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Void Sqaudron
Unit Information

Special Operations


Space Supremacy / Bomber




ISDII Eye of the Abyss II


12x StealthX Starfighters

  • Fall of S.C.E.P.T.E.R
Notable commanders:


Former Commanders:

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For historic information on the former battleteam Void Squadron please see the Void Squadron battleteam wikipedia page.

"No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First"
―Void Squadron Motto

Void Squadron represents the finest in a tradition of ace pilots in Clan Arcona. They stand as the Clan's best Starfighter personnel – the elite of the elite. Originally a battleteam, the group now stands as a collective of pilots from across the entire clan whom stand ready to defend the space supremacy of Clan Arcona and the Shadesworn. They are a Legendary Unit of the Dajorra Defense Force.


Void Squadron can be called up at any moment for systemwide deployment in accordance with Arcona Starfighter Corps requirements. This unit, comprising of B-Wing Starfighters, T-65XJ X-Wing Starfighters, and Modified T65 XJ3 StealthX Starfighters, operate amongst the other standard T-65XJ X-Wing Starfighters under Arcona's command, providing unsurpassable support in even the most challenging of battles.

Among its many capabilities, Void provides offensive and defensive support, strategic attack, offensive counterair (space-to-surface), suppression of enemy air defenses, and offensive and defensive counterair (space-to-space) missions.



Void Squadron could trace its creation directly back to the battle against the starfighter forces of the Ge'tal Gaan in 35 ABY. For many years, the Arconan starfighter forces had grown complacent without having faced serious opposition. With the campaigns for the Reclamation of Antei, there had been little to test the Arconan Navy and starfighter forces. The Invasion of Salas V and battles on Antei that followed placed a greater emphasis on ground combat at the expense of aerospace operations, further downplaying Arcona's starfighter readiness. The Dark Jedi of Arcona found it easy to eschew space combat in favor of more traditional martial roles. The desire to personally strike down an enemy with one's own hand was far more tempting than starfighter drills and space combat training.

Wuntila Arconae legendary founder of ‘'Void Squadron.

During the Brotherhood's assault on New Tython, nearly every single Dark Jedi made planetfall along with elements of the Arcona Army Corps. The few that remained behind in space were stationed aboard the various capital warships of the Clan's fleet. Every starfighter unit deployed in the battle was made up of regular pilots whom lacked any sensitivity to the Force. During the planning stages of the assault, this did not seem to be an issue as the Jedi defending New Tython possessed negligible space-based defenses. This changed...

As the Arconan ships began to deploy their troops and Jedi to the planet below, space forces of the Mandalorian Ge'tal Gaan mercenary unit exited hyperspace nearly on top the Brotherhood fleet. The TIE Interceptors of Sin Squadron were among the very first to fall victim to the newcomers, but they would not be the last. While the combined Brotherhood forces would eventually rout the Mandalorian mercenaries, Arcona's starfighter forces ended up taking far higher proportional losses when compared to the starfighter squadrons of the other clans and the Navy of the Iron Throne.


Upon ascending to the leadership of Arcona following the war and the death of Zandro Savric Erinos, newly appointed Consul Wuntila Arconae began to examine any shortcomings to be found in the clan's admittedly impressive performance during the battle. The loss ratios among the starfighter corps were a glaring stain on an altogether excellent campaign, and Wuntila set about correcting it. The acquisition of a full squadron of StealthX fighters gave him the tools with which to do so, and so he formed Void Squadron around them. The StealthX's requirements for Force trained pilots also enabled him to ensure that the vanguard of the Arcona Starfighter Corps would once again be Dark Jedi.

The squadron was to recruit only the best, or those that had it within them to be the best, in order to become in space what Soulfire was on the ground. The training within the squadron would be second to none in the whole of the Brotherhood for the pilots assigned to it, but also for those throughout the rest of the Arcona Starfighter Corps. The clan leadership felt it was not merely enough to have one elite squadron, so they instead decreed that Void would be the exemplar for the other squadrons. In addition to their own training and operational responsibilities, Void was tasked with developing new and innovative starfighter tactics for use by all of the Clan squadrons as well as direct training with and against their fellow pilots.

