Zachary O'Maille

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Zachary O'Maille
Biographical Information

Coronet, Corellia

Date of Birth:

4 ABY (age 33)

Date of Death:

36 ABY (presumed following Collective attack)

Physical Description





1.75 meters


84 kilograms




Steely blue

Personal Information

Rachel O'Maille


Darius O'Maille


Dannyl O'Maille (deceased)

  • Clan Naga Sadow


Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information



Clan Naga Sadow

Known masters:

Nohal Adalifi

Known apprentices:

Jason Kane



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"For some of us we must leave our hopes and dreams to rest. Hope is typically the first to die. The Jedi showed me at least one portion of their creed to be correct. In the end there is only the Force."
―Zachary O'Maille

Zachary James O'Maille was a self-exiled Corellian and Dark Jedi active from the Imperial era through to the New Order era, currently within Clan Naga Sadow. The retreat from his home was an ill-fated attempt to escape a recent tragedy in his life. The resulting journeys would take him to points across the galaxy, but granted him no form of relief. The crushing futility nearly drove him to an early grave, until vivid visions began to fill his sleeping hours. The vision drew him like a moth to light toward the Orian system. Before searching seemingly aimlessly for the Sadowan system, he spent a short period training with a tight-knit group of Jedi. To this day he prefers not to talk tenure amongst them, as it brings up painful memories.

While he considers himself a warrior of sorts, he prefers introspection and discussion instead of heavy-handed violence to solve problems. Still, he will do as he feels necessary to protect those who considers family. This may include at times friends, House, or Clan. Despite this, he still considers himself a man without a master, not due to his pride, but feelings of inadequacy. He believes his actions have stripped him of his prior honor, and still seeks to reclaim that which was lost.

While fallen, he refuses to embrace the ways of the Sith, seeing their conniving manner as an act of ultimate self-destruction. The Dark Side is a tool, a key to power and ultimately, stability. He wishes that his former brethren could just understand that.


Life Before the Brotherhood


Zachary had a mostly happy childhood. There were a few scraps, including one particular fight with a fellow student, but he was general congenial toward his classmates. When he was not studying at school, he enjoyed dabbling in various sports and hobbies. He used these games as an opportunity to sharpen his physical abilities, desiring to be quick and strong enough to protect those he cared about. His positive attitude won over most of his teachers, and his helpful demeanor drew at least a grudging admiration from those who considered him a rival.

The boy spent many happy days playing by a lake in his free time, and felt nothing but love from his family for most of his early days. His father was a simple office worker, sometimes leaving home for other planets or systems on brief business engagements. Still, he was fortunate that both parents were present for dinner more often than not. When his father would return from his trips he would often bring some trinket from his trips for him. Early in life, there was little outward indication of his Force sensitivity. There were a few peculiar events which drew a raised eyebrow from adults, but rarely were they able to draw their cause to the boy. It probably helped that O'Maille was kind to others, and stood in defense of smaller classmates against bullies and the like.

Teenage Years

It was during Zachary's teenage years that things took a slightly southern turn for him. He became rather infatuated with a young girl, Dannyl Ekita, after which his grades dropped noticeably. The strange incidents increased in frequency as he grew into an awkward adolescent. The pair began to run around together, pulling pranks on teachers and remaining out beyond curfews as much as might be expected from any teenager.

Still, his sense of justice did not waver, and he still found himself standing up on the occasions his friends sought to bring harm to others. He allowed his passions to lead him into secretive trysts with Dannyl and he found himself drawing away from his other classmates. Despite the struggles of his age, he managed to finish his schooling with passable marks. With his schooling behind him, O'Maille sought out a means to make a living for himself and his love. The first thing he did after he had his diploma in hand, was to drop to one knee and ask "the lady Ekita" to marry him. Drawing him close to her in a tight hug, tears in her eyes, his girlfriend said yes.

Family, Loss, Pain

The next ten years of his life were filled with many menial jobs. Despite his hard-working personality, something would happen that neither he nor his employer could explain. Still, it didn't stop them from terminating his employment, and forcing him to seek a job elsewhere. Despite this struggle, Dannyl was a constant companion and comfort. She seemed to have an undying faith in her husband, and unknown to Zachary she frequently contacted her own family for income to supplement their low savings. Her actions behind his back would eventually be discovered, and a fiery argument followed.

For several days, the two had arguments that varied from merely heated words to thrown objects and streams of curses. The Corellian man felt useless, his pride wounded at receiving this unbidden help. The fights culminated in Dannyl choosing to take leave to visit her parents. This news was not received. Zachary's last words to his wife were "I never want to see your face again" as he buried his face in his hands. The words would haunt him for years to come, as the shuttle which transported his love was assaulted by pirates, and the occupants were slaughtered. It would not be until a week later that word would come to the widower.

