Laren Uscot

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Laren Uscot
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

6 ABY, 28 years old

Physical Description







75 kg





Personal Information
  • DC-17 blaster pistol
  • Dagger
Fighting Style(s):
  • Echani
Chronology & Political Information
  • Mercenary
  • Bounty Hunter


Known masters:

Teylas Ramar



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Laren Uscot was a male Pantoran mercenary in the employ of Hyperdyne Industries, under the shadow-control of Clan Plagueis. His role was unofficial, as his specialty of work was as a bounty hunter. Laren could be described as a witty, somewhat annoying sentient. Laren used his understanding of social skills and his wit at inappropriate or pressured situations to distract his enemies from his true goals and abilities. His primary advantage was seemingly being harmless, yet clearly not unintelligent. In battle or when hunting a target, he was passionate and utterly ruthless. His traditional Mandalorian training had given him an understanding that the hunt for his victims was a challenge he had to overcome and learn from, no matter the consequences to those around him.

Character History

Early Life (6 ABY - 10 ABY)

Laren Uscot was born a on Pantora in 6 ABY to two parents and an older sister. His father was a botantist on Pantora, working to understand the small amounts of native flora thriving on Orto Plutonia. His mother was a skilled mechanic, usually under contract with various trading companies that docked on Pantora to deliver and depart with goods. Laren also had a sister, Ivenna Uscot, who was four years his senior. They lived a comfortable and unassuming life in the Pantoran capital.

When Laren was three years old, in 9 ABY, his mother took a job as a Chief Mechanic aboard a freighter traveling the Corellian Run. With the New Republic struggling to maintain a sluggish galactic economy in the few years since the seeming destruction of the Galactic Empire, she had no choice. The family was moved to Christophsis under the company budget, and they quickly found a home there. However, Laren’s father was bitter about living away from their family, and furthermore bitter about giving up his work on Orto Plutonia. Though he found a job on Christophsis, managing a group of greenhouses key to new farming expeditions for neighbouring star systems, the bitterness was clearly seen by a distraught Laren and his sister, Ivenna.

Free No More (11 ABY)

In 11 ABY, when Laren was five years old, his mother was granted time away from the company for her excellent service. She returned quickly, and the family agreed to go on a vacation to Pantora to see the family they so missed. The company Laren’s mother worked for provided public transportation for the family aboard one of their transports, making the organization of the trip simple and seamless.

The family promptly departed Christophsis aboard the transport. However, it was the last time Laren would see a world he would ever consider home, or safe again. Sometime during the journey, the transport was raided. Clearly the work ofpirates, Laren’s parents and the other passengers were a mass of panic and confusion in response to the initial bombardment that dropped that transport out of hyperspace. Laren’s mother took the lead, attempting to hide the family in one of the small cargoholds aboard the transport. However, it was no use. The pirates meticulously searched the ship after killing its unarmed crew, seemingly killing at random and taking others hostage. They found them hiding, and they killed his mother and father. Though originally they attempted to take Laren’s sister, Ivenna, as a hostage, she was killed trying to escape her captor's grasp. Laren was taken prisoner along with a few other children and young adults. What he didn’t know, but would soon learn, was that he wasn’t taken as a hostage. He was taken as a slave for the Pyke Syndicate.

Perseverance on Kessel (11ABY - 20 ABY)

The transport ship was quickly joined by another vessel. Laren and the few companions left alive were led onto the other vessel, as it was clear this group, unknown to Laren but known as the Pyke Syndicate, wanted the vessel for its illegal operations including spice running. Laren’s life was in the hands of these monsters, and they dropped him deep in the spice mines of Kessel. Laren was quickly taken in by some of the other, more mature slaves. The other slaves were disgusted that the Pykes were desperate enough the bolster their ranks with children to help fuel their growing operations.

Among the slaves in their section of the mines, Euri Wallad was considered to be the unofficial leader. She was a tough, middle-aged human woman who had been stuck in the mines for over ten years. A former private security guard for galactic-credit transfers, she was taken prisoner when the ship was attacked by the Pykes, though the engagement was seen by the Empire as perpetrated by the growing Rebellion. She had united a majority of the slaves in their mine, hoping to find an opportunity to one day escape indefinite servitude and probable death.

The imposing Kessel system, and Laren's home.