Dark Crusade

During the Dark Crusade, Void Squadron undertook a variety of assignments ranging from reconnaissance to air assaults and to acting as escorts for high priority vessels. At Krayiss II the Squadron engaged the One Sith's fleet during most of the conflict, their efforts allowing many Arconan troops and supplies to reach the planet intact. Although Taldryan won the rights to govern Krayiss II, Void Squadron had been instrumental for the entire Brotherhood victory upon the planet.

Void Squadron performing bombing runs upon the surface of Rhelg.

When the Arconan Fleet reached their next planet, Void were briefed more extensively than usual. Now not only were they fighting in orbit, but they would also take part in strategic attacks against the One Sith's key positions planetside. The Squadron were the first Arconan units to take part in the space battle above Rhelg, each pilot working in perfect unison with one another to eliminate wave after wave of hostile resistance without suffering a single casualty. They were also the first to streak into the planet's frozen atmosphere, their assignment now switching to bombing One Sith targets, just like they were briefed beforehand. Void were quick and ruthless in their attacks, never once losing the element of surprise upon the planet's defenders. By the time all the targets had been neutralized, Void Squadron had emerged successful in their mission once again, the efforts of the experienced pilots allowing the Arconan forces to land unhindered and begin the bloody assault on the ground.

Fall of S.C.E.P.T.E.R

Void Nine vaporizes a TIE-Fighter.

Void Squadron became a cornerstone of the Clan, enshrined in Arconan lore and famous for its "hard and fast" operations.

In many ways, Void became a victim of it's own success; pilots left for other units, whilst others took higher responsibilities within Arcona and throughout the Brotherhoood. Soon becoming just another regular Fighter Squadron within Arcona's Starfighter Corps, Void Squadron fell from the spotlight and all but disappeared. With the fall of S.C.E.P.T.E.R, Uji Tameike and Nadrin Erinos Arconae felt it was time for the Savric Flight Academy to reopen its doors and consolidate the Aces of Arcona.

Their first act was to examine the members of the Clan whom had already proven themselves in space combat. They would also take into consideration current and previous enrollees who had passed with flying colors. This created a short list of legendary and capable pilots to reanimate Void Squadron – not as a Battleteam, but as a legendary unit of Clan Arcona. Amongst the initial enlistments were Nikola Valtiere and Rayze Erinos Arconae. Their first action as a unit would be the successful defense of retreating forces within the Dajorra System. The squadron fought bravely and experienced losses, but they allowed ships to flee danger from the chase of Perdition forces.

This provided ‘'Void Squadron with a new lease of life, firmly establishing the new Arconan Ace Pilot Initiative (ACE”).


"Invisible. Last in, first out. Raining death. Trail of destruction. Victory. Easy. Any questions?"
Nikola Valtiere to his first pilot intake.

Void Squadron was a twelve-person starfighter squadron that, throughout its history, served House Qel-Droma, the Shadow Clan, and the Dark Jedi Brotherood. It was composed of Qel-Droma's top pilots, and later, the best pilots in the Arcona Starfighter Corps. Void Squadron is the symbol of the Shadow Clan's starfighter superiority and its most effective tool against enemy aggression; their successes gave them an almost mythical presence in battle and could sometimes prompt an enemy to surrender without any shots being fired. As long as Void Squadron endured, the citizens of the Keadean Confederacy had hope that there was someone in space protecting them. Still later, the Voids became a symbol of the bravery and fighting spirit of the Shadow Clan, and in 39 ABY, they were the most elite of all squadrons in Clan Arcona.

Entry Requirements

To join the elite Squadron as part of the ACE Pilot Initiative, an individual must possess a verifiable skill of +2 Piloting (S) for initial entry into the group. In addition, the individual must be in good standing with Clan Arcona – at the discretion of the Consul and Proconsul – and have sponsorship from a pre-existing member of the ACE Pilot Initiative. If all of these requirements are met, a member can be introduced into the Program within Abyss Squadron until they complete their evaluation for Void Squadron.

To earn entrance into Void Squadron, one must actively participate in an ACE run-on (a minimum of two posts consisting of 250 words each) or increase their Piloting (S) to +3. This serves as a test of skill to prove one's mettle as an exceptional pilot. Successful completion of this contract will move a member from Abyss (training) to Void (active) status. To continue to serve in active status, members of Void Squadron must participate in a quarterly run-on focused on a mission. If one cannot participate in the run-on, they must complete an ACE fiction, with a prompt provided by the Void Leader.


