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The Battle for Rhelg
Conflict: The Dark Crusade
Objective: Capture Rhelg
Date: 36 ABY
Location: Rhelg
Outcome: Arcona takes control of Rhelg.



Scholae Palatinae

One Sith





Entire force

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The Battle for Rhelg

Naval Engagement

With the first planet already under the control of the Brotherhood, Arcona’s navy still felt bitter about the loss that took place on Krayiss II. Taldryan had taken the victory from under the nose of the well trained fleet and the annoyance of the command officers could be seen throughout the ships day-to-day workings. With this being the second chance for the Arcona fleet to once more prove themselves, the air aboard the Eye of the Abyss II was full of tension. Each Captain from the fleet was summoned to a meeting to talk about the upcoming battle.

Wuntila Arconae led this meeting, demanding that the Arconan fleet proved itself to be stronger than the rest of the Brotherhood. As they were given their coordinates to advance onto a planet known as Rhelg with orders in hand, all of the fleet prepared to jump, wanting to prove themselves to be the best of the Brotherhood once more. Alas, Arcona arrived only to once more find the One Sith fleet waiting for them.

Engaging in full scale naval combat, the Arconan forces threw everything they had at the One Sith only to find it was equally powerful. Though the surprise was yet to come, lurking away from the rest was the Eye of the Abyss II, silent and dormant in space. Its cloaking device activated as it made its way around the enemy lines with ease, while the main fighting was done head to head.

Arcona soon found that their bombers were having trouble getting through the waves of fighters that the One Sith deployed. Taldryan and Odan-Urr were not faring well either. Being held back against the line it seemed that this planet was more difficult to conquer with naval superiority than before. However, the XJ-Wings that recently joined Arcona seemed to be going toe to toe in dog fights against the One Sith’s own fighters.

Without the ability to get their bombers through the lines, it meant that the damage the Shadow Clan’s larger ships were taking would soon penetrate their shielding. As blasts pelted the side of the NSD Invicta, she took damage to her back hull, causing intermittent failure of one of her engines. It was time to once again pull out Arcona’s Naval Procedure. As the ISDII came up alongside the nearest of One Sith’s capital ships, it dropped its cloaking device and fired a broadside into the unsuspecting ships. With one of their capital ships obliterated, the One Sith were left with no other option but to retreat, beaten back by the might of Arcona’s proven Navy and clever use of strategy and tactics on the part of the Arconan commanders.

It didn't take long after that for Arcona to prove its dominance once more, taking glory on the planet as the Arconan fleet dominated the orbit of Rhelg. Now the fighting would be taken to the ground and the prospect of coming out on top was a worthy challenge for the Shadow Clan.

Planet Side Engagement

An Arconan Dark Jedi Knight, fighting in the Battle for Rhelg.

"Arconans, engage!"
Marick Arconae

Proconsul Marick Arconae led the frontal assault of Arcona’s forces on the ground, with Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae close at his side. Marick cleverly divided Arcona’s strength into multiple regiments, and used hit-and-run skirmishes to bait Scholae Palatinae and Taldryan forces into fighting each other. At the same time, he used these skirmishes as a smokescreen against the enemy One Sith and Black Sun mercenary groups.

Arcona was able to capitalize on their multiple advantages thank to the combined efforts of both seasoned veterans and bright upstarts.

The aerial efforts were highlighted by Andrelious J. Inahj, who helped coordinate executing their Proconsul’s planning. The Arcona Rollmaster flew a spare Stealth-X as a complementary member of Void Squadron.

Void Squadron escorting Arconan 'Bombing runs'.

"You’re good to land. Save some of those One Sith for me!"
Inahj, after completing his mission.

Once the space battle had been won, Andrelious led a squadron of Arconan fighters in a series of devastating attacks on key One Sith targets on the ground, the ultimate task to clear a landing area for the Arconan forces. Void Squadron was highly successful in this endeavour even on the ground, allowing the rest of Arcona to land freely. With the ground targets neutralized, Void joined the Arconan forces in battle on the icy plains of Rhelg.

