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Ylith is a Sith Battlemaster who calls the House of Marka Ragnos his home as a member of Clan Naga Sadow. He has been in exile for two years and returned only just with the bearing of a grave danger to both himself and his peers. He fights for his life against a curse that threatens to slowly destroy his body while trying hard to be able to use the Force like any other Battlemaster due the the handicap that limits his ability to wield the Force. A changed man, he now returns to the only home he had ever known in search for both a new start and a safe haven for him to have his strengths return.

"He whom admits he is not heroic is the most heroic of all."


Atema History (19 BBY - 6 BBY)

Escaping the Purge

Ashira Islana and Jerreth Atema were both sent out of a mission of peace to the Outer Rim, they did not understand it as the war was still raging on why the Jedi would waste valuable Jedi on peace missions rather than to fight the Separatists during what seemed to be the climax of the Clone Wars. Both had been weary of their surroundings as most Jedi were at that time and age. Times were changing and while most of the republic welcomed this change, the Jedi were less positive considering the increase in anti-Jedi sentiments throughout the Senate of the Republic.

They were moving to what seemed to be a migrant fleet used by an old clan of Mandalorians who roamed the Outer Regions of the Galaxy away from the war. The Republic had interests in them joining their cause, most likely for the creation of more clone armies, but this claim was never confirmed. They moved in a small group to show the Mandalorians they did not mean to be a threat, only a shuttle class ship that held the Jedi and two fighters as an escort were sent to the flotilla.

At the moment 'Order 66' was given by the newly instated Emperor Palpatine, the group was attacked by a scout squadron of Vulture Droids, who destroyed the escort with significant loss, allowing the shuttle to pick off the last of the droid fighters with its lesser weapons. The shuttle however, got significantly damaged and the two Jedi deemed the mission lost and returned home with a battered engine.

Hiding from the Empire

While adrift through the Galaxy trying to find a Republic vessel or a space station the Ashira tried to contact the Jedi temple while Jerreth was trying hard to keep the Shuttle working. To both their surprises there were no further attacks by the Separatist armies nor did they find any sign of the Clone War. Sensing something was amiss ever since the day of the attack, they had their worst nightmare realized as they received a message from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant telling of the Betrayal of Palpatine and to stay away from the Republic and the new formed Empire.

Shocked by this revelation they spent few years drifting and training each other to fully hide themselves from the Force to help them survive the Great Jedi Purge. They moved from spaceport to spaceport, often those out of Imperial control to avoid detection, they eventually modified and repaired their shuttle and managed to live a nomad's life. During this time they spent together Ashira and Jerreth engaged into the beginning of a romantic relationship.

The Exiled and the Vagabond

Both Jedi felt the grip of the Empire tighten more and more on the systems of the Outer Regions which endangered them gravely, especially since the vessel they lived on, while modified, was still clearly one of Republic making. They received a message by one of the other surviving Jedi to call upon a meeting on Dantooine a few years ago. Fearing for their safety however they decided not to forsake their nomadic lively, they now changed their mind in pure desperation, hoping that the Jedi Conclave that was mentioned would still exist.

Hoping for the best, the two set course to Dantooine and took the many years of traveling between spaceports, in order to avoid Imperial contact, to get there. During these travels they met Gram Magnus who used to work for CorSec during the time of the Republic and who now was working on various spaceports as a smuggler. Jerreth and Ashira bought supplies from Gram that would aid them as well as the Jedi who would still be present at Dantooine. As he brought the shipment to their shuttle and helped the two load the cargo onto it Imperial troopers appeared and opened fire. Gram, thinking they were after him pleaded the two Jedi to save him. Jerreth agreed and they escaped he spaceport quickly before more Imperial troopers could arrive.

Ever since that day, thankful for his life, Gram vowed to repay his debt at whatever cost. Sensing his sincerity through the Force Ashira accepted this and noted that they would need his help more than anything in order to restore their home.

Darkness before the Dawn

After a long trip the three finally arrived at Dantooine. Hoping to find a thriving Jedi Conclave in hiding from the Empire and its Sith rule they instead stumbled upon ruins and death. The group of Jedi that had been taken refuge at the ancient Conclave were all dead, scattered over the area, some even decomposed to mere skeletons. Feeling their hopes flee and seeing no other options they decided that they would make their stand here, at Dantooine.

Gram, finally realizing who the two were, decided that he would make use of the oath made and used his connections in the smuggling business to gather supplies to build a new home. Jerreth and Ashira spent a few years slowly gathering supplies through smuggling channels to avoid unwanted attention from the empire and built a new home inside a large cavern away from the former Jedi Conclave. As they built more and more, more people from other galaxies gathered, fleeing for the Empire, they would find a safe haven there. Jerreth named the village The Sanctuary, a beacon of light within the everlasting darkness.

Character History Ylith Atema (6 BBY - 22 ABY)

Banner of the Atema Family

Expanding the Atema Family

"I fear for our safety...The Jedi..."
"I am afraid the Jedi cannot help us now Ashira, we must fend for ourselves
―Ashira Islana and Jerreth Atema

After half a year of rebuilding the two Jedi married, and so the Atema family was born. They were one of the first Jedi to marry during the Great Jedi Purge, and became a symbol of hope to the people of the Sanctuary, hope that the Imperial reign of darkness would come to an end soon.

Gram Magnus, who was still faithful to the two Jedi, remained to be of service by keeping his smuggling ties trading with the small colony and by having spies letting him know should the Empire come too close for comfort. Jerreth and Ashira, both feeling blessed by the help of Gram, gave him the title of 'Protector of the Sanctuary' as a high honor.


Not long after the two Jedi were married did Ashira got pregnant, and nine months later gave birth to twins. Two boys who each had their own feats from the day they were born. The names of the boys were Ylith Atema and Tyren Atema. The two boys, the older Ylith and the younger Tyren, were born in a peaceful environment their parents and the other residents created. They named Gram to be their Godfather should anything happen to them.

Though they were twins the two boys had differences their parents felt all too well. While Tyren was the quiet one, Ylith was always the active one, always on adventure and looking for clues to find old Jedi relics even when he was a small boy. Tyren on the other hand had little use for relics and was far better off tricking people into giving him their money either by schemes or gambling tricks taught secretly by Gram and his Smuggler friends.


Ylith and Tyren both grew up in a force active environment, though the Empire was always around the corner, the Sanctuary remained hidden. The two brothers became best friends and added to each other what the other lacked. They often were found working together to take on bullies or even to play pranks on the people who lived there. Using Ylith's strength to keep their angry friends away while Tyren worked his charm to claim his innocence.

Even though Ylith was a child with the light at heart, their parents did sense a natural Dark Side aura around him, which worried them. They hoped to someday make him a Jedi and a peon of good. While their parents mused over more pressing matters the brothers had more interest in showing off their powers at each other which developed a natural rivalry between the two. Ylith would use his physical strength against Tyren while he in his stead would use the power of the Force combined with street smarts in order to overcome his older brother's brute force.

Past Divided

"I never intended this path for you my son..."
―Jerreth Atema

However, as Gram already noted when they settled in the Sanctuary, the Empire would ever be vigilant in their search of them. Even after the battle of Yavin and the ending of the Great Jedi Purge, Darth Vader was scouring the Galaxy in order to find the Rebels or any that could be an opposition to the Emperor in any way. Three years after the Battle of Yavin a scouting party of the Empire finally found the Sanctuary and it did not take long for Star Destroyers to burst out of Hyperspace at their doorstep.

Using his smuggling resources the old CorSec agent managed to scrape enough material together to have the Shuttle transformed in a large sized Transport vessel, large enough to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and to escape the Empire. The Evacuation was fast and easy, Jerreth oversaw the evacuation himself and knew that this might be the last time he would set foot within the Sanctuary. He planted a banner holding the Atema symbol as a sign of hope and piece before he left to the shuttle himself.

As the shuttle took off it crashed through the roof of the cavern, having the entrance collapsing so nobody could enter or leave the Sanctuary. The shuttle moved up and through the atmosphere eventually ending up in space. When it did it was greeted by two large Star Destroyers awaiting the ship. Jerreth and Ashira moved with their children to the escape pods, but due to the panic that occurred they were pushed apart by the mass of people, separated they entered different pods hoping to meet each other afterwards. When the pods were ejected the Star Destroyers opened fire, destroying the shuttle as the pods moved in opposite directions before moving into hyperspace. Though Ashira or Jerreth did not feel each other’s death within the Force, they could not sense each other either. Forsaking the hope for a reunion they set course to separate locations. Tyren who was with his mother moved to the Core planet of Coruscant while Ylith, who was with his father, moved to Byss.


As Jerreth grieved the loss of his wife he decided that the best option to go with is the survival of himself and his son. He took Ylith and as they arrived at Byss they landed into one of the poor districts. As they were trying to get out of the pod a garrison of Imperial troopers moved to seize them. The rumor was that there was a Jedi on board and the Jedi were still most wanted. Jerreth wanted to Escape with his son but before he could found himself surrounded and taken in custody, with his son as well being taken, he saw no choice but to bide his time until an opportunity arose.

They were taken to the Imperial Prison where they would await trial, or execution, by the hands of the Imperial Law Enforcement. As they rode in the vehicle Jerreth weighed his options. If he remained silent he would have both himself and his son killed, but should he move to escape he might perish himself but in the progress give Ylith a chance to survive.

In a daring move Jerreth used the Force to burst the aft-doors into shreds. Using this as a diversion Jerreth overpowered the two Stormtroopers guarding him and his soon but got wounded in the process, a blaster-wound deep into his shoulder slowed him down for a second before taking Ylith and escaping the scene. Being followed by a small group of Stormtroopers the Jedi and his son escaped through the alley’s of Byss’ poor quarter and managed to escape.

Foster Parents

The blaster wound on Jerreth’s shoulder began to take it’s toll, as pain shot through his body he felt his energy getting weaker and weaker. Mustering what he could he moved to a small house at the end of the alleyway where there was a slight Light Side aura present. Jerreth knocked on the door and when a woman opened she found the man lying on the ground, with a small boy sitting besides him. Before he lost consciousness he asked the woman to take care of his son and to treat him as her own.

The woman took the man and his child in and took care of Jerreth. Durign this time the old Jedi was able to tell them about the Sanctuary and the survival of the Great Jedi Purge through it. He mentioned the Empire finally finding the sacred place and the loss of his wife and other son. Gripped by the old man’s story, the woman vowed the man to take care of his son, Ylith, and to raise him like her own as he asked of her. With Jerreth relieved to know his son would be safe he released his forced grip on life and transcended into the Force.


The Woman who took Ylith in raised him, as she promised, like her own and soon came to find that Ylith was a strong boy capable on overpowering most of the other boys on Byss. He lived a carefree life for as long as he could remember it. His Forster-Mother was always concerned about him while the young boy often got into trouble. Yet every time he did he felt like something was missing, like a part of him that should be with him but isn’t. The woman knew he was talking about his younger brother Tyren but decided to keep it to herself, trying to protect the boy from memories he shouldn’t have to be burdened with at his age.

