Galleros Sjl

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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Galleros Sjl
Biographical Information

Zelos II

Date of Birth:

21 ABY

Physical Description





1.9 meters


69 kg





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information
  • Witch Hunter
  • Quaestor

Krath Priest


Dark Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

SBM Nikola Valtiere

Known apprentices:


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Born Galleros Sjl on the planet Zelos II, Sjl was a disciplined and harsh Zelosian and Dark-sided Jedi. Raised within the Krath Order of the Brotherhood, Sjl was taught how to harness the power of the force. His special talents as a Doctor and Inquisitor made him well aware of both the Unifying Force, and the Living Force. As only beginning his journey within Clan Arcona this was the foundations of using the Force for his own ambitions. The members of his Clan and House know very well to not be in his debt. Sjl currently resides in the House Shar Dakhan Citadel, as the Quaestor.

Character History

A Disturbed Seed

During the years of the Civil War between the first Galactic Empire and the Rebellion, a Zelosian by the name of Galleros Nul was mandated Commander of the People of Zelos. This declaration was forced into action after the Zelosian government realised that the Empire was using their planet’s rich minerals purely for production, profit and slavery. By creating over 80% of the Empire’s ships and war machines on Zelos II, they effectively cut out the intermediaries like Geonosis. With the help of a Rebel Spy, the Commander discovered a hidden base continuing to produce TIE Fighters. He then performed an aerial attack and destroyed the factory for good. After this heroic campaign, Galleros Nul was declared Governor of Zelos in 4 ABY. For over 17 years, he and his wife, Galleros Sha led the people of Zelos II into a time of peace, science and diplomacy with the New Republic. Galleros Nul then retired from his position in 21 ABY and moved to his retreat home in the Bare Forest with his wife and son, Sjl.

The Ex-governor did not realise that the forest was the native home of parasitic worms that would reanimate dead bodies and turn them against other sentients. While Sjl grew up, his father observed his son’s odd behaviour firstly by playing with animals in the forest, then by talking to corpses of animals, and finally interacting with the reanimated corpses of the animals. Worried for their son’s mental health, they detained him from the forest. But secretly for many hours in the night, the same parasitic worms would crawl under the doors, slip through the floorboards and reach Sjl’s bedroom. The worms and Sjl would continue to talk for hours into the night, even when he had grown to a teen. Sjl began to question his parent’s motives upon why they detain him, and as no answer was deemed satisfying for him he then began to plot against them. The Dark Side of the Force slowly festered and grew inside of Sjl as he established a relationship with these parasitic worms, and the corpses they infested. Finally the day came for his release. On a cold winter’s night, Sjl used the good nature of his parents to being permitted his door unlocked for the night, Sjl then sneaked from the shadows. Using the worms, he found the key to the front door. When Sjl unlocked it, a horde of boars, wolves, deer and some Zelosian corpses all shuffled inside, broke down the door of his parent’s room and devoured their bodies.

Feeling a sense of pure ecstasy and satisfaction, Sjl left the retreat with a bag of his parasitic worms on his hip. The disturbed Zelosian teen then headed to Kryndyn, and bought himself a shuttle ride with his father’s money from a pilot by the name of Nikola Valtiere. Sjl was blinded once he woke, with sun beaming down onto his eyes and the sounds of raging winds. The smell was not Kryndyn or the northern mountains at all, but it was similar. As he cautiously stepped out of the Shuttle, the winds tore at him, full of grains and sands. Before he could adjust to the light, Sjl was then escorted quickly inside a large building. It was dark, cold and full of robed acolytes like him, monitoring and observing his every move, with a high platform. A silhouette of a figure was all he saw. From there, Sjl heard a whisper. He felt it run through his mind as he slept inside the box, but only passively. Now, it was a direct order. Commands, questions, lore. Many things, during this period in the Academy, were demanded from Sjl, the learning curve was dangerously steep. But he trained for this moment his entire life, he reminisced the days of climbing the steep cliffs of the northern tundra, stalking the boar, 60 feet high from the ground. Sjl lived for danger, and he encouraged more from this whisper. Day by day, his room mates collapsed from unexpected deaths, yet he thrived for more knowledge. On a spring day in 36 ABY, Sjl and his close friends were lead back into a giant hall, the high platform was empty, no silhouette today, and there was a reason for it. Standing in front of the group, towering above all the professors, students and masters, the Headmaster. He commanded that one student at a time were to approach him, and leave as he ordered to. When Sjl nervously walked the steps, fearfully looking into the darkness of his hood, he was mesmerized. The unknown knowledge of a thousand faces flooded his curiosity. Distracted by a cough, Sjl slowly looked down into the Headmaster’s hand to see three crystals; Red, Blue, Purple. Sjl snatched at the Purple crystal, gazing deep into its purity. With a loud roar, the headmaster announced the Krath Order.