A month later would find the man drowning his sorrows in drink. He was finally able to find a steady work at the local bar as a dishwasher, for a wage which allowed him to scrape by despite his heavy drinking habits. The proprietor even slipped the grieving man a bottle with each paycheck, which did little help Zachary's growing addiction and dependence on alcohol. It went almost completely unnoticed until O'Maille showed up at work one day, a bottle in hand, heavily inebriated. Several broken dishes and a drunken rant later, the Corellian found himself again without a job.

In a moment of poor judgement, the torrent of emotions within him would lead Zachary to steal a shuttle. He spent several weeks, hopping from system to system, seeking out pirates and hunting them down. The shuttle's weapons did little to help in space combat, so he would track them down planet side to slit their throats. This went on for about another month before the man became too sloppy and found himself caught in a bad spot by a pirate gang on some backwater world. Overwhelmed by their numbers, the experience would leave him with a series of scars about the right side of his face. For some time, O'Maille would do odd jobs, occasionally hire himself out as a mercenary to make ends meet. Still, nights would find him in a cantina, trying to sedate himself to the point of some tortured semblance of sleep.

His travels did bring him into contact with a small group of Force sensitives. Their leader sensed the Force in the man, and offered to give him an opportunity to make something more of himself. This tight-knit group of Jedi took O'Maille in as one of their own, teaching him as his thirst for knowledge increased. The months of training allowed Zachary to keep his mind distracted, and over time he became a happier and more productive individual. His sorrows still wore at the back of his mind, but he saw all these things as a form of redemption.

The time with the Jedi was destined to be short. There was an allure to the passions of the Dark Side. He did not heed his warnings of his companions on its dangers. Instead he began to study what he could discover of the Dark Side in secret, by glow torch as his fellows slept. What exactly occurred that lead to his expulsion from the group he has never chosen to disclose to others. The very mention of the subject is enough to earn a sharp glance and a grunted expletive.

The Lone Seeker

Arrival in the Orian System

He would wander the galaxy listlessly from star-port to star-port. He continued his search for Dark Side knowledge. His searches yielded little, and the fallen Jedi spent many hours in quiet contemplation. In a trance, he had visions of a large planet, from which emanated some great sense of urgency. In his heart he felt that finding this planet was some kind of destiny. The planet and its stars were burnt into his memories, and like a man possessed, he began to study star maps in hope of finding something that fits its description. All was to no avail.

With no definitive end goal in mind, O'Maille jumped into the beaten shuttle that had served as his ride since he had left Corellia, the 'Vagabond', and punched in a set of coordinates. He executed several dozen hyperspace jumps of faith between systems, touching the Force in hopes of finding the familiar sensation from his vision.

His fuel low, and his spirits dampened, Zachary typed in one last set of jump coordinates for an uncharted destination. He silently pleaded for a bit of good fortune, that he might not crash into a sun, and hit the hyper-drive. As the vessel reverted to regular space, he was greeted by the appearance of the twin suns of the Orian system. As he examined the planets of the system, his eyes rested on the form of Tarthos, hanging beautifully in space. It was as though the Force itself whispered to him, and with his palms sweaty, the Corellian set course for the planet.

He was intercepted en route to the planet, and his identity and business were demanded of him. Begging for mercy due to his low resources, Zachary was allowed to land on the planet. First greeted by Warhost assembled in the hanger, he was escorted before the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos herself, and called to account for himself. The man pitifully explained his vision and admitted he had no idea of what was supposed to await him here. Intrigued, Tasha'Vel brought him before the Clan's Proconsul to decide what might happen to O'Maille.

Visions and Honor

first lightsabers used by O'Maille

When brought before Sanguinius, Zachary felt a stab of fear. As he was brought into the dark of the Sadowan Proconsul's chamber, he was drilled on his purpose and questioned as to his motives. Throwing his life down on the line, O'Maille spoke bluntly about the visions he had experienced, told of the hardships he had endured and grimly told the man that he had literally no where else that he could go. Fully expecting to be cut down, the former Jedi was surprised to find the Entar to be understanding.

It took a bit of discussion, but eventually O'Maille was permitted to stay in the Sadowan systems. He was not restricted in his travels, but was required to report in with the Summit at regular intervals. Over the next few weeks, the two met regularly to discuss matters of the Force, of the Clan and of the state of Galactic affairs. This drew the two men together in an odd bond of companionship, if not friendship. Eventually, the Corellian was tasked to depart to House Shar Dakhan. The Aedile there had been taken from his position after a bit of nasty business and a replacement was needed. Zachary stood up, taking to the position with a sense of unease and distrust. However, the Force had guided him here for a purpose. So until he was called away from Seng Karash by battle or orders, he administrated the city to the best of his ability.