During his time with Euri, the slaves' protection also provided Laren with extremely useful skills he used to survive. They taught him to utilize his small stature to the best of his ability, teaching him stealth and subterfuge, a basic ability to track targets of interest, and more. But most important wasn’t a skill, but they taught Laren that deceit, distrust, and a controlled sense of anger to drive an unrelenting will for escape was his means of eventually releasing himself from his captivity. Survival was everything, and his anger fueled his resolve.

A year later, Laren failed a first attempt at escaping on his own. Though the failure had been predicted by Euri and their companions, what wasn’t predicted was what happened next. Laren was severely tortured. They cut him deeply and slowly, causing him extreme pain. What Laren didn’t realize until his scars began to heal was that the Pyke’s had cut him where the shapes of his family crest had once been, leaving deadly lacerations and horrible memories in place of his last connection to his deceased family. The Pykes had truly taken everything from the young Pantoran, though they could not fully break the teenager into telling them who was responsible for his partial escape attempt.

Escape from Servitude (21 ABY)

Upon Laren’s release, Euri and her companions met the young Pantoran and did what they could to maintain his life. With their help, Laren persevered through the loss of blood and intense pain. His scars took months to heal, but once he was physically able, Euri took charge and began to plan the ultimate escape. Together, they would overwhelm the few guards to the entrance of the mines and bolt directly for the landing pad and a ship off the planet.

Before the plan could be carried out, Euri died under suspicious circumstances. As she was in good health, Laren and the other companions suspected that the Pykes had poisoned her, discovering she was a threat as a leader. In honour of Euri, Laren and his companions proceeded with their escape plan anyway. After taking out the guards at the entrance of the mine, they fled through it's entrance tunnels and up toward the landing pads. Not being seen on the way, they commandeered a speeder, and Laren and his three companions made their way to the lightly guarded docking bay in quick-time. In the Pyke’s arrogance, only three lightly armed guards stood watch over a freighter destined for distant systems. The companions overwhelmed the guards and stole the ship without much incident, departing Kessel and making a run for it.

A New Beginning (21 ABY - 33A ABY)

Escaping to, of all places, the esteemed center of crime known as Nar Shaddaa, Laren and his three other companions sold the stolen Pyke ship in a shady deal at their docking bay in the lower levels of the capital. The companions split the money evenly four ways and without incident, knowing that these first steps into freedom required their cooperation before they separated. The ship itself had been a valuable Corellian freighter, leaving each now-freed slave with a large sum of money to start a new life. Before long, the four parted ways, hoping to begin a new life on the scum-infested, Hutt-controlled world.

Laren found himself living on Nar Shaddaa for a short time, drinking too much and brawling in various bars across the city. Though the majority of his money was safe, the teen was known to be a degenerate even amongst scum, using his skills without purpose and fighting opponents he could not win. Through a set of lucky circumstances, Laren did manage to find a way to grow from a self-deprived teenager into a skilled and dangerous mercenary and bounty hunter he was today. He was in the right place at the right time.

Ygril's Fist

After some time on Nar Shaddaa leading a pointless existence, the young Pantoran met a man named Ygril. He was the leader of a small but effective mercenary band known as Ygril’s Fist. Ygril was a massive Cathar and a proven soldier. He respected the young Pantoran’s aggression, and he also noted his agility, even for someone of such a small size compared to the average galactic standard. He offered Laren work, and it was work that was without moral or ethics. Ygril took jobs for any client, as long as they were paid, and he could put his own skills to good use. Laren accepted, becoming a member of the group and traveling aboard their ship, the [i]Lancer[i].

Laren spent the better part of his late teenage years and early adult years serving with Ygril’s First. During his time here, he began down the path of an official mercenary, learning how to pilot fighters and other small vessels, the use of small blasters and various improvised weapons, and how to hone his aggression into a tool utilized effectively on the battlefield. Ygril himself saw Laren’s value and skill as a hunter, usually employing Laren as a scout on the battlefield, or an assassin of low-to-mid level targets. Laren was even tasked as a spy of sorts, tracking targets and gathering information without being noticed and reporting back to Ygril himself.

