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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Physical Description





1.6 Metres


90 pound



Personal Information

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae,

Chronology & Political Information

Clan Naga Sadow



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Inarya is a Twi’lek Obelisk Prelate currently serving in Clan Naga Sadow. Not a strongly social individual known for her cold nature and dry sarcasm. However for those who have earned her trust she is fiercely loyal.


Ryloth: Birth

Inarya was born on the Twi’ek homeworld of Ryloth, outside of the reach of the New Republic, its inhabitants often fell prey to the whim of the various crime syndicates. Inarya’s family were no different, her mother, Seka, and father, Pol, tried hard to keep their heads down, staying away from the crime lords attention. Their life changed when Seka fell pregnant, Pol tried his hardest to protect both his wife and his unborn child however the treats and the stress of what would happened to her child caused Seka to go into labour prematurely, the tiny Inarya was born. She spend only a few month before with her parents before a group of Slavers killed her parents and took the infant Inarya captive.

Tatooine: Childhood

Ripped from one desert planet to another Inarya was taken from her home world of Ryloth to the seedy criminal underbelly of Tatooine. Inarya, still a baby, was put into the care of an elderly Twi’lek female, Poy, who give her the name “Little Salwa”, a name which mean orphan or clanless was well was teaching her to talk and walk. Other than Poy the others that were held with her showed her little to no kindness, Inarya had a lonely childhood. Due her inquisitive nature and defiant streak Inarya was the victim of frequent beatings leading to many bruises and broken bones. After a failed escape attempt the Slaver furious with her near took her out in the yard and beat her publically almost killing her before Poy stepped in. The elder Twi’lek was beaten to death that day, Inarya’s actions cost her the women that raised her life. Poy’s beaten body to this day still haunts Inarya’s dreams.

Soon after this Inarya was sent away and sold to whorehouse, The Black Lotus owned and run by Froda, one of the many member of the Hutt family that set up business on Tatooine. Her name was changed and what little she had was taken away from her.

Finding Her Freedom

When first coming to the whorehouse Inarya’ s duties included cleaning the rooms, serving drinks and sometimes dancing. It was as she grew older that her womanhood was put on sale, the first night she was force to sleep with a patron she cried clawing at her skin to get their scent off her. Every night after that though she felt nothing, she taught herself to block out the pain.

The night she discovered she was force sensitive was the night she was attacked by one of the guards. After a heavy night drinking he watched Inarya, stalking the Twi’lek back to her room. Once he was alone with her he locked the door then forced himself on her, as Inarya punched and kicked him in an effort to get the man off of her she reached something deep inside her the man went flying back his head meeting with her corner of a cupboard killing him almost instantly. It was the first time she had murdered a person, but seeing the man blood seep from the mess that was once his skull stirred something inside of her.

Inarya after leaving The Black Lotus

For the killing the guard however she was brought before Larkon, the Cathar head guard and Froda’s second in command, and Froda himself. As Larkon’s heavy furry hands pounding into Inarya’s frame she could the Hutt laughing as he gorged himself, every punch and laugh that fell brought forth a hate in her that she never felt before. She couldn't remember for how long he beat her, all she can remember was waking up in her room bruised and broken.

While Inarya recovered, lock away from the patrons of The Black Lotus, the rage inside her twisted forming a knot inside her. She sat practising moving things, like she did that night she killed the guard. Small at first finding that even that would cause excruciating headaches, Inarya soon realised that this wouldn’t help her get away the Hutt and the Cathar.

A few weeks passed before Inarya had managed to make a full recovery, still sore but at least she could move. Inarya had gotten a little better at controlling her power, at least to the point where so could move small things without getting a headache. Soon after the Twi’lek was back on her feet she was summoned to Froda’s, probably to make sure that the beating had left no marks on her, no-one wants damaged goods.