As Ylith grew older the presence of the Empire on Byss began to grow and expand, eventually peaking at the construction of the Galaxy Gun. While the Woman nor Ylith knew what it did or why it was created, Ylith often dreamed to visit it one day and finally figure out what it was. Little did he know he would be finding out soon enough.

Destruction of Byss

A few years after his Father’s passing the young boy was playing in the alleyways in the poor district like he always was until a strange feeling gripped him. He couldn’t understand what it was nor what it was although he knew it was a bad feeling. Running towards his home he found that the alarms were going off throughout the city and the Imperials were moving fast and quietly, not telling anything to the main public. As he reached home he found that his Foster-Mother was already packing and getting ready to go.

Ylith explained his feeling and the woman, knowing his father was a Jedi, acted on it accordingly and took the boy with her. Throughout the city fights between civilians and the Imperial forces were underway, it seemed an entire rebellion had taken place and when Ylith looked up he saw flashes and bright lines flashing across the sky around the Galaxy Gun. The Woman moved Ylith in front of her and the Imperial Stormtroopers in charge of the evacuation of the city separated the two. Ylith, in anger about this, tried to break free from his captivity to rejoin his Foster-Mother but was unable to and had to board the shuttle alone.

Both shuttles launched but instead of moving towards another city both shuttles set course to space. As they flew past the terrifying weapon of the Empire they saw how the Eclipse Star Destroyer slammed into it and have it fire a round into the Planet’s atmosphere. Upon seeing this the pilot did not hesitate and set a course to jump into Hyperspace.

Before it did Ylith watched in awe as his newfound home planet was bombarded by the large round and destroying it in an enormous ball of fire and rocks. As they moved into Hyperspace the young boy could just see how the second shuttle, holding his Foster-Mother, got hit by a piece of rubble, slashing through it like a knife through butter, the vessel exploded before space around the shuttle erupted in a tunnel of blue energy. Ylith cried out but no one tended to listen, all grieving of the loss of their home. The Pilot set course to the only planet he could reach with the shuttle, Tatooine.

Growing up

Arriving on Tatooine within the dreaded spaceport of Mos Eisley the young boy found himself alone and lost within a world of smugglers and criminals. While other survivors could easily muster up the resources or help from family in order to get their life back on track, Ylith could not and he roamed the streets of Mos Eisley, homeless. It was not until he was forcefully pushed into Street Fighting that he was able to take care of himself. Even though the sport was highly dangerous and more often than not forbidden, in the back-alleys of Mos Eisley there were no rules.

Making only little money Ylith was able to make a home for himself and used his inherited strength to win match after match. Within the years spent on Mos Eisley he kept fighting and when he was nineteen years of age he was grown up enough to match up in the adult league, where he was subject to betrayal and manipulation. During the years fighting in the adult league his anger grew and when the New Republic slowly made their presence known on Tatooine the growth of his rage was unstoppable.


After a long and harsh day of fighting Ylith watched the credits in his hand, it wasn’t nearly enough to last a week but it had to do, it wasn’t like there would be any other way to gain money without either being a murderer or a smuggler. With the New Republic pushing it’s stamp onto the area that was getting hard to accomplish, even in Mos Eisley. That same night Ylith moved past a cantina where a few New Republic soldiers were enjoying their night off and under the haze of alcohol they started blurting out words senselessly.

Ylith stopped in his tracks as they suddenly mentioned the destruction of Byss. It was not since he got into the adult league that he thought about the attack that killed his Foster-Mother. The young man snapped into a blind rage and attacked the soldiers. Too hazed by the alcohol they were consuming only minutes before, they did not pose much threat and Ylith killed them with a shard of glass.

Before he could realize what he had done and escape the scene other soldiers noted him and took aim, placing him under arrest. Ylith, knowing that he had no other option, surrendered and they took him into a holding cell until further hearing. As he was placed in a cell, he heard the soldiers discussing a rumor of an aerie ship slowly closing in on Tatooine.

Brotherhood History (22 ABY – 26 ABY)


"I sense great anger in you..."
―Welshman Corsair Tarentae

Twenty-two years of age now and locked in a New Republic holding cell Ylith awaited his trial. He had been in the cell for about a week now and was often subject to torture by the bailiffs which took its toll on the young man. It had been a few days since he had eaten anything and he only got enough water no to die within the dry holding cell. Occasionally he had to fight off a fellow prisoner in order to get some food and water to survive.

One night the air alarms went off and the ground was rumbling because of the many explosions erupting throughout the spaceport. Blasters were blazing and flashes of light brightened the cell he was in. Ylith did his best to see what was going on but could not get a grip on it, as if something was forcing him not to look. After a few minutes the explosions dimmed and people seemed to calm down instead of panicking. Remembering the events that happened of Byss the young man moved to the door that kept him in his cell and shook it as hard as he could, trying desperately to get out. The screams and panicking all coming back to him, the separation near the shuttles and the destruction of Byss.

A voice told him to rise up and when he did he saw a dark robed man with a visor covering his eyes. He eyed him carefully and saw how the door was pulled from its sockets without even being touched. The robed figure motioned with his hand to follow him and when the young man did he left everything he knew behind. He was taken to a shuttle standing right outside and took off to the Yridia system, and to be introduced into his new home, Clan Tarentum.

Introduction and the Academy

Ylith was taken to House Gladius where he was given a room within it’s base of The Sword's Sheath. Not knowing yet where he had gotten himself into the young man started to regain his strength and after a few days he was emitted to the Shadow Academy, where he would be trained in the ways of the Dark Jedi. Sensing that this would be the best opportunity to gain powers beyond his reckoning he fully agreed with everything and went to be taught by the most esteemed members of the Brotherhood. Not only did Ylith learn to use and control the Force but he also was taught the history of the Brotherhood and the values it represented.

After a few months he was able to return to The Sword's Sheath and to be rejoined with Clan Tarentum as an initiate of the Brotherhood. It did not take long for Ylith to get his name noted by the higher officials of the House and before he knew it he was getting a promotion for his serviced. He continued to grow and when he was deemed powerful enough the young Dark Jedi was initiated into his first position as part of the battleteam Daemoni. While in this battleteam Ylith joined the order of the Obelisk due to his massive physical strength and became known for it,.

Ylith's X shaped scar

Master and Apprentice

Due to his progression it did not take long for some of the senior members of Tarentum to take interest in the young Obelisk. A Krath by the name of Ciara Tearnan was willing to become Ylith’s Mistress in the Dark Arts and took him under her wing. Ylith found not only untapped strength under her teachings, but also fear he thought he had lost years ago. She tortured the Obelisk with her skill in illusions, causing him to see the death of his foster-mother again and to be confronted by the emotions released from it. Ciara saw how Ylith broke down emotionally and begged forgiveness from his foster-mother as well as trying to better himself.

Enraged the Krath punished the young Dark Jedi harshly, and brought down her lightsaber upon him. Scorching through his robes and into his skin, the Mistress left her mark of weakness, a wound shaped like an ‘X’ above his heart, to remind him of the weakness he had shown that day. From that day forth Ylith forced himself to forget fear, to show no emotions and to kill without mercy. He was granted the use of an Obelisk Blade and through Ciara’s illusions was able to test his might against the demons of his past, present and even future.

Phoenix Crest (23 ABY)

"Ok, we are actually going in there? Are you insane?!"
―Archean Erinos Tarentae

When Ylith was still in training, an attack on the Phoenix Crest, an under water base used to harvest minerals and irons from deep below sealevel, had been made by pirating people from Yridian Civilians. Though Ylith was still only a Guardian when the attack occurred, it didn't stop the Obelisk from pushing himself into the midsts of battle. Guided by his Quaestor Welshman Corsair, he joined the shuttle down to the Phoenix Crest, only to be shot down by Pirate invaders. The Shuttle crash landed on a small island crawling with Pirates, Ylith got hurt while fending them off while Welshman tried to get communications back online. Another Dark Jedi Group, lead by Archean, soon joined Welshman and Ylith and worked together to stop the Pirate threat.

Eventually, Ylith and Archean both stopped the pirate attack even with Ylith saving Archean's life, while Welshman took control of the planet's orbit with the Creeping Death. In the end the Pirates were found at their base by a small army lead by Spears Tarentae and wiped them out to set an example for others. The Phoenix Crest itself was heavily damaged in the progress, but easily salvageable and ready to be used for harvesting in a matter of time.

Ylith's Arm

Coratua IV (23 ABY)

Like the rest of Tarentum at the time of the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy, Ylith was sent out to fight against the other Clans and Pirates in order to gain control over Coratua IV, a planet the Obelisk High Commander Korras did not wish to lose. Ylith was part of the landing team, who had to unsure the main resources could land safely on the planet without being overrun by Pirate troops. Archean was also part of this and used his commanding skills to ensure the main resources landed safely.

Ylith and his team pushed on against the Pirates and their forces, and had driven them out of most of the area. But before the shouts of victory could be heard from the Tarentum camp, a tank the pirates had, heavily out dated, appeared in Ylith's sight and before he could evade the huge warmachine it fired. The shell, designed to bury itself into the ground before exploding, causing large gaps in the ground so troops would be slowed, tore trough Ylith's left arm rendering it useless. Archean saved Ylith's life as Tie Bombers took out the tank swiftly. The Obelisk now wears a metal arm, replacing his normal one, and owes his life itself to Archean.

Ylith's spirit dormant

Change of Nature (24 ABY)

"Hear me, last of the living Valheru..."
―Vykor Sha'id

When he reached the rank of Jedi Hunter, he found a scroll containing a legend about an ancient race with immense power, the Valheru. With his best friend Archean Bruth'Kothae, he set out to find more about this ancient Race, and on the outer regions of the Galaxy he found a dead planet called Shi, this planet used to be home to the Valheru and Draken found the story of the Last of the Valheru, called Vykor Sha’id, who witnessed the destruction of the planet Shi by the hands of the Old Republic, who wiped the Valheru out in a large war.

Ylith also found within the ruins of the Valheru main castle a sword, The Valheru Sword of Darkness. The blade shimmered in blue flames and is key to the Valheru survival. Empowered by ancient Valheru alchemy it also was home to the spirit of Draken-Korin, who took Ylith's body as a host. The Dark Jedi first resisted the Valheru's attack on his body, but soon gave in when he knew that together, they would be stronger than ever. And so the Valheru Draken-Korin was reborn, and the Dark Jedi Ylith Romanae gave his knowledge and memories to combine the powers of the ancient and the present. The Valheru warlord Draken-Korin was born once again.


Since that day Ylith has been placed into a state of subconscious slumber while Draken took this chance to explore both the world he live in as his newfound powers.

New Beginning (24 ABY - 25 ABY)

"Aid me ancient spirit, for together we are more powerful than any other..."

