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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Nath Voth
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 ABY (age 31)

Physical Description





1.83m / 6'0"


58.96Kg / 9.28st / 130Ibs


Black shaved sides and long braid down the centre




Deactivated shocker on her heart (only herself and Cethgus are aware of its existence.)

Personal Information
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  • Mercenary


  • Scholar
  • Seeker

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.""
―First stanza of William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence.


Nath Voth is currently a Krath Priestess in Clan Arcona and a member of House Galeres. She was a member of Battle Team Shadow Gate but recently transferred to Tal'mahe'Ra. Nath is often thought of as a scholar since those that know of her are aware she spends many long hours studying in the Library; and when not there, there is almost always a datapad in her possession.


Youth and Adolescence

Nath Voth doesn’t know much about her biological parentage.Nothing was left with her as an indication as to where she belonged, other than that she was found by her adoptive Zabrak Clan wrapped in a blanket. Her education and care was a communal one, taken on by all members of her Clan at one point or another. Although other children enjoyed the benefits of communal education, they still had a grounding with their biological parents; while Nath had nothing. For all she knew, she wasn’t even born on Iridonia. It was just assumed that she was because of how young she was when she was found.

The Clan that adopted her gave her a last name. The purpose of the Clan was the documentation of the Zabrak culture: they documented everything, and had extensive records dating back hundreds of years. When she was able to write, she took up rewriting older records to ensure they were preserved for the generations to come. This was where her thirst for knowledge was born but it became a double edged blade as she became more reclusive.

Clan Voth wanted her to have a broad education, and taught her self-defence and basic hunting skills. She took to the training well, and if she wasn’t being taught self-defence, she was in the vast libraries the Clan had.

The more withdrawn she became, the more one particular dream haunted her. Eventually all she saw in her sleep were the lush forests with wild creeping vines. The air always smelled clean and she was sure she could hear a river close by, the water thrashing against the rocks as the torrent passes over them. After a time she could even smell the scent of the pollen floating on the breeze.

Believing her dream to be some kind of calling, she left her home underage at fourteen. Sneaking aboard a vessel that was heading off-world, she set out to try and find the place in her dreams. She was only partially successful as she was found relatively early in the journey. Fearing the worst, she accidentally killed one of the crew but was eventually subdued.

Instead of being killed, she was made to become part of the crew as her skills were deemed useful. This became her life for the duration of her adolescence, assisting merchants moving their wares from one part of the galaxy to the other.

Childhood illness

* Please note, the external link on the first para of this section has uncensored images of extremely infected and necrotic (dead) tissue on real people (it’s a Wikipedia page). If you are sensitive to such images I would not advise clicking the link. I have placed it there for those genuinely curious on what I based her illness off.

Whilst Nath was five she was at one stage very ill, she spent almost three months in a medical facility as they tried to repair the damaged caused by virulence factors caused by a bacterium[1].

The infection was deep and her only symptom was a fever for a number of weeks before she was sent to the medical facility after passing out from the intensity of the pain.

After a diagnosis was given the surgical team began to remove dead and infected tissue from her pelvis region, however, the extent of the infection was severe, requiring her to have a very early full hysterectomy, muscle grafts and skin grafts.

With the advancement of technology the team were able to remove much of the damage, treat her intravenously with antibiotics and then reconstruct what they had to remove from her with key hole surgery.

Currently she must have a strong hormone implant inserted to maintain her balance of hormones that her sexual organs would normally have done once she reached puberty. With them removed, she can no longer maintain oestrogen at her race’s normal level. Without this implant she would have weakened bones and possibly osteoporosis.


The life she lead thus far didn’t satisfy her for long, and once adulthood came she moved on. She chose a mercenary band as her next form of employment, feeling her skills would be better suited, and she would also be able to travel to less populated planets. This lasted until she was twenty standard years old. By this point she had cultivated good working ties and even found a lover named Emil, an aggressive Rattataki male.

Her relationship with Emil could be described at best as explosive and at worst as abusive. All arguments ended in physical brawls. However, she trusted him with the knowledge of her dreams, eventually leading to her allow him to gift her with the scarification design which now spans up her spine.

The relationship went through highs and lows. The lows occurred when the mercenary band could not find sufficient employment and Emil was without an outlet his aggression. When this happened Nath and Emil would often take their frustration out on each other.

After a standard year of working together, Emil betrayed Nath in an attempt to rescue his own hide from employers of a botched protection detail. Before he could escape, they fought and she severely damaged his right arm. The employers saw through his lie and began to pursue him; what happened to him she still, to this day, does not know. Although, a small part of her hopes that he does still live so she can kill Emil herself.

* Nath Voth does not openly discuss her past with other members of the DJB and very few are privy to her dreams.

From Dreams to Nightmares

Though Nath had the same recurring dream whilst she was on Iridonia, they did not develop into nightmares until after she had left her home planet and clan.

To begin with they were a sporadic occurrence but as more and more time passed they became a more permanent fixture in her life. At the beginning she refused to sleep, doing anything she could to remain awake, to stay away from the nightmares.

When she finally realized that she could not continue without sleep Nath began to accept that it was a part of her life. She still does not sleep regularly, only making an effort when she knows that she is to go on a mission.

Always her nightmare is the same, it begins on the planet that she used to dream of. The only change that takes place is the species that inhabits the planet mob her and proceed to consume her whilst she is still alive. Nath only awakes when she dies, this is a slow process and feels like hours. When she awakes she can still feel pain.

Cethgus has entered her dream and seen what has happened, though he has agreed with Nath to never do this again. She does not speak of these nightmares to anyone anymore.

