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House Marka Ragnos
Political Information
Head of Government:

Sanguinius Tsucyra as Executive Director

Executive Branch:

Executive Director w/ Cabinet

Legislative Branch:

Executive Director w/ Cabinet

Societal information

Kar Alabrek

Official Language:




Religious Body:
National Holiday:
  • Anniversary of the Exodus
  • Day of the Fox
  • Day of Ragnos
  • The Long Day
Historical information
Formed from:

Disciples of Ragnos

Date of Establishment:

14 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Marka Ragnos is the last original House of Clan Naga Sadow in the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi.

Government and Politics

Dlarit Corporation

Tarthos serves as the home and seat of power for Marka Ragnos. The planet is controlled by the Dlarit Corporation but has allowed a small representative government to deal with small political and non-corporation issues. Each settlement on the planet is represented by a civilian elected official known as a Mayor. The various Corporate Assets, like Training Facilities and Mining Operations, scattered across the planet are managed by Commerce Directors or Military Prefects. The planet as a whole is govern by a Governor who is appointed by the Board of Directors instead of being elected by the civilian population. While the Governor is seen as the corporation’s chief representative on the public front, he is still a puppet of the Corporation’s true masters. Behind the scenes the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos is the primary overseer of the Corporation’s assets on Tarthos. Teu as Quaestor holds the title of Executive Director and is the Governor’s direct superior. Power over the civilian population still falls on the shoulders of the Governor.

While Markosian City is the capital of Tarthos and the seat of government it is not home to the true rulers of the planet. The city of Kar Alabrek is the former capital of Tarthos and the site of the Alabrek Castle, better known as the Ragnos Cathedral. While most of Kar Alabrek is controlled by the local civilian government, the castle and its surrounding area is controlled by the Executive Director.

The executive and legislative branches of Tarthos are controlled by the Executive Director and his cabinet. The cabinet is composed of the most senior Corporation officers on Tarthos to include the Exeuctive Director's senior aide, the Senior Director, the planet's Governor, the planet's military commander and the various Commerce Directors and Military Prefects. With the help of the cabinet the Executive Director does what is nessacary to ensure proper control and growth of Tarthos's populace and it's Corporation assets.


Main article: [[Strategic Hazard Assessment Division and Operational Warfare|Strategic Hazard Assessment Division and Operational Warfare]]

The Strategic Hazard Assessment Division and Operational Warfare unit, also known as SHADOW, is a covert-operations unit within Naga Sadow and their related Dlarit Special Operations Group. While they tend to be the spooks or intelligence operatives of the Disciples of Sadow, their unique skills have proven a boon in ensuring that Naga Sadow can respond swiftly to a threat and keep the knowledge of their true identity well hidden from the general populous. All members of Marka Ragnos are operatives within SHADOW. SHADOW was formed in 36 ABY by Executive Director Kalia Pepoi and Senior Director Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart in response to recent attacks upon the Corporation by external threats and because of the "incident" between members of the Special Operations Group.

Overlord of Ragnos

The Overlord of Ragnos, also known as the House Overlord s not an official leadership position in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Overlord was the symbolic leader of the House and was last held by the patriarch of the Disciples, Trevarus Caerick, until his betrayal. The position has remained vacant till this day.

Main article: [[House Overlord (Clan Naga Sadow)|House Overlord (Clan Naga Sadow)]]

Society and Culture


Disciples of Ragnos

The Disciples of Ragnos are a theocratic society that believe Dark Lord Marka Ragnos to be divine. His divinity is recognized through the Sovereign of Ragnos.

The Disciples themselves are also seen as divine by the normal populace of Tarthos and consider the main religion of the planet. The Dark Lord's own doctrine is used in mass to help the Dark Jedi of Tarthos understand the true power and divinity of Marka Ragnos.

Main article: [[Disciples of Ragnos|Disciples of Ragnos]] At present time the Disciples of Ragnos are not an in-character organisation as depicted in the article linked; the page is being kept for historical reference purposes.

Holidays and Festivals


The Long Day

Formerly observed on June 21, it celebrated the day Shan Long (then Trevarus Caerik) assumed the title of House Overlord. This holiday is no long observed.

Day of Ragnos

Celebrated on December 21, this day celebrates the first day of Marka Ragnos's reign over the Sith Empire.


The Wild Hunt

In ancient times, it was believed that there were forces beyond understanding that would sweep down from the skies during the fiercest of thunderstorms to take the lives of whomever they deemed unworthy. Never seen and killing with brutal efficiency, this superstition has survived the test of time.