To this day, Draken-Korin now controls Ylith Romanae's body and named himself Draken-Korin 'Ylith' Elariël Romanae, to celebrate a fuse between two mighty beings. Though Draken can never get the revenge he wants, he can however seek out to destroy those weaker than him. Those without honor would not stand long in his path, and Draken now resides in House Ludo Kressh of Clan Naga Sadow. Where he fights in honor of his extinct and forgotten race, to live once more.

Neverending Search

Now, Draken's search continues as he finds clue's of his past. The Valheru took part in a mission to seek out and retrieve a missing Frigate, stolen from the docks of his own Clan Base. With his new found powers and knowledge, Draken easily finds a way to stop the menace of biological warfare together with his brothers of war. Though the Dark Jedi way is a modern way, the Dragonlord still finds ways to push himself back into the past but his knowledge and memories served him well.

Curse (25 ABY)

Draken's Cursed Arm

Though immortality came as a blessing for the young Valheru, it also delivered a curse to attone to his sins. The host's body would get a disease which will cause the body to react onto the alianated cells. Causing his body to degenerate more rapidly than normal. The degeneration has already begun and is known by blackened vein like marks on his skin. His right arm has already startted to show these 'veins of death' and Draken now uses the power of the Dark Side to slow down and eventually stop this curse from spreading over his entire body, eventually killing his host and confining his spirit again.

Change of Order (25 ABY - 26 ABY)

"My very being has changed, therefore my Order must as well..."
―Draken-Korin 'Ylith' Elariël Atema

Draken soon grew more stronger in his role as a Dark Jedi, and even while he still is a true warrior at heart, the power of leadership and command took hold of his interest once more. While a famous general in his time, Draken now stands only a minor officer within the ranks of the Brotherhood. Nonetheless, the Valheru now converted into a Sith, opening a new world and new ways for him to grow into leadership and commanding positions. Draken simply bides his time until it is his time to reign again at the general's seat once again.

Family Reunion - Vong War (26 ABY - 27 ABY)

Reunion (26 ABY)

"These dreams haunt me since childhood..."
―Tyren Atema

Though Draken had taken hold of Ylith's body, he still had his memories and spirit with him, and so Ylith's past was linked with him as well. Though Draken thought about this before, he wasn't ready for the events that would change him within this Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. When training on Antei, Tyren came to visit Draken in a plead for help and guidance. He had nightmares about a terrible event. He sees twin brothers playing and then violently torn away from each other due to warfare. Though Draken didn't know anything about such a thing, Ylith's memories did. Told as a story often by his foster family, Ylith has heard the same story over and over again in his youth, knowing it was something he wasn't meant to forget. Both Draken and Tyren investigated this occurrence and even underwent a DNA test to see if they were family. And even while Ylith's genes were partially reformed into Valheru ones, the DNA of both Ylith and Tyren matched perfectly, even so perfectly that they were considered twin brothers.

Sanctuary Holocron (26 ABY)

"A place for the weary and the weak, take light in heart and Dantooine is what you seek..."
―Sanctuary Holocron

Both Dark Jedi embraced this fact and startted their quest to find out the true history of their youth, they ended their search on the planet Byss, where they found an old Jedi Holocron, recording the first Jedi Marriage during the Jedi Purge, showing that it belonged to the Atema family. Then the holocron showed the two boys playing, seeing the image both Dark Jedi startted to remember their hidden and forgotten past. The the screen shifted and the attack was shown, as the two Sith now remembered clearly, they knew now that they were split up and their past with them. Both Ylith and Tyren reconstructed the Atema family crest and placed the banner near the ruins of the Sanctuary, to remember their parents, even if they were Jedi. The two boys became Sith, but they would never dishonour the Atema family.

Vong Invasion(26 ABY - 27 ABY)

"Draken-Korin 'Ylith' Elariël Atema...MIA"
―Dlarit Officer

During the start of the Vong invasion, the Sith was absent from most of the clan, but in secrecy he was trying to fend them off as much as possible. During the war, Draken stood vast along the front lines fighting the Vong off as much as he could. He startted out in a squad of fifty men under his command, at the end of the first day, this very number was halved. Even Draken himself had a hard time dealing with these strenge creatures. As a Valheru, his strength was unmatched by any of the Humanoids he has crossed before, but the Vong were a whole other story. At the eve of the second day at the front, Draken's entire squad laid dead amount the field, and the organic growth the Vong used as weapons cut his escape route. It did not take long for other members to recon, he was dead.

My Cup Overflows...

"Beware the blade of blue flames..."
―Vong Warrior Translated

Draken was caught by the Vong not soon after, and in a final move of wits, he took hold of his famed blue flaming sword and broke free at the last possible moment. Chased by force sensitive dog like creatures and heavily crippled by the Vong's advanced weaponry, Draken soon found himself hunted down. The Vong who finally caugth up with him smiled and gazed upon him with blackened eyes, his skin stretching as he did. The Valheru mustered all the strength he had left and charged.

...With my Blood

"I will break him..."
―Vong Warrior Translated

The attack was in vain, the Vong simple blocked the attack and fought the Valheru off. As the Valheru wanted to attack again, the Vong threw some organic weapon onto Draken's Metal arm, as it burned it's way through the metal, it suddenly exploded throwing Draken back against the wall, losing his arm in the progress. Draken slowly lost consciousness, the last thing he saw was flashes of light before he fell.

A soul torn (27 ABY)

"Will he survive?"
―Tyren Atema

In the last events at the front line, the Dark Jedi was saved from the Vong by a squad of Dlarit Troopers and taken to the medical bay on the Covenant as soon as possible in order to save his life. Heavily wounded and fighting for his life, the Sith was placed into a huge bacta container, hanging on various tubes and strings, both ejecting various medicine's into his body as robotic arms controlled by robot doctors to repair the torn muscles and skin tissue. It took three full days for the Dark jedi to recover inside the tube of bluish fluid. The bubbles of pure oxygen that flowed through the thick blue mass cleaning the skin and wounds gently while making it's way up to the top. Slowly the Sith regained it's consciousness, only to find out something was terribly wrong. His eyes were blue, his muscle tissue normal and his thoughts his own. Draken, was no longer present in his mind. Ylith has returned.

Return of the Dormant Spirit (27 ABY)

"I have returned, broken, torn, now all there is left is vengeance..."
―Ylith Atema

Ylith, now fully healed in the hospital bay, plans to find his sword back, now probably in the hands of the Vong. He does not know who exactly has it or what the Vong will do with it. However, as he knows Draken, Ylith knew that the Valheru spirit would enter his life once more sooner or later.

While he took rest from the Vong War, he felt that the Curse the Spirit of Draken left upon him startted the increase in growth and in the pain it caused. This, together with the mental wounds that were left when Draken was violently torn out from his mind, caused Ylith to retreat back into his own quarters, locking himself up for weeks, forging the Medusa Blade in the progress, the blade being forged with his emotions as a metal. The Blade symbolizes his anger, rage, pain and sorrow and he kept wielded it as long as his quest to reclaim the power that was so ruthlessly taken from his was restored.

Valheru Legacy Reborn (27 ABY - 28 ABY)

Bloodline Reborn (27 ABY - 28 ABY)

"I may be able to whip up a thing or two...heehee!"
―Mononoke 'Macron' Keibatsu

Curse; Reckoning

After Draken left Ylith's body, the genes within his body startted to return to their normal state and form. Back to becoming Human genes from before Draken turned to Ylith and made him a Valheru. Though the mutation of the bodycells did make Ylith a Valheru, in recent studies it was clear that Ylith was far from being a pure blood Valheru. While Ylith's body returned to its normal state, the Curse placed upon his body when Draken turned him into a Valheru too a turn for the worst. It startted spreading rapidly and if Ylith wouldn't become a Valheru again, he'd die due to the cause of it as the Curse slowly decayed his own body. After discovering this, Ylith researched a way to release the curse placed on him by Draken's forbidden alchemy and to make a pure blood Valheru out of himself. He found the answer in a relic weapon he found a few months ago, The Amlug Aral Dagger.

Within the ceremonial dagger was a vial of pure Valheru blood, hidden within the steel of the very blade itself, it was conserved for millennia within the alloyed metal and became the perfect solution to Ylith's genetic disease.

New Bloodline

Under the supervision of Consul Macron Keibatsu Goura himself, Ylith underwent an alchemy treatment to replace and genetically alter his blood and with it, his own bodycells. He was placed into a Spaarti Container within the Covenant and underwent a seven hour long treatment to gain back his lost Valheru strength.

Ylith's own blood was fused with the blood found in a vial hidden inside the Amlug Aral Dagger and together with mutagenetic chemicals ensured a fusion of the blood types. This created a new bloodline of Valheru genes, one that could mean a rebirth of the Valheru race in the future. After the transfusion Ylith was vast asleep for three full days to reccover only to find the Covenant heading back to the Orian system, where the True Brotherhood had attacked and took over.

Valheru Equation (28 ABY)

"The two of one kind shall be one..."


When Draken had left Ylith's body, the Sith locked himself away from the others to try to restore his own mind in complete solitude. During this time he forged the Medusa Sword using all the emotions released within him when he was all alone within his quarters. When his curse was removed from him by the miracles of Macron's Alchemy, Ylith had another cause of pain.

Ylith had sharp pains all over his body, which felt like stabs or slashes and even felt like his skin was burned off while physically nothing really happened. While Ylith learned to use the Force to suppress these random outbursts of pain he figured that there was still a symbiotic bond between him and Draken, sharing pain and other emotions. Though this particular feature was never acknowledged.

Oracle of Destiny

Ylith got a vision while ensnared by a huge wave of pain before being fully rid of it. In the vision he noticed that 'Shi' was written in blood onto an organic wall. Following the call of his vision, he took the earliest shuttle out of the Covenant Hangar Bay and returned to the planet Shi.

When he landed on the planets surface he began walking towards ancient ruins of the once citadel city of Erundwyr. He moved through the ruins, blackened by fire and withered by time. Slowly, plant life began anew upon the planets surface, and some revived between the remnants of a once proud citadel. While walking through the ruins he suddenly felt reality fading away, and he was visited by the spirit of the Oracle, a wise Valheru woman who could predict future events. The same woman who gave Draken his legendary sword millennia ago.

The Oracle explained to Ylith why she was still there, to guide the one who shall rekindle the Valheru fire into his true Destiny, like she told Draken his own Destiny similar to Ylith's.

“When your dying day be,
You will too see,
Two of one kind shall be one.”

Were the words she said, the same as Drakens, and when he had learned his destiny, a deep crooked voice awoken him from his trance and Ylith found himself back again among the ruins, with a large figure before him.