"The innocent are defiled upon joining."
"I'm still waiting to be defiled then. Or do we have different ideas of what constitutes defiling?"
"Or maybe you were not considered innocent?
―Conversation between SWL Malik Sadow and SW Devani Kiriana Maharet

Sjl needed a reputation, to cast a tall shadow from a small figure, and to start he wanted a new name. He cast himself as Lexiconus, linking himself to a book of unimaginable knowledge, power and mysteries. He studied hard in his respected fields, conserving his entire time on the fields of Botany; familiar and new. He wanted to know everything he could about the flora of each world, especially the toxic ones. Working with a blow-dart was child’s play, but calibrating and using a long-ranged sniper with a hollow-cased acidic pellet excited him. He attempted to craft his own tools through the Force and finally came to a conclusion. Blow-darts, but wrapped in Meleenium, the darts themselves were of Rudic. Spending his days, monitoring and stalking his fellow students, testing out different contraptions on them and noting down the effects. He climbed his way into his master’s favour, which was about as good as he could get for now. Some of the students called him the Blood-letter, simply because if his toxic darts did not work, you would see blood oozing from any orifice possible.

One night, as Lex was serving as a Protector, he was ushered into a dark room by one of the fellow students. This student was known as an Obelisk bully, she enjoyed cornering other students and violently assaulting them until they gave her more credits. But this time, she had shown Lex a strapped up insectoid on a table, he was struggling for a way out as the bully was describing that his Jedi Knight parents left a lightsaber inside the academy, the bully instructed Lex that wanted to know where. Lex at first refused, he could not possibly monitor the outcome of his toxins whilst the victim was immobile. But this bully was informed by other Krath members, the same ones who were in Sjl’s shuttle. Lex hated Geonosians, and this boy was a Geonosian. You could see the shine of Lex’s grin, lighting the room. Within an hour, the boy was willing to tell any secrets, no one heard from the boy since. But, the bully had a new speeder and an R4 Astro-mech.

As a stormy desert night raged onwards on the Lyspair moon, Lexiconus used to sit outside and ontop of one of the many obelisks that darted the complex. There by the orders of Nikola, he would sit and meditate on what he has learnt, re-gaining his body strength by balancing and toughened his mind to keep concentrated through the sand storms. On one of these nights, he sensed a disturbance from the door behind him, that someone was looking for him. It was a human male by the name of Adam Bolera. Adam was instated as the new Apex Brigade Leader and wanted to teach Lexiconus on how to train his body, but the Obelisk way. Intrigued by this newfound knowledge, Lexiconus agreed to training match with the Leader. The resulting match was devastating for Lexiconus, using all his strongest Force Abilities he was still thwarted by simple strength, with a knock to the head Lexiconus understood the use of martial arts. Adam gave the recently promoted Jedi Hunter an invitation to the Dajorra Mining Facility, the cage for the Apex Brigade warriors and a perfect isolation for Lexiconus to study.

The Zelosian was also curious on where to find a good Martial Arts Master since not many of the strong Dark Jedi Knights were around Lyspair, and Adam pointed him to the computer of Dajorra. There he strangely found one holocron, a Martial Art form he has not seen used. There, he practiced daily for many hours of what the Holocron taught him about this new body language, and he learnt that the communication between bodies was key. He often thought that could learn more in a few minutes of fighting, than hours of diplomacy. Lexiconus stuck to this ideal ever since he began training in the Apex Brigade. He now considered himself a strong student in the Martial Art of Echani.

