Kalon Tsucyra Entar

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Kalon Tsucyra Entar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

6 ABY (30 years)

Physical Description





2 metres


89.8 kg


Dark Brown


Red (formerly light brown)

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Chronology & Political Information
  • Pilot
  • Warrior
  • Strategist
Known masters:

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

Known apprentices:


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" Someone fetch me the bottle of Ne'tra gal! "
― Kalon piloting the AGV Nighthawk in 34 ABY.

Kalon Tsucyra Entar was a Sith Battlemaster and a former Mandalorian Protector.

Character History

Birth and Early Life

Kalon was born in 6 ABY on the Mandalorian homeworld, Mandalore. His mother and father were both from Clan Beviin and expected great things from their first born son. Eventually he would be joined by two more brothers, Thorzan and Sargus Dane Beviin. All three would eventually rise to prominence within Beviin, unknowingly assisted by the fact that they were all force-sensitive.

Kalon in 21 ABY, aged fifteen.

As a youth, Kalon proved to be a capable warrior, learning combat skills and battlefield tactics much quicker than his peers. He was officially recognized as a full-fledged Mandalorian Warrior at the age of fifteen, in the process forging his own suit of armour and his beskad.

He spent the next decade fighting in a number of battles with his Clan amongst the galaxy, and participating in twice as many smaller skirmishes. His talent was especially put to good use when he was recruited by the Mando Cabure and became part of a forward reconnaissance unit. It was on one fateful raid on a backwater planet that the Mandalorian came face to face with a figure in a dark cloak, and wielding a lightsaber. The two initiated in a long duel whilst fighting broke out all around them. Unfortunately, Kalon was put on the back foot and unable to recover, was disarmed and pinned to the ground. Thinking he was sure to die, the Mandalorian yelled obscenities at his attacker, who then revealed himself to be none other than Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar.

Sensing Kalon’s force-sensitivity, as well as being impressed with his fighting abilities was what led to Sang offering the Mandalorian a place as his apprentice, and to join him within Clan Arcona and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Satisfied that the only alternative was death, Kalon agreed and shortly afterwards departed on Sang's ship for Arconan space.

The Brotherhood

After Kalon was accepted into the Brotherhood and moved to Arcona, he quickly immersed himself in his studies, vying to learn enough to survive the first few months. Whilst regularly butting heads with other students for a variety of reasons and generally being labeled a nuisance by some Dark Jedi, he was found to be just as reliable and made a couple of allies relatively quickly this way. His thirst for knowledge meant that he kept quiet during the Tenth Great Jedi War, though he did make up for it by joining Void Squadron as a Stealth-X/TIE Interceptor pilot shortly afterwards. It was his initial experience here that started his fascination for starfighters, which would eventually propel him to become a space combat ace.

During the War of the Three Families, Kalon sided with the Entars against both the Erinos and D’tana families. Towards the end of the feud whilst the Mandalorian and Sanguinius were observing Teroch battle Wuntila on a holovid, they were set upon by several Erinos thugs. It was during this skirmish that Kalon was stabbed through the chest by a lightsaber, the blade narrowly missing his vital organs yet still inflicting terrible damage to the Guardian. As Sang battled the remainder of the thugs, Kalon was rescued by Socorra, who managed to drag him to the nearest med-station. Kalon would remain there unconscious for several days, a promotion to Jedi Hunter and an appointment to Commander of Void Squadron waiting for him when he woke.

It was after weeks spent recruiting several new members to the team and training them up in the starfighters that Kalon was deemed ready to be knighted and became a full Dark Jedi Knight. The young Mandalorian initially spent many months teaching himself new saber and melee forms, his studies distracting him from his duties in Void Squadron. Kalon eventually resigned, though he stayed on as a Flight Leader due to his experience.

Horizon and Beyond

It was in his quarters aboard the NSD Invicta that Kalon first began to feel the symptoms of a strange virus that was progressively sweeping through the Brotherhood, it was known as the Horizon Plague. He quickly discovered that the Invicta was on lockdown and no one could leave or enter. Undeterred, the Dark Jedi managed to get to his Stealth-X and escape, in the process injuring several members of the Arconan Navy Corps. Upon his escape he was contacted by Celevon Edraven who was in a similar predicament and relayed coordinates for the two to meet up.

