Tracinya Beviin Entar

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Tracinya Beviin Entar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

22 ABY

Physical Description

Human (Mandalorian)




1.73 metres




Dark Brown


Dark Brown

Personal Information

Kalon Tsucyra Entar

  • Aay'han Agrona Beviin
  • Appius Wight
Lightsaber Color(s):


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Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information


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"You really are your Father's daughter."
"I hope so, he was an ass!"
―Appius and Tracinya, 39 ABY.

Tracinya Beviin Entar is a Sith Battlelord within House Ektrosis, Clan Taldryan.

Character History

Early Life

Born on Mandalore in 22 ABY to Kalon and Vera, Tracinya is a daughter of Clan Beviin. Her father was a member of the Mando Cabure and was often away, she remained under the instruction and care of her mother who started off in teaching her the ways of a warrior, whilst the Clan Elders would instill in her a fierce loyalty to their heritage and traditions. In 29 ABY, her father failed to return from a high-risk operation and it would be more than two years before he finally came home, but now as a Dark Jedi Knight and a proud member of Clan Arcona. He decided to take the young Tracinya with him back to Brotherhood Space, wanting to keep his family close but at the same time seeing the value in training his daughter as a Sith Apprentice.

The girl remained behind the scenes throughout the next nine years of her life. She discovered her unknowingly strong connection to the Force not long after beginning down the slow and painful training of the Sith Order, and her father did his best to ensure that fewer people as possible were aware of her continued presence in his shadow. When Kalon assumed summit positions in Naga Sadow and Plagueis, Tracinya was all to happy to put her new found skills to to the test by taking on unofficial assignments and assassination contracts, but this was all for the benefit of her father's career and not through loyalty to any Clan or the Brotherhood in general.

The Brotherhood

((Work in Progress))

When the (insert number) Great Jedi War broke out, Tracinya found herself in some of the thickest fighting in the conflict. It had been her first experience of large-scale combat, and the Sith Marauder found that she flourished under the pressure, taking the time to fulfill the odd jobs Kalon gave her in-between boarding actions during orbital battles and city defenses during ground assaults. It was not long after the war ground to a halt that the girl found herself back on Chyron, chasing up some of the last Collective agents imbedded on the ecumenopolis. It was shortly after tracking one named Darrik Blur to an alleyway and promptly dispatching him that Tracinya received a summons to report to Clan's HQ in the Taldryan Sector. The Aedile of House Ektrosis, Appius Wight, was there to meet her as she arrived. He then revealed that her father had been sent on an assignment to the Bastion prison facility on the moon of Orth to investigate suspected Collective activity, but he had failed to report in and he had been declared missing. Whilst initially taken back and disorientated by the news, Tracinya agreed to accompany the Mandalorian Sorceror to Orth to investigate what had happened for themselves.

Character Traits

Physical Description

This slim and averagely heighted Mandalorian may usually come off as unassuming at the first glance. On the rare chance her face is uncovered onlookers would notice a pale skinned teenager with deep brown eyes and long tied back hair of the same colour. Her features are pronounced, with a straight nose, curved eyebrows and a triangular jawline along with a mouth that can usually be found wearing a frown.

Tracinya's traditional Mandalorian armour is made entirely out of pure beskad. It consists of dull, non-reflective black plates worn above a dark blue skin-tight undersuit. On each pauldron run two parallel lines in gold which can also be found running down the armour on the left leg. The emblem of Clan Taldryan sits proudly on the left side of the chestpiece, whilst on the right are two horizontal lines, all marked in the same golden colour. Additionally there are seven tally markings clearly etched above the left part of the visor on the helmet.


((Work in Progress)) Tracinya's name means 'flame' in the tongue of her people, and indeed she lives up it with a fiery and unpredictable temperament. She can come across typically as a stubborn young Mandalorian, always itching for a fight. But -