An End To The Nightmares

After over six months Cethgus came to the conclusion that Nath could no longer function on the little sleep she was getting. After a short conversation with Jith, he placed Nath off active duty on her mother's suggestion, until she had them removed. This was at the time of Homecoming, when Death Walkers were active on Eldar.

Loathing the decision Nath left the compound built by Galeres and spent a day hunting the cannibal beings. Cethgus learnt of her leaving hours after the fact and had to track her down, knowing there was no time to grab anyone else.

It did not take long for Cethgus to catch up with Nath, who had stumbled upon a horde of Death Walkers. After the confrontation both were injured, and Nath saw that there was no other way to go back to active duty, reluctantly she agreed to Cethgus’ proposal.

Timeros removed the dream from her mind, though she knew she could not stop him from looking she tried to protect her memories from curious eyes. She did not trust him but also knew she could not really stop him if he wished to look.

As yet the full effects are unknown, Nath has not slept any more than she already did.

Nath and Food

During her teens and adulthood Nath lived an impoverished life, unable to afford luxuries or sometimes essentials. This also impacted her eating habits: to save up for equipment and other needs she found eating rations easier and cheaper.

This had long term ramifications on her health. Now, she is unable to eat richer foods without making herself ill; and she even struggles with plain foods but can eat small amounts if need be.

Nath doesn't imbibe alcohol publicly if she can avoid it, not liking having her wits dulled. Recently she is has acquired a liking for Tihaar, which she occasionally drinks a glass after finishing her work in her quarters privately; on occasions Atyiru Araave has joined her at the end of the day.

Nath’s Heritage

"All that lives will die. Passing through nature to eternity..."
―Jith speaking on death to Nath

Whilst in the Brotherhood Nath discovered that she was a vessel, her mother's soul which still remains inside her. She has refused thus far to have the soul removed, Atyiru can see the soul in Nath's head, though she is not aware what it is yet. It reminded her of a pregnant woman slightly.

Kalon was the one who first summoned Jith's soul forward whilst in a sparring session. He had throttled Nath until she had stopped breathing, he believed her to be dead and moved the body, however Jith awoke proving that she was not completely dead.

Not much is known of Jith's past, she has given tidbits to those she has spoken to, though thus far it has not amounted to much information, most of this information she shared with Kalon during their conversations. Nath was also privy to what Jith had shared, able to hear and see through her eyes and ears.

It is known that she was a part of a large research team, which experimented on many races; her group in particular focused on Mandalorians. She has admitted that all of her test subjects died in the process but did not know the purpose of the experiments, stating that she passed on the results to a higher-ranked official in the Brotherhood who would not disclose the purpose, only informing her that there were many other groups with different species. There is only her word however as there have as yet been no records found in the brotherhood's database.

Cethgus is also aware of Jith's existence, having Timeros to confirm the second soul. He has also conversed with Jith on one occasion and this ended with an argument between the three in Nath's mind. Cethgus did not like Jith to remain in Nath's body

Whilst Cethgus was in Nath's mind it became obvious that Nath was not a clone. Though she shared characteristics, she looked different in some aspects. As yet Jith has not given anyone the identity of the father who donated the other set of genes she used to create Nath.

Jith has only told them that Nath was originally not meant to have a soul, when she discovered the child she had grown in a lab was an individual she relinquished control and placed her on Iridonia to live out her life and that when she died Jith soul returned to Nath's body.

On the other hand Jith and Kalon have a cordial acquaintance. Kalon agreed to act as a chaperone to Jith when Nath has relinquished control to Jith for a short time. This was mutually beneficial, allowing Nath to not feel guilty for not allowing her mother use of her body, whilst Kalon can kill her multiple times to allow her mother to take control of the body.

Joining the Brotherhood

Zakath found Nath whilst she was on a body guarding job for a twitchy Twi'lek called Rach`talik Dira on Nar Shaddaa. Rach`talik had given information to others who Zakath classed as enemies; though this was not the reason he hunted down the traitor, deciding his cowardice was the true motive for his death.

Sizing up Zakath, and discovering the truth she turned on her employer, murdering him slowly by cutting off his lekku. She took pleasure in killing him, feeling that he had betrayed her by not telling her the true nature of her employment.

Afterwards she ate a meal with her soon to be Master. Zakath made an offer of joining the Brotherhood; however she remained obstinate, due to the fact that she knew she had no choice in the matter:

"So why bother with the offer? I was bound to you the moment you knew.”
“Some people like their enslavement to be a bit more cordial.”
”Refreshing to see someone who delves right to the heart of the matter."
― Nath and Zakath conversing about joining the Brotherhood

As Nath was not fond of the idea of being bound to Zakath or the Brotherhood, the meeting ended with her trying to make an escape through the back entrance of the building. The escape attempt failed, and she was knocked unconscious by a stun bolt from her own pistol and taken to join the Brotherhood. However, she managed to make her position known before he knocked her out, informing him that she would not be submissive.

Though in the end, the benefits far outweighed the negatives she had in mind at the time. Having access to almost unlimited education, training and combat. The prospect of a regular income also appealed to her along with the decent accommodation.

Time in the Brotherhood

"Light is limited; Darkness is Infinite."
―Clan Arcona's Motto

Nath began her career in Arcona and started in House Qel-Droma, where she joined Battle Team Shadow Gate, following in the footsteps of her Master, up until she reached the rank Protector. Up until that point Nath spent her time studying and training.