On one cold night in the Dajorra Mining Facility, Lexiconus was as usual practicing his forms when he sensed a familiar being in the Force. Rushing from his room to find Nikola awaiting him and dragged him off into a secluded room. There, Nikola ordered Lexiconus to seek out three Jedi and wipe them out on Dagobah. This was the moment he was waiting for, this was his Trial to Knighthood. Without further notice, Lexiconus packed his things and left for the shuttle. The following trials crushed Lexiconus from the inside, the exotic and strange animals, plants and feelings he sensed in the planet frightened him throughout his trials to search for the Jedi, starved, petrified and eager for escape, Lexiconus welcomed Death with open arms in Dagobah. After eventually finding the property his master told him of, the trip inside was far harder than the trip in the swamps. The mountainous trek to the Rebel Base of Mount Yoda was a horrifying site for Lexiconus to experience, with every animal willing to kill you and every other plant just as toxic as the last, the weakened Zelosian desperately sought out the Jedi in the hope of salvation from this planet. After eventually battling Swamp slugs and hordes of Silver-nape beetles, Lexiconus only found the skeletons of the Jedi. He arrived back in Dajorra to tell his master the news, Lexiconus had grown stronger than before, his anger fueled and he felt ready to face his enemies again with a better chance.

Dark Forge

"In QUA we trust! "
―A common chant in House Galeres

When Valkish resigned from the Dark Forge office, the whole faction was in disrepair. The structure of the faction left little leadership and even less details and the Dark Forge name was beginning to fade into history. A human by the name of Saskia Ortega took the office as a residential area of sorts. Her brief leadership kept the members updated on affairs for a long while. Until one day a shrouded man walked into the citadel and presented himself in the Dark Forge office, surprising Saskia. With Lex's leadership effective immediately, they began to scour through the paperwork, file it down and reorganise the Battle Team. Together they removed the military strike teams and replaced them with intelligence brokers, they removed the outdated machinery and employed new droids, vehicles, sensory equipment and command consoles. They stripped the offices bare and renovated them to be sound-proof and bug free. Then the uniforms for the members were retailored by Saskia herself to include the Star of Ludo Kressh, transferring them to the DDF. After that they kept close ties with Quaestor Cethgus on board the BAC Darkest Night. Everything was in motion, Lexiconus just needed to contact the members to return, however a darker cloud was coming in the horizon. Whilst the Consul and Proconsul were on business terms with the Dark Council, the Arconae family stepped up and ambushed the Quaestors from their leadership. This lead into what we know as Operation Figurehead. A civil war broke out all across the Antei systems with assassinations, confrontations and political liberations spreading across the Arconan space. Dark Forge certainly became a vital asset in the war, they were split into the two factions shortly in the beginning.

Fading Light: Nicht Ka

With the One Sith closing in on the Dark Brotherhood, they were setting up camps and fortresses on isolated planets, which caused concern for many of the Consuls. When the Master At Arms found a datapad belonging to Esoteric which listed many One Sith personalites, and a traitor that was living in the Dark Council circles. Determined to isolate and destroy this threat, Muz sent the Clans onto Nicht Ka in order to silence this two-year threat forever. In the midst of this, Saskia left her office in Dark Forge to re-unite with her father, Andrelious to act as his Sergeant. In this gap, Meleu Karthdo a Sith Warrior, took her place and excelled on the battle field. His efforts combined with Lexiconus' made them heroes of Nicht Ka.

