Disciples of Dreypa

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Disciples of Dreypa
General information

The Sanctum, NSD Ascendancy

Historical information

37 ABY

Other information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Disciples of Dreypa is a Battleteam of Ajunta Pall within Clan Plagueis tasked with the cult-like indoctrination of the inexperienced Journeymen of Ajunta Pall. Led by an instructor, the Disciples of Dreypa educates all newcomers in the ways of the Dark Side, Ajunta Pall, and Plagueis as a whole, sometimes through extreme measures if necessary.


Under the watchful eye of the Dread Lord, the Disciples of Dreypa was originally conceived to harbour the large influx of Force users that arrived in the system after betraying the One Sith. As the One Sith were known to be physically weaker in power, an arduous regime was put in place for those who joined Plagueis, as they were first forced to pass their trials through the Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam.


Remulus Dreypa, for whom the battle team is named.

The Disciples of Dreypa is a cult-like unit which is responsible for the indoctrination of new members of Ajunta Pall. This could be as simple as orientating willing and eager members to the ways of the Dark Side, to the extremes of manipulation, torture, and the forced breaking of will.

Membership to Ajunta Pall, and therefore initiation into the Disciples of Dreypa, consists largely of a somewhat ceremonial ritual. With most of the leadership of Ajunta Pall present, the initiate is forced to swear allegiance to Ajunta Pall and it's Vassal and disavow any connection to their former lives.

Finally, with over half of the original disciples dying whilst trying to complete the ceremonial like ritual, the end result is fantastic. Only the strongest are able to make it through, and with little cost to the Clan since many of the disciples were originally Force using refugees. The Dark Jedi Knights who are created are some of the most feared in the Brotherhood and some can even match the strength of highly ranked equite Dark Jedi.

Initiation Ritual

A disciple may assume that once their rigorous training is complete, they have been fully integrated into the Disciples of Dreypa, but this is not the case. As disciples must have nothing that could possibly cloud their judgement, disciples are either wiped of all outside memories, leaving only basic and important ones, or their outside possessions or family are slaughtered. Following this, they face numerous physical and mental tests to ensure that they are up to the standards that the Dread Lord has put in place. After the ritual, a ceremony will take place where the disciples who have passed the ritual are handed a lightsaber and given the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Base of Operations - The Sanctum

The NSD Ascendancy, where The Sanctum is located.

The Sanctum acts as the main training center for the disciples. Here they have access to all the training equipment needed to further develop their knowledge of Brotherhood history, combat prowess, and the ways of Clan Plagueis. The Sanctum is split into several sections and is located in designated sections in the bowels of the NSD Ascendancy where the Left Wing of Dread is able to keep a close eye on the training of the disciples.

The Void

This is where the disciples are taught to wield and harness the power of the Force. There is no limit to the power one can obtain within the Void as Force barriers are operating within the vicinity. To gain access to the Void however, one must reach the rank of Apprentice by passing the Test of Lore. Through this, the equite ranks of the Brotherhood will understand that the disciple is ready to be inserted within its harsh Force training regime.

The Pit

The Pit is the most famous of all the Plagueian combat arenas within the Ascendancy. Within its walls, disciples are encouraged to practice combat techniques that they have learned and master them. Duels are arranged every week with disciples usually lining up to fight each other. Despite harshness that they usually endure, disciple against disciple duels are fought with training sabers. Even though one would assume that disciples suffer only minor injuries, this is not the case, with duels usually finishing with the defeated in a kolto tank for more than a week. Duels are a special event however, and daily disciples are able to combat several specially programmed droids in order to master lightsaber forms and the different unarmed combat styles. The ultimate specialty within the Pit however, is the monthly slave duel. In a short period of time, a disciple must destroy as many slaves as possible, the winner receives an award from the leadership of the Clan.

The Mess

Meals are few and far between. In order to maximize Force training efficiency, disciples are rarely fed or even watered. Through the power of the Force and meditation, one must train their body to go without food or water for at least a week. It is known that using the Force, one can survive without food or water for over two weeks, and still fight adeptly.

The Abyss

A torture droid.

The torture room of the Sanctum. One could assume that this is simply to teach disciples how to obtain information from an enemy, however you would be wrong. Using state of the art droid technology, disciples are pushed to their very limits - cleverly calculated by the torture droid - and through this rigorous training they learn two things: The Force feeds off pain, it can make you even more powerful; and if ever detained, to feed off this pain to keep you alive.

The Records

The Sanctum's library and artifact storage facility. With no formal name, the library is known colloquially as “The Records” to the disciples. In the large area, disciples are encouraged to browse through the many scrolls and historical artifacts which have been collected throughout the years. Using these media of learning, disciples are able to dive into various sub-topics regarding the Force and how to use it, such as alchemy and sorcery. Despite all of this, there is only one thing that makes “The Records” special, and this is its holocron chamber. Secured and guarded all round the clock, the holocron chamber houses some of the most powerful arcana known in the Galaxy.

Summit Chronology

Battleteam Disciples of Dreypa
Commander Sergeant Service Dates
Ophelia Delacroix Taranae Rhode 37 ABY - 38 ABY
Taranae Rhode N/A 39 ABY
Kalon Tsucyra Entar N/A 39 ABY
Areticus Altainatus N/A 39 ABY
Malice N/A 39 ABY
Kul'tak Drol N/A 39 ABY - Present