Draken corrupted by the Vong

Legacy's End (28 ABY)

"The pain has brought me salvation and power, power you worthless Sith do not share!"
―Vong Draken

Draken appeared before Ylith, in a Vong body torn and wounded, as the Vong normally looked. It seemed that the Vong's own mind however had a strong influence on Draken, corrupting his spirit and turning Draken against Ylith. The Sith Battlemaster used all his strength to fight Draken and was heavily wounded in the progress. Ylith has both his eyes cut out, his synthetic arm destroyed, his legs both broken underneath a pile of rubble and in the end his connection with the force shattered.

Just before Draken wanted to give Ylith the final blow, the Sith used his remaining strength to use his lightsaber to sever the Valheru Sword of Darkness, severing it into three pieces with one single attack, killing the Vong in the progress. When this happened, Draken's spirit returned into Ylith's body instead of the Valheru Sword of Darkness.

Ylith was retrieved from Shi by the shuttle that brought him there, along with the severed Valheru blade and returned him to back to the Covenant where he was brought to the Medical bay in a deep Coma.

Valheru Reborn

The wounded Sith was held on a bed to be closely watched by medical droids, while his physical form was stable, though still heavily damaged by the battle, it was Ylith's Spirit which was damaged the most. Tyren called Devani with him to watch his brother's condition and found that there were not one, but two spirits within the Valheru. Macron Goura Keibatsu, still Consul of Clan Naga Sadow at the time, made notes of Ylith's situation and searched for a way to heal his body back to normal using the lost arts of Alchemy.

Sildrin Sadow, the Seneschal of the Brotherhood and one of Ylith's dearest friends took the first shuttle from her active duties to visit him. To him, she was his Master, though he got to know her truly when he already was knighted, it was she who taught him the true meaning of the Dark Side when he came to Clan Naga Sadow years ago. She used her powers as a Krath to restore Ylith's severed connection to the Force, and also to recall Ylith's latest memories to find out what exactly happened. She too saw the struggle of the two spirits within the Valheru.

Macron returned with a solution, he would create a lifeless clone, or a 'Husk Clone' to grow the bodyparts Ylith lost during his battle. With his connectiong to the Force restored his spirit startted to live again, and the two entities eventually fused into one single being. Draken and Ylith were no more, one new person with the combined strength, personality and memories appeared as Ylith's host spirit. Though still called Ylith, his personality changed drastically and his knowledge grew with the millennia of memories Draken had witnessed while with the Valheru Sword of Darkness.

Eventually Macron startted his operation, and not only restored the limbs severed from his body, but also managed to replace Ylith's eyes and Synthetic arm, granting him a new body. Renewed and stronger than ever, Ylith now stands ready with the rest of the forces from Clan Naga Sadow to defeat any obstacle in their way.

A New Life (28 ABY - 29 ABY)

The Cold (28 ABY)

"The mighty Valheru afraid of a little cold?"
―Jade Imperial

After Ylith regained most of his strength after the large battle to reclaim the long lost Valheru Sword of Darkness, he was appointed leader of the Night Hawks Battleteam, an elite team of Dark Jedi within the halls of House Marka Ragnos. He lead the team well, bringing victory after victory with countless battles against the various warriors of the galaxy. He shown strength and courage, taught honor to his members and showed them to be great. He wasn’t just a leader, he was considered one of them, a friend and a fellow Dark Jedi.

Ylith was sent on a special mission to Hoth and was accompanied by Jade Imperial, one of the Dark Jedi Knights in his battleteam. She was a stranger to him, though he worked close with his members, she remained on the background and never talked to Ylith a lot. They needed to find signs of Vong on Hoth, and if there were Vong, to see how much they knew and what they were planning to do. Ylith, as a Valheru, has a weakness for cold and had to stay inside more than outside. But with Jade to watch his back, he could extend his time to its limits and often came back to the main camp with hypothermia but with Jade’s help he was able to get back into shape for the next day.

There they started talking to each other during the time Ylith warmed his cold blooded body back up and they talked about his species and Ylith found out more about her and her past. It didn’t take long until a serious mission was filled with pranks and jokes and Ylith and Jade founded a great friendship.

They were sent on more missions together, most of them to various planets to keep an eye out for the Vong, there they grew closer to each other and eventually the two fell in love and Jade moved in with Ylith and have been together ever since.

Proposal (28 ABY)

"Thats not how it's supposed to go..."
―Jade Imperial
Jade Imperial Atema

During their time together off duty they made frequent visits to the planet Shi, the ancient home world of the Valheru, where they would take walks through the ruins of the city of Erundwyr, Draken’s birthplace and the place where Draken died. He told her all the stories and she was fascinated by it and every time as Ylith was gone for business for Ashura or the clan as the Night Hawks leader, Jade would in secret visit the planet and search through the ruins for an artifact to give Ylith as a gift. Eventually Jade found the perfect gift for Ylith, hidden deep within what was left of the hollow mountains behind the city of Erundwyr, Jade found a fossilized dragon egg and gave it to him as a present, shocked to see that the egg was still intact Ylith was truly amazed by this finding and he vowed to her to take great care for it.

A few months later, they visited the planet of Shi once more. Ylith heard various reports of Vong activity near the planet’s region and decided to see to it that the heirloom of the Valheru was well protected. Jade joined Ylith as he went to his home planet to search for Vong activity, against his wishes, she followed him and he accepted her help eventually after a lot of persuasion with a lightsaber. After a few days of searching they found a Vong outpost within the city of Erundwyr, hidden within it’s ruins, and even though it was only a small scouting group, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Ylith couldn’t stand the Vong filth to invade his home and in his rage he went to fight them alone, telling Jade to stay away from the fight to keep her safe. He fought them by first scattering the Vong group into single members and picking them off one by one. They were eventually defeated by the Sith Battlemaster but Ylith had not seen one Vong still standing and was knocked down by the Vong Warrior. Jade, who was searching for Ylith, saw this and ran to him as fast as she could trying to help him, then in a flash Ylith stabbed his sword through the Vong and into Jade’s stomach. She as heavily wounded and Ylith took her back to the shuttle they came in and tended to her wounds.

On the way homewards Ylith tended to her wounds and stayed with her, and eventually when she woke up he vowed to never letting the same thing happen again. He promised to protect her the best he could ever do and proposed to her. Jade accepted and is now Ylith’s fiancée.

Hunted Hunter (28 ABY)

"Bring her to me...dead or alive..."
―Bounty Hunter

Jade and Ylith were engaged and all was right. They lived together in his quarters and startted planning their wedding. But Jade's past still haunted her and when Ylith persuaded her to tell him what happened he was determined to help her get rid of the Bounty Hunter who was searching for her and planned a way to lure him to Mos Eisley, or what was left of it, and kill him. However, Jade was afraid, she didn't want her fiancee involved in the happenings from her past and divised a plan to leave the Brotherhood and Ylith behind, even it would break her own heart in the progress.

Her fiancee however had learned of her plan and divised his own plan to keep her at bay and strike a wound into the Bounty Hunter far deeper than he had first in mind. So when Jade traveled with Ylith to Tatooine she found herself bound to her chair, not able to move. Ylith told her he wanted the money that was offered to capture her in order to rebuild part of the planet of Shi, his homeworld, and would turn her in. Shocked by this betrayal Jade locked herself up within her mind and when Ylith made his move and killed one of the Bounty Hunters and disabled their ship with his lightsaber it was too late, Jade's spirit was locked and her memories were gone.

Ylith took Jade back to Ragnos Cathedral and explained everything that happened. He was filled with guilt and agony and Jade couldn't remember anything, just feelings and emotions that dawned to her subconsciously, like her engagementring and her feelings for Ylith. It was not until Jade took hold of Ylith's cursed Medusa sword that all her memories came back to her and when they did she unlocked the curse within the Medusa blade, and Ylith had to break it in order to prevent it from happening. Jade knew everything now, even what Ylith had done and she was relieved that she was still with him and in the Brotherhood and she was given the Medusa blade, as a reminder of her strength and as a gift from her fiancee to protect hetself.

Jade asked Ylith what he had done with the credits he received from the Bounty Hunter and told her he left it on Tatooine and forgot about it. Jade was furious and before she could even release her anger at her fiancee she was surprised to see a necklace in his hands for her. The Darkened Stone she called it and it's jewel was made by a shard from Ylith's prized Valheru Sword of Darkness, treated with alchemy to give it the looks of a Jewel. Jade forgive Ylith and she still wears the necklace this very day.

Repeated Past (28 ABY)

"There is more behind the story..."
―Draken Elariël

The Sith Battlemaster traveled to Shi, to search his home city of Erundwyr for a perfect place to marry and stumbled upon a sanctuary hidden between the keep and the Dragon Mountains, the hollowed out mountains behind the city serving as nests for the Dragon Mounts the Valheru rode upon. It was a small meadow with a small waterfall coming from the Dragon Mountains, pouring down, ineffected by the ages it was so brutally scarred and flowers thought lost were still in bloom, a clear sign the planet was not fully dead yet. Suddenly the Valheru was struck by hidden memories of Draken.

Draken visited the place with his fiancee Morwiën, who died when the Valkyri stormed the city after he vowed to protect it. Draken died at the front gates and after that the city was cleared, but she remained, sitting at that very meadow, awaiting her loved one's return, but never came. The memories haunted Draken and he regretted it ever since.

Ylith vowed he would do things right and eventually he managed to get everything together for the wedding, and only a few weeks later they would wed on the planet Shi within the newly renamed 'Sacred Meadow'

Marriage (28 ABY)

"Be wary my Apprentice, these things wont last..."
―Xia Long

The Marriage took place within the meadow, the same place where Draken used to spend his time with Morwiën. The place was decorated with a white gateway, covered in black roses where the couple would stand in. Ashura Isradia, who was present to preform the wedding, stood in front of them, with the waterfall behind him. There were only two guests present during the wedding, Ylith's twin brother Tyren Atema and Ylith's Master in the Dark Arts and Seneschal Xia Long. There they took hands and Ashura bound them in marriage, using words from his own homeworld.

And from that day forth Ylith swore to protect her and keep her safe from harm as much as he could. He is a cold and ruthless warrior at heart but only for Jade did he allow himself to feel emotion and love. It was only her voice that would be allowed to hold him back should he ever be enraged. On that day he vowed his life to her, and she promised to take care of him and love him forever and to stay with him whatever happens, also to announce that she was with child.

Shattered Glass (28 ABY - 30 ABY)

Heir to the Valheru Bloodline

"A new line has been born, Heir to the Elariël and Atema Bloodline..."
―Ylith Atema

Jade's pregnancy wasn't an easy one and full on complications. Due to her half Human and half vampiric physique combined with the fact that the child she carried also was half Valheru made things even worse. Though her Human half didn't make things bad and even helped, it was her darker side that made the complications, as they lived in generations, where if they give birth they will die so that the next generation may live.

Also, with the half-Valheru being cold blooded, growing within a warm blooded host was also very painfull, which made it move a lot and made Jade more sick than healthy. She had a rough time, only the force helping her bear with the pregnancy as the child grew within her, and after nine months she went into labor.