She was summoned by Cethgus to assist Galeres with a joint intel operation. The meeting did not begin well due to Nath’s obstinate nature, questioning his command and leadership whilst having a meal with him; It began with a one sided brawl. Cethgus on more than one occasion beat her, healed her and continued.

The confrontation concluded with Cethgus realising her sadomasochistic tendencies ended the meeting by running a lightsaber through her chest, rupturing all the chambers of her secondary heart. She did not pass out until Cethgus’ lightsaber was removed and his fingers probed the wound.

Nath awoke a few days later. Cethgus sat next to her and informed her that she was now a member of House Galeres. In the end she did not fight the arrangement because she wanted access to their archives.


Dark Forge

"Tempered in shadow; wrought in pain."
―Dark Forge Motto

After making her way to Guardian she joined Dark Forge, and eventually was given leadership of the Battleteam. She saw them through the first two assaults of the Dark Crusade, Rhelg and Krayiss II. Her contributions elevated her to Jedi Hunter . Her time taking charge of Dark Forge was brief, with her been dismissed for theft of a ship and being absent without official leave (AWOL) shortly after the Rhelg campaign. Nath remained with Dark Forge after her dismissal.

Soulfire Strike Team

"...Trust must be earned, just like honour and both are important..."
―A section from Soulfire’s Honour code

When Soulfire re-opened she took the opportunity, deciding that she should grab any placement that would benefit her, and seeing that the training and the missions would help her progress further in the Brotherhood. Within Soulfire she was given the dual role of sniper or spotter alongside Azasell Kirin.


"...Why should interrogation droids have all the fun? They can't appreciate the art of a set of pliars and fire..."
― Nath speaking on her new role.

When Nighthawk was announced Nath was recruited as one of the new members of the unit. Her role was announced to be Interrogations Officer, she did not question the appointment, feeling that her skills were suited to this role. To date the Nighthawk is probably been her most stable of appointments, as she was not forced to interact with others nor was much except the acquiring of information expected of her. In truth the changes that occurred were only really noted by the Iridonian when she came head to head with Uji over House politics on mission which eventually forced her hand to leave and return to House Qel-Droma.

Shadow Gate

"...The Shadow Knows..."
― Shadow Gate Motto

After a long stint within the Nighthawk it became clear that Nath no longer agreed with current Summit ideals and decided to transfer out of Galeres. She joined Shadow Gate for a second time, spending her initial induction into the Brotherhood here. She began researching into Krath Alchemy not long before joining which altered her appearance permanently though after a few months of tinkering she managed to create the desired outcome.

She began running a shop based on Port Ol'val known as Talzin's Den, which she used as a cover to maintain her interrogations of the upper and lower echelons of the Port's populace. No one could place a finger on what precise service the place provided for them, however, they kept coming back to visit again and again. The information received was siphoned off to relevant sources or sold to continue funding the establishment.

Within this time Nath received promotion to Battle Team Sargent and spent time assisting K'tana in rebuilding the House's control over the Port as best she could.


"...I can see your disquiet here Apprentice, come back with me, it will be different this time..."
― Zakath persuading Nath to return to Galeres

Eventually Nath returned to Galeres to take up a lower position within the newly founded team known as the Tal'mahe'Ra, the aquiring to artifacts and their study suiting her skill set and allowing her Master Zakath to keep a keen eye on his unstable Apprentice.

Finding a Holocron

Nath and Naradas are the only ones aware of what took place shortly after Zakath’s death. Nath was given items left for her. This included a map to a Holocron. Not trusting Naradas she decided that she would not go however, the thirst for knowledge got the better of her and she pursued him and began her journey to Korriban.

Following Naradas, the Jedi Hunter arrived at the temple which belonged to an apprentice of Darth Sion. The two met at some point in the labyrinth, Nath having to trust Naradas to pull her out of the way of an adolescent Terentatek if her plan to control the beast failed. The experience reassured her he did not want her dead just yet but trust was still thin on the ground.

When they found the room with the Holocron Zakath’s spirit appeared both had an opportunity to speak with him. She experienced a medley of emotions: first anger, then confusion, curiosity and finally grief all mixed together and sloshed in her head.

"Naradaz will not train you, for you require none. He understandz thiz. But you will work for him for a time until you are knighted.” The Barabel’s eyes flared up. “He will introduce you to people that will aid you in your mysteriouz quest. Thiz one haz foreseen that your destiniez are tied together and you will help him az much az he will help you. But az alwayz, be wary. He iz a master of deception. Take him seriously alwayz, and thiz one meanz alwayz."
― Zakath’s Shade speaking to Nath on Korriban.

She took Zakath’s words to heart, and followed her previous Master’s wishes. When she returned she met with Naradas, spoke with him and gave him a translated copy of the Holocron bound in a small book. Nath has also hid a copy in the library, for those who wished to learn to find. Eventually she shared the knowledge with Kalon and then Cethgus.

Nath to DJK

At the beginning of Nath’s tutelage under her previous Master Zakath, he gave her a lacquered box. Instructions were carved into the lid telling her she would know when she was ready to open it. Nath opened the box near the end of her time as a Jedi Hunter; feeling that this was the appropriate time.

The container was divided into two compartments, the upper containing a handwritten note the latter compartment contained components to create a lightsaber; though at the time she did not look to see the whole contents until she returned to the Brotherhood.

Taking a leave of absence she travelled to Dantooine’s and down to the Khoonda plains where there are known crystal caves. Once within the cave she encountered the shade of her former master Zakath and one of a Jedi that he had killed whilst searching for his own lightsaber crystal.

