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The History Overview

The story of House Marka Ragnos begins some 5,300 years before the Battle of Yavin, when the Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos himself, began his reign over the Sith Empire. Under his rule a Golden Age was ushered in. Ragnos ruled with unparalleled success for 300 years. During this time, he established a devoted following of warriors, scholars and other figures who swore an oath of loyalty to him.

After Ragnos was succeeded by Naga Sadow, this cult remained loyal to their slain master and left Korriban, wandering across the galaxy with no destination in mind. In their travels, this cult came across the planet Karana III and settled there. They began calling themselves the "Disciples of Ragnos" and continued to worship their master and practice his dark doctrine. However, the Disciples were soon driven away from Karana, and they settled on the planet Loki in the Phare system.

It was not long before Clan Overlord Astronicus Sadow came to Phare and brought together his followers under the name of House Naga Sadow. Soon, as the numbers of House Naga Sadow grew, it became Clan Naga Sadow and the Disciples of Ragnos deigned to become House Marka Ragnos. Over time the House grew and developed under the leadership of notable Dark Jedi such as Trevarus Caerick, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow and Muz Ashen Keibatsu) who later went on to greater things, and became one of the foremost Houses in the Dark Brotherhood.

The Disciples of Ragnos of the modern era are made up of Sith, Krath and Obelisk of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The epistle of Marka Ragnos continues to live on through a new generation adored in the traditions of old.

Early History

Much of the history of the house pre-Split has been lost. This section is composed of what fragments were recovered by Clan historians.

The history of the house at its creation was somewhat chaotic. The first Quaestor of the multi-order House Marka Ragnos was Dark Jedi Knight Ximeno, the Commander of the Sith Ravana Squadron in House Naga Sadow. The first Aedile was Dark Jedi Knight Raistlin. However, Ximeno's reign as Quaestor did not last long before his wanderlust caused him to leave the known galaxy, his disappearance saw the rise of Kharon Daragon, who had earlier stepped down as Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow to guide the members of Marka Ragnos while Raistlin stayed on as Aedile.

When Robert Sadow, formerly Daragon, was named as the next Consul his replacement was Dark Jedi Knight Raistlin and at this point in the house's history the only known phyle in the house was the Cimerii Sect; Raistlin selected Dark Jedi Knight Aseret Thunderhawk as his Aedile. Under Raist's tenure the house moved into its home on the forest moon of Lien in the Pirath system before eventually moving to Loki in the Phare system. As time progressed Aseret resigned to focus more on her studies and Raistlin appointed Knight William Flechette as her successor.

Fate was not kind to Raistlin as he fell victim to the Grand Master's reconstructing of the houses in the Dark Brotherhood and houses became order-specific; it was inevitable that some leaders would lose their positions as was evidence with Raistlin. With this unfortunate turn of events the House became the Krath arm of Clan Naga Sadow resulting in the appointment of Krath Priestess Aseret.

Her first appointments were Dark Jedi Knight Arkane Skywalker as Aedile and Jedi Hunter Enerum Shka as Rollmaster. As the Krath house started its life a rudimentary Mentor program was started by Jedi Hunter Reiam Darksaber, how long this program lasted has been lost to the ages. Aseret's reign only lasted one month before events with the council saw her replaced by Mordaan.

After a month under the leadership of Priestess Aseret, Marka Ragnos found themselves under the leadership of Mordaan from Scholae Palatinae when the Priestess resigned. Although it was considered rather strange occurrence for an outside appointment, it had been proposed that it was the lack of steady leadership within the house that prompted the outside intervention.

Mordaan found themselves thrown into the fire swiftly as an outside organization known as “The Guild” was known to be trying to recruit from within the house to lure members away; Mordaan requested that all members contacted by a member of this organization contact them as soon as this contact occurred and it is unknown if this problem was localized to Marka Ragnos or was a larger problem. As this problem seemed to be at its peak the Dark Council removed Arkane Skywalker from his Aedile position and appointed him the Tetrarch of the Cimerii Sect; the sudden changing of the guard saw Mordaan replace Arkane with Knight Shonan Darksole as their Aedile and the new appointment of Jedi Hunter Daihok Endymiron as the house Rollmaster.