Planet Objectives

The Betrayer's Headstone

The Fortress of Ludo Kressh

Meanwhile, Wuntila led a splinter-company across the frosted terrain, clearing a path towards the Fortress of Ludo Kressh. The Consul had taken it upon himself to lead the first team in, hand-picking Socorra Erinos, Tsainetomo Keibatsu, Valhavoc, Montresor, and Invictus. After leaving the rest of the Battle in the hands of Timeros Arconae, Marick joined up to assist his Consul.

Once inside the Fortress, the team quickly dispatched a squad of Black Sun Mercenaries. As the battle died down, however, the Arconans fell under an ancient curse that awakened their hidden frustrations. In-fighting broke out until the threat of coming danger drew their attentions away.

Despite having the skill and wherewithal to dispatch the remaining mercenaries, the fortress itself posed the greatest threat to the Consul’s forward team. The spirit of Ludo Kressh was drawn to then-Dark Jedi Knight Montresor, the latter’s thirst for power calling to the contentious Force Ghost. The spectre led Montresor away from his still-fighting Clan mates with the promise of unimaginable strength; little did the Knight or his Arconan comrades know that Ludo Kressh sought a physical vessel to possess, marking his full return to the world of the living.

Simultaneously, Tsainetomo struggled with the fact that he was fighting within the keep of one of Clan Naga Sadow’s philosophical founders. The curse of the keep had an unforeseen effect on him, as a spirit that referred to itself as an “Avatar of War” emerged from within him. This ‘Apostate’ assisted the Consul’s team in defeating the possessed Montresor, who was bedecked in Ludo Kressh’s cursed armor. In the process, he near-fatally wounded several of the team in the process.

Despite the coordination of Arcona’s efforts, the entire Clan still faced many failings within the Fortress. Ludo Kressh’s presence was omnipotent within its walls, and the rage and power affected many others. While some were possessed, like those of Wuntila’s forward team, others experienced great fits of rage, blackouts, loss of conscious control, or otherwise simply channeled the Dark Side in ways they never had.

In the assault team headed by the Galeres Summit, Novice Atyiru Araave unknowingly launched a powerful Force Lightning attack (typically reserved for Sith Lords) on both Cethgus and Sanguinius who were fighting at the time due to Ludo Kressh's influence. The two leaders were knocked unconscious as a result and are still teased about the incident to the day by the recently knighted Miraluka.

The two Entars still bristle when reminded about that incident; their time spent in the Fortress was not a fond one. For Sang, the memories of watching his closest friend and mentor falling under the blade of the One Sith Master still haunt the Quaestor of Galeres. The experience drove Sanguinius to new heights of power and hatred as he cut down the One Sith in revenge before calling for immediate extraction from the building.

Some teams barely entered the fortress; such was the power of Kressh’s influence. The team headed by Nadrin Erinos Arconae fell apart almost as soon as they came within sight of the fortress. Wes Biriuk ignited the infighting by opening fire on Nikola Valtiere. Only the intervention of Fet'ai'narun allowed the team to even set foot in the antechamber.

For all their efforts, the Fortress was ultimately secured by the Old Folks' Home, another steal just out of the fingertips of Clan Arcona.

Advanced Reconnaissance

Socorra's render of Rhelg's surface

"It's too frakking cold!"
Socorra Erinos, during the mission to take the Fortress.

A team lead by Qel-Droma Quaestor Socorra Erinos was able to bring back a highly accurate reading of the planet’s surface, helping Consul Wuntila Arconae to better utilize the terrain to his advantage. Despite only recently joining the Clan, Atyiru Araave was able to assist Socorra, and earned herself a great deal of admiration from her Clan mates for her role in the battle.

My Enemy, My Friend

DJM Troutrooper's ship crashed on the surface of Rhelg.

Arcona’s sole Mon Calamari, Troutrooper, was gunned down while in a dogfight with a One Sith pilot, but not before inflicting severe damage to the enemy’s fighter as well. The Dark Jedi Master was injured in the ensuing crash; he has since fully recovered. Shadow Taldrya prevented Troutrooper from realizing his grand plans as the Son of Taldrya finished what Troutrooper began.


Socorra Erinos’ technological skills proved invaluable as the Quaestor was able to crack the enemy cryptology before anyone else on the planet. With some added help from Gatewarden Invictus, this intel proved to be a crucial turning point in a battle in which the two powerhouses were locked in tight competition.