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Disciples of Dakhan
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Evelynn Wyrm





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35 ABY

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"From the darkness, death comes."
―Hand of Dakhan

The Disciples of Dakhan are an elite team of members from House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow. Founded in 35 ABY by Evelynn Wyrm, and subsequently enacted by Aul Celsus, to better combat the forces of the Inquisitorius and the Lotus Resistance.

The Disciples of Dakhan is the elite battle team of House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow. Only those who have proven themselves truly exceptional in skill, dedication and determination are granted the privilege of calling themselves a Disciple of Dakhan. Those who count themselves among the Disciples are the true bannermen and bannerwomen of Shar Dakhan, leading the charge in inter-clan and Brotherhood-wide conflicts to defend the honor of the Clan and House.

The current leader of the Disciples of Dakhan is tdb


The Disciple’s mission, given to them by Evelynn Wyrm, is to provide a counter to the various conflicts created by the Lotus resistance and the Inquisitorius. In every situation these men and women are trained to assess the situation, and decide on the course of action which will benefit their House or their Clan.

The standing orders are as follows:

"No matter what comes between you and your objective, your orders are to complete the mission on hand at any cost."
―Evelynn Wyrm


The Malevolent, headquarters of the Disciples of Dakhan.

As the Inquisitorius and the Lotus Resistance face off throughout the galaxy, Quaestor Evelynn Wyrm saw her missions going awry with increasing frequency. To combat these failures, she decided to enact Order 78. Under Order 78 the Disciples of Dakhan were created, an elite task force for which one had to qualify in order to become a member. The requirements for admission were harsh: 97% mission completion and only 2% collateral damage on completed missions.

Guidelines for Eligibility

The following guidelines for eligibility were initiated in early September 2017. This list is considered the valid guidelines, and any official changes are reflected here and are considered to take precedent over any previous mentions in reports.

  • Induction and continued eligibility for membership in the Disciples of Dakhan requires 60 qualifier points
  • Eligibility is assessed in 6 month cycles (December and June)
  • Points are awarded as following (subject to change as necessary for balance):
    • HSD Contract completion - variable
    • Competitions:
      • Participation - 1 points
      • Competition 1st place - 3 points
      • Competition 2nd place - 2 points
      • Competition 3rd place - 1 points
    • Clusters
      • Cluster of Fire - 0.5 points
      • Cluster of Earth - 0.25 points
      • Cluster of Ice - 2 points
      • Cluster of Graphite - 2 points
    • ACC
      • Winning an ACC match - 2 points
      • Completing an ACC match - 1 points
    • Shadow Academy
      • Completing an SA course with 100% score - 1 points
      • Completing an SA degree - 2 points
    • Other Contributions
      • Report submission - 2 points
      • (Co)Organizing a Competition - 2 points
  • Points are cumulative for ACC and competition activities (e.g., winning an ACC match would be 3 total points plus however many Clusters of Ice)


Examples A member would qualify for induction into the Disciples of Dakhan with the following accomplished in 6 months:

  • Participation in 24 competitions (24 points)
  • Three 1st placings (9 points)
  • Two 2nd placing (4 points)
  • Two 3rd placing (2 points)
  • Twenty Clusters of Fire (10 points)
  • Twenty Clusters of Earth (5 points)
  • Three Clusters of Ice (6 points)


  • Twenty-one competitions (21 points)
  • Winning 2 ACC matches (6 points)
  • Eighteen Clusters of Fire (9 points)
  • Twenty-four Clusters of Earth (6 points)
  • Three Clusters of Ice (6 points)
  • Four Clusters of Graphite (8 points)
  • Two SA courses (2 points)
  • One SA degree (2 points)

Or, for a Battle Team Leader or Aedile:

  • Six report submissions (12 points)
  • Fifteen competitions (15 points)
  • One 1st placing (3 points)
  • Two 2nd placings (4 points)
  • Three 2-point HSD contracts (6 points)
  • Twenty-five Clusters of Fire (12.5 points)
  • Four competitions organized (8 points)
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