Alexander DelGotto

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Alexander DelGotto
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Feeux (ultimate enemy)

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Blood Tiger

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Korsyn Vhel'sar

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Alex , was born in 7 ABY to a prominent family on Kuat. After graduating at the top of his class form The Citadel on Anaxes in 29 ABY he was assigned to a commando unit of the GADF. He lead a cammando team on joint missions with Jedi during the Liberation of Coruscant. It was at this time he was told by a Jedi Master he was strong with the force. He continued to lead Spec-ops units for the GADF, and it was one such mission that his shuttle crashed on New Tython in 34 ABY.

The Family


The DelGotto's can trace there lineage to the The Ten of Kuat. Thou the DelGotto's are part of the elite aristocracy, they never allow the children to be raised like that. They are taught that they need to earn everything, nothing comes from Privlage. The family has served in the Military, Senate, or the Jedi since then. Some have even served in both the Republic Military and then Senate. Due to the families status in the Republic, it was granted a residence on Anaxes. The family has holdings on Coruscant, as well as there share of Kuat Drive Yards. Not all the DelGotto's stay in the military for there career, some leave to work for Kuat Drive Yards, and others to teach. Some pursued the arts after leaving the military. A DelGotto even became an archeologist after leaving the Imperial Navy in 20 BBY, also named Alexander and is the Grand-Father to this Alexander. He found both Sith and Jedi artifacts on his adventures, and they are kept at the house on Anaxes.

Character History

7 ABY to 12 ABY

Alexander was born on the planet Kuat. As a member of the elite aristocracy, he had the best of everything growing up. Although his family could give him everything that he wanted, he did not get all he wanted. The foundation of the family belief of earning what you wanted was instilled in him at an early age. He lived on Kuat until 12 ABY the age of 5. This is when all DelGotto children move to the house on Anaxes to start there formal training. This Tradition has been done for as long as the DelGotto's have served.

12 ABY to 25 ABY


12 ABY found Alex on Anaxes, and that is when his life took a change. While on Anaxes Alex started the life of a republic youth. He attended all the required functions, and best schools. Shortly after arriving on Anaxes, Alex seen a Blue Man, and told his mom about it. She was not worried, and did not concern herself. Many of the children that traveled to the estate would talk about Blue Men. It was known that this Blue Man was safe, and help to protect the children of the family. Alex stated talking to this Blue Man from time to time. At this time Alex was being tutored by the best in the galaxy. He was tutored in Math, Science, Literature and the Arts. As the arts go, he was tutored in both fine and martial arts. He also studied classics from other cultures. He learned to speak Ryl and Rodian. The martial arts being taught to Alex was Echani and Corellian Kickboxing. Both of these forms were taught to all DelGotto children. He was also taught the use of both long and short bladed weapons. Alex preferred a Bastard sword to the Saber. Alex was very adapt and picked up the forms quickly. As he studied the martial arts, he learned to control his anger. Master Sanres started teaching Alex how control the force in himself. How to use it to calm himself, steady his hands, and see more clearly. He taught him how to move with blinding speed, and that to never act out in anger. Around 16 ABY Alex was seen talking to an “imaginary” friend by a staff member. When asked, he said he was blue. Master Sanres seen the potential in Alex, the potential to fall to the Dark Side. He seen that not only would he be strong in the force, but would be tempted many times in his life. The training continued, and as Alex grew older, he grew stronger in the Force. In 17 ABY Alex meet the daughter of his Twi'lek fine arts tutor, Firith,who was a year younger than Alex. They became fast friends, and Firith started to teach Alex the Twi'lek head tail language Lukka. Alex spent a lot of time with Firith, and there friendship grew into a relationship. Even though the DelGotto's were very open minded about a lot of things, inter species relationships were not one of the them. Knowing this they had to keep there relationship hidden. Master Sanres also feared that this relationship would have a negative impact on Alex. Knowing how strong Alex was attuned with the Force, and how strong emotions could lead to the dark side. Master Sanres cautioned Alex about the relationship, but Alex did not care. He would spend all the time he could with her.