During that time the Valheru Battlemaster tried hard to search for a cure and he did find it through modern science. A team of medical surgeons hired by the Dlarit Corporation were brough to the Marakith Skyhook, where they operated on Jade for almost 24 hours trying to get the baby from her and stop her inherited genes from killing off her body at the release. After a few heartstops the surgreons managed the impossible and allowed her to survive, giving birth to a healthy son, Aragan Atema.

Uncle (28 ABY - 29 ABY)

"Whose leg do I need to hump to get a drink..?"
―Robert Atema Daragon, also known as 'Bob'

After Aragan's birth, Ylith spent most of his time within his quarters on the Marakith Skyhook together with Jade and his newborn son. Jade was resting most of the time while the Valheru worked from the office just aside his quarters, while he would walk back to spend time with his son.

One night Tyren came to visit them and another unexpected member joined him, Kharon Daragon. Apparently the Sith Battlelord had found out that Jarreth Atema, Ylith's and Tyren's father, was his half brother, making the elder member an Uncle to both Ylith and Tyren. After finding out about this Kharon Daragon, also known as Bob, renamed himself to Robert Atema Daragon, as a sign he accepted his bloodline and would join his nephews in the family.

Attack on Telos (29 ABY)

"Ylith and Draken are one...yet there is still a scar..."
―Ylith Atema

Ylith was called to the Temple of Orian, where most of Clan Naga Sadow had already gathered. Rumors were brewing and none of them were anything the Valheru would like to hear. He then went to the command center, where a meeting of Naga Sadow's Inner Order would take place. Within the room Consul Caerick showed a treat that made all the nasty rumors pale away in comparison, a Vong World Ship was heading towards the Telos System.

The Ship itself could be compared to the Death Star of old, a huge moon like organism that floated through the vacuum of space, with long limps circling around it, upon which Coral Skippers were mounted on. Being a direct treat to the Clan and Brotherhood as a whole, the Consul devised a suicidal plan that would either destroy the Worldship and Clan altogether, or render the Worldship useless.

The Clan fleet would attack the sword ship from its dark side while the Republic Star Destroyer Final Way would fly in with the sun behind it and drop the members of Naga Sadow onto the World ship, and drop the Nachzerer as a large brick through the first few layers of the Worldship. As a secondary option, the members inside the Nachzerer would plant a gas poison bomb deep inside the Vong Ship, should the main plan fail, it would destroy the Vong Worldship, and the members of Naga Sadow with it.

The main plan however, would be even more insane than planting a single bomb, The main plan was for the main group to move deep into the World Ship and take out the large Yammosk 'World Brain' to destroy the ship from the inside out. The plan was reckless and insane but eventually the Clan, even Overlord Tron, saw no other option and allowed the plan to happen.

Shattered Glass (29 ABY)

"You can't feel a damn thing through the Force can you?"
―Tyren Atema

When Ylith arrived upon the World Ship through a drop pod, he was disorientated and thrown off guard, he landed on the surface, a bio dome where various plants and bushes grew and were as hostile as the Vong themselves. Shortly after the Nachzerer crashed right in front of him, separating him from the rest of his clanmates by a huge hole, moving 15 levels deep into the World Ship. Ylith thought best to move down and moved through the corridors made of flesh and coral, trying to make his way to his peers.

After hours of wandering alone, he met up with Tyren and Jade, to find the main group within the slave quarters. There Ylith found another Valheru, one made a slave by the Vong a few years back. The Sith was surprised to meet a fellow Valheru, seeing as he is the only Pureblood left, and he spoke with him, finding out he was kidnapped from a new home planet before the Valheru slave died by the hands of a Rodian, who in his turn, died by the hands of Ylith. When Darth Vexatus commented him, Ylith attacked him with his blade, only to be caught by the Force wielded by the Dark Prophet and his mind crushed without even a moments notice, rendering the Battlemaster senseless for a few minutes, leaving an anger towards the Darth which grew every minute.

Moving the conversation he had with the Valheru Elder into the back of his mind, the Elders Darth Vexatus and Master Caerick found a Vong guide, a shamed Vong Priest by the name of 'Eshin Shul' and she guided the group of Dark Jedi through the halls of the Worldship.

Before they went, Tyren called out through the Force to Ylith, finding his brother unresponsive and through this minor event, Tyren found out Ylith had lost all connection to the Force, rendering him weak. Tyren confronted Ylith with it, in front of the Journeymen and the Valheru overcame his shame and acknowledged his weakness, his mind was shattered.

The Yammosk 'World Brain'

Jackpot (29 ABY)

"Remember what we used to say...?"
―Tyren Atema

After fending off Voxyn, Vong Priests and Vong Warrior Elites, the group of Jedi stumbled upon the World Brain, a huge Yammosk that was the heart of the World Ship. The Yammosk attacked, separating the group of Dark Jedi from the two Elders, Darth Vexatus and the Consul Trevarus, by using it's tentacles to collapse the ceiling above the entrance. After twenty minutes of constant fighting and fending off the hundreds of tentacles the Yammosk had, the Valheru called the entire group together and they pushed onto the Yammosk. While most of them were pushed back, both Ylith and his brother Tyren were able to move onto the main body, using their swords to slash through the beast.

While they did they were suddenly caught by the tentacles and pulled away from the main body, they were both thrown off guard and dropped their sword at the suddenly grip. Then they both gazed upon a huge eye in the center of the large beast. Tyren took hold of his guns but one was dropped and fell into Ylith's hand. They both grinned and fired simultaneously, hitting the eye of the Yammosk.

As the Yammosk was heavily wounded, it went into rage and slammed into the walls and ceiling of the basin it stayed in. Minutes before it happened the other team of Jedi already set up the bomb, which exploded and caved into the Yammost, killing it fully and creating a new exit for Ylith's group to escape from.

The Escape (29 ABY)

"I will teach you, if you can handle it..."
―Muz Keibatsu - The Sadow Hand

Ylith collapsed after fighting the Yammosk, the strain upon his body and the lack of the Force was too much to bare and he collapsed, falling onto his knees and unable to move. It was at that very same moment, where simple Journeymen simply dusted off their robes and moved on while he was battered, when he found his handicap hitting hard upon him.

With the help of his Uncle and Brother, Ylith was able to leave the Well of the World Brain and move back to sublevel 15, where the Nachzerer was stationed and ready to move out of the World Ship, which, after the death of the Yammosk, was slowly falling apart as it's organic systems startted to turn against each other. They found the secondary group of Dark Jedi and the Deputy Grand Master already there, preparing the Nachzerer for takoff, also finding a second ship next to it, belonging to Grand Master Paladin.

Once more confronted by his handicap, as he could not even sense the arrival of a Grand Master, Ylith turned to Muz, the only one in his eyes who would be powerful enough to teach him how to fight without the need of the Force. The Valheru pushed his pride aside and bowed before the Shadow Hand, requesting training in a more noble weapon. The Keibatsu Elder accepted and invited him to the Fallen Spear after they escaped from the World Ship. Tyren smiled at the thought that his brother would actually be able to push aside his pride in search to better himself, and in a way, he was proud.

Ylith helped to prepare the Nachzerer and they flew through the a tunnelway and escaped from it, the battered ship being escorted to the Final Way where Ylith was taken to the medical bay to rest and heal his wounds.

Livion (29 ABY)

"I shall live on..."
―Ylith Atema

After the Vong Attack on Telos the Battlemaster reported to Overlord Tron and reported the destruction of the Yammosk 'World Brain', shortly after that he joined the Shadow Hand onto the Fallen Spear and made his way to Kyataru, the homeworld of the Keibatsu family. There he was stripped from his normal robes and weaponry and went dressed in trainee's robes. Muz presented Ylith with a training version of the O-Katana, a long sword version of the regular Katana. It's fighting style required discipline and patience, both of which were needed should he be able to restore his connection with the Force.

Ylith trained fiercely, often completely battered by the insane strength the Deputy Grand Master possessed, but even so his mind was determined to see through the training, and when the Keibatsu Elder went on a mission of great importance to the Dark Council, the Sith would study the ancient ways of forging swords and applying it to his own swordsmithing skills. He would spend three nights in a row, without sleep, working in a forge to apply the various precious metals and durasteel metals into a mud made oven, setting it aflame on the inside, keeping it heating up more and more for days.

The O-Katana 'Livion'

After three full days he destroyed the mud made oven and would look upon the steel, scraping off impurities from the top and take the hardened metal out and hammer it into a thin layer, where he folder it over and startted hammering again, it took him hours to fold it into 9 layers and hammer it into a long streak, from which he hammered the billet into the shape of the blade itself. Ylith then used a mixture of vulcanic ash and clay and coated the sword with it, using a forge to heat treat it and then bathe it into a special oil, creating it's special strength.

After Muz's return he would train during the day, getting more and more agile with the blade and more skilled, while at night the Sith Battlemaster would take Choiji Oil and use it upon the blade, then using dust gathered from polishing stones to polish the blade itself, spending hours upon hours on cleaning and sharpening the blade.

Weeks after he startted training with Muz, he finally assembled the rest of the blade, also forging a sheath for it that would be just as powerful as the blade itself. He called the O-Katana he forged 'Livion', which closely resembles the sentence 'Live on', the meaning of which focuses upon the Valheru's Handicap. Muz inspected and accepted the blade, giving Ylith his permission to use the own made sword into combat and honor the training he received. Ylith still returns to Kyataru from time to time, to forge some new weapons for the Keibatsu family as a trade for his training, and to polish his skills with 'Livion' against Muz, training harder and more advanced, becoming more skilled by time.

The Fox and the Scorpion (29 ABY)

"It's in my nature..."

A sudden action from the Clan Summit rallied all the forces of Naga Sadow together to Sephros, where they held a brief but very informative War Council which surprised most of the chamber. Clan Arcona needed aid and Naga Sadow heeded the call, to the dismay of many the Clan's forces were rallied quickly and the two battle ready ships, the RSD Final Way and the VSDI Covenant were dispatched to move towards Arconan space and to save them from the Vong threat.

Ylith, defiant as he was, kept to himself the entire journey, only remembering the ancient story of the Fox and the Scorpion.

" The Scorpion asked the Fox to help him across the river, the Fox however, was careful and said 'I will, yet you must vow never to sting me.' and the Scorpion replied, 'but of course, I vow this to you. As the Fox was swimming with the Scorpion on his back, the Scorpion stung him as he was halfway there. 'You vowed yet you betray, why?' The Fox said and the Scorpion silently whispered...Because it's in my nature...."
―Tale of the Fox and the Scorpion

Inspired by this tale, Ylith devised of a plan to render the Arconans to destruction and to make Naga Sadow more powerful than any Clan within the Brotherhood. For now he would play along and 'help' the Arconans. He was stationed at the Giletta Spaceport at the edge of Estle City. There he fought hard against the incoming Vong armies but with his handicap rendering him Mundane, the Sith had little chance against the Vong onslaught and had to fall back to the command center. Once there, the Sith was called by Ashia who ordered him tofall back further into the city, when he refused, unwilling to let the key location fall into the hands of the Vong Ashia stripped him of his rank of Quaestor and commanding rank of Governor. From that day, Ylith swore revenge against Ashia and it wasn't until he found Darth Vexatus when he found an opening.