"...You do not have to travel down this path, you can still save yourself.”
”But revealing is so much more fun. I turned the Jedi down before and I would do so every time.”
”Perhapz Jedai should try the Dark Side of the Force before passing their opinionz on to my student. Now you will leave...”''"
―Jedi shade, Nath and Zakath on Dantooine

They spoke briefly, the Jedi often chipped in until Zakath forced the weaker shade to disappear.The Barabel told her that he had stolen the Jedi’s lightsaber and used the components create his own.

Nath took a crystal from the cave as Zakath instructed but did not use it to create her own lightsaber; choosing instead a Synthetic Crystal and to keep the other for experimental purposes. Favouring the old tradition held by the Sith after some research.

Operation: Sojourn

" It's a karking vetinary expedition."
― -Nath

Nath was a part of this particular operation but had very little in the way of emotional stakes within its outcome. She had already taken her post upon the Nighthawk which made the initial jump into hyperspace to find a cure for the Cythraul in conjunction with the DIA.

With the aid of Soulfire the team made their way to Milinar to search for a plant known as Blood Cup to create the cure.

Even without the emotional stakes that drove the higher echalons of Arcona Nath did her duty to the best of her ability but saw no point in prolonging the inevitable, to her the symbol of what the Cythraul reprisented meant very little but she was never one to skirt her duties.

Personal effects

Nath has very little she calls her own, however, she does have a few items that are of importance to her.

Tree of life wall decoration

"To you it's just a tree, for my people it meant so much more."
―Nath talking about Iridonian culture
Tree wall hanging owned by Nath
Iridonians lived in a very harsh environment, those that chose to stay on their home planet's more rural areas still clung to their ancestors thought processes on certain topics.

One such belief was the importance of trees, due to the arrid climate of the planet the presence of a tree could mean the difference between life and death. If a tree was able to grow there was certain to be a water source close by. Many nomadic tribes would depend on their knowledge of known trees to find water on their travels. As time passed and Clans became more settled and technology advanced such beliefs were discarded, only really being preserved in more traditional Clans.

Whilst still young Nath was encouraged to participate in creative endeavours and has kept a memento of that time. The silver and copper decoration is now hung on the wall of her living area on the AGV Nighthawk and is a reminder of the importance of trees in her home world's arrid environment.

Associates and Allies


" Thiz one iz proud that you have chosen to serve him despite the torture- or maybe it iz because?-."
―Zakath's holo Message to Nath, given to her after his death.

Nath’s relationship with her master was an odd one. Often she fought for dominance against him but never won due to the large rank difference between them. Though she never outright physically fought her Master, she did so with words and sometimes small deeds. As time passed she began to refer to him in private as father, as he was the closest thing she had ever had to one.

During her time with him she learnt and developed her skills further, and came to establish a delicate accord with him; though she was true to her word and remained obstinate at times.

She remained loyal even unto his death, which involved a ritual created by Darth Sion to draw power from pain. Zakath consumed poison before their arrival on Terok Nor to ensure that by the end he would be dead. Naradas assisted him by supplying the poison and observing the ritual, though he eventually confessed to hunting her former master for a decade for the crimes he committed against his family.

Cethgus intervened before the ritual was completed, leaving a window open for to Naradas, who killed Zakath by stabbing him in the back. Nath was forced to leave her Master in the facility which was set to self-destruct.

She often thinks of Zakath, and loathes that his body was left behind in bits when the facility exploded with her unable to say goodbye to her former Master. Though they at times disagreed, her loyalty to him never wavered.


"But my talents did not lay in the direction of martial prowess. I'm very proficient in the art of the lightsaber, but that would never have been enough to overcome your former master's shear strength, Besides, killing him in personal combat would mean granting him an honorable warrior's death. You'll understand if I did not wish to permit that."
―Naradas speaking to Nath

Nath does not yet trust her new Master, knowing that Zakath appointed him without knowing who he really was. She finds it difficult to forgive but is surprised at the enjoyment she gets from conversing with him.

She has begun to see that Naradas doesn't discard what he finds useful and so far she has demonstrated that he can be of use to him.He has also proven that he does not want her dead, having had ample opportunity to do so when they went in search of a holocron from a map that was left for Nath in Zakath's belongs.

After the Holocron was recovered Nath sat and conversed with Naradas. She caught glimpses of why he loathed her previous Master but it was only when she sat and spoke properly with him that she discovered Zakath’s brutal crimes. She was not shocked by them or angry by them, merely accepting and defending her Master’s corner.

Recently, after many hours digging through the contents of the Brotherhood's library she discovered that there was no ritual left by Darth Sion and that Naradas had tricked her previous Master.

Nath often works with Naradas, usually their work together is in regards to searching out and retrieving valuable artifacts for the Brotherhood.

Andrelious J. Inahj

"You may be a Knight now, Miss Voth, but you've a long way to go before I don't see you as an insolent little bitch."
”Considering I was Zakath's Student, I doubt your opinion will ever change Andrelious. Not that it matters, I will make the Universe remember his echo long after yours has faded away."
―Andrelious J. Inahj & Nath Voth

The Rollmaster and Nath have not been on the best of terms since the Iridonian joined the Brotherhood. There are many unsettled disputes between them, primarily due to the relationship Andrelious had with Zakath. The Imperial carried his prejudices over from the late Barabel to his student. Nath did not do anything to deserve the attitude she received from him in the beginning, however, she did nothing to try and make peace with him either. This has brought the pair to a common stalemate.

Both are able to work together in a team, and have proven to be an effective force when brought together, the experiences have not brought any closure between them or any trust but it has given both ample opportunity to size the other up. Neither as yet have allowed themselves the opportunity to try and dispose of the other and risk the mission or the survival of the other team members.