Operation: Resurgence

It wasn't long before the One Sith attacked home, and on a calm winters night they set their plans on Selen. During a meeting with the Arcona Summit in the SCEPTER Headquarters, a One Sith Assassin shot at the Galeres Aedile, Atyiru. This brought panic in the Clan Arcona and forced the Summit's hand into finding and neutralizing this threat. Together as a Clan, they launched Operation: Resurgence which was designed to put all their resources into finding the One Sith base on Selen and destroying their leaders. It was during this period that the mantle of Sergeant changed again, when Meleu packed and left for House Qel-Droma. This left the gap for potential, and the long-tenured Twi'lek of Dark Forge, K'tana filled in for the Sith Warrior. With the rising threat of the One Sith and the recurring threat of Rakghouls, the Arconan Summit urged the Dark Council to act. After many weeks of fighting this threat they isolated one of their primary bases; Korriban. This led to War

Eleventh Greath Jedi War: Korriban


Besalisk Warhammer with detachable chained head.



After his defeat during the Post-Zsinj campaign, High Admiral Treuton Teradoc fled in the Deep Core where he created his small empire. Ojom was one of the planets controlled by the warlord. Like other Deep Core systems, the Ojom system was probably abandoned after the Imperial Reunification in 12 ABY. It was during this time that the warlord wished to prove his supreme leadership and ordered his Besalisk slaves to forge a Warhammer. After several perilous weeks inside a locked forgery, and over ten deaths, the Warhammer was finally created in two pieces. The warlord did not understand why this was the case, as the Besalisk couldn't attach the head to the body properly. So, using Imperial technology and physics, the warlord crafted a durasteel chain, linked it to the head and inside the grip, and placed magnets on the lip of the body-head interaction. Finally he could show that he truly was a leader. During the reunification time of the Imperials in 12ABY, Teradoc was approached by a young Sith Chistori named Dessac. He was invited to expand his territory into Nicht Ka. The two exchanged ideas and the plan was set, Teradoc used his Besalisk slaves to build a fortress for himself, and a bunker for his slaves. While in the transmission of carrying all his belongings into the fortress, the Besalisk would store them in their bunker. Then one day Teradoc disappeared in his shuttle, the news travelled fast to Dessac's ears that Teradoc was killed by Admiral Natasi Daala. The Besalisk were now free and refused to work for Dessac, then they returned to their homeworld and the bunker was buried in the harsh conditions.

Fading Light

Over 26 years later the bunker lay forgotten even by Dessac in his mature age. Then when the Dark Brotherhood ordered their fleet to the planet of Nicht Ka in order to find the traitor, Lexiconus stumbled upon a heavily protected building underneath the rocks. When his team broke inside they found Imperial technology, along with the Warhammer. Lexiconus obtained the Warhammer and uses it as a sign of his Dark Forge leadership.



"If you enjoy the teachings of the Jedi, look for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood."
"I reached Jedi Knight in four years there.
― Actual messages from 'Ben'

When Galleros Sjl was still a teen that wandered on Zelos II, he had no idea of the destiny that lay before him and what the cost of it might be. The only reason that he was introduced towards the mysterious Dark Jedi Brotherhood, was through a shadowy Jedi that approached him one day. Whilst in the market, Sjl caught a robed figure staring at his direction and he stared back in contest. Eventually the figure approached, and whispered to the teen. He told him of the Brotherhood who were dedicated in training the Force-Sensitive, like Sjl, and recommended the faction to the Zelosian. Then the Jedi Knight disappeared into the crowd, without waiting for any response.

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

"How do you know you're capable enough of leading Dark Forge?"
"I trust my gut about this."
"And what does this achieve? Nothing. Trust me instead.
― Andrelious talking to Sjl as a Rollmaster

When Galleros Sjl spent his first nights within the halls of the Shadow Academy, he was scared and alone. His heart raced at the thought of dying in the stone room he held, and the daily mind probing did not help. However when Sjl was promoted to Apprentice, and he took a shuttle off from Lyspair to Selen, the first face to greet the greenhorn was Andrelious. The Sith Warlord took a single glance at the boy and had fully understood Sjl. The two were close but not because of their respective duties, but because of a shared interest. Andrelious was a family man, and honourable when his family was threatened. Sjl required to regain this sense of bonding and family, and he did so from the Warlord. Sjl grew under his wing, whether it was far off or just within arms reach, and the Zelosian knew that Andrelious could answer any question. Sjl did not rely on Andrelious, instead he acted as a barrier that continued to push the Zelosian further. Their friendship never grew far enough to be called friends however, and when Andrelious retired from his office as Arcona Rollmaster the two met again on the battlefield as Battleteam Leaders. Currently, Andrelious and Sjl stand as metaphorical 'guards on duty' who always knew one day they would fight each other again somewhere. As an Equite, Sjl finally realised that the Sith Warlord was a very capable murderer who enjoyed playing with his targets, and this sickened the Zelosian to think of Andrelious as such.