Kalon travelled to to Onderon, meeting Cel in a hangar bay in Iziz. They both quickly decided that they should head to New Tython aboard Celevon’s ship after receiving a holo-transmission from a Jedi Knight named Alexander DelGotto urging for them to do so. The pair got to the outer edges of the Japrael sector before initiating the ship’s hyperdrive, though not before being ambushed by several pirate-affiliated TIE Interceptors.

After manning the main gun and destroying the enemy starfighters, the Dark Jedi successfully initiated a hyperspace jump, attempting to reach Tython in order to make sense of the mess they had found themselves in. However, after several weeks of dodging the non-infected who wanted to put them into quarantine, a brotherhood-wide notice went out to let everyone know that a cure had been developed. Upon confirmation that this was true from several independent sources, Celevon and Kalon finally returned to Arconan space in their respective ships.

After Horizon, the remaining forces of Zoraan attacked the planets in the Jusadih System. Although these planets belonged to House Plagueis, it was not until the smaller unit could not cope that Arcona stepped in to intervene. Along with the rest of Spectre Cell, Kalon was originally supposed to be part of a recon operation on Kapsina. However, at the last minute their objective was changed to assisting Plagueian troops aboard the orbiting NSD Ascendancy, which was being boarded by Zoraan’s forces. Landing in an open hangar bay, the team immediately split up into two groups, assisting Plagueis in clearing out the ship and tending to wounded crew members as they went. Once their assistance was no longer required, Kalon and the team returned to the shuttle and left once again for Kapsina in order to continue with their original assignment.

Dark Crusade

Kalon Tsucyra Entar and Nath Agrona in 34 ABY.

Battle for Krayiss II

Upon the outbreak of the Dark Crusade, Spectre Cell was ordered to gather aboard the BAC Darkest Night for the briefing of the first planet that Arcona would attempt to seize from the One Sith. This planet was Krayiss II, a lifeless and barren world which was home to a powerful library-temple filled with ancient Sith secrets. However, the temple was also guarded by an army of Sith spirits who longed to keep their lifes work safe from treasure hunters, glory seekers and power-hungry Sith. If a victim was captured by the spirits then they would also be turned into one of the restless souls guarding the temple.

During the skirmish on and above the planet Kalon participated in several operations with his battleteam, mainly reconnaissance on One Sith fortifications as well as scouting out for potential Arconan landing zones. Any information that was gained by the team was instantly relayed back to the Galerian Summit and then passed on up to the Consul, thereby solidifying the necessity of the risk that came along with the missions Spectre Cell undertook.

Kalon did participate in some assignments that did not involve his battleteam, though this was chiefly aerial combat in an X-Wing due to his past experience with starfighters and the growing need for trained pilots. This was because Galeres did not have a squadron of Force-users like Qel-Droma and therefore her forces had a clear disadvantage in the skies above Krayiss II. The Mandalorian also hooked up with Dark Rain Squadron to take part in a few bombing runs aboard the monstrous K-Wing assault starfighter. Flying in a larger ship with three other people was a huge change for the Sith Warrior, but not necessarily a negative one.

Despite Arcona's contribution to the victory on Krayiss II, it was decided by the Dark Council that House Taldryan would be awarded the right to govern the planet and include it as a permanent asset to the House. Aggravated but even more determined, Kalon prepared for the next planet where he would throw himself into battle once more.

Battle for Rhelg

Unlike Krayiss II which was a hot, dusty and barren planet, Rhelg was a freezing, snow-covered world where daggers of rock and ice burst from the ground for as far as the eye could see. Navigating through the planet to reach objectives would be almost impossible without sturdy instruments or spotters from starfighters above. As the Arconan fleet entered the system, they were immediately set upon by the waiting One Sith. A large space battle ensured, with Kalon scrambling to the nearest starfighter to assist in the fight. Nearer to the end of the conflict Kalon's fighter suffered an engine fire when he received a glancing hit from an enemy TIE. Despite the damage done to his starfighter, the Mandalorian managed to land the craft safely aboard the Darkest Night and the X-Wing was swiftly repaired and pressed back into service thereafter.