"I'll allow this pairing, but if you slip up, Knight Voth, I'll have you shipped to Taldryan.
"Believe it or not, I am loyal to the Clan. He will be trained and he will be stronger for it.""
―Andrelious J. Inahj talking to Nath Voth regarding her Apprentice.

When Nath was given an Apprentice she was given Kordath by Marick Arconae not Andrelious. The Imperial was not fond of the idea of giving Nath an apprentice of her own. He did not trust her due to her closeness to Zakath and vehemently vocalised his disapproval regarding the decision.

Atyiru Araave

Before The Brotherhood

"Need not understand. Need simply know: your light shines, Bright Sister. Doubt this not."
―Atyiru speaking to Nath on their meeting; slightly delirious

Atyiru and Nath met before either of them had joined the Brotherhood.They met due to Nath taking up a contract from The Red Ladies, a pirate smuggling group that Atyiru was a member of at the time. By this time Nath had some experience with being a mercenary and had been fortunate enough to have worked with people with some experience in the medical field.

When Nath found Atyiru she had been tortured for a number of days. A part of her wanted to leave her there but the credits were good and she required the work. Acquiring the imprisoned Miraluka was not as difficult as she had anticipated, after taking up a contract with a group of disgruntled drug dealers she masqueraded as an employee and dismissing the previous shift Nath was able to free Atyiru.

Her charge was not in good health and after carrying her to an abandoned apartment complex, she had just enough equipment to clean and suture the deep lacerations on Atyiru's back. It took a few days for her to regain consciousness, and by that point Nath had become aware of a Jedi presence seeking them out. Trying to remain incognito they moved, with great difficulty; Atyiru still unable to walk.

It quickly became apparent that the presence was still pursuing them, and they could not hide forever. Eventually both were too exhausted to continue, and awaited the presence to arrive.

The Jedi found them with little difficulty, eventually Atyiru agreed to go with them. Nath was also made the same offer, she declined it, said her farewells and departed to collect her credits and inform her employers what had occurred.

Persuaded To Join The Brotherhood

Nath encountered Atyiru again not long after she joined the Brotherhood; some two years after their first meeting. She was taking her first shore leave and encountered the Miraluka again by chance.

She listened to her companion's story of what happened after their encounter with the Jedi. She learnt that she had been poorly treated by her Master and that he had hampered Atyiru's progress. Nath knew it was a risk but suggested that Atyiru join the Brotherhood. She informed her friend that she would not be obstructed in her thirst for knowledge, and that the only obstruction would be how fast she could learn.

It did not take much to persuade her, having no love for the Jedi and how they had limited her. When Nath's shore leave was over she brought Atyiru back with her to begin her journey as an Initiate.

Within the Brotherhood

As with all relationships Nath has it took time for her and Atyiru to become friends. To begin with Nath always portrayed her cold exterior. It wasn't until both were in Dark Forge that Nath began to show her real self to Atyiru.

Whilst Nath was leading Dark Forge she noted Atyiru's lack of physical strength; while Atyiru noted Nath's lack of ability with firearms. They eventually struck an accord, Nath would help Atyiru improve with her physical combat and Atyiru would assist her in improving her skills with firearms.

The Iridonian was not an easy person to have as a teacher, she taught Atyiru through exploiting her weaknesses, and then pointing them out to her as an error. For example, in her first lesson she noted her friend wore her hair in a long braid but neglected to tie it up. Nath easily grabbed her hair and yanked it, then told her she should tie it up.

Another example was when Atyiru was distracted during a lesson, Nath used the distraction to give her a hairline rib fracture. Not permanently damaging her friend but painful for the next several weeks. Her logic then was that an enemy would not care if she was distracted and would use the advantage to do as much damage as possible.

They meet regularly usually through Atyiru's role in the med-bay. Nath sustains injuries on a regular basis and would wait until the Miraluka female was on shift to be healed if she could not do so herself. It was only through Atyiru's patience that she was able to see what Nath was really like as a person; the Iridonian took great pains to hide what she was really like.

Now Nath pays her friend daily social visits whilst she is on call, and most of the time refers to her by the nickname Atty. Whenever possible she uses her limited medical knowledge to assist her friend; though Nath does not always have the best bedside manner.

Sometimes both spend the rare occasion when they are both free together, though this a rarity now as both have many commitments that keep them occupied.

Kalon Dane Entar

"Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. These are the things you will learn when talking to someone like me Iridonian.”
”I already know those things...''"
―Kalon and Nath

Nath met Kalon properly when she was made Leader of Dark Forge. Wanting to get to know her team better and having an influx of new members join the Battleteam, she believed that he would be a good candidate to assist with the newer members. As she was aware that he transferred to offer his assistance.

Their meeting was an interesting medley. Nath was her usual cold self, however, once both had gotten used to each other and Kalon had broken her nose they began to get accustomed to each other’s demeanor. Nath showed some knowledge of Mandalorian history and culture and confessed to studying on his people because he was on the Battleteam and did the same for the others as well.

It wasn't until later that Nath began to trust Kalon. He had proven himself to her when he inadvertently gave Jith control of Nath's body by accidentally throttling Nath to what he believed to be death in a sparring session which took place in one of the Galeres training rooms.

Although Jith had control of their shared body, Nath could hear the conversation they had. After finding out more about Jith he told her that she should relinquish it back to Nath; it was this that swayed Nath to trust him.