The mercenary group took jobs from all clients, ranging from various Hutt factions and the Black Sun, to Republic agents and private businessmen. In 26 ABY, on the job for a Mandalorian oligarch, Laren’s skills with his DC-17 blaster pistol impressed the former soldier turned galactic millionaire. Following a brief but brutal engagement with bounty hunter’s sent to kill the man known as Nelen Davz, Laren was offered a job. Rather than serve with Ygril’s Fist, he was offered the chance for a lucrative salary, a home on Mandalore near Nelen’s own residence, and a position on his personal team of bodyguards. Laren parted from Ygril’s Fist on good terms, having received invaluable training and life experiences from the experienced mercenary team. But Laren thought he wanted more stability in his life, and accepted the Mandalorian’s offer.

Employment on Mandalore

Through a set of shady circumstances Laren was not privy too, he was granted access of employment and living from the Mandalorian government. Considered as a private contractor under the employ of Davz Galactic Management Company, Laren was given training by a qualified Mandalorian instructor. He learned the ways of the modern Mandalorian soldier before going on active duty. His instructors also taught him the Echani art, considering it the best fit for Laren’s petite yet agile frame. They honed his skills with his blaster pistol, and gave him some training on tactics and the use of his surroundings. Within six months, and after learning to read and write, Laren was put into the direct employ of Davz himself having completed his mandatory training.

He escorted Davz everywhere as one of his two bodyguards. This meant Laren was privy to less-than-legal encounters with various black market agents. In particular, Davz seemed to have a cozy relationship with the Black Suns, though Laren kept his identity hidden from their representatives. Laren and his second, Jos Wroe, the Mandalorian bodyguard, were responsible for saving Davz’s life on five separate occasions.

In 30 ABY, at the age of 24, Laren’s fifth successful attempt of saving Nelen Davz’s life from his enemies lead to events he had not seen coming. He was framed for setting a bomb on Davz’s personal shuttle which ended up killing his partner, Jos Wroe. Laren was thrown in prison and was awaiting a trial which would determine whether he was to be thrown in prison. Davz, of course, made it clear that he would eliminate Laren once he was found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Luckily, Laren had extensive knowledge in escaping captivity, once again finding a way out of jail and stealing a small hyperspace-worthy vessel before Davz, afraid Laren knew too much of his illegal operations, could have him killed. Luckily Laren also knew how to hide his money, with a private account available to him on any major commercial world. However he never revealed any information about Davz's to the authorities. That would have been a job-killer.

Manipulation (31 ABY - Present)

Laren's solo career took off, earning a good reputation as a bounty hunter who could get things done in the Outer Rim. Laren primarily based himself on Onderon, blending into the vast diversity in population that it's capital, Iziz, tended to attract and finding clients in the crowded cantinas of Iziz. Though Laren had a good reputation, he sometimes overworked himself by taking too many jobs. This usually led to one of two outcomes, where the client didn't get what they wanted, or the client found out Laren was working concurrently for one of their enemies. His reputation to get jobs done wasn't tarnished by these events, though he could never once say he had a good relationship with his clients.

However, all of Laren's work was beginning to manipulate his own destiny toward being under the employ of Hyperdyne Industries. Known only to Laren as a starship manufacturing company, the puppeteers of Clan Plagueis had use for his unique abilities as a Bounty Hunter. Though a Non-Force User, Laren was being driven into their arms, and their credits centered around the planet Cadinth. But he had no idea what was to come.

Physical Description


As a Pantoran, Laren bears the signature golden-yellow eyes, full blue skin and dark blue hair of his species. He is of average galactic height, and similar to many Pantorans, his body frame was petite and, some would argue, frail. Overall, Laren would be unassuming if he were a normal humanoid. However, where the yellow markings of his family lineage were once worn proudly on his face, there are instead deep scars of a lighter blue colour than the rest of his face. The scaring is located on the bridge of his nose between his eyes, where two thin lines and a dot once resided. On his cheeks, the same scars appeared, with the lines parallel to the angle of his nose and a dot in the middle.

Clothing and Loadout

Laren's old but trusted weapon, his DC-17 hand blaster found on Kessel.

Laren’s outfit of choice are dark robes of dark gray, brown or black that are loose fitting around the cuff and waist for easy access to hidden items of value to him. His pants are loose at the ankle, but tucked into boots that are buckled at the knee. At all times, Laren can be spotted wearing a black utility belt and a black holster for his DC-17 hand blaster, a useful trinket found on Kessel that has served him well. He keeps his dagger, inside his left boot, concealed until necessary.

His entire wardrobe is designed to be light and agile. Laren does not wear armour into combat, slowing him down and, if he needs to engage in unarmed combat, making his Echani teachings much less effective against a skilled adversary.