. It was during his time in recovery that his service to Celae would be secretly noted. He was quickly and quietly moved to a different medical facility that served as a front for Military Secret Intelligence. Here, he began his tenure as an agent and was thus, renamed to Drae'lath Rahath. While most of his actions were heavily restricted as a classified state secret, as per their protocols, what can be noted is that the Empire of Celae was able to expand it's sphere of influence across the star system due to, in part, of the effort's of Drae'lath's team. He kept a vigilant watch on his people using subversive means like blackmail to keep the many warring houses in check. It was his actions that had garnered the attention of both the Republic and later the Empire, more specifically to the latter, Imperial Intelligence. Under the guise of protecting his people, a Selphi Inquisitor named Vesh had manipulated Drae'lath into assisting the Empire in bringing Celae under its rule.

During the reign of the Empire, Drae'lath's skill set was used for little more than guerrilla operations and quashing rebellions across his Subsector. He has, however, been in more notable campaigns such as the Battle of Montellian Serat and the Ryloth Insurgency.

After the fall of the Empire, His current name is that of Xuner Holst as he serves the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood. Having vowed to serve with unfaltering loyalty to House Shar Dakhan and to Clan Naga Sadow.

In 38 ABY, Xuner, Katrea, and Vesh participated in a Sith ritual with the intent on safely separating Xuner from Vesh by placing her into the body of a willing host. This ritual had safely, for the most part, failed and resulting in Xuner being stripped him of his abilities in the Force

His stance was that of a Sith-leaning Grey Jedi Force User before and during the events of the Veiled Origins. After receiving an emergency message, Drae’lath suddenly departed from Dark Brotherhood space, without giving a reason as to why. After a few months, Drae’lath, as suddenly as he left, reappeared to the sight of both Clan and House being near leaderless. Undeterred by this predicament, the newly christened Xuner Holst stands ready, now fully committed to both the Dark Side of the Force and in the service of Clan Naga Sadow.


Childhood (205 BBY - 195 BBY)

Lucius's birth was an unnatural one. Using the genetic samples of two pre-screened individuals, Lucius was born inside of a tank.

Pre-Clone Wars

Clone Wars

Sith Influence

Military Career

Stormtrooper Corps

We’re tools for the Empire, nothing more. They tell us to kill, we ask when. That’s it! No ‘Why should we?’ crap. If you can’t do that, IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT, GET THE FRAK OUT! - Major Vinga addressing Drae'lath's group of Imperial Stormtroopers during Selection.

Drae'lath Rahath was entered into the Stormtrooper Corps by the orders of Inquisitor Vesh. During his training, he adopted a cruel and merciless attitude in his drive to accomplish the mission. This seemed to put him at odds with the other trainees, many of whom didn’t have the passion or commitment as Drae’lath did. This did not stop him, however, from rising above the others and showing his superiority as both a soldier and a proven leader.Many of those that wished to demean him gave him the nickname of 'Dog'.

His childhood, having grown up around soldiers, gave him an edge above the rest leading him to either being far ahead than the rest or not seeing eye-to-eye with those that didn’t have the experience to keep up. Mostly Vesh, but other higher ranking officers as well, would try to further divide him by calling him over to sit amongst their company to get his opinion on an upcoming mission, or to ask of him if there was any conflict that would cause division and dissident within the ranks. This man was an officer within Imperial Intelligence, known as Colonel Kasaroc.

Imperial Intelligence

In all my years of service, if there is one thing I've learned, Captain. It's that the closer you let someone get to you, the less time you have to react when they slip their blade into your spine."

- Colonel Kasaroc giving advice to the idealistic Captain Drae'lath

After his training, Drae'lath was traveled with Vesh across the galaxy. After a few successful plans drawn up by the Captain during both the Rlyoth Insurgency and the Devaronian Uprising, he was sent to Imperial Intelligence where he would travel across the Empire and inform on the activities of many noble heads, their families, and military officers, for many were under the suspicion of treason. Since being in Imperial Intelligence, Drae'lath's actions and battle reports, even those during his time in the Army and Stormtrooper Corps, have been sealed. After the Empire's fall, Drae'lath and Vesh gathered whatever files he could on their past and burned them. They did, however, saved information on their activities during the Empire and have been open with sharing them to his allies of Clan Naga Sadow to see.


62-2739 (Vinga)

62-1076 (Vasuel)

62-6248 (Vilenoa)

62-2808 (Velirus)

Dark Brotherhood

Clan Naga Sadow

Versea Family


  • Xuner Holst, known at the time as Drae'lath Rahath, is introduced into the Versea family at the behest of Tashe'Vel Versea. He is branded with the family's sigil and henceforth, given the Twi'lek name of Tarkona'tel Versea.

Physical Description

Holst is a massive Human male genetically created to be the perfect soldier. He towers over many with a frame of 2.1 metres in height, well proportioned with his 118.16 kg weight. Xuner’s face has begun to show the signs of his hyper-advanced age without the aid formerly provided by the Force. Darkened veins and deep wrinkles have etched across his forehead, eyes and mouth. His other features, however, unfortunately retain their Sith corruption, with his eyes in a constant state of yellow and his hair gone a snowy white. His hairstyle is a disconnected undercut. The sides and back of his hair have been shaved down, with the longer tufts of his top hair being kept in a rough ponytail.

Xuner's pale, sun-deprived skin bears the ravages of war and time, every inch of his body covered in a litany of scars beyond counting. Countless wars coupled with years of stress and torture have left his body in a state of ruin: his legs have been replaced by limbs that have been grown specifically for him, the scarring where they were attached evident; both fifth digits from each hand have been replaced with thin metal plates and the same can be said for the fourth digit on his left hand, and the fourth digit down the the second knuckle on the right hand; his spine and rib-cage have been replaced with former being left exposed while the latter is covered by synth-flesh. His final cybernetic is a respirator to assist Holst in breathing. Finally, he has a lightning-burn scar of the Versea family crest burned onto his upper-left forearm, a gift from Bentre Stahoes.

Above and intermingled with his scars, an equal array of tattoos adorn and transform Xuner’s body into a story known only to him. Overlapping pieces of a stylized cuirass stand out on the front of his body. Though its image is marred by thicker scarring, the figure of a large, Human male with avian wings guards his back with a ready sword. While Xuner Holst displays the general array of expressions common to all humans, he returns frequently to two: a look of listless depression bred more of boredom than woe and the smile of a man eager to jump into battle.


  • Due to his many years of service, Xuner Holst is riddled with anxiety both on and off the battlefield. He is also unable to properly eat solid foods, having to rely on food-paste and military rations for sustenance.
  • Xuner, despite having cybernetics around his neck and mouth to assist in his breathing, he will often remove them in order to enjoy a short smoke session.