In another encounter with Kalon she saw him modifying some old Storm Trooper armour. Whilst they spoke she asked if he would teach her Mando'a, he agreed and ever since she has called him Ori'vod; which means older brother.

"Will you teach me?”
“Teach you what, specifically?”
“Mando’a, it bothers me having to keep asking for translations when I can just as easily learn it.''"
― Nath asking Kalon to teach her Mando'a

Kalon & Jith

When Nath allows Jith control of her body she asks Kalon to chaperone her mother. They have over time grown used to each other and developed a friendship, though Jith's curious nature can be a problem at times.

Once she was allowed to look around Galeres headquarters and often he would have to prevent her from going to places she is not allowed to go. This trip ended quickly due to her curiosity.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae

" I will show you the same courtesy you did me. I wouldn’t gain any satisfaction killing you as helpless as you are now, though I doubt that gives you much comfort. I only ask you give me as much trust as I gave you, and I can assure you, I have never shown another as many vulnerabilities as I have you."
― Nath speaking to Cethgus after dosing him with strong painkillers.

Nath and Cethgus did not at first, get along, owing mostly to Nath's abrasive natureand continual questioning of her superior’s decisions. This culminated into a fight between the two not long after her arrival within Arcona, when she was still in House Qel-Droma.

As expected, Cethgus won the fight, putting Nath in Medbay. While none of Nath’s injuries were placed on her medical records, the fight ended with Nath requiring a heart transplant due to the rupture of her secondary heart caused by lightsaber injuries. After her discharge she was transferred to Galeres. She never looked at the reason for the transfer and did not second guess it, content with having access to Galeres' data banks, most especially galaxy maps.

As time passed the two Iridonians seemed to get on better and brawled less. Those closer to the Quastor were the first to notice they spent a lot of time together. Cethgus explained it away by the fact that her Master was in a different House and acted as a mentor to the Journeyman. Though eventually more and more of the Clan began to notice this and rumours soon spread, most are unsubstantiated and assumed by members of the Clan; very few are privy to the truth regarding the pair.

S`nar Que Seshai

"She and I are much alike, strong, proud, reserved. I value her knowledge, and tenacity, she values that I have never considered her anything more, or less than she is."
―S`nar talking about Nath.

Nath and S`nar work well together, the Kaleesh was XO for Soulfire and has spent a number of hours training with Nath. Though to begin with Nath yet again used her abrasive social skills to keep him from getting to know her.

Their odd friendship and understanding of one another did not truly come forward unil S`nar saved Nath's life, who at the time was being slowly killed by the leader of the Death Walkers. From there Nath has began to respect his authority, and this has eventually lead to an unexpected friendship.

When S`nar died on his mission at Kalsunor space station, Nath did not react publicly to his death. Privately, however, she took the Kaleesh's passing quite poorly. She became more reclusive in herself and at times wouldn't be seen for weeks at a time. No one is certain where she would go or what she was doing and she would not confide in her allies who questioned her regarding her conduct.

Celahir Erinos

"You know I don't like women, but we should do this more often."
―Celahir speaking to Nath.

Celahir and Nath have been acquaintances since their time together in Soulfire Strike Team. To begin with the Iridonian and Kiffar did not have much to do with one another, not until after Celahir saved Nath's life whilst on a mission. Since then the pair have formed a friendship, though like all of Nath's personal affairs it is hardly noticeable publicly with exception to one time when Nath thanked Celahir for saving her by taking him out to dinner.

Nath was glad to see that he would be joining Nighthawk seeing that her list of allies were thin on the ground and the time away from the Clan would be long. She looks forward to working with him again.

Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae

"Don't make a habit of taking your problems to him. Timeros' solutions are rarely gentle and never pleasant. Not even by your standards.”
”Don't patronize me. If I need his help, I'll make sure to get it.''"
―Cethgus & Nath.

Timeros has had limited contact with Nath, but he has left a lasting impression on her for the better. He has inspired her to continue down the path she has chosen for herself, on more than one occasion debated changing her path. She has begun to see him as what she aspires to become.

The Dark Side Adept has on occasion assisted Nath, most notably when he removed her nightmare from her mind, though the full effects of this have yet to be known.

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

Nath has only ever met Sanguinius in a professional aspect whilst he was Quaestor of Galeres. With the small of contact the two have had the Anaxsi heard of Nath’s inability to respect authority, and was surprised that he had no difficulty with her in that regard.

Kordath Bleu

"Focus! Kordath, focus blast you, or I will tear that tail out of your arse.”
“I'm...sorry? Master? Mistress?”
“Master, just call me Master, we've gone over this already. Now close your eyes, breath, and try to focus, reach out with your mind, and try and sense what I'm thinking.''"
―Nath teaching Kordath

Kordath and Nath were introduced not long after Homecoming, the pair both fought for Galeres against the Death Walkers. Marick Arconae noted the pair and their dynamic in passing, and with the approval of the Arconan Summit paired the two as Master and Student.

The Ryn and Iridonian have an interesting relationship, Nath is a harsh Master to her Student, however, she is dedicated to making Kordath a Knight. She would never openly admit it, but she has grown fond of her Student.

Rrogon Skar

― Rrogon sparring with Nath

Rrogon is Nath's second Apprentice whom has reached the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. The pair met by chance as Arcona's Rollmaster was aware of Nath's desire for a new Student.

On the whole Nath had learnt much on tutoring from her first Apprentice and took a different tact with her latest one. She gave him the option to leave if he could not cope well with the training she had in mind but he chose to remain.

