Syntari Bastiayn

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Syntari “Syn” Bastiayn
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10 ABY

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Which time?

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135 lbs


Currently bald





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Shikyo Keibatsu

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Syntari Bastiayn is a Krath Adherent and the former apprentice of Shikyo Keibatsu. A member of the Night Hawks, she has earned the title of Mystic while in service to Clan Naga Sadow and has sworn what loyalty she has to House Marka Ragnos.

Character History

Note: Due to the "life saving efforts" of Naga Sadow's resident "doctor", Calenhad, Syntari suffers from amnesia that effects the bulk of her memories. Very little of her early years remains intact, while her time within the Brotherhood is essentially non-existent; what is recorded here is only assumed to be the truth.

Early Life

...we will be a bastion against an open and lacking world..." -- Bastiayn family motto

Syntari Bastiayn was born in 10 ABY on the planet Umbara to parents in one of the highest castes. The daughter of Celeste Bastiayn, the matriarch of her clan, she was raised in typical Shadow People fashion with the traditional values of treachery and schemes. She would spend her formative years from her birth to 25 ABY shrouded within the secrecy of her mother's clan. Despite her traditional upbringing Syntari was noted as having a distaste for the usual secrecy and schemes of her species' world, and up until she was fifteen years old she would quietly bear such tutelage at her mother's knee.

Teenage Drama

When Syntari was fifteen years old the world she knew would come crumbling down around her. The quiet life she had lead would go up on flames when, to her mother's shame, she was put on trial and convicted guilty for multiple murders. One of the victims would be her own father, an Umbaran of questionable social status, while others would be revealed as peers who were no younger than the fifteen year old Syntari herself. The cause of death? Umbaran records do not say. (Her own would say, "gruesome", and nothing more.) The conviction of guilty would result in her being banned from the planet and her name wiped from all Umbaran records; despite this, she would carry on the name of Bastiayn and would be the first of her clan in centuries who would venture outside of Umbara's atmosphere.

Unbeknownst to Syntari, this incident would awaken her connection with the Force, though it is unclear if her family was also Force sensitive or if she herself was an outlier.

A Life Among the Stars

Four years would pass after Syntari was ostracized from her home planet. Records are unclear as to what transpired during this time period except that she would abandon a lifetime of scheming in exchange for the companionship of one Cyril Omega, a Zeltron who would find her own way to Brotherhood space in 29 ABY. During their time together they briefly made the acquaintance of an Arconan named Kratus Vahillus, and managed to eke out quite the reputation in the years the three knew one another. One night, however, Cyril would simply vanish, and it wasn't long after her abdication that Syntari would end up following in her footsteps.

Her life as a bounty hunter was a short-lived yet bloody one. The quiet elegance from her youth had lent itself to her unabashed killing style, as Syntari was unafraid of both danger and, it seemed, of death. Every mark she was given by the Arconan pirate she executed quite willingly and in spectacular fashion; some records say "explosions", others say such deaths were "bloody massacres" but many agree that the dead were, quite simply, "unrecognizable". Regardless of the truth of such rumors, Syntari would spend the next several years jumping from star system to star system until the year 30 ABY. (Note: this year is estimated to the best of scholar's ability, as Syntari herself suffers from amnesia).

That year would result in a number of life changes for Syntari. In 30 ABY she would receive a distress signal from the Zeltron who had been her friend, and that request for help would ultimately lead her to Brotherhood space.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood History

The request from Cyril Omega, who had remained MIA for the majority of six years, turned out to be a turning point in Syntari's life. The reasons behind Cyril's abdication remain unknown, as Syntari was not privy to the details of her friends' desire for freedom. The result of her aid in this is also unknown; whether Cyril lived or died was never clear, and Syntari would never have a chance to find out. Instead the Umbaran would take Cyril's place within Clan Naga Sadow and it is there that she has remained to this day. Her life in the Clan would be filled with betrayal, heartbreak, a never-ending thirst for knowledge and the power she had lacked throughout her life, and ultimately a craving for revenge she wold never have. These events have culminated in the events of the current age, which encompasses her recent medical intervention and resulting memory loss.


Not long after arriving in Naga Sadow space Syntari Bastiayn would gain the attention of none other than Shikyo Keibatsu. Her apprenticeship to the then-Herald would be an interesting one, as his various duties as Herald would interfere with her training and result in delayed ascension to Knighthood. She would proceed to spend the better part of a year "languishing", she would later say to friend and ally Mirus Hi'ija, following a quick ascension to the rank of Huntress. In her words she would spend "an ungodly amount of time laboring in the Archives, striving to learn the skills he wouldn't teach". Despite not displaying a penchant for secrecy previously, it is Syntari's apprenticeship to Shikyo that would teach her the secrecy she hadn't learned before; her time beneath his tutelage would also sharpen the distaste for authority she already possessed. What the Keibatsu taught her is unclear, and with her memory loss, Syntari herself will never know what her former self learned in her early days as a Sadowan.

Of note, Syntari used to brag about her apprenticeship to Shikyo, however it didn't take long for her to quiet down about the details of her apprenticeship. Chief among a variety of reasons was a paranoid desire to avoid unwanted attention, something she never cared about prior to her apprenticeship. As stated, amnesia has taken her memories of Shikyo's tutelage, and today she doesn't question where she learned her skills, nor the identity of her teacher.

The Dark Crusades and Other Wars

Although Syntari did participate in the Dark Crusade she can no longer remember her achievements during that time, and lacking the medals for achievement she does not claim participation. She is unsure of her participation in other wars, though she does possess medals that suggest she had honorable achievements up to the Twelfth Great Jedi War. Her memories do not help in this matter, as she remembers nothing.