Drae'lath Rahath

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“What do you remember about Ryloth?"

“I remembered how easily they died. How quickly they burned.”

- Major Kandras hearing Holst’s version of the Ryloth Insurgency.


Originally born under the name of Lucius Sevra, the now Xuner Holst is Knight in the Dark Brotherhood. He currently serves under Morax Darkblade. Drae’lath hails from the halls of Clan Naga Sadow and of House Shar Dakhan. From what

By blood, Drae’lath is of Onderonian nobility from his mother. His father’s lineage is one of nobility, but one granted to him by the leader of his planet as a reward for his service. He has no allegiance to Onderon, nor towards his father's home planet, Chirus.

His stance was that of a Sith-leaning Grey Jedi Force User before and during the events of the Veiled Origins. Drae’lath had immediately after left Dark Brotherhood space, under the guise of having the resolve some business on Onderon.

After a few months, Drae’lath has returned to the sight of both Clan and House being near leaderless. Undeterred by this predicament, Drae’lath currently stands ready, now fully committed to both the Dark Side of the Force and in the service of Clan Naga Sadow.

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Xuner/Holst Kandras
Biographical Information

Recluse (Born on a freighter ship)

Date of Birth:

205 BBY (240 years old)

Date of Death:


Physical Description







90 kg.


White (Colour), Undercut (Hairstyle)


Light Blue (Originally), Yellow (Dark Side)

  • cybernetic right arm
Personal Information

Cenia Sevra (Deceased)


Vontiand Sevra (Deceased)

Known Children:

Shak'lasu (Adopted/deceased)


Katrea Lanari Kandras (Wife)

  • 62-2739 (Vinga) (Deceased)
  • 62-1076 (Vasuel) (Deceased)
  • 62-6248 (Vilenoa) (Deceased)
  • 62-2808 (Velirus) (Deceased)
  • Vesh

Jihk 'Jex' Grukriq (Deceased)

Lightsaber Color(s):

x2 lightsabers

Lightsaber Form(s):


  • DX-13 Blaster Pistol
  • DL-18 Blaster Pistol
  • A-295 Blaster Rifle
  • x2 Lightsabers
  • Vibroknife
  • Vibrosword
Fighting Style(s):
  • IMAS
  • Jar'Kai
Chronology & Political Information
  • Agent (formerly)
  • (formerly)
  • Republic Era
  • Clone Wars Era
  • Rebellion Era
  • Galactic Civil War
  • Rise of the Brotherhood Era
  • Exodus Era
  • New Order Era
  • Imperial Intelligence (formerly)
  • Valkyrie Squadron
  • Callsign 'Valkyrie 03' (formerly)
  • Dark Jedi Brotherhood (currently)
Personal Ship:


Known masters:
  • Aul Celsus (formerly)
  • Morax Darkblade (current)
Known apprentices:

Caius Sylvian



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From what can be obtained from both the Galactic Empire’s psychological profiles, created for all of its soldiers, and from what can be seen by those who have interacted with Drae’lath, before his change to Xuner, he didn’t have a very sociable childhood growing up as the other members of the Dark Brotherhood. To this end, he is gripped by silence and so very little can be known of him when pressed. He will on occasion, depending on how close you are to him, experience times of release and reveal parts of his past. What can be known of him is his being born in 205 BBY aboard the freighter ship Recluse and raised by 2 mercenaries.

Drae’lath was sired by two Vontiand and Cenia; his father and mother, respectively. Drae'lath's parents were both force Sensitive as they were students at the Jedi Temple. Around 234 BBY, they were removed from the Jedi Temple when the Council found out about their relationship and refusing to end their love for each other.

Despite suffering the death of his parents, Drae’lath was able to manage maintaining quite the cheerful disposition on life. This is due mostly in part to Katrea Kandras, who Drae’lath say as “the truest love in his life.”