Scorpion Born (29 ABY - 30 ABY)

―Darth Vexatus to Ylith

With Vexatus knowing of Ylith's handicap confronted him with it and the Battlemaster admitted his weakness to him, then also revealed that the Darth knew all of Ylith's plans by reading his mind and wanted to strike a deal. The Valheru, intrigued by this, either by Vexatus' manipulations or his own curiosity, agreed to it and they both returned to the Republic Class Star Destroyer Final Way. They both moved towards the command deck and shut the place off, the command staff was no match for the Dark Prophet's manipulations and soon the Valheru smirked as his plan came into fruition.

The Final Way was aiming directly onto the Arconan Citadel, where the Consul Mejas Doto was still present. Ylith demanded that Arcona would stand down and hand over what was left of their Clan. Infuriated, the Arconan's refused and just as the Battlemaster ordered for the ship to open fire, Jedgar O. Paladin, one of the Grand Masters, broke into the Command Deck and rendered Ylith's body motionless with a simple flicker of the Force, demanding of what had gotten into him. Knowing he had no choice, the Valheru blamed everything on Vexatus, and the Grand Master, infuriated as he was, cursed the Falleen while Ylith smirked in the Darkness. The Scorpion had stung the Fox and he was reborn as the 'Scorpion'.

In the aftermath of the attack on Arcona Ylith was sentenced to 48 hours of torture by the main Deathbringer of Tarentum, Maxamillian von Oberst. There he was exposed to various torture techniques and was brought to the brink of death on more than one occasion. During this time of suffering his resolve only grew stronger and at his return to the Orian System he kept his head down, away from the public, shamed by the people he sought to protect the 'mundane' Sith plotted his vengeance.

Exile (30 ABY - 31 ABY)


"Burn in hell..."
―Ylith to Vexatus after delivering the fatal blow
Darth Vexatus at the time of the Battle of Lehon

After the battle to save Arcona Ylith moved out of most people's gaze and silently plotted his revenge against the Dark Prophet. He kept within the shadows of Clan Naga Sadow and awaited his time to strike. Meanwhile Tyren Atema started hunting him down in revenge for what he did to Jade unknowing abuot the reasons behind it.

Suddenly Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus claimed their betrayal as they set a course to the mystical planet of Lehon. Seeing this as his last chance for revenge he followed with the rest of Naga Sadow, towards the enslaught that awaited them there.

Laying low, the Sith managed to claim a shuttle for himself and used it to land away from the fray of battle but close enough to observe it. The Dark Jedi of Naga Sadow were desperate in reaching a portal that would lead them into the heart of a Volcano and near the Heart of the Force itself. Ylith followed unseen and in the shadow, his lack of Force connection finally paying off.

When he finally entered the Volcano he saw him, Vexatus, hurling fire around him in a grand display of rage and fury. His master lay defeated and members of the Keibatsu desperately tried to stop Vexatus from gaining any more power than he already had. Ylith moved around the fray, along an edge going around the main platform where the battle ensued. A cry of agony stirred the Valheru when Macron Goura Sadow administered a neuro toxin into the Falleen's broken body. Ylith did not hesitate any longer and moved in, running, until he finally neared him. As the Darth turned the Sith ignited his crimson blade, piercing the heart of Vexatus. The Dark prophet ceased to move and his eyes became locked with the serpentine eyes of the 'Mundane' Sith in front of him. The Scorpion finally stung his 'Fox'.

Expecting Vexatus to die Ylith lowered his guard, but instead of his death the fire that raged around them suddenly increased it's fury. Vexatus roared and lashed out at the Sith, extending the arm of his spirit through the Force to make Ylith suffer unlike any other. Through it Ylith's connection to the Force became active in a reflex and gave himself enough momentum to escape the Darth's grasp. The Falleen continued his rage as Ylith, while being heavily wounded, made his way back to the jungle of Lehon and remained hidden as Clan Naga Sadow retreated its forces and eventually left the planet itself.

Alone in the Dark (30 ABY)

"They wouldn't understand, they cannot see what I have seen."
―Ylith to himself

Following the events of Lehon the Valheru was plunged into a world of mystery and darkness. He survived within the thick jungles while avoiding the various herds of Rancors and various poisonous plants. During this time he spent a lot of time clearing his mind and reforging his once lost connection with the Force. While most Jedi used the Force like a flow of water to pour it through the body, the ability to do so was lost on the Sith, who seemed unable to control the flow. Instead the Force was like a ball of fire, raging and uncontrolled, sometimes barely noticeable while at other times it seemed to flow from his body at the most minor of moves.

During his times meditating and searching for a way off the planet he came across a crashed shuttle left by Clan Naga Sadow during their campaign against the Darth. Ylith managed to patch it up using parts from other ships that crashed on Lehon and after six months was able to get the shuttle operational but yet unable for flight, for that he needed a powersource, remembering a generator was still near the entrance into the volcano where Vexatus had met his end.

Returning at the scene of battle the Sith's eyes widened as he saw various Jedi transporting a broken body from the Volcano into a shuttle. Before the Valheru could reach them and see what happened the shuttle took off and flew upwards to a modified Star Destroyer. Suddenly fear gripped Ylith's heart as he knew there would only be one body that would be interesting enough to take, that of the Dark prophet. Remembering himself of the moment he plunged his saber into the heart of the Dark Lord himself and the horrifying aftermath that ensued. He didn't survive, he couldn't survive.

Family Moment (30 ABY)

"Tell me brother, is it really worth it...?"
―Ylith to Tyren at their final meeting
The Atema brothers at Shi

Ylith kept the Jedi in the back of his head and decided to move back to his home planet of Shi and stay there for the remainder of his life, in exile. He thought back to his son and ex-wife but pushed his mind away from the ones that may weaken them. He did what had to be done in order to survive and save them. While roaming through space on the half working shuttle he spent various hours rebuilding his broken mask he wore into battle and equipped it with a neural stimulator. Devices like these were often used during the Clone Wars to help Jedi control their starfighters using the Force.

Though unable to get sufficient materials to forge a decent device that could be fitted into his Mask, the prototype was sufficient enough to help him control his 'wild' Force flow. When wearing his mask his Force control increased significantly for a brief period of time, lasting about two minutes. After a month of traveling in a half broken down shuttle he finally arrived at Shi and found it half terraformed by the Vong invaders. The Shuttle landed near the ruins of the ancient Valheru capital city. Ylith hid the shuttle within leaves and cloth, camouflaging it from others. He made the ruins of his homeworld his new home and lived there without any trouble. The Yuuzhan Vong who were still present did not pose much of a threat and those that did were disposed of. It was not until another shuttle landed that the Valheru felt his stomach grab him once more, it was his twin-brother Tyren Atema.

It did not take long for the two brothers to meet, Ylith still had trouble controlling the flow of the Force and to Tyren he was a beacon of light within the night. Tyren lashed out to him, claiming the pain caused to Jade and Aragan were due to his own actions, that the Sith was responsible for everything. Ylith pushed back, knowing full well he did everything to protect his family from the power struggles he was caught up in. Tyren was overthrown by the Valheru until Tyren, by a stroke of luck, overpowered the Sith and sent him falling down a cliff, claiming the Livion blade as his own. Tyren successfully severed Draken from his brother and gently shed a tear for his lost twin.

The Voices of Despair (30 ABY - 31 ABY)

"Suffer...Die...You shall become undone...I shall break you..."
―The thousand voices of Darth Vexatus

Eighteen months had passed since his exile from Clan Naga Sadow and the conclusion of the Battle of Lehon. The fall broke his body and his spirit, Ylith was who he was when he was born again, a Human now trapped in the body of a Valheru. His body had transformed due to genetic modification to be other than his own. The Sith fought for his life and reached for his mask, placing the prototype mask over his face he was able to steer the Force enough to heal the major wounds in his body, rendering him healthy enough for his body to heal the rest on its own. Afraid that Tyren still roamed on Shi to confirm his brothers demise the Valheru moved to the shuttle he came on and took off from Shi, knowing his own homeworld wasn't even safe anymore.

Darth Vexatus within the green Bacta Tank

As he drifted through space he spent most of his time meditating, trying desperatly to heal both his physical wounds as well as his mentally inflicted wounds. The sudden removal of Draken's subconscious left a void within the Sith that brought him to the brink of insanity. His nights were filled with nightmares, again and again, the three suns burning over him. As his engines started to fail he tried to find a new replacement for the generator he took from the settlement at Lehon. He stumbled upon a weckage in the middle of nowhere, no evidence for a fight other than the entire ship falling apart. Suddenly Ylith's eyes widened as he recognized the main bulk of the vessel, a modified Star Destroyer. He felt fear taking grip over his heart as he moved closed to the vessel and eventually docked with the remainder. Searching through the halls for a new generator he eventually found a similar generator in what was left of the hangar bay. As it was installed curiosity piqued the Sith and he set out to take a look inside the wreckage. He found bodies, piles of them, the entire crew seemed to either kill others or themselves brutally. Words were written in blood on the walls, telling about the voices, so many voices.

He found a light shining behind a closed door, as he opened it he found himself in a dark room, the light eminating from a green Bacta tank in the middle of the room. Scientists lay dead around it, some seemingly killed by the others. Within the tank a body drifted, half a body that was remade with robotic parts, more robotic than Human. it wasn't until he stood right in front of the body that Ylith's eyes widened and stepped away from it, only one word falling from his mouth in whisper.


Suddenly the being inside of the tank opened his eyes and glared at the Valheru, upon seeing the serpentine eyes the Darth started to struggle inside his tank, anger and hatred flowing from him. Ylith stepped back and reached for his head as a thousand voices spoke at once inside his mind, speaking of death, vengeance and suffering. The half broken body of the Falleen started to sputter and his arm reached through the glass the tank emptying and he spoke a few silent words. As the Valheru ran around the corner he felt a stabbing pain through his arm. He moved through the ship into the shuttle he came in and took off, leaving the enraged Darth behind.

Return to the House of Ragnos (31 ABY)

"Welcome Home...Valheru."
―Jade awaiting Ylith after he landed at Ragnos Cathedral

As the Valheru drifted through space away from the wreckage he checked his arm, pain was coursing through him every ticking second. As he investigated the wound he saw that there was none, yet his arm was falling apart on a molecular level. His skin started to crack and flesh seemed to just fall off, bit by bit, as if he was made of sand. The Valheru didn't hesitate and wrapped his lower body and right arm entirely in bandages and pulled it tight, hoping it would delay the degeneration. Still he was worried and knew he could never get a cure for this in a civilian hospital nor any New Republic medical center. The Jedi would ease his suffering only by ending the Sith's own Life.