After this event in space and as the Arconan forces prepared to drop their troops onto Rhelg, Kalon approached his Sergeant Etah d'Tana, asking if he could be transferred to the lightsaber specialized Dark Forge. Due to the nature of Spectre Cell's assignments. he realized that he was not suited to recon missions, preferring the thrill that came with open ground combat. Reluctantly, Etah agreed to the Mandalorian's request and soon Kalon found himself in a new team with new people.

The battle for Rhelg on the ground was rather complicated, except for coming to the aid of a pinned down AAF and attacking entrenched One Sith forces, Kalon did not do anything memorable. This was mostly due to the fact that the harsh terrain on the planet's surface made even the simplest operation extremely hazardous and time-consuming. This did not stop Kalon from contributing greatly towards Arcona’s victory on Rhelg, where they were awarded the right to govern the planet.

Battle for Bhargebba

Bhargebba was the last planet that Kalon would fight on for Arcona during the Dark Crusade, The Mandalorian mostly participated in naval operations, working alongside fighter squadrons from Arcona's First and Second fleets. Knocking out enemy fighters and protecting craft as they landed on the planet's surface comprimised most of Kalon's job during the battle, although towards the end he did get his chance to join the bulk of Galeres' forces combating the One Sith within the thick forests. Towards the end of the battle the Mandalorian was wounded by a soldier wielding a carbine rifle, whom had crept upon him whilst he was distracted by two force users. As a result of these wounds he missed the Battle of Ziost, as he was still recovering.

By the time Arcona had initiated Operation: Sojourn, Kalon had made a full recovery and had transferred over to the AGV Nighthawk as their Helmsman. He was responsible for ferrying the ship and it's contingent of Soulfire Strike Team to the Hapes Cluster and back again when their mission was complete. The Mandalorian would later on surmise that his best years in Arcona had been spent sitting in the pilot's chair of the Agave-class Picket.

Naga Sadow and Beyond

Eventually, Kalon was offered the position of Aedile in House Marka Ragnos under the leadership of Teu Bukhari Sadow. Despite initially being hesistant to the idea of moving to a different Clan and leaving his closest friends behind, Kalon came round and agreed to leave. During a standard patrol aboard the Nighthawk, Kalon waited for the right moment and made his way to an escape pod, jettisoning away from the picket before being picked up by a waiting shuttle nearby.

The Mandalorian soon found himself as a member of Clan Naga Sadow, and quickly managed to settle in amongst the new faces around him.

Personality and Traits


Standing at 2.01 metres and weighing an average 89 kilograms, Kalon stands taller than most other humans. His size seems larger still when dressed in the Mandalorian Protector armour he built himself. His dark brown hair remains short and partially spiked upon his head, showing that he at least takes the time make sure it is in decent order. His iris’s glow a strong crimson red, a result from his absorption of the Force. A deep scar runs down the right side of his face, starting at his forehead and running down across his eye before gradually stopping halfway along his cheek. The mark is deep, having evidently been caused with a type of sword. These features along with his strong jaw line and usually passive facial expression make him a daunting figure, and a seasoned warrior in looks as well as in combat.


Kalon during his time with Void Squadron.

More than often, Kalon can be found in his Mandalorian Assualt armour or his designated robe. The armour was developed by himself upon his induction into Clan Beviin and has been well equipped with some of the latest technology available on the market, such as as trackers, adjustable thermal vision and an installed multi-layer communications system. His EE-3 carbine rifle usually hangs from his waist, thanks to a loose shoulder strap with fresh blaster cells along it. At his belt his lightsaber dangles upon the right side, his holstered Mandalorian beskad on the left side. His helmet would be under his left armpit if he had no need to wear it, the rangefinder usually found on such helmets had been exchanged for the external communication device when he built it, allowing greater range and signal strength to his comm system.

Additionally sitting on his belt is his bes'bev, which was gifted to him by Teroch Erinos before Kalon left Arcona for Naga Sadow.