Parent's Life

Vontiand (Post-Jedi Order)

After being expelled from the Order, Vontiand chose to return to his home planet of Tovis, growing up to serve proudly as a soldier of the crown through five intra-planetary conflicts, but was later forced to participate in a coup d'etat against the ruling crown. He would later form, coordinate, and lead many rebel factions to dispose of the tyrannical military general turned dictator.

After the planet has settled into more peaceful times, Vonitand and warriors like him were of no further use; so he had left his planet, taking a large number of former soldiers and rebels to form a private military corporation. Vonitand was reintroduced to Cenia through one of his Captains at a local bar in the Inner Rim, as Vontiand was hired to protect a Corscanti nobleman on some business regarding the acquisition of a few obscure trading routes. Cenia was hired as her skills with slicing was seen as an asset to The 16th Company. Their love would later be rekindled during an incident that left the two stranded in the mountains of a planet in the Outer Rim.

Cenia (Post-Jedi Order)

Her days in the Jedi Temple were often spent pouring over texts and maintaining the Temple grounds. So decided to spend her free time developing a fascination in Slicing. As much as Cenia wished to be with her lover, she could not as she was taken back to her home planet of Onderon. Her return would later be reasoned as she was a nobleman’s daughter and the father had expressed his wishes for her to become prim and proper. Taking up on her father’s offer, Cenia had convinced her father to have Cenia trained by expert Slicers. As the young noblewoman-in-training pursued her studies, she looked for Vontiand in every imaginable way. She used trackers to search for him, leading her to take up an alias to cover her tracks, having resorted to taking large sums of credits from trading corporations in order to pay off their fees. Cenia developed a thrill in stealing and would jump upon the even the slightest opportunity to test not only her skills, but also the security systems of her targets. Her largest and most dangerous attempt was when she posed as an employed technician inside of a trade corporation. She was later discovered as she was caught trying to insert a data spike into the mainframe of one of their computers at the Corporation's HQ. The attempt was successful and a virus, that she had made herself, would than upload itself and make large amounts of credit to be deposited to charities across the Republic, not knowing that the charities were fronts, created using the names of many of the high-ranking members of the corporation’s executive board of directors. This was to be her final job and as her final ‘thumb-up’ to that corporation, she authorized the purchase of 3 light freighter ships, a purchase of various droids, up to the size of a platoon, and a series of other purchases all done on the corporation's discretionary spending accounts. Cenia finally decided to abandon her duties as a noblewoman, and was soon reunited with Vontiand. Together, leaving the security team Vontiand was with to finish the assignment, they both had fled into Wild Space.


Childhood (205 BBY - 195 BBY)

After a biomedical scan revealed Cenia's pregnancy, Vontiand reached out to a few sympathetic friends they made during their time in the Jedi Temple. These friends had allowed Vontiand and Cenia to acquire some copies of training holovids and lectures so they may be able to teach their child the ways of the Jedi. Cenia and Vontiand were hesitant at first due to their fears of Drae'lath being taken by the Jedi Order. They nonetheless reluctantly reached out to their former associates as they knew nothing that would hone nor temper Drae'lath's inherent Force abilities.

Family life for Drae'lath was one of seclusion, but not total isolation. They had to travel across the Republic, from system to system, with Drae’lath’s parents working as security contractors specializing in cyber security, armed escort, and private military. Drae’lath, instead of having flesh-and-blood friends, had the different series of protocol droids to keep him company. The earlier days of the young Human was mostly preoccupied with learning the mannerisms of being part of the Nobility from his mother and her droids. His father didn’t have as much free time, but would spend as much as he could teaching Drae’lath how to handle a blaster.

There was, however, one thing that was always exciting towards Drae'lath. The soldiers from his parents corporation would regale him with stories of far distant planets. These planets were often described as teeming with an abundance of undiscovered wildlife and forests of mesmerizingly gorgeous plant-life. Another thing the young Drae’lath would do was to secretly spend well into the night watching holovids that harkon back to the days where words like honour, loyalty, and duty, had meaning. Holovids where battle hardened warriors would face against insurmountable odds, fighting to the last in epic displays of combat and savagery. During the day, inspired by the holovids, Drae’lath would spend as much time as he could learning how to fight. This drive was to some members a good laugh, while others saw the potential of having another fighter with them. These same soldiers would record their adventures and sent to data-disks back for Drae’lath’s enjoyment. They had chosen not to spare Drae’lath, however, from some of the more horrifying aspects of the job. Despite this, Drae’lath remained undeterred in his dreams.