23 ABY found Alex and Firith on the planet Tatooine. He was there with many of his family to do what they have done for generations, hunt The Great Dragons. The DelGotto's go every year, but had not been able to find and kill a Great Dragon for decades. Before heading into the desert Alex and Firith decided to go to the Mos Eisley Cantina. After being there for some time a Rodain walked up to the table and asked how much for the twi'lek. Alex told him to move on, and apologize to Firith. The Rodian laughed and told the human that he worked for Suim, and he needed to watch himself. He said he Feeux, the most feared being on the planet, and did what he pleased. Alex told him to apologize, or he would make him. Feeux pulled out the Vibro-Shiv and pointed it at the human. Feeux lunged at the human. The pain was incredible, and Feeux could not believe the speed in which the Alex had moved. As he lunged, the Alex grabbed his wrist and arm. In one movement the he broke his wrist, and dislocated his elbow and shoulder. The Rodain had made contact with the Vibro-Shive. Then Alex threw Feeux to the floor, and Feeux suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. Feeux heard “Alex no!”, it was the Twi'lek, and she sounded frightened. The human stood and took a few steps back. Republic Security came rushing in and approached them. When they got to the Human, who Feeux now knew was call Alex, they ask what happened. The Human told them what happened, and to his surprise told them the truth. When they asked for his I.D., Feeux seen them stiffen and ask if he as ok. If he needed medical attention, and Feeux was surprised to see an officer appear. The officer told the Security personal to pick up that thing, pointing to Feeux, to get a Medical Droid for Mr. DelGotto, and take statements from everyone. Alex was seen by a medical droid, and released. He had no idea how he was going to explain the cut on his face. When Alex and Firith got back to the camp, news of his adventure had already reached there. His dad was proud that Alex stood up for Firith, but displeased that he had left the camp. The next day Alex and his father left to look for a Great Dragon, or the tracks of one. Firith convinced Alex's dad to let her come along. The three of them with supplies for a week, blasters, and a Slug throwing Rifle. The Rifle had been in the family from the founding of Kuat. This was the rifle used for every hunt. After three days they found tracks, very large tracks. As the three crested a dune they seen the Dragon. As Alex steadied the rifle he started to control his breathing. The training the Master Sanres started on Anaxes years before being used. It was as if time had almost stopped. Alex could fell his heart beat, his breathing slowing, every little sound. It was almost as if he willed the Dragon to not move. Alex took the Shot from the ancient rifle, the recoil was like nothing he had ever felt. As the bullet left the rifle, Alex was knocked down the dune. As he fell he heard blaster fire, and seen the bolts come over the dune. As he climbed back up, there was more blaster fire. As he reached the top of the dune, he seen were the blaster fire was coming from. There were three humans on the next dune firing at them. Alex dropped the old single shot rifle, and picked up a blaster rifle. His father and Firith were already returning fire, and Alex joined them. Once again Alex slowed his breathing and fired. With three well placed shots, the ambushers were killed. Alex's father called for Republic Security, as Alex went to the Dragon. There were many things used from the dragon, but the most important were the Pearls. Alex was able to get 2 perfect pearls. Since Alex got the kill, he got the Dragon Pearls, and every thing from it. Alex had a feeling that he should keep the pearls, and so he was leaving them at the estate on Anaxes.

25 ABY to 29ABY


25 ABY found Alex starting his military life. He started at the Citadel a Premiere and most Prestigious military academy in the galaxy. The DelGotto's had been attending since its founding. Even though he would be accepted because of who he was, Alex had earned his way in. The first year was the hardest, and his name did not make easy for him. If anything it made it worse. He was expected to do better than the rest of his class. And as expected he exiled, and was the top of his class in no time. The hardest part for Alex was the not being able to see Firith. The last 2 years had been the best, and he spent most of it with Firith. His studies did keep his mind of her for some time, but he still missed her. It was during his first year that he met Zane Ther'sac, who became a fast friend. Shortly after meeting him, Alex learned that Zane had a spice addiction. Zane was from a family very much like Alex's, so the spice addiction was over looked. If not for Alex's help Zane would not have finished his first year. A mistake that Alex would regret.

Nar Shaddaa

Alex finish his 3rd year at The Citadel in 28 ABY. At this time him and some class mates decided to spend a week on Nar Shaddaa. The plan was to gamble and have a good time. Alex was meeting Firith there, since it was one of the few places they could be together. After 4 days on Nar Shaddaa, Alex was in a high stakes sabacc game, and Alex was winning big. It did help some that Zane was on spice, and did not seem to care if he lost. Hours into the game Zane was out of cash, but to stay in the game offered a bag of jewels. He had bought them on Nar Shaddaa, for gifts for his family. Alex agreed, and won the hand. Of all the jewels two seemed different to Alex. One was a dark green gem, Alex could almost feel power in it. The Other was a perfect clear gem. It too felt as if it had power radiating from. When Alex returned to the family estate on Anaxes, he put the green and clear gem with his pearls. As he did Master Sanres appeared, something that had not happened in a very long time. He told Alex, that one day he would return for them.

29 ABY to Present

Graduated from Citadel in 29 ABY Joined GADF in 29 ABY and served

Joined Odan-Urr in ABY 35 and left for Clan Naga Sadow early ABY 36 Took Korsyn Vhel'sar as apprentice in early ABY 36 shortly after that Korsyn disappeared 36 ABY became leader of Battle Team Tenebrae after a few months the team was closed due to having no members. 37 ABY became leader of Battle Team Devil's Shroud and was leader during the first BT Feud.


Blood Tiger, Zee, Jarvis


Light Saber, Force Pike,



Alex wears a customized set of Robes with an Armor Weave Cloak. [More to come]

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