Mordaan soon found the house under fire again as Jedi Hunter Reiam Darksaber returned simply to harass the house, prompting Mordaan to address the house and request them to ignore the former Jedi Hunter. As the environment began to calm in the house Mordaan created the Night Hawks as a phyle of the house with Hunter Trevarus Caerick as its Tetrarch and the Black Omen with Enerum Shka as its Tetrarch; at this point the Night Hawks were established as the elite phyle of the house.

As time progressed Shonan Darksole resigned from Mordaan’s side for greater things provoking the appointment of Trevarus Caerick as his replacement and leaving the Night Hawks looking for a new Tetrarch; due to lack of interest the Cimerri Sect and Black Omen found themselves disbanded and reorganized into the Dark Scholars, leaving only the Scholars and the Night Hawks as the two phyles of the house.

After several months in the line of fire Mordaan resigned from all the stress of the position, leaving Trevarus Caerick to assume the title of Quaestor with Enerum Shka rising to the position of Aedile. As his first action as Quaestor Trevarus disbanded the Dark Scholars, a lack of interest in phyles also forcing him to set everyone in the house above the rank of Acolyte to be placed in a phyle. During his time in office, Caerick saw the passing of a Great Jedi War and in his wisdom sought to archive the stories, writings and history of the house by building a Dark Library.

With almost half a year of service under his belt, Trevarus Caerick was elevated to the position of Proconsul of Naga Sadow thanks to all his work with the House allowing Enerum Shka to relieve him of his position. Shka soon found himself under fire as the house found itself plagued with unrest. With the house turned against itself and the phyles working against each other Shka was forced to remind his members that they should stand united against the houses enemies as opposed to each other, although friendly competition was acceptable. It was during his tenure that Shka also relocated the Dark Library and established the “Dark Librarian” position to tend it; a Mentor program was also proposed to help the younger members but was never implemented before Enerum Shka was removed by Trevarus Caerick and Priest Rage was elevated to replace him.

Quickly following up to his predecessor, Rage appointed Archpriest Daihok as his Aedile, implemented the Mentor system and witnessed Operation Darkfall with the Clan performing admirably although the specific details on how the House performed is unknown. While Operation Darkfall had seen success by the Sadowans, Marka Ragnos was haunted by a lack of enthusiasm from its members. As such Quaestor Rage rebalanced the phyles in a ladder-based system with the Night Seekers as the training phyle with the Night Death as an intermediate phyle before joining the Night Hawks as the elite phyle of the house. Records on how this change affected the performance of the house or who was assigned to the individual phyles have since been lost to the ages.

The house found itself experiencing a couple of changes in the coming months with Rage replaced with Shae-Lynn Jade for the duration of a Great Jedi War for personal reasons before she was replaced by the clan Overlord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow due to the depression in the house. Astronicus, better known as Tron, was forced to transfer from the Sith order to ensure the house survived but he was swift in selecting his Aedile. Although another member from outside of the house, Archpriestess Mairin Astoris was quick to assist Tron in his diligence in weeding out the inactive members to keep the house in fighting shape. During this time the house generally stood around fifteen members but excelled in its missions against and with other houses and clans of the Brotherhood; competing with and assisting House Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae while engaging Clan Satal Keto as a whole with the clan.

Tron's tenure as Quaestor of the house was short-lived with the Night Hawks renamed to “Prophecy” and Ilyan Kano selected as its Tetrarch; soon thereafter Mairin was named as the Krath High Priestess and leaving the position of Aedile to Ilyan Kano. The shuffle was not finished at this point as Tron left the house to act as an Emissary to the Assembly of Consuls and appointed Ilyan as his successor.