His True Love

Katrea Kandras, born 200 BBY, is a Human female that became Drae'lath's first instance with human interaction outside of the family and the members of The 16th Company. She, like Drae’lath and his parents, is a latent Force Sensitive Human female. Katrea was an orphan who had lost her family during the Stark Hyperspace War. She unfortunately grew up in the slums of Nar Shaddaa; before being taken in as a handmaiden to a nobleman’s wife. Katrea would face abuse from both the wife and the other handmaidens that she would serve with. They would throw her out and into the streets after she was found having beaten the son as he failed in his attempt to rape her. Vontiand and Cenia would later find her near death, huddled in the middle of an alleyway.

Because of this, Katrea was a near mute and very distant, having chosen to keep everyone, especially men, out at arm's length. As she and Drae'lath spent time in between jumps, she began to grow close and become more open to Drae’lath. Katrea was enamored by Drae’lath’s natural optimism and drive for adventure. She soon enjoyed being around him, watching him, and following him as they explored the ships and whenever they joined the teams on some of the more safer missions. Unbeknownst to the rest of the members of the 16th Company, the two had secretly became romantically involved, despite Drae’lath and Katrea’s young age of 17 and 16, respectively.

Death Strikes (193 BBY)

We do not die when our bodies are pierced by bolts or slugs. We do not die when poison has been consumed, willingly or otherwise. We die when we are forgotten. It is for that reason that we must remember the memories we share; all the laughing, all the crying, all the yelling, the fighting. To insure that they may never die, we must remember.

- Yan Munirk

After 22 years, Cenia and Vontiand had increasingly debated the thought of retiring, or at the very least moving to a more stable or safe position in The 16th Company. They had decided that they wanted to focus on raising Drae’lath instead of leaving him to droids and holovids. Cenia and Vontiand decided to surprise Drae’lath with the news after their plan. A large number of workers from The 16th Company were, including Drae’lath’s parents, had gathered to celebrate a successful mission.

Unfortunately, one of the carbon pods had been malfunctioning for some time, forcing the two to leave to fix it before any damage had fallen upon the frigate. As they were fixing one of the cabling bundles beneath the floor, one of the main lines that carries the Tibanna gas had ruptured. The resulting explosion not only froze a vertical half of Vontiand’s body, but a wire bundling had snapped. Frayed cables flailed across the underside, catching Cenia’s spine. Cenia was electrocuted until death by the live wires.

A funeral was held in the orbit of a nearby star. Drae’lath stood amongst the soldiers in silence as the procession began and then ended. In order to keep his head off of his parents, those closest to Cenia and Vontiand, erroneously, decided to place Drae'lath into carbon freezing.

Pre-Clone Wars

Many years prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Drae'lath’s parents were walking along the streets of a small village outside of Onderon’s capital city of Iziz. Whispers detailing the possibility of secession from the King and from the Republic, with the end goal of affiliation with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, had began to spread. This brought not just unwanted attention towards the planet, but also the threat of a military invasion by the Republic. The fear of having to fear without knowing where the planet stands caused them to once again flee back into space in 39 BBY. By the time they had jumped into Hyperspace, a stowaway was detected by a scan. Katrea, younger to Drae'lath only by 3 years, was soon accepted by both Cenia and Vontiand with haste.

Clone Wars

Upon hearing about an impending war with a rising Confederacy, Drae'lath found the idea of a clone army as disturbing. Seeing them as nothing more than slaves willing to die for a government Drae'lath thought, saw these soldiers as nothing more than meat shields and cannon fodder. He needed to protect his ships and Katrea from both the Republic and the Confederacy.

