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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Worlds


Bhargebba system



Rotation period:

20 hours

Orbital period:

137 days


Humid continental



Primary Terrain:

Varied, Expansive Grassy Plains

Points of interest:

Ancient Sith Forge

Native species:


Immigrated species:




Major imports:


Major exports:



Old Sith Empire

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The planet of Bhargebba is located in the Sith Worlds Region of the Outer Rim Territories. Shrouded in the Stygian Caldera, Bhargebba was positioned a micro-jump from the Descri Wris hyperlane. Considered an oddity within Sith Space, Bhargebba was a paradise world with pleasant temperatures, varied geography, and minimal industrialization. Utilized as a private retreat for Sith Lords, Bhargebba hosted palaces, centers of meditation, and vaults filled with treasure.

In 3,200 BBY, the Sith Alchemist Loka Dan established a forge designed to build exquisite and custom weapons. Based in the northern hemisphere, the forge was hidden within the expansive grassy plains of the planet by blending in with the natural geographical aesthetics of the region. Great stores of Mandalorian Iron, Sith Amulets, and Svolten ryolite filled the vaults of the facility to be used in the creation of priceless weapons.

For over two hundred years the facility was the birthplace of artistry that would never be reproduced within Sith forges on industrialized planets. Where Khar Delba and Korriban massed produced weapons of War, the Loka Dan forge produced works of art. Sith Lords jealously vied for these weapons and their lust for power ultimately led to Loka Dan’s death sometime near 3,000 BBY.

In 35 ABY, elements of the One Sith conducted expeditions to the planet’s surface in an attempt to discover the location of Loka Dan’s forge. Led by agents of the Mecrosa Order, the One Sith’s expedition continues their search to the present date.


Bhargebba is a lush paradise world boasting expansive grasslands, natural forests, and oceanic coastlines. Sixty percent of the planet’s surface is covered by water, with the remainder spaced across five distinct continental land masses. Once utilized by Sith Lords, the planet was left unindustrialized and served as a retreat for meditation and relaxation.

Points of Interest

The Forge of Loka Dan

Located in the northern hemisphere of the planet, Loka Dan’s forge remains hidden within plain sight. Comprised of a synthstone, the facility was hidden underground, its entrance obscured by endless fields of green flowing grass. Warded by Sith Magic, only those capable of speaking the Sith tongue could gain access to the interior of the facility. The interior of the facility served as a treasure trove for artifacts used in the creation of Sith Swords and amulets. Synthetic Sith Gems, Mandalorian Iron, Svolten Ryolite, and blood spilled in anger remain stored in containers and troughs.

The personal armory of Loka Dan remains untouched within the facilities walls. Two Sith Sworn artifacts remain positioned at the throne of the Great Sith Lord, waiting for their master or another worthy of wielding them to come.

The One Sith

The Mecrosa Order

Based within the Tapani sector, the Mecrosa order was formed from the Force Sensitive beings of House Mecetti. Over the course of 4,500 years the order’s power grew and waned until their incarnation as a present day Sith Cult. Seeking opportunity amongst the One Sith, the Order authorized assassins and Force sensitive’s to support Darth Krayt’s mission of uncovering ancient Sith artifacts.

Led by a dozen Equite level Sith, the Mecrosa order wields the knowledge and secrets of 5000 years of dedication to the Dark Side.

Dan Loka

Intelligence indicates the potential for the Sith Spirit of Dan Loka to be present within his Force. The spirit may be linked to locations of power within the Force or to particular items associated with the deceased Sith Lord.

Sith Aspirants and Acolytes The One Sith expedition to Bhargebba required a multitude of support and security personnel. Collected from across the galaxy, these aspirants range from the force sensitive to sycophants of the Sith cause. Trained in combat, the One Sith support personnel’s competency is on par with elite military Special Forces across the galaxy.

Behind the scenes