The Jedi of the Brotherhood, ever believing in their own superiority and the need to exert this over others, have revived this tradition. It is more public than in ages past, a sign to all in Naga Sadow-controlled territories who their masters are.

The Ritual begins with a prayer to the ancient Lord of the Clan, Naga Sadow, while the members of the Houses pray to their benefactors after whom their Houses are named: Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh, respectively. They pray for strength and cunning in the festivities to come and hope that these fearsome beings smile on them as the ritual begins.

As with any population, there are those who have decided not to take the Clan as their Masters, and ignore the rules and regulations set on them by the Clan and the Dlarit Corporation. These prisoners are released periodically and hunted down by the Clan, as a showing of their authority and to send a clear message that insubordination cannot, and will not, be tolerated. The prisoners are released and told to use any means necessary to procure their own freedom; they are told that those who manage to escape will be offered their freedom: the need for such emancipation has yet to arise. Every prisoner released has always found their end at the hands of a member of the Clan.

The ritual serves several important ends: it establishes and maintains the authority of the Clan in their space as they inspire fear and dread in the local populations; it serves as a chance for individual members of the Clan to show their leaders their prowess; and it serves to cull the local prisoner population, as well and quelling any thoughts of dissent.

The Rite of Quietus

Even the most powerful of Dark Jedi can boast the most humble origins. Indeed, mystics of the Final Way preach that the smallest of factors can have the most powerful effect on any individual. Naturally, the annals of power that Clan Naga Sadow is built on on has its own histories. It is the Rite of Quietus that helps the Clan to remember those who have gone before.

The Rite is primarily a form of ancestor worship, though the term 'ancestor' is used to signify any people, place, or event that has shaped a Dark Jedi into the being they are today. A Dark Jedi is, after all, the product of all of their experiences.

It is a time of self-reflection for the Clan, as each individual is asked to remember those who they have come into contact with, who have had a lasting effect on their lives and who have since passed into memory. A wide variety of reactions are brought forth from the Jedi: some fondly remember parents, spouses, and childhood friends. Some may remember other members of the Clan, or those of other Clans. Master and Apprentice may decide to show their appreciation for each other, and families may decide to celebrate their victories and defeats. By the same token, someone may perform a personal ritual to torture someone who has caused them pain, or swear their undying enmity for someone who has slighted them. Either way, the Rite serves as an affirmation to those who have had an impact on the life of the Jedi in question, whether positive or negative.

One of the central figures in the Rite are the Lords of the Sith who serve as inspiration. Prayers are offered to Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh with the hope that they might look upon the Clan with fondness. What these beings actually feel about the Clan, or individual members, is something that only they would know.

The Festival of Renewal

It is a fact of life: empires, kingdoms, and the lives of every being will eventually come to an end, to be replaced with something new. Though to the mystical Dark Jedi this concept seems to hold less meaning, especially to those so powerful that they can transfer their essences into the bodies of others, it is still known that everything goes through a cycle.

The Festival of Renewal is dedicated to those members of the Clan who, while not as powerful as their Overlords, still have their part to play in the daily workings of the Clan. It takes a special kind of courage to realize the power within oneself and to try and harness it by joining the Brotherhood; often this takes sacrifice as well. It is this festival that pays homage to that sacrifice.

Even the lowliest Acolyte has the potential to one day become Grand Master, and it is this potential that must be nurtured and properly trained in order to achieve that status. However, it should also be fun, and this is the one moment in the Clan in which all eyes are on them.

The festival itself is meant to be a welcome reprieve from the harsh training regimens and study periods. Games are played, food and drink are served, and stories are told of past exploits. It can be as simple as a Master telling a good story of one of their Apprentices, or perhaps they may tell a story of their own time as a Novice, before their rise to power.


During holy crusades waged in the name of Dark Lord Marka Ragnos the cult is led by the Sword of Ragnos, welded by the Vicar, with the blessing of the Sovereign.


The raptors were the elite assassins for the Disciples. Originally formed by Grand Master Muz Ashen the Night Raptors, as they were known, were intended for the newer members of House Marka Ragnos. After being recommission in 31 ABY the Raptors slow grew to be one of the most elite battleteam in Naga Sadow receiving the accolades of the Consul's Own. After Naga Sadow lost its clan status in 33 ABY the Night Raptors were decommissioned. However in 35 ABY when the Clan reemerged, House Marka Ragnos return with its elite battleteam dub simply the Raptors. They now serve the Disciples loyally without regard for their lives. The Raptors is lead by the Disciple's Vicar.

{{Main article: Night Raptors}}

Scepter of Ragnos

Scepter of Ragnos IN PROGRESS

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