Sith Influence

Vontiand had received many copies of Jedi training holovids and lectures of the Force for his son, Drae'lath to study. Unbeknownst to Vontiand, one of his friends was secretly tainted by Sith teachings. An outspoken Zabrak Jedi Padawan by the name of Sagor, was a friend and informal teacher to Vontiand who made returned from a mission with his master, but had corrupted a holovid that appeared to be Jedi teachings, but were instead Sith. This was the first step towards Drae'lath's slow turning from Jedi alignment to Sith. This was but a sample of what was to come later on. During his years as an Imperial Agent, Drae'lath met a lowly Sith apprentice named Shorallash Ilya

Military Career

Stormtrooper Corps

We’re tools for the Empire, nothing more. They tell us to kill, we ask when. That’s it! No ‘Why should we?’ crap. If you can’t do that, IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT, GET THE FRAK OUT! - Major Vinga addressing Drae'lath's group of Imperial Stormtroopers during Selection.

Drae'lath Rahath was entered into the Stormtrooper Corps by the orders of Inquisitor Vesh. During his training, he adopted a cruel and merciless attitude in his drive to accomplish the mission. This seemed to put him at odds with the other trainees, many of whom didn’t have the passion or committment as Drae’lath did. This did not stop him, however, from rising above the others and showing his superiority as both a soldier and a proven leader.Many of those that wished to demean him gave him the nickname of 'Dog'.

His childhood, having grown up around soldiers, gave him an edge above the rest leading him to either being far ahead than the rest or not seeing eye-to-eye with those that didn’t have the experience to keep up. Mostly Vesh, but other higher ranking officers as well, would try to further divide him by calling him over to sit amongst their company to get his opinion on an upcoming mission, or to ask of him if there was any conflict that would cause division and dissident within the ranks. This man was an officer within Imperial Intelligence, known as Colonel Kasaroc.

Imperial Intelligence

In all my years of service, if there is one thing I've learned, Captain. It's that the closer you let someone get to you, the less time you have to react when they slip their blade into your spine."

- Colonel Kasaroc giving advice to the idealistic Captain Drae'lath

After his training, Drae'lath was traveled with Vesh across the galaxy. After a few successful plans drawn up by the Captain during both the Rlyoth Insurgency and the Devaronian Uprising, he was sent to Imperial Intelligence where he would travel across the Empire and inform on the activities of many noble heads, their families, and military officers, for many were under the suspicion of treason. Since being in Imperial Intelligence, Drae'lath's actions and battle reports, even those during his time in the Army and Stormtrooper Corps, have been sealed. After the Empire's fall, Drae'lath and Vesh gathered whatever files he could on their past and burned them. They did, however, saved information on their activities during the Empire and have been open with sharing them to his allies of Clan Naga Sadow to see.

Dark Brotherhood


Physical Description

Holst is a Human male with Sith yellow eyes.

Despite him being a Sith, his skin retains its fair light tone, free of Dark Side corruption.

His hairstyle is a disconnected undercut, with the sides and back being shaved and the top hair being slicked back and kept in a tidy manner.

He has a laundry list of scarring on his body with three Nexu claw marks along his lower left mandible, and two over his left eye. He has a scorch mark that engulfs his entire right shoulder, a long surgical scar going over his sternum, and a full set of bite marks over his back left shoulder. The final scars are a small knife scar over his right kidney, and a long scar running down his wrist to the middle of his forearm from a failed suicide attempt.

He has Versea family crest burned onto his upper-left forearm by Force Lightning by Bentre Stahoes. He has two more tattoos, one being a archaic stylized lizard stretched over his right arm stopping right above the wrist. The final tattoo is an old Sith rune described as a cross of equal length with half a human skull centered upon it, all etched onto the upper right arm just below the shoulder of his left cybernetic arm.

Holst has two general expressions: a depressed face that is more boredom than depression with the other being a large and frightening sadistic smile craved across his face whenever he has something interesting to do.