During Iylan's tenure he performed admirably amongst the changing of the guard and events that arose; the return of Trevarus Caerick to the house saw “Prophesy” return to the title of Night Hawks and Robert Sadow move from Naga Sadow to Ludo Kressh to become their Quaestor. Robert's replacement, Knight Neo, unfortunately couldn't fulfill his duties as Aedile due to an accident that claimed his life and left the house absent of both an Aedile and a Quaestor of a couple of weeks as Iylan grieved for the loss of his friend. During this time of chaos Pontifex Voranyen had been asked to watch over the house by Iylan until his return, which had been shorter than expected and Iylan took on Archpriest Khobai Wrathraven as his Aedile and posted two new members in command of the Phyles. Khobai took no time in taking control in his new role and began a large-scale recruitment drive to bolster the numbers of the house following their unceremonious loss during the Vendetta, the Quest.

Near the end of the year a bid for the Orbs of Power began in Clan Naga Sadow provoking Iylan to push for greater activity and enthusiasm amongst his members and during the event Iylan begins the Master-Student program in a bid to help the younger members of the house during this time of strife. As 18 ABY came around Khobai resigned from his position allowing Knight Jonuss Rai to assume the title of Aedile although this happy time was short-lived as Iylan dissappeared from the house for unknown reasons, leaving the newly appointed Aedile in near complete control of the House. With the house in a weakened state when the Dark Council gave a call to the clans for the Stone of Light, the Ragnosians performed very poorly in their duties resulting in nearly driving the young Aedile mad. It didn't take long for the High Priestess to take notice of this rather absurd situation and left her forced to assume Iylan had been lost to a wanderlust, appointing Rai as the Quaestor of the house.

Upon being appointed, Rai took matters of the House into his own hands swiftly, wanting nothing but the best from his members and requesting reports from any members in positions of power under him on a weekly basis. Rai even went as far as requesting reports of individual members work on a weekly basis to be added to the ever expanding Dark Library. Shortly after his appointment the young Quaestor needed help and appointed Robert Sadow as his Aedile; this was not to last as Bob sought the position of Quaestor of Primus Goluud and Rai was forced to appoint Thomaas Banys as his Aedile in his stead. During the next couple of months the House seemed rather quiet with activity staying at a good position and the Rollmaster position was dissolved. It was part way through the year that a feud started between Naga Sadow, Arcona and Tarentum; in a bid to keep his members in fighting shape Rai made sure that all his Phyles were in order and ready for battle. After a short bit of relaxation following their feud with the other clans, Rai's attention turned to his House after noting that not as many had been fighting with him as he would've wished; after searching for his house members he was forced to assume they had left and issued a request for all members to report to him weekly resulting in the end of Khobai's recruitment drive. After several months of hard work the weight of being a good leader finally brought Rai down and he was forced to leave active duty for personal reasons.

The next several weeks were rather unimpressive with Aedile Thomaas Banys promoted to Quaestor with Priestess Ghost Angel being assigned as the Aedile of the house. This short-lived leadership was pretty much an interim leadership until history would be changed for the Brotherhood shortly after the resignation of Thomaas with Ghost Angel assuming the title of Quaestor. With the incident resolved and Aeotheran recovering with the help of the Dlarit forces, the Ragnosians had earned themselves a reprieve to relax and recover. Time spent with the Aedile returning to Mucenic and the Night Raptors being disbanded and replaced with the Governor Security Force at Markosian City.

Post Exodus

Following the relatively short command of Thomaas Banys, Marka Ragnos found themselves under the command of a young Priestess known as Ghost Angel, later known as Kalia, as of 19 ABY. As Kalia assumed the title of Quaestor Jonuss Rai returned to the House and the young Priestess was forced to adapt to her new position swiftly as the Great Exodus started up around her. As the House and the entire Brotherhood fought for their independence from the Emperor’s Hammer, Kalia grew quickly into her role and followed the same steps as her predecessors Rai and Kano.

