Taranae Rhode

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Taranae Rhode
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY (age 34)

Physical Description

Human (Nabooian)




5' 6"









Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Xan Nes, Kul'tak Drol, Nash Himura



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Slim and Athletic, Taranae is a fiery redhead with a temper to match. Standing at 5' 6" tall, she is taller than the normal Nabooian female height, but moves with the grace of a dancer. Her pale face is in stark contrast to her hair which always remains pristine. Normally wearing black (or if no black is available at the time), dark clothing, she prefers tight fitting pants and a loose top with a cloak, under which she has stashed dual DL-44 blasters, her favored weapon besides the Lightsaber placed on her hip just behind her right blaster for easy switching during combat. Her unusually green eyes add to her look of charm, and always gives her a slight advantage in any encounters as she tends to distract her opponents before walking away with both barrels still smoking and leaving dead bodies in her wake.

Character History

Born on Naboo in 10 ABY, Taranae is the oldest of two children born to Genarous and Lydelle Rhode. She grew up learning the ways of the diplomat, taught by her Father and often spoke of how she one day wanted to be an ambassador for the Naboo. Her Father and Mother doted on the two girls, and frequently Genarous would take them to see the sights of Naboo, but the girls' favorite destination was always the markets. Taranae loved to see all the different species of the universe and was fascinated by the different wares each one brought to market. When Taranae was 14 years old, Genarous received a visit from a Jedi, claiming to have sensed his ability and wanting him to join the Jedi and be trained in the ways of the Force. He refused the Jedi's offer, claiming that he already knew about his Force sensitivity but did not want to be trained by anyone. He admitted to wishing he had never been sensitive in the first place. After a long discussion, sometimes heated on Genarous' part, the Jedi left grudgingly, warning Genarous that more would come seeking him and that he needed to be prepared.

When Taranae was 14 years old, during one of the regular visits to the market, Genarous was attacked and killed by a Sith, seeking his acceptance to join the order. He was given the choice to join them or die, making sure that the Jedi did not eventually claim him as theirs. He chose to fight and lost his life in front of his daughters who he had directed to hide in a shop when he first sensed the Sith nearby. After this, Taranae and her sister were brought up by their grieving mother, but Taranae started showing signs of becoming Force sensitive at 26 years old - something that her Mother had long feared. She was worried that the sensitivity to the force may turn out to be hereditary and here was Taranae, sensing things she didn't want to.

One morning, after a terrible dream in which Taranae dreamed she was killed by the same Sith that killed her Father, she decided to leave, giving her Mother the reason that she had sensed something far off and thought it was her duty to follow her instincts. In secret, she wished to learn more about the Force, and thought that maybe this was what was calling her from so far away. her Mother demanded that she not go out of the system as she was afraid with a war in progress that Taranae may be killed before she reached the edge of the system, and Taranae agreed not to go, lying to her in the process. having gained employment shipping items to the fleets in orbit, Taranae took a YV-2400 to deliver cargo to the fleet, deceiving her friend, the Twi'lek named Muse, she delivered the cargo then set a course for Ziost, the place she had sensed the Force calling to her.

On arrival, she found a fleet of imperial ships, including at least one Imperial Star Destroyer. As she turned around to jump back into hyper, a thruster she had been warned about failed, leaving her drifting. A small squadron of TIE's approached her, asking who she was and why she was there then towed her to the ISD where she was arrested and was to be taken to the surface of Ziost for judgement due to the fact the delivery manifests were found on her ship during a search, linking her to the republic. On Ziost she was approached by a Sith by the name of Brimstone who, after torturing her, gave her the same choice her Father had, and offering her limitless power. She chose the latter...

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