In his desperation he set course to the Orian system and prepared for the worst. Not only did he have to warn them that Darth Vexatus had survived and was even more powerful than he was before, he also had to find a way for himself to release himself from his curse. He shortly after arrived at Ragnos Cathedral, roughly two years after he had left them at Lehon being awaited by Jade, now Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, to be placed under arrest and interrogation.


Even though Ylith and Tyren are twins, they vary very much in personality. While Tyren is quick with his mouth and is very secure of himself, Ylith is not. Having grown up in the slums of Byss Ylith has learned to take care for himself and relies more on strength than on wits, though also always relied upon the Force for guidance and to increase his strength.

His personality is a quiet one, will never talk before his turn and tends to steer away from the larger picture if possible, unless drivin by a desire that forces him to do so. He tends to be alone all the time and does not open up very easily. He find it hard to trust anyone but whenever he finds to trust that person, he will do so with his life.

His loyalty is given to those who are closest to him, but only to those who deserve it, should someone do something to betray this loyalty, Ylith shall never trust this person again and will do anything in his power to so this person brought down and cast away.

As for weaponry, Ylith prefers Melee weapons over blasters or any other ranged weapons, though his interest for archery has been stirred lately. He feels thats battle with blasters is weak and without honor and will always fight with either a sword or his lightsaber. He also has a hatred towards the Mandalorians, who seem to think honor is held with hiding behind a helmet and firing weapons at opponents without showing strength or honor.

After the Battle of Lehon Ylith has become more laid back and doesn't meddle as much with things as he used to. Still people who were close to him know something is clearly on his mind that may concern more people than just himself. He has also become more careful of his deeds, rather evaluating his battlefield before plunging in, with the Curse of Vexatus to bear be has become careful.

Summerized Personality

  • Calm
  • Silent
  • Observant
  • Strong
  • Loyal
  • Careful
  • Carries a high sense of honor
  • Will never fight using blasters or the like
  • Holds a natural hatred towards the Mandalorians
  • Will rather use a Bow from afar before plunging into the middle of battle



Mask of Perseverance


Mask of perseverance

After the Battle of Selen, the Valheru was heavily reprimanded and burned as a traitor among the Arconan members. during this time of solitude within Clan Naga Sadow the Valheru began to hide himself behind a Mask while traveling away from the Orian System together, who remained at his side even through his failure in taking down Clan Arcona in it's weakened state.

During his time traveling he came across a tribe of people, a religious nomadic people who resembled much of the ancient nomadic species who were present during the age of the New Republic. They all wore masks, which symbolized the person's inner face, the face of the soul as it may. Ylith spent a lot of time with the tribe, called the Za'ir, and learned much of their ways and traveled with them for quite some time. After a few weeks of living with them and showing promise, he was granted his own mask.

The ritual of the second face, as they called it in their native tongue, had Ylith sitting within a circle of people, who were all hitting drums while a strong smelling incense like stick was lit. This caused the Valheru to move into a Hypnotic state and reveal his true face. Within the vision he had, a robed man appeared with a white face, red eyes and red streaks, like cuts, running down each side of his face, but no nose or mouth visible. It drew a sword and attacked Ylith and he fought back, only realizing he only fought himself which caused all his problems.

Accepting himself finally, Ylith let his guard down and was stabbed through the abdomen by his second self, who shortly after evaporated. As the Sith Battlemaster found himself back into the room, his mask had already been drawn while being in hypnosis and he named it 'Mask of Defiance' as a token to his past and himself.

During the battle of Lehon Ylith lost the Mask of defiance, most likely to have been broken and destroyed by Darth Vexatus during his retaliation towards the Sith at the aftermath. During his time in Exile the Valheru remade the mask in a new shape and fashion giving it a new name to fit his host. The Mask of Perseverance, a symbol of his survival and his endurance as the mask grants him the power to wield the Force like any other Dark Jedi for only a few minutes due to a built in Neural Stimulator.


  • Created by Ylith through a ritual called The Ritual of the Second Face.
  • It is made of a porselin like material, yet is as hard as metal.
  • The material is coated with an Alchemy potion, which allows it to rebuilt itself when damaged, though severe damage would take weeks to remake.
  • Is applied to the face with a special kind of adhesive originating from the ask itself, by applying pressure at some points there will be some of it pointing out of the edges of the mask to seal it onto the face.
  • To release it there are other points to apply pressure to, to release a second liquid that will dissolve and remove any trace of the adhesive.
  • Reforged after the battle of Lehon where the Mask of Defiance was destroyed.
  • Has a built in Neural Stimulator near the forehead, allowing Ylith to wield his Force Powers normally without any trouble for a short amount of time, variating from 5 to 10 minutes. After this timespan either the Force turns unstable or the Neural Stimulator needs to be recharged. See Handicaps for more info about Ylith's present Force Abilities.
  • Has been renamed 'Mask of Perseverance'


The Phoenix Blade

The Phoenix Blade

After his return from exile he returned to House Marka Ragnos and with the aid of Jade regained his old gear and supplies. Ylith began the forging of a twin blade, looking similar to that of Livion. Knowing that his Brother would most likely heard of his return he now awaits the day the two swords clash in battle, twin blades against twin brothers.

The blade is made of various mixtures of precious metals and durasteel, creating a very powerful blade with a strength only to be matched by a lightsaber. The handle of the blade had a solid steel core covered with wood, for a more traditional feel, then the wood is covered in a white cloth and tied with leather, for a perfect grip.


  • It is an O-Katana, a long sword version of the regular Katana
  • It is a twin blade of Livion
  • It has no specially made sheath and is specifically designed for two handed combat

Ultima Bracelet

Ultima Bracelet

The Bracelet was made by Xathia after the designs of the first Lightwave Shield Bracelet Ylith had. She tore the bracelet apart and remade it while Ylith was out on a diplomatic mission. She improved it to fit her style and originally remade it for herself, using light weight materials instead of the heavy metals Ylith had used with his limited engineering skills. She made the bracelet more agile during battles and lighter.

The Bracelet is battery powered, which is charged by movement of the body. It is worn on the left lower arm with the band around the arm itself near the elbow while the tip is near the hand itself, with a handle to hold it steady.

It has two functions, it can serve as a shield, as it was meant to do when Ylith made it. She improved the energy output to keep the shield up longer and to have it take more punches than before. Then there is the bow fuction, using rotating magenetic energyfields, a basic version of that of a lightsaber, though weaker, to launch arrows with a similar field with high speeds, the further you pull, the more speed the arrow will get and the more power it will have when it lands on its target.

Lightwave Shield


Lightwave Shield

Even though Ylith had his Synthetic Arm replaced by Macron for a new one, he still couldnt live without the protection and combat reliability of the Lightwave Shield anymore. Ylith had gotten used of wielding sword and shield and now his mind was reformed, found a way to recreate his prized shielding.

As his Synthetic Arm itself was lost during the fight against the Vong Draken, he used one of his earlier Prototypes and reforged it into a bracelet, covering his lower left arm. The principle remained the same, an emitter on top of the lower arm bracelet would emit waves of energy absorbing energy blasts and electric pulses which made the shield 'hard' when in contact with a solid object, like metal or rock.

The Bracelet is powered by small energy cells located at the bottom of the bracer, close to Ylith's arm. And are recharged simply by absorbing the impact energies of blaser fire or by movements Ylith makes with his arms, depending on the situation.

Ylith remade the Lightwave Shield, creating a far more stable energy field with evenly disposed energy ensuring it can withstand massive punches against it and wont buckle as easy as it used to. The output is on top of the bracelet in the middle, shaped like a ten tipped star crystal, it outputs the energy evenly along field.


  • Able to deflect blaster fire
  • Able to block solid items, like rock and metal
  • The Bracelet itself can be used as a dagger like weapon
  • Originally part of Ylith's Metal Arm
  • Remade by Ylith and has been improved
  • Cannot be used simultaniously with the bow due to a limited power supply
Kinetic Bow
Kinetic Bow


As Ylith remade his bracelet he created a prototype Kinetic Bow within the bracelet. The Sith was fascinated by this ranged weaponry and decided to keep his bracelet to himself. With a push of the button the bracelet can extend his arms and create a bow. The smaller shafts on the bow will emit a magnetic field, similar to that of a lightsaber but more basic as it isn't used to hold a blade of pure energy, though will still be powerful of itself.

Ylith uses the bow against long ranged targets but has also been seen using it in close combat situations to throw the opponent off balance. As a last resort, the Bow can be fired up to the max level and fire the newly forged Lightsaber though will fully deplete the powersupply, rendering the weapon useless for at least an hour, depending on the range and power of the shot.


Kinetic Arrow

The arrows are specially made by Ylith together with the bow, Ylith wears five of them on a strap located on top of his left shoulder, five on the back of his belt and three strapped on each leg. they are shortened until pulled out of the holder, causing the energy field to expand with the arrow itself and to be used instantly as an arrow. Should the bow become useless, they could be used as throwing weapons if needed, but they would be highly ineffective.


  • Created by Ylith to add to his Bracelet, renaming it the Ultima Bracelet because of it.
  • Uses Electromagnetic Fields which rotates around the two staves on the bow to launch specially designed arrows.
  • Can be used for long ranged or close ranged opponents.
  • Cannot be used simulataniously with the Lightwave Shield due to a limited power supply.



Ylith forging a new blade.

Draken, as a part of the old Valheru Army, specialized himself in the making of weaponry and armor but focussed mainly on swords. During his days in the army he fashioned many different swords for himself, his father and the Silivren Amlug, using various materials like Iron, Steel, Gold, Silver and other various metals found on Shi. After he gained the Valheru Sword of Darkness he only made blades for his fellow soldiers rather than himself and never stopped until he died.

At the Present, with his Valheru Sword of Darkness broken, Ylith took Draken's knowledge to himself and had made various attempts to reforge the blade, but failed every time as the blade simply fell apart every time it was remade. He couldnt repair his prized blade and he startted to forge new blades to fit his liking. He forged the Medusa blade first, and it stayed with him until Jade Atema got it from him, to use it to her will and an extension of his power to her. After that he forged the Duath Sheran Elan - The Dark Lady's Fang - and still keeps the blade at his side to this day.

He never stopped with his swordsmithing and keeps building blades for his family and friends and he hopes that someday his skills will rise to a greater level and he will be able to reforge his prized blade once more.

Physical Marks and Scars

Facial Scar

Ylith has a scar across his right eye, which has also scarred his right eye. He can see through it perfectly yet the tissue from the eye itself has been altered by the slash, making the pupil and iris of the eye white in color, making it almost invisible to anyone who looks at it. It is said that there has been a large conflict between the brothers Tyren Atema and Ylith Atema that caused the scar to appear through his eye, the details or this event are not yet known. Due to time the scar has become less visible but is still present today.