While tough on the members of her house, Kalia saw her people through the Exodus and through the Independence Games that followed. As the games came to a close though Kalia started to grow distant from her house and eventually stepped aside to allow the clan Overlord to assume leadership to keep the house going while she sought personal growth.

Once again Tron returned to lead the Ragnosians to greatness and selected Janos Silverwulf as his Aedile. Tron's mission during his time in command was simple: improve recruitment and activity. The revival of the Master-Student program as well as the Night Hawks phyle saw a boom in activity following it's depression before Tron stepped aside to return to his duties and studies as the Clan Overlord.

Following his small tutelage under Tron, Janos Silverwulf found himself in command of the house and swiftly started campaigns to keep the members of the house busy. As the Sith War and a competition known only as Chaotic Vengeance started, so too did a push for activity and drive towards drinking for Quaestor Silverwulf that is encouraged for all his followers. After a while of his drunken behaviour, Silverwulf left the stresses of house leadership to the capable hands of young Korras Aquillarum, the quick learning Dark Jedi taking the lead just before the rise of the Third Jedi War. Korras fought long and hard alongside his House, ensuring their power and unity as he opened the doors of Marka Ragnos to any-order of the Brotherhood, making Marka Ragnos the first formerly Krath multi-order house within the Brotherhood. With all his work done well and respectfully, Korras caught the attention of the clan summit and found himself appointed the Proconsul of Naga Sadow; this allowed his Aedile to assume command, seeing the rise of Muz Ashen as the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. Sadly, Muz saw his appointment during the third phase of the Third Great Jedi War and was forced to assume command admist a large shuffle of leadership. With Manji Keibatsu Sadow at his side the house successfully saw the end of the war and the return of the Avatars of Death phyle with a new addition of the Night Falcons.

As Marka Ragnos found themselves in a feud with House Ludo Kressh, Muz forms the Night Raptors Battleteam for the Obelisk members to ensure greater activity. Ashen's term of leadership proved rather taxing and troublesome as the year 22 ABY came to a close, the loss of a close friend and member of the house to self-exile saw much controversy amongst the membership of the House. Despite this the house entered the Krath Rite of Supremacy and Naga Sadow claimed the title of Second clan of the Brotherhood with the help of Marka Ragnos.

As 23 ABY opened, Muz found himself ascended to the clan summit rather quietly with Nekura Manji Keibatsu replacing him for the house and Epis Xizor replacing Manji. The young Keibatsu quickly started a campaign to keep the Ragnosians busy and strong, his military campaign of Operation: Frozen Fortress sending a minimum of seven Dark Jedi to the planet Loki before the second Independence Games started.

Manji worked hard to keep his members active, even following the bar brawl between Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh just beofre the Independence Games. Xizor however could not quite agree with everything that had happened and stepped down to allow Kat Pridemore to stand beside the young Keibatsu. The young Aedile swiftly found herself in command as her Quaestor took a small leave, returning to a Feud between the houses of Naga Sadow yet again. As Manji returned dumbfounded he found the aid of his brother Muz Ashen and with a vicious warcry the two Keibatsu helped secure Marka Ragnos as the First House of Naga Sadow. The end of the feud didn't see peace for the Ragnosians however, with the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy started quickly on its heels. After a grueling set of months full of combat and contests, the Ragnosians finally had peace as the Rite ended with a breath of fresh air for the war weary members of the house.

By the time 25 ABY rolled around Manji felt the pressures of leadership and stepped aside for the young Priestess Kat Pridemore as a clan feud rising to keep the young woman busy with her house and allowing the Ragnosians to participate in Naga Sadow's victory. Under Pridemore's guidance the Ragnosians fought in the Fourth Great Jedi War, although the details on the conflict have been lost to the ages.

As time continued a rift grew within Naga Sadow and Quaestor Pridemore was impacted heavily by it, leaving the known galaxy around 26 ABY, during this time the house soon found itself engulfed in yet another fued with Ludo Kressh with and Derev Niroth took up the vacant leadership position leading the way for Marka Ragnos to achieve victory. During Niroth’s term he championed a campaign for Naga Sadow to reclaim many lost artifacts from the Phare system and guided the members of Marka Ragnos down a very successful path until misgivings between himself and the Consul caused him to resign for personal reasons and leave the clan.