On the pairs first meeting Nath decided to test him with a sparring match, happily revealing her own brutal methods which culminated in her winning and biting off one of the Kaleesh's ears. Since then she has trained him diligently and continues to provide some tutelage even now.

Nath still holds Rrogon at arms length at times, but on the whole she does look out for his well being in a round about way. She isn't warm or affectionate but will not hesitate to answer queations or use opportunities to teach him something new.

Physical Appearance

Nath can be described kindly as slender but in truth would be described as underweight and malnourished. Her clothes do a good job hiding it, it is most visible in her hands where the skin is pulled tightly over the bones of her hands and wrists. She is also flat chested, with very few deposits of fat, meaning that all her bones protrude from under her pale skin. What mass she has is lean muscle which came from diligent training when she joined the Brotherhood.

Her skin is white, and when she bruises the area turns gray. She has red marks under her eyes, showing many sleepless nights, often due to work or studying. The white skin contrasts sharply with the blackness of her eyes. The whites of her eyes are sometimes bloodshot, but never during or before a mission.

On her upper forehead she has three rows of scarlet horns, all of which recede up into her hair. The center row is the most prominent as they are slightly larger and have three in total. The two smaller sets of horns which align next to the two spaces of the central row.


"All knowledge has a price. "

As Nath's knowledge expands she has delved deeper into Krath teachings to further her own personal projects. This has been effective but has had unforeseen effects. Experimentation of old knowledge has furthered the visible taint left by dabbling in the Dark practices.

An experiment on mind influencing chemicals has blackened her veins, this starkly stands out from her chalk white skin. It also caused rapid growth of her hair but due to lack of knowledge on how to care for it initially meant it became matted and needed to be shaved off, this has left her with a long braid that she uses to keep the hair from her face.

Her attire too has changed drastically, now favouring a sleeveless hooded trench coat kept tightly bound to her with a wide obi belt where her lightsaber is always visible to see.

Under the coat is military styled black trousers with pouch pockets which she keeps some essential supplies. Bound to her legs are two daggers and the third decorative dagger at the small of her back. Black flat knee high boots can be seen from under the hem of her coat.


Nath at all times carries the following weapons:

Nath always carries three daggers on her person at all times. Her primary set are held to her outer thighs these are a plain set of durasteel blades.

The third dagger holds far more significance to Nath, no matter where she is this blade is always carried with her, strapped to the small of her back. Unlike the first two it is far more decorative, having both gold and silver embellishments along the hilt, with both the Mandalorian and Clan Beviin's symbols engraved upon it. The blade itself is made of Durasteel and is reminiscent of a Beskad.

Nath's Lightsaber is a relatively long hilted blade as she prefers the balance this way, decorated with a Sith trim it is plain but the colouring stands out starkly to show where her allegiances lie. The trigger mechanism is not located on the hilt but rather concealed within it when Nath built her Lightsaber.

The blade itself also holds a fair amount of significance for the Iridonian, having not harvested her crystal like many do, she chose instead to grow hers and create a synthetic crystal using more traditional Sith methods.

Her blade is noticeably thinner than a normal Synth-crystal blade should be, to the trained eye it is obvious that Nath is using a compressed Synthetic Crystal, though she has never confirmed or denied that it was her intention to create one.

Old Attire


Nath was only ever seen in very conservative attire. When in public, the only exposed skin was her face and hands. She always wore high collar tops with long sleeves, which was kept in place with a plain black, leather, obi-style belt. Her trousers are often harem trousers and knee high leather boots.


During down time she wears a plain black silk Ao Dai with durable white baggy trousers, though not many see her in this attire unless they disturb her in her own room when she is not working. She also wears an engraved band on her left hand but never confirms or denies she is married, keeping her personal life completely hidden from others.


Nath has many distinguishing marks which she takes great pains to keep from the public eye. The most prominent mark is the scarification design that spans her spine and up, finishing at the sides of her neck. The pattern looks like a creeper plant intertwined along her vertebral column.

Medical body map of Nath Voth's scars.

Other notable scars include a lightsaber scar on her chest where her second heart is located which is mirrored on her back. She had to have a new heart transplanted due to the severity of the wound. She also has a thin vertical scar running along her sternum, which is a healed surgical scar from cracking her ribs open to replace the aforementioned organ.

Along her inner thighs she has long, deep puckered scars running down almost to the sides of her knees. These were her first real wounds that she had to heal herself. The scaring is so severe due to her younger self’s ineptitude at wound management. Needless to say, it ended with a severe infection which required the sutures to be removed and re-stitched after an antibiotic treatment was completed.

From under her the end ribcage, curving along her side and ending at her hip bone on her right side is the last wound Emil gave Nath, the wound was sustained during their last job together. This wound prevented her from pursuing Emil.The scar is a smooth thumb width gray line that ends just as her hip bone protrudes from under her skin.

Though it is not really visible she also has two small skin grafts and small surgical scars on her pelvis. These are only really noticeable when touched as they feel different to the rest of her skin.

Facial Tattoos

When Nath arrived at the Brotherhood, she did not have facial tattoos, signifying that she had not taken her rite of passage on Iridonia. After three months at the Brotherhood she had them tattooed but still hadn’t taken the right, though she would never admit to it.

The tattoos are quite traditional by Iridonian standards. The lines are scarlet and slender, running along her jaw, up the sides of her cheeks. Two thin lines run up parallel from her chin to her lower lip and along the contour of the lower lip. The design has also made her look as though she has eyebrows, meeting the contour of her brow, and dipping down slightly and meeting her temple before vanishing into the design hidden under her hair.