Serpent Eyes

Draken has deep eyes, allowing the shadow to be cast over them most of the time. However, the eyes of the Valheru are like those of a lizard. Long black slids vertical, around them a green/blue iris. This made the Obelisk even more menacing than he already is. a Racial treat is that unlike normal Humans, he can see much further and can see easily trough fog or sand storms. It has been said that the lizard like eyes were evolved onto the Valheru species because of their interaction with reptilian species on the homeworld of Shi. The Valheru adapted to their lifestyle and evolved to be stronger, more agile and with more improved senses than the average Humanoid species.


Limited Force Usage


Ever since his personal encounter with the Vong and the aftermath of which that took place on Shi the Sith Battlemaster had become 'Mundane'. Unable to sense or connect to the Force the Valheru suddenly found himself weakened severely in contrast to his peers. While being a Battlemaster at rank his Force Abilities were less than those of a freshly started Initiate, hiding it well from his fellow Dark Jedi the Sith was severely handicapped during this time. During the Battle of Telos aboard the Vong Worldship his brother Tyren Atema noticed this grave scar and confronted the Sith with it, stirring him to return to the Shadow Academy and relearn his powers.

Ylith, stubbornly, went through and even when opposed to a Dark Prophet he didn't weaken his resolve and pushed himself to his limits, until the Battle of Lehon where his Handicap suddenly became his greatest asset, allowing him to sneak into close proximity of an enraged Darth Vexatus, he was able to deal a fatal blow to the Dark Prophet which resulted into a fatal retaliation that nearly cost Ylith his life, but resparked his connection with the Force.

Present State

After the Battle of Lehon his connection with the Force was restored, but the control was not. His ways of controlling the Force are far from stable and using major quantities of Force Energy available to him will render in very unstable abilities. A Force Push that was supposed to only slightly nudge an object could be sent flying through a hall. Also the Force seemed to 'leak' from him, rendering him visible to anyone like a flare in the darkness for anyone who would bother to look.

Ylith still has no control over his Force Abilities and he describes it as a ball of fire in the center of his being, with flames of different magnitudes shooting to the point of usage like his hand or muscles. The power of these 'flames' vary much and the Sith is never sure if he will empower his moves enough.


  • Time, most likely through training Ylith will be able to wield the Force again like any Dark Jedi. How much time is not certain.
  • The Mask of Perseverance was designed with a Neural Stimulator that allows Ylith to use the Force normally for a certain amount of time.

The Curse of Vexatus


Ylith found the broken body of Vexatus within the torn modified Star Destroyed of the Jedi and awakened the Dark prophet. When trying to 'Mark' the Valheru the Darth missed his target and instead placed a dark curse upon the Battlemaster. During the Battle of lehon the Dark Prophet was able to tear any object apart by his will on a molecular level, the curse reflects this by destroying the flesh of the body slowly in the same manner.

Present State

Every once in a while the Sith will be plagued with sharp pains and immense pressure coursing through his right arm with his flesh simply falling off and degenerating. Blood will seep through his skin or his flesh will simply vanish as if never existed. Ylith has wrapped his entire right arm in bandages and also has it covering some of his torso in case the curse spreaks further onto his body.


  • Ylith uses the Mask of Perseverance to allow himself to use the Force normally, at times he uses the Force to heal portions of his broken body as much as possible, though it doesn't heal anything permanently.
  • No cure has yet been found to fully heal or remove this curse.

Visions from the Past

This is a collection of former attire, former personalities and other various chapters that were relevant in the past but are no longer part of Ylith. Information on these items are kept here to be preserved and to keep the information available.

Ylith's Formerly Owned Weapons



The O-Katana 'Livion'

The blade is an O-Katana, forged by Ylith himself within the fires of Kyataru under supervision of Muz Keibatsu. The Deputy Grand Master agreed to train Ylith in the use of the weapon to compensate for his lack of a Force Connection. During his training he spent hours upon hours crafting the blade and the sheath its carried in. The blade is made of various mixtures of precious metals and durasteel, creating a very powerful blade with a strength only to be matched by a lightsaber. The handle of the blade had a solid steel core covered with wood, for a more traditional feel, then the wood is covered in a white cloth and tied with leather, for a perfect grip.

The Sheath itself is made out of the same metals as the sword itself, and can be used in combat as much as the actually blade. During combat Ylith holds the sword in his left hand, draws the blade only when needed, and will sometimes not even bother unsheathing it, using the sheathed sword itself to slam into enemy opponents.

Ylith always has the blade with him, together with his shield.


  • The Blade has been made under supervision of the Deputy Grand Master Muz Keibatsu
  • It is an O-Katana, a long sword version of the regular Katana
  • One can fight with the sword sheathed, unsheathed or dual wielded with sheath in left hand.
  • Tyren took the blade as a trophy after overthrowing Ylith in combat on Shi.


The Medusa


The Medusa blade was forged shortly after the Vong War, after the Valheru Sword of Darkness was taken away by the Vong, severing the link between himself and Draken. During this time, Ylith preferred to live in solitude, pushing himself away from his fellow clansmen to fight his own demons, as his body was heavily weakened and deseased because of the separation. During this period of pain and loneliness, Ylith began the creation of a blade, one that had all Ylith's despair, loneliness, pain, hate and grief forged into it.

The result of this was The Medusa, a short bladed sword perfect for fast attacks while the hilt was long enough to use it two-handedly for powerful strikes. The sword resembles the inner rage Ylith felt and the emotions that were thought forgotten. Using the teachings from his newly found Master Sildrin Sadow, he locked his emotions into the blade, creating a very powerful weapon in return.

The sword was broken eventually and reforged by Ylith himself to remove the emotions he forged within it and to create the blade anew without the curse of his darkness. Later he gave the sword to his wife to be, Jade Imperial, as an extension of himself to protect her should it be needed.


  • Jade Sadow now wields this sword.

Duath Sheran Elan


Duath Sheran Elan

With his new life begun, Ylith now spent more time in the open and interacted with the fellow clansmen within the House Marka Ragnos, where he met Jade Imperial, and as their bond grew with each day together, things within the Battlemaster changed and he broke the Medusa blade and removed the curse upon it, giving it to Jade afterwards.

However, now swordless, Ylith sought for means to reforge the Valheru Sword of Darkness, he failed utterly and he gave up on ever seeing his prized sword remade. Jade, now living together with Ylith felt his pain and gave him a gift to help him in his search for a new weapon. Jade gave Ylith the materials to build a new sword, as a gift and as a token of her affection for him.

He took the materials given by Jade and started the creation of a new sword, one different than the Medusa blade. As the Medusa blade was broken and remade for Jade, he made the finishing touches to the new blade and made it as powerful as the Valheru Sword of Darkness once was, naming the sword 'Duath Sheran Elan' meaning 'Dark Lady's Fang' in reference to Jade's darker side.


  • A gift from his ex-wife Jade Sadow
  • Contains three types of metal: Black Durasteel, Silver and Gold
  • The name 'Duath Sheran Elan' or 'Dark Lady's Fang' is in referral to Jade's darker side.
  • Lost after defeating the Yammosk 'World Brain' inside the Vong Worldship during the Vong Attack on Telos.

Former Physical Marks and Scars

Genetic Disease

The Valheru's immortality comes with a price, the fast degeneration of his host body. Draken calls this 'the Curse' and starts with sending black veins over the entire body. When Draken's spirit was severed from Ylith's body at the end of the Vong invasion, the growth of this curse was increasing rapidly over his arm and entire body, causing his lifespan to shorten down to only a few months.

After consulting Macron Goura Keibatsu about the matter, Ylith found a way together with his former Consul to alter his genetics in his blood, and his body along with it, using a vail of ancient Valheru blood hidden within the Amlug Aral Dagger Ylith was able to alter his blood with the help of Macron, and fully remove the curse.

Synthetic Arm

A major physical handicap is a metal arm. His biological left arm was lost during a raid on Coratua IV (Obelisk RoS). The arm itself is made of durasteel materials, allowing the wearer to withstand extreme pressure and temprature differences without malfunction of the inner systems. Another feat is that it can be disconnected at the shoulder easily so it can be replaced with another one within a matter of seconds, which has a positive effect on the battlefield.

After the Vong War Ylith became entwined in a large conflict with Draken, who was taken over by one of the Vong who had attacked him during the war, taking the Valheru Sword of Darkness and corruption Draken's spirit. Being mortally wounded and having lost most of his limbs, Macron Goura Keibatsu decided to create a 'Husk Clone' of Ylith and replace the lost bodyparts using the limbs form the lifeless clone. This ensured that Ylith got his normal left arm back, instead of the Synthetic replacement.

"X" shaped Scar

The Sith wears many scars like a slight X like scar above his heart of which he enherited from Ylith. Mostly removed when he reached Equite status. The scar was placed by his Master Ciara during his training. When Ylith reached the status of Dark Jedi Knight and removed himself from the teachings of his former Master, he used medical surgery to remove the scar from his body. However, the scar was infused with the Dark Side and still continues to burn itself into Ylith's skin. Though less obvious than before.

The scar was fully removed by Jade Imperial using special healing techniques used by her kind. Showing that the Sith Battlemaster had grown beyond all weaknesses he had before.



  • The name Ylith is from a book of Raymond E Feist and is the name of one of the Free Cities.
  • From the same book Ylith created the Valheru species and modified them into his own style and to fit Star Wars.
  • It took Ylith one whole year to get the Valheru species a fact within the Brotherhood.
  • Ylith is known for his gaming by playing Jedi Academy, which he has done for years.
  • Against what everyone else said he uses a Saber Staff as his weapon within the game and mastered it.
  • One of the last known members of the Grand Masters Royal Guard, which was disbanded.
  • Submitted more than 150 pages of fiction to the Writers Corner when it was under Telona's lead.
  • Has earned 1603 Clusters of Fire so far.
  • Ylith was part of the Inner Order of Clan Naga Sadow, Fourth Caste
  • Ylith was the 14th Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh
  • Had the biggest Wiki page in the Brotherhood until he decided to plit up the histories of Ylith Atema and Draken Elariël.
  • The one of the few Equites to ever 'kill' a Darth and live to tell the tale.

Positions Held

Dox Romanae Battleteam Leader of Daemoni
24 ABY - 25 ABY
Dox Romanae
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir Aedile of House Oriens Obscurum
25 ABY
Devani Maharet
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir Quaestor of House Oriens Obscurum
25 ABY
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
Revenant "Caligula" Mandalore Battleteam Leader of Sapphire Squadron
26 ABY
Kharon Daragon
Shikyo Keibatsu Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
26 ABY
Nekura Manji Keibatsu
Nero Pennant Battleteam Leader of Night Hawks
28 ABY
Jade Imperial
Ashia Kagan Keibatsu Quaestor of Ludo Kressh
28 ABY
Faeril Munlear

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