Dark Rain Squadron

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Dark Rain Squadron
General information

Sashar Kodiak Erinos


Arthur Intravior


BAC Darkest Night

Historical information

27 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Dark Rain Squadron is one of four squadrons operating from the BAC Darkest Night. It operates as part of the Arcona Expeditionary Force and is currently lead by Captain Arthur Intravior.


Dark Rain Squadron was founded by Proconsul Sashar Arconae following the Eighth Great Jedi War, or the Yuuzhan Vong Incursion. Dark Sight is one of the most illustrious and daring teams stationed on the Darkest Night, both for the roles it played in the relentless pounding of House Galeres targets during the Feud and for eliminating Yuuzhan Vong targets during the Reecee Extraction. Due to losses suffered during Horizons, the squadron was inactive between 36 ABY and 38 ABY, due to a lack of fighters available.



Dark Rain Squadron is one of the four squadrons assigned to the BAC Shadow in the Arcona Expeditionary Force, and their primary role in the Fleet is to carry out bombing missions with the support of the other squadrons. Each starfighter packs a punch, and when utilized in cohesion can prove deadly to most targets.


Dark Rain Squadron pilots use K-Wing Heavy Bombers with the logo of Clan Arcona on the left and House Galeres on the right.


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