Following the fallout between Niroth and the Consul, Shikyo Keibatsu was granted the title of Quaestor with Ylith at his side, the two worked hard to keep Marka Ragnos at the top of their game during the next Rite of Supremacy, but Shikyo suffered from a wanderlust that kept distancing him from his duties; acknowledging this he stepped down to allow Quejo Drakai to assume command of the house.

Under Drakai's guidance, the House prepared for yet another Great Jedi War. With the experience of Manji Keibatsu at his side, the house fought hard in the war in the name of Sadow. Following the end of the War, Marka Ragnos saw their numbers shrink as the war had claimed more than they had hoped for yet this didn't keep the members of the house from celebrating their successes. With the war ending the Brotherhood sought to reclaim what they had lost and began the Orian Invasion as Drakai began to feel the weight and exhaustion of it all closing in on him.

The Orian Invasion had been tough on Quejo and saw the rise of Trevarus Caerick as his successor of the house. Ashura Isradia stood by his side as Aedile of the house and they continued to fight alongside the rest of the Brotherhood in the Orian Invasion, although the war against the Vong started to take its toll on the members of Marka Ragnos as their drive and ambition started to fail with the war becoming tedious.

As the Orian Invasion came to a close, Ashura found himself as the Quaestor of the house. Under Ashura's lead the house prospered in its peace and saw the rise of the Dlarit Special Operations Group as well as an emphasis on the Disciples of Ragnos. As time grew so too did the positions controlled by house membership of these groups. During Ashura’s reign Naga Sadow found themselves assaulting former members Trevarus Caerick and Vexatus, as the two had betrayed the Brotherhood. During the mission to Lehon the clan defeated the two betrayers but Ashura found himself gravely injured in the attack and had to leave his position as the Clan summit saw fit to appoint him as the Proconsul of the clan for all the hard work he had accomplished and his loyalty to the clan. With Ashura’s injury and surprise appointment the house was left without effective leadership and saw the return of Derev Niroth in the open position. During this time the house saw many revitalization efforts under Niroth’s second term as Quaestor; a reimplementation of the training program as well as a focus on order-specific battleteams returning to the forefront. Niroth’s term however was plagued with personal issues and the Battle of Inos where he inadvertently dragged all of Naga Sadow into the incident. The Ragnos Cathedral and disciples of saw a boom in their activity during this period of time as well before Niroth’s personal life caught up with him.

For the next couple of months after Derev Niroth stepped down, Grand Master Jedgar Octavius Paladin assumed command of the Ragnosians for the duration of the ninth Great Jedi War; this duration saw Jade Imperial Atema as his Aedile; the two fought admirably with the rest of the Ragnosians and Naga Sadow but their actions didn't have a great effect.

Following the war Jade found herself appointed as the new Quaestor after good word from Jedgar and pushed for the betterment of the house with an overhaul in the Master/Student program as well as the advancement and improvements towards the Ragnos Cathedral and the Disciples of Ragnos. Under Jade the return of the Night Raptors battleteam was also seen headed by Jedi Hunter Fremoc Pepoi; with the Raptors and Hawks both active and the Disciples of Ragnos running the house seemed ready for the Fractured Mirror challenges that were before them.

As Jade's term progressed a feud broke out between Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh to see which of the two was the top house of Naga Sadow, a seemingly endless battle that constantly erupted between the two. However the feud would be the last for Jade as she led the house to victory over Ludo Kressh and appointed Fremoc Pepoi as Aedile of the house.