There is also a pattern that runs from the base of her skull to her hairline; however, this pattern is hidden because of her black hair and can only be seen if someone was to look closely.

Personality Traits

Many perceive Nath as cold and often catch glimpses of her sociopathic tendencies, but this is mostly a front she puts up in public. Though she takes pleasure in killing enemies she is fiercely loyal to her allies, and to those she trusts she allows to see her private self which normally others only catch a glimpse of if at all.

In public she goes to great pains to hide her emotions; her face is usually described as stoic. She shows very little empathy to those in her company and tends to keep her opinions to herself, unless she strongly objects to a course of action. Generally she is quite callous, especially if she has not worked with an individual before, seeing little point becoming emotionally invested in another’s well-being if there is a very high likelihood they will never meet again.

During battle would be one of the few times someone could glimpse emotion from her. She takes a great amount of pleasure from killing enemies and takes a great amount of pride in her work, so much so that she can be seen smiling slightly at times.

Fighting and sparring with others is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her work in the Brotherhood. At this time others can see her sadomasochistic tendencies far more; though she doesn’t generally hide them from others she also doesn’t flaunt them in public. An opponent will be able to see an aggressive fighter, enjoying taking blows when she cannot avoid them, and giving them when she can. She doesn’t like losing a fight, having a fair bit of pride, but accepts that there will always be someone better than her. Nath also will try and avoid a battle if she feels she cannot win, though she has not found herself in a position such as this outside of training yet.

Most see her as paranoid, and it is a fair assessment, as she does not trust easily; it takes time for her to be accustomed to strangers. If she has heard of another’s reputation they are afforded some amount of respect but trust is never given just on reputation.

When not training or in battle Nath takes a more scholarly role, she is often found in the library and if not there then she always has a datapad in her possession which she is usually reading. On multiple occasions others have had to step to one side to ensure she does not walk into them but she has not done so as yet.

How to write Nath guide


So I figured I would write up this section to make it easier for people to understand Nath and also hopefully be able to write her with more ease.

To begin with I wanted to address Nath's sociopathic tenancies, in the EU this term doesn't exist medically, it is known as Antisocial Personality Disorder and her diagnosis was made via the following categories in the Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems:

*Callous unconcern for the feelings of others.

*Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence.

*Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment.

These bullet points are what apply to Nath's character, there are other symptoms but for a successful diagnosis three or more are needed.

It isn't clear how much influence Jith has on her personality. Though they are separate people they do share the same body but no one has known Nath long enough or well enough to see any unusual changes.

To provide some context to these points the following can be said:

  • Nath doesn't publicly show any concern for the well-being of others, though privately she does to those she has attachments to. Very rarely does she allow this to slip in public because she is paranoid that this will be used against her.

  • Nath has very little patience with things that don't interest her, if someone one is inconveniencing her and she knows she will not loose she has no issue with making that person very uncomfortable through the use of physical violence.

  • Nath shows no signs of guilt publicly.

All of this is motivated by paranoia, anything that can be used against her is quashed and hidden away so that no one can get too close to her and no one can use something against her in the future. It's important to remember she does have feelings, she does care for people but this is all something that happens behind closed doors.

Nath's relationship with food

Nath never feels hungry, even if her stomach is empty. She has to remind herself to eat and drink otherwise she can go days without doing either before beginning to feel the negative effects of the deprivation. This is all due to the fact that she is so used to going without and now that her weight has dropped to borderline hazardous she makes more of an effort to remember.

She does not eat normal food because physically she no longer can without training her stomach to cope with it once again. During her adolescence she went through a period where she was starving, which lead to the atrophy of her stomach and this in turn changed the perception of hunger and thirst.

Due to her body's low blood sugars and conversion to ketone bodies (burning fat instead of sugar for energy) she is at serious risk of refeeding syndrome because of the metabolic rate of her body would increase but she would not have the necessary electrolytes stored for the process of digesting foods. This is why without medical intervention she is unlikely to ever return to normal foods permanently.

Duties and Fighting

On the whole Nath will avoid contact with others because she does not wish to be embroiled in anything that does not directly effect her. When she does decide to involve herself there are usually two motivating factors: Pleasure or it does directly effect her.

Nath enjoys her role within the Brotherhood; though she would never outright admit it. When she commits herself to a task she does so with zeal and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Occupation gives her a sense of achievement and also prevents boredom.

Nath has sadomasochistic tendencies, this means no matter the situation the giving and receiving of pain is pleasurable, it is not so much the violence that Nath enjoys but rather the battle for dominance in a situation be it verbally or physically. This is why it is one of the few situations it will elicit an emotional reaction in the form of a smile. The pain she may receive or gift another is just an added bonus in her mind.


Main Themes


  • Keishi Urata - When Reason Fails (feat. Tim Jensen)
  • Blue Stahli - Doubt
  • The Veils - Vicious Traditions
  • Status Quo - Everything
  • Martin Phipps - Glass Words
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  • Two Steps From Hell - Archangel
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  • Norman Corbeil - Painful Memories
  • Danny Elfman - Wolf Suit Part One
  • Mozart - Lacrimosa
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra - Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Exit Music (For A Film)
  • Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp Minor Op. 27 No 2.

Other tracks


  • Beats Antique - Scratch
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Nath Training


  • Saltillo - Grafting
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Nath & Atyiru


  • L. Shankar - Kiravani Tanam
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Nath & Timeros


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  • Brian Tyler - Journey Into Madness
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Nath & Sanguinius


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Andrelious & Nath


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I just wanted to say thank you to the following people, you're all awesome and have helped me to much. You've all taught and motivated me to aspire to more.

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