Zachary found the resources of the Shadow Academy of great use in his pursuit of knowledge. His pursuit of knowledge lead to a familiarity with the staff of the Academy, and shortly after the ascent of Marcus Kiriyu as the Headmaster's right hand, his name was brought up as a shift in personnel left the seat of Lore Professor open, a position he found himself being thrust into. With more tomes and holocrons than he had seen before, he was able to throw himself into studies between periods of meditation and mediation. It was during one of these periods of study that Zachary was introduced to a Chiss doctor who was given to his care by the Clan's Rollmaster at the time, Darius Tu'kul. Between teaching his receptive, young student and furthering the pursuit of the will of the Force, he could not prepare himself for an event that threatened to shake the foundation of his new Clan-family apart.

Shattered Ties and Internal Struggles

"Hope is the most severe form of self-deception. What more wicked device can you use to coax a dead man to keep fighting?"
―Zachary O'Maille to Tasha'Vel Versea
Zachary on Mygeeto during Shattered Ties

Administration gave the man the time he needed to focus on study and self-realization. He had allowed himself to grow soft to the harsh realities of warfare. The relative peace of Aeotheran had helped lure him into a false peace. He could only marvel watching as the joint forces of Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow converged upon Mygeeto, working in concert to drive the forces of the Red Fury from before them. The celebration was short-lived as the Palatinae turned on their allies. The struggle on Mygeeto became one of survival for the Sadowans. For the Dark Jedi, it was only by the blood of Warhost specialists, men and women who had allied themselves with seemingly uncaring overlords that the Sadowan were able to escape with their skins intact.

The days following his return to the Lion's Tooth were far from peaceful. Every night brought nightmares and sleep became a treasured commodity. Zachary became increasingly irritable. He started to seek some way to absolve himself of the guilt brought on by his actions at Mygeeto. He had taken a life, without just cause. If he had failed to do so, the man would have likely slit his throat much the way that O'Maille had ended his life. Their struggle had been one of kill or be killed. With no way to resolve his feelings, the Corellian threw himself into his studies. He took the time to learn how to construct a proper lightsaber of his own. He began to search holocron records on how he might make the weapon more efficient. The task failed to sufficiently distract him. As the weeks following stretched on, he was becoming ragged and hushed whispers travelled the halls of the Dakhani capital that the Aedile was on the verge of collapse.

One day, his demeanor changed. Throwing open the doors to his office, Zachary began to yell for his apprentice to be brought before him. Shortly after, Kane was sent after many tomes on the subject of Sith Alchemy. No explanation was given as to what the tomes would help to accomplish. Each morning the Savant would emerge from his chambers with bloodshot eyes, and give his Chiss student the orders for the day. Something was still amiss, the nightmares were persistent and sleep came no more easily, but now he was acting with purpose. For the moment O'Maille was numbed to his pain.


His troubles began, oddly enough, with the graduation of his student from the lower echelons of Journeyman-ship that came with Knighthood. With a lost of an external focus, Zachary turned inward again, becoming sullen and withdrawn. When the former Aedile, Bentre liberated himself from his captivity and demanded his old position back, this further drove the Corellian Savant into depression. Withdrawing to the Boomshakalaka for the better part of the next several months, O'Maille all but disappeared from the Clan's radar.

It was not until the Twelfth Great Jedi War that Zachary began to pull himself back together. He began to seek the counsel of the likes of Sangunius Entar to try to come to terms with his own nightmares.

Physical Data


robes that O'Maille normally wears
lightsaber O'Maille's current weapon

Zachary O'Maille is not much different than your typical human to be found anywhere else in the galaxy. He watches the galaxy with silver-blue eyes, with little attention to things like his own unkempt hair. One an average day, his sharp features are accented with an occasionally trimmed beard and the slightest smirk in most any circumstance. This Dark Jedi tends to be very subdued, carrying himself with a sense of calm determination. On the shorter side of average height for a human, he prefers to look friend and foe alike directly in the eyes. His form is no particularly heavy nor slim, though one cannot typically ascertain which as he prefers to shroud himself in robes like Jedi of times past.

Modus Operandi

The man uses whatever equipment is granted to him, as he is more than used to scraping by with whatever he can manage. As a result his quarters are also very bare, with only the bare necessities necessary to do whatever tasks he finds himself assigned. While using the former Aedile's office, he does not bother any of the personal effects or adjust the atmosphere of the room. He leaves it much as it is, akin to how one might treat a museum piece. He prefers to change people when possible, rather than to change the world through his own abilities.

His fighting style is at its core, straight-forward, to the point of cruelty if he deems the situation worth it. This is in stark contrast to his normally quiet and unassuming nature. He may not be a Sith, but finds it easier to try and let people do what he wants them to. His ability to manipulate is not spectacular, so when faced with failure he might fall into the same nature that can make him a disturbing opponent in the eyes of some.