Pilot Roster

Void Squadron
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3
Flight Leader: Nadrin Erinos Arconae Flight Leader: Nikola Valtiere Flight Leader: Rayze Erinos Arconae
  • Void One: Nadrin Erinos Arconae
  • Void Two:
  • Void Three:
  • Void Four:
  • Void Five: Nikola Valtiere
  • Void Six:
  • Void Seven:
  • Void Eight:
  • Void Nine: Rayze Erinos Arconae
  • Void Ten:
  • Void Eleven:
  • Void Twelve:


Not only will members be able to claim status as a member of Void Squadron, they will have access to specialized equipment and starfighters. These member-only perks are designed not for advantage, but to honor the commitment and development of these members as pilots first. These should be seen as items of prestige, not power.

StealthX Starfighters

StealthX fighters are designed for use by Force Users of the ACE Pilot Initiative. These Starfighters have been given the ability of stealth, but at the expense of weaponry, shielding, and communications.

The StealthX starfighter

The StealthX was smaller than the XJ-series X-wing. It featured equipment that hid the craft both visually and tactically, though the craft's position was given away if proton torpedoes were used or if the pilot broadcasted over the comlink. The StealthX was used exclusively by Jedi, as the restrictions on comm usage made it nearly impossible for anyone other than a Jedi to coordinate with other forces.

A modification of the already formidable T-65XJ3 X-wing starfighter, the StealthX had a star-flecked body of irregular, matte-black fiberplast that rendered it almost invisible against a background of stars. The third torpedo launcher had been replaced by a gravitic modulator designed to defeat mass-detectors, and its shields had been downgraded to make room for a suite of sensor negators. Even its fusial engines had been retooled to burn a special tibanna isotope, designated TibannaX, whose efflux turned dark a millisecond after fusion. The viewports utilized blast-tinting technology.

Void Squadron usually replaces the standard proton torpedoes with custom-made Jedi shadow bombs. In addition, their StealthXs can also carry glop bombs, which released a quick-hardening foam upon detonation, and two-stage armor-piercing bunker-buster bombs. Advanced R9-series astromech droids are assigned to assist the pilots with the special requirements of this unique craft.

B-Wing Starfighters

B-Wing Starfighters serve as the heavy bombers of the ACE Pilot Initiative. They boast an exceptional payload of firepower relative to their size – R-9X heavy laser cannons, SW-7a light ion cannons, twin auto-blasters and MG9 proton torpedo launcher. When missions require targeted bombing runs or the destruction of heavily defended installations – to include capital ships – the B-Wings will be deployed.

XJ X-Wing Starfighters

T-65 XJ X-wing starfighters are the most recognizable of the starfighters in the ACE Pilot Initiative. While not exceptional at any one trait, they prove serviceable in all mission profiles – making them the backbone of the Arcona Starfighter Corps due to their versatility, reliability, and availability. The XJ X-wing starfighters are equipped as standard with 4x heavy laser cannons, 3x proton torpedo launchers and a ‘Class 1' hyperdrive rating.

Personal Arms

Hydra slugthrower pistol

Void Slugthrower (Hydra) - Based off a heavily modified SH-9 Slugthrower, the weapon features standard rounds, but has an underslung chamber for a single special round. These can be explosive, web rounds, cryoban rounds, dummy, birdshot, incendiary, a stun round, EMP round, or a devastating .50 calibre round. The bottom chamber is muzzle-loaded, and fired by flicking a mode switch. Normally, two rounds of each type are kept in the survival kit for downed pilots. Of course, each pilot is different, carrying varying amounts of ammo in their survival kits according to preference.

Survival kit

Upon a crash landing, a pilot needs supplies to make it through the time they are downed. It contains the Hydra, along with spare rounds and specialised rounds for the underslung launcher. There are also ration packs, along with rope and a ground sheet for a basic shelter. A small medkit is supplied for any wounds. Equipment to start fires in any weather is provided for warmth and cooking. A signal beacon can be used to call in search parties once they have been sent.

In Memoriam (Deceased)

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return"
Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, former Consul of Clan Arcona, and first Arconan Pilot ‘ACE'.

Roll of Commanders

Void Squadron
Commander Service Dates (ABY)
Nadrin Erinos Arconae 39 ABY ~ Present
Clan Arcona
Units Clan: Clan ArconaHouses: House Galeres & House Qel-DromaBattleteams: Dajorran Marshals, Voidbreaker & Selen Training Corps

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