Nikola Valtiere

"You think you know pain, beast? I will show you pain!"
― Quaestor Valtiere tutoring Galleros

Andrelious became the insane uncle in Sjl's family, but Valtiere was truly the bitter and powerful father figure. When Andrelious introduced the teen to Nikola, the Navy Commander set his place instantly by looking down upon the weak boy and locking a deathly glare. This was to test Sjl's confidence and loyalty; whether he was confident enough to be something other than Krath, and loyal enough to live within Arcona. Valtiere's teachings were not as personal as Andrelious', the Sith Battlemaster kept his distance and liked to observe the training from afar. Then he would often interrupt and order Sjl what to do next, or roar at the mistakes of the Zelosian and punish him for it. This resulted in many heavy beatings upon the milky lime skin of the teen, which made Sjl feel as if he deserved this for having faults. But the cold and relentless teachings did not stop Sjl from practicing, it only edged him on to try harder, practice extensively and beckon the beatings more onto his skin. Later into his trails of knighthood, other Journeymen could hear the rock hard slams of Valtiere's cybernetic fists into the Zelosian, echoed with the screams for more. Currently, the Ex-Quaestor and Sjl are now distant friends ever since Valtiere stepped down from his office and slid into the shadows. The two never make contact, only when ordered to do so by their superiors.

Adam Bolera

"Just a friendly spar, nothing more Sjl."
"What is the point in that?"
"The point, Galleros, is so you learn to fight. Not take a beating.
― Adam and Sjl in the Arcona Sparring Chambers.

As a way of assisting Galleros to learn more efficiently, Valtiere set him up with into a battleteam that would suit the Zelosian's needs of combat and survival. So he sent him to the recently re-opened Apex Brigade, a Battleteam which specialised in long-term missions, covert operations and front-line campaigns. The team was headed by a rising Obelisk Dark Jedi Knight called Adam, and in the many months that followed Adam became Sjl's closest friend. The two were fresh into Knighthood, Adam was recently knighted and Sjl just turned Guardian under Valtiere's teachings. This was seen as a break from the harsh tutors and a chance for Galleros to prove he was one of the brightest Krath around. Together as a team, they built the Dajorra Mining Facility up from nothing, and introduced the first line of Magna-droids into Arcona. Adam tried to teach Sjl the ways of the Living Force, in an effort to help the Zelosian understand that it's not all about winning, but learning how to overcome something improbable or to survive instead. As a typical and foolish Krath, Sjl wanted nothing more than to prove he was better than Adam and it resulted in Sjl waking in the Medical Bay several hours later. They had their first real test as a team on Begeren, when the Brotherhood were called collectively to deal with the One Sith threat there. To assist the Krath further, Adam tested Sjl on Begeren for several days before he had his first mission from the Dark Council themselves. It did not end well and with each fight, Sjl lost due to incapable strength to match an Obelisk. Through trial and error, Adam urged his subordinate to try using his Force abilities more often as a Krath should, but they ran out of time to practice more as Sjl was dispatched immediately. Currently, Sjl and Adam rarely speak personally and are usually required to socialise over the holocommunicators. It was only during the Eleventh Great War that the pair had lost contact. Adam was not seen as an ally, but closely as an enlightened tutor.


To this day, Sjl prefers to speak Zelosian rather than Galactic Basic, but understands it. He has begun to drink sugary water as a way to forget his past, sometimes it does not work. Sjl continues to study in the Shadow Academy and is a successful scholar. He is fluent in Zelosian, Basic, and Binary. He also has a partner called Reginald. Who is an R9 Astromech unit, a diplomat and a distant admirer of females.