Shortly after Pepoi’s appointment, Robert Sadow returned from the shadows to join Marka Ragnos and help guide its members down the true path; his efforts were focused on revitalizing the Disciples of Ragnos and began to put an emphasis on the improvements of the Ragnosians new home of Mucenic. During the time with Robert, Tarthos grew and became much more settled with Markosian City and Mucenic becoming seats of power for the Ragnosians; it was in the midst of all the changes that the clan summit sought the help of as many as they could to get rid of a problem within Brotherhood territory, an entity known as "the Underworld" seemed to be causing issues for the clan and more importantly the house.

Following their return from a successful operation Robert Sadow was appointed the rollmaster for Naga Sadow and the clan summit saw Fremoc Pepoi as his successor. This transition was rather easy and painless as Robert had been training Pepoi for this eventuality and his experience as Aedile had served him well. Under Pepoi's guidance a stronger emphasis was placed on home for the people of Marka Ragnos; Markosian City and Mucenic were given greater attention and care in addition to a larger resurgence of the Disciples of Ragnos. Pepoi's greatest challenge was yet to come as of 32 ABY the Dark Council declared Vendetta, initiating a Rite of Supremacy to help them claim the troublesome planet of Salas V.

After the call to Salas V for the Vendetta House Marka Ragnos along with the rest of Clan Naga Sadow began to prepair for war. Once on the planet initial contact was made with Clan Plagueis and the war began. Battles raged and in the end Clan Naga Sadow stood victorious. Not long after the battle the Clan found itself facing another enemy.

Independent House Revan now stood in the way of the Clan taking control of Salas V. Again a massive battle took place and as the smoke cleared Independent House Revas stood tall over Clan Naga Sadow. The loss cause the Clan to begin an immediate withdraw from the planet. In the chaos of retreat Clan Arcona wound up in the same evacuation area as Clan Naga Sadow, both Clans wanted to make someone else pay for their defeat.

The two tired and beaten Clans engaged one another for a final attempt to prove themselves and as the battle raged on Clan Naga Sadow came out on top. The Clan headed back home with two victories and 1 loss. House Marko Ragnos and both of its Battleteams rested back in their homes but the silence after the war would end quickly for them.

There was peace for a time before the Divine Reborn attacked Mucenic with their leader Drosk Nunes heading the assault. Kalei Basai warned Fremoc, Thomas, and infant Darra Pepoi and began to evacuate the monastery. Fremoc knowing there was going to be problems, ordered Kalei to run to the Hidden Hangars and alert the rest of the house while telling his son to take the infant Darra to the Immortal Tomb's Quaestor's Box since only two people knew the way to get there. Kalei alerted Bal Demona to ready the rest of the house and their battle teams. The Night Raptors being the Consul's Own, left Markosian City almost immediately and landed first in Mucenic, silently killing Dark Jedi as they moved into the monastery.

Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart sent a transmission off to Sepros informing Manji of the situation and requesting the Final Way to be in orbit over Mucenic. The Night Hawks finally landed in Mucenic with Kharon Daragon, who immediately went to the Immortal Tomb to find Thomas and Darra and brought them back to their Gunship and sent them to the Final Way that was almost in orbit.

At the same time Teu Pepoi was landing on the Final Way, taking her children in her arms and holding them close. On the surface of Tarthos, Drosk sent most of his followers to attack the members of Marka Ragnos. Kano and Methyas were able to kill most of the Lords, but their biggest test came when Drosk went to kill Fremoc, who was chained to a wall and gagged. Kano Tor Pepoi stopped the attack and immediately engaged the leader of the Divine Reborn. Methyas cut Fremoc's bindings, and the two joined in on the fight.

It didn't take long before the rest of Marka Ragnos surrounded Drosk. The leader of the Divine Reborn sent a wave of Force energy knocking everyone backwards and running towards the transport he arrived on. Fremoc, Kano, and Methyas chased Drosk to the transport but were too late when the transport shot off towards open space. Manji ordered the Final Way to capture the fleeing Drosk, and made the man surrender to DSOG, Taigikori, and Manji. Bound, the leader of the Divine Reborn was being brought to an interrogation room, when Teu Pepoi came from nowhere, and struck down Drosk in revenge for trying to harm her family.

