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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Worlds


Ziost system





Rotation period:

23 hours

Orbital period:

322 days


Arid Tundra



Primary Terrain:

Frozen mountain ranges

Native species:


Immigrated species:
Major imports:


Major exports:

Ancient Sith Artifacts


Old Sith Empire

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The planet of Ziost is located in the Sith Worlds Region of the Outer Rim Territories and positioned along the Nache Bhelfia hyperlane. Ziost is one of the five holy planets in the Sith culture and served as the adopted home world of the Sith species following their departure from the tomb world of Korriban. The planets of Athiss and Ch'hodos neighbor Ziost and are a relative short hyperspace jump away.

At one time, Ziost was covered in dark forests; however, the planet suffered a cataclysmic event that resulted in an ice age. The ice age drastically altered the planet’s climate and terrain resulting in the destruction of the forests and the creation of a frozen mountainous wasteland. The arid tundra climate resulted in the extinction of nearly all species native to Ziost and led to its eventual abandonment.

Ziost is a beacon pulsing with Dark Side energies and was eventually rediscovered by force sensitives and treasure hunters. Upon rediscovery, Ziost was populated with feral Cyborrean Battle Dogs, known as Nek. These animal weapons roam in packs and several are fitted with cyborg implants making them fearless and often uncontrollable in battle.

In 32 ABY, the One Sith began conducting excavations on Ziost in pursuit of Sith Knowledge. The operation has continued for the last five years and has shifted focus to the former citadel of Ajunta Pall. Troop strength and One Sith defenses are unknown.


Ziost is a mountainous planet dotted with arid tundra regions. These wastelands are littered with relics of multiple Sith Empires.

Points of Interest

Ajunta Pall’s Citadel

Ajunta Pall’s Citadel is located in the southwestern region of Ziost. The citadel is an elaborate cityscape that expands well beyond the central structure. Built from the stone quarries of Ziost, the citadel has weathered the storms of time and remains relatively intact to this day. The eerie streets and passage ways of the structure remain empty despite their structural integrity. Visitors to the structure have often remarked that the wind passes through the citadel’s corridors and creates sounds reminiscent of soft wailing.

The Great Sith Citadel

The Great Citadel of Ziost was a fortress created on top of a mountainous plain on Ziost prior to the Great Hyperspace War. It served as the planet’s capital as well as the meeting place for the Sith Council. The Great Citadel was targeted in military operations and internal coups and has suffered significant damage. In 4 ABY, Lumiya raided the structure and discovered the technology to create her lightwhip. Lumiya’s discoveries indicate the potential for additional Sith treasure located at the Citadel.

The One Sith

Churhee’s Riflemen

Churhee’s Riflemen is organization of sharpshooters trained to conduct sniper, counter-sniper, and ambush operations. Utilizing high standards and exorbitant pay structures, the Riflemen are capable of recruiting expert marksmen from across the galaxy. These marksmen are often recruited or picked from galactic military units that are unable to match the Churhee Riflemen’s promises of higher wages and better living.

Modeled after an Imperial Scout Company, the Riflemen utilize 8 platoons totaling 240 individuals. The riflemen are positioned around key landmarks on Ziost and support the hardened Nimbus Commandos in support roles.

Nimbus Commandos

The Nimbus Commandos are a lethal fighting force operating in two troops of 100 Soldiers each. These Soldiers are trained in sabotage, assassination, and the destruction of initial entry forces. The Commandos are known for employing minefields and improvised explosive devices. The Nimbus Commandos are geared with blaster rifles, sniper rifles, squad automatic weapons, and grenade launchers. The Commandos also utilize the A-Series assassin droid which employs flechette launchers designed to counter the usage of lightsabers.

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