Plagueis: Earning a Knighthood

"Potential is something we all have, yet that Twi'lek has already begun unlocking hers, mark my word she will soon surpass some of us"

The Zabrak and blood where the last things that Inarya could remember from Tattooine before waking up in a completely strange place. Wherever she went there was a strange feeling in the air, almost a energy that she could feed off of. Her purpose for being there was soon relieved to her though as the Zabrak introduced himself as Cethgus Kuga, the Rollmaster of Clan Plagueis serving in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Inarya didn't even pretend to understand what he was saying

Inarya leaving for Acrona

Arcona: The Shadow Clan

Upon learning of the departure of both Sanguinius her master and Cethgus to Clan Arcona, Inarya followed shortly behind. Faced with a new challenge in a new environment Inarya found herself with a new resolve.

Other than Alaris, her former Proconsul in Plagueis, Inarya had not seen another one of her species, until K'tana. The purple skinned former slave reminded Inarya of herself, minus the occasional decent into madness, when she was of her age. She could see the signs on slavery on K’tana’s face and seeing the harsh beating that she would fall prey to at the hands of her Master Jeak Kaeth, made Inarya’s blood boil.

After one such beating Inarya had about as much as she could stand, seeking K’tana in the medical bay she convince the young Student into ending the tyranny he had over her. While to this day she refuses to state what happened, that suspicious fire that took hold of his quarters eliminated nearly all evidence so an investigation was never carried out.

After successfully seeing K’Tana to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, the Twi’Lek was faced with a new challenge this was in the shape of a young Iridonian Valkish Ebonvar, young light Jedi from Oden Ur that strayed into Arconain space. Given the task of turning the young Valkish, Inarya soon become his master and under her careful watch got to Dark Jedi Knight.

Not long after Valkish reached the rank of Dark Jedi Knight Inarya felt an unrest that no matter what she tried wouldn’t shift. Her past was coming back to haunt her, things that she had tried very hard to forget. Her nights were plagued by nightmares and her wake thoughts troubled. With only a notice to her Consul Marrick Inarya disappeared from Clan Arcona. Ryloth was coming her like a beacon, she didn’t know why but she followed, in an effort to try and get some peace.

Return to Ryloth

Inarya returning to her home.

Upon her departure of Clan Arcona Inarya returned to her homeworld., filled with the need to know about who she was an where she came from. Setting foot on Ryloth Inarya felt the familiar heat of the planets surface hit her skin, the air was arrid, for once she felt at home. The state of Ryloth had changed little since her birth, the cities and outlying towns still under the boot of the Hutts and the other Crime Lords.

The sight that Inarya saw filled her with the same rage that she had felt when she was a child, even though not her directly the stench of Hutts was thick in the air.

Naga Sadow: New Path

After leaving the sun baked surface of Ryloth Inarya found herself for once in her life actually missing some where. She was soon back in the black cold of space on her way to her new home. If it had been anyone calling her back to service she would have simply ignored it but she found it hard to say on to Cethgus.



Inarya is quite striking to look at her, her crimson skinned cheeks are line with dark black tattoos that spread from her forehead down her lekku. Her amber eyes are circled with black eyeliner, her face hairless other then the lines of her eyebrows.

Inarya app.jpg


Inarya is cold towards others, with a dry sarcasm and has an answer for everything. She is known to show little to no respect for position of authority, talking back when she knows she shouldn’t. Inarya’s mouth has been known to get her in trouble more than once.

However as soon as Inarya gets herself into the fight her sharp tongue and quick wit subside and replace with silence and focus.


Cethgus Tiberius Enter Arconae

One of Inarya’s oldest and closest friends, even if neither of them care to admit it. She is fiercely loyal to the Iridonian and will follow where he leads. His recent call to her to arms proof that she would act on his word in an instant


K’tana, or Numa as Inarya affectionately call her, is the closest thing that Inarya has to family. She isn’t just her Student she is her sister and friend.


Outstanding Achievements

  • Former First Blade of Galeres.