The following weeks were a time of peace and adjustment as Kano Tor Pepoi replaced Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart as Sergeant of the Night Raptors upon his appointment as Aedile of the house. The time gave the Ragnosians time to heal and set plans in motion for the future of the House before they were summoned to the Marakith Skyhook over Aeotheran to celebrate the blurring of lines and barriers between the houses of the Clan. Their celebrations were cut short however following military actions by Battlelord Malisane Sadow against a terrorist cell known as the Voice of Justice and a political movement known as C.A.R.E., actions that showed the Dlarit Corporation and it's Dark Jedi masters in bad light. Consul Manji Keibatsu Sadow swiftly chided the Summit for their celebrations and allowing these terrorists to take root and ordered them to route these villainous creatures from their planet.

The Sadowans acted swiftly and in a number of different methods, moving from infiltrating the Voice and Justice and C.A.R.E. to finding ways to help the people within the Aeotheran Resettlement Center. These actions allowed the Sadowans to grow close to the leader of the Voice of Justice, Deliverance, and C.A.R.E.'s figurehead Ven Dastari. Operating as mercenaries, speechwriters, refugees and more the members of the Clan delved deep into these terror cells and began to plot their downfall from within. The first event during this incident was the destruction a section of the railway system to the mines and the subsequent destruction of a train full of workers presumed to be carrying minerals and equipment from the mines. The deaths of so many innocents reflected poorly on the Voice of Justice and saw the group flee to nearby caves to regroup. Back in the city, elements of the Clan discovered shocking ties between Ven Dastari and the Voice of Justice while some members successfully prevented the destruction of a warehouse containing food stores by members of the Voice of Justice.

After a brief scare with a mysterious creature in the wilderness surrounding Seng Karash the Voice of Justice with Deliverance moved towards Generator Two, a power generation station that powered sections of Seng Karash and the outlying mining outposts, with the intent of capturing it to hold ransom against Dlarit. At this point many members of the Clan joined forces to subvert the Voice of Justice in their mission, arriving at the Generator in force disguised as new recruits and mercenaries. The mission would've been a success had their not been an incident between Roxas Buurenaar and Teu Pepoi that resulted in her capture. The resulting outcome was the rescue of Teu and the destruction of the Generator by Fremoc Pepoi, Kano Tor Pepoi and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart which caused surviving members of the Voice of Justice to flee and leave their new recruits behind. The members of Naga Sadow returned to the Marakith to regroup and heal as they sought to find the Voice of Justice before things grew worse.

Declaring her intentions to sink the isle of Lor Zatean unless Dlarit gave into the Voice of Justice's demands, Deliverance had grown more powerful and aggressive; even going as far as killing Ven Dastari when he arrived to escape the planet with her. Clan forces mobilized to retake the isle and the Keebada Villa where the terrorists were hiding, a well co-ordinated assault seeing the Sadowans infiltrating the building and rescuing civilians still trapped within the building. Pushing their way to the basement, the Clan made their final stand against Deliverance and her elite agents, a mission that became easier as Macron Sadow arrived with Manji Keibatsu Sadow to help with the final push against Deliverance herself. During the chaos, Teu Pepoi repurposed the bomb that had been brought to the Villa before Deliverance's death. In a final harrowing escape to a waiting transport, the Sadowans detonated the waiting bomb and leveled the isle itself.

36 ABY

Operation Exsanguination

In 36 ABY, Quaestor Kojiro Keibatsu, created Talon Company. A Judicial Force that is charged with security and enforcing the law, safeguarding the true sons and daughters of House Marka Ragnos holdings. He named Syntari Bastiayn and Kodais Solatus as Judges, Guardians of the Law and Commanders of Talon Company.

Kojiro had gathered those that were seen as dangerous and had questionable loyalties to the House. This assembly was both the announcement and christening of Talon Company and its Judges. The slaughter of those in attendance would later be called the Massacre of Dissidents.