When found behind the cockpit, Kalon will usually wear the black flight suit and accompanying helmet and life support system he wore during his service in Void Squadron, the Arconan emblems besides from the squadron patch having been removed for political reasons.


Kalon is a very pent up individual. Whilst any attempt to converse with him will usually end negatively, it is through consistent pestering that he will eventually open up to someone, albeit over a very long stretch of time. Although outwardly portrayed as a loner who wants nothing to do with anyone else, the Mandalorian does care for the people he fights along side and has on more than one occasion risked his own life for their safety. In this respect, some find his presence on the battlefield a comfort whereas he is largely avoided when there is no skirmish to be fought.

Despite this, Kalon has bonded with a few members of the Brotherhood and his shown to be a warm, cheerful character at times when in their presence. He can also come across as quite a rebellious figure under an authority he does not respect, such as the shenanigans he performed whilst aboard the AGV Nighthawk or on any Arconan world at the time.



After placing first at the end of the Independence Games and representing his Clan in the process, Kalon was awarded one of Arcona's prestigious Cythrauls for his work and determination in the face of unlikely odds. A Cythraul is a semi-sentient canine mammal which originated (and can only be found) on the planet Millinar, in the Hapes Cluster. They are usually gifted only to prominent Arconans who have managed to achieve something unique during their time in the Shadow Clan and as such it is considered an extreme honour to be chosen to bond with one.

When it came to choosing his Cythraul it turned out that the first one Kalon saw was the one he wanted. The way she stood her ground and waited silently for the Mandalorian to approach or react impressed him, as the others he had seen whilst still a journeyman had been aggressive to absolutely everyone, all the time. Kalon gave her the name Mirdala (which means 'Clever' in Mando'a) due to her rather strategic form of behaviour which was odd for such a young creature.

Mirdala is perhaps the most patient of Arcona's Cythrauls. Whilst acting aggressively to every person she encounters except for her master, Mirdala will never attack unless ordered to do so, or if the life of Kalon is threatened through physical violence. She will never leave her master's side, loyal to him and him alone. Their eyes both burn the crimson red, hinting to perhaps a deeper connection than what is outwardly obvious.

Adult Mirdala


Sargus Dane Beviin

Sargus (born 8 ABY), is one of Kalon's two brothers. He ran into Kalon during the Dark Crusade on Bhargebba where he had aligned himself temporarily with the One Sith and again on Ziost, however his abilities as a force-user are significantly weaker than his kin. As a result, Sargus likes to use his cunning to outsmart an opponent, his confidence even when outnumbered and outskilled help to give an illusion of superiority he can exploit his attacker with.

Thorzan Dane Beviin

Kalon's youngest brother (born 10 ABY), Thorzan initially joined Arcona under Kalon's suggestion after his force-sensitivity was discovered and as a result began to train under his eldest sibling. Although several incidents have elongated the duration of his training, Thorzan can still be found within Arconan space. More than likely in the sparring rooms or at the cantina in Kurs'kranak.

Jarion Renalds

Kalon's uncle, Jarion Renalds wed Dha'kalyc Dane Beviin in 23 ABY on Mandallia. He was born in 0 ABY and had served in the New Republic Defence Fleet, and later on in the Emperor's Hammer as part of the TIE Corps. Currently, Jarion has settled on Coruscant where he works as an instructor at a Naval Academy

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements

  • Kissed a girl and liked it.
  • Grand Champion of the 2013 Independence Games.
  • One of the Qel-Droman Crusaders.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Teroch Erinos Arconae Commander of Void Squadron
30 ABY - 31 ABY
Cethgus Entar
Bron Vesh Sergeant of Dark Forge
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Vaar Mai Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Maelous Ascarend
Teu Bukhari Sadow Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
33 ABY
Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Taranae Rhode Battleteam Leader of Disciples of Dreypa
34 ABY
Areticus Altainatus
None Wiki Staff Member
34 ABY
Darkblade Aedile of House Karness Muur
34 ABY
Laren Uscot
Dracaryis Quaestor of House Ajunta Pall
34 ABY - 35 ABY
Arden Karn