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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Bron Vesh
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The Sisterhood

Bron Vesh was born a Nightsister. Her early life was steeped in trouble and torment. Whilst she knows little to nothing about her father, having rarely seen him or heard his name mentioned, her mother, not wanting Bron to experience the life that she had, attempted to leave the sisterhood leading to her murder, which was witnessed by Bron. She was forcefully taken and trained under the Clan Mother and quickly learnt the ways of the Nightsisters. As she grew older her curiosity of life outside the sisterhood often lead to her being punished. This caused her to develop a lack of trust for her fellow sisters.

When Bron reached age of fifteen her yearning to leave behind the world she knew grew more intense, which led to her first escape attempt. She fled into the jungle with enough supplies to last several months. Within weeks of leaving the safety of her sisters Bron was attacked by the vicious beast she had been tracking - a Rancor. Due to her teachings from the sisterhood, Bron blindly believed she could trap and train the animal. This plan backfired when the rancor, enraged by Brons recklessness, broke free from its trap. Bron was flung backwards and her ankle fell into one of her own snares . When the snare triggered she was ripped from the earth and left dangling by her ankle from an overhanging tree. She could only watch on in horror as the Rancor trampled her makeshift camp, spoiling her remaining supplies. Once again depending on her determination to escape, Bron was forced to break her own ankle to free herself.

Unable to move and determined not to go back, Bron willingly accepted death until her location was discovered by the Nightsisters. When they found her she was weak from hunger and thirst and minutes from death due to blood loss. The next thing she remembers is reawakening back in the fortress of the Nightsisters knowing that she had failed.

Over the next five years Bron kept her head down whilst she plotted a better means of escape, praying to the Fanged God to give her the strength she needed to break the chains of her order. Her opportunity for escape arose when a group of Arconan females came to her clan in search of the skills needed to trap and train a Drogon. Bron made a bargain with them to give them they needed to tame the beast in exchange for passage to Selen. Upon reaching the Arconan homeworld she betrayed the group, abandoning them to seek out a new life for herself. Bron traveled to the city seeking credits for further transport by any means necessary. She broke into Naruba Investments which led to her swift capture by Arconan forces. She was brought before the consul Wuntila Arconae for sentencing. Wuntila sensed her aptitude with the force and made her the bargain that would change her life. He offered to spare her life on the condition that he would become her mentor and teach her the ways of the force. Years later they would look back and laugh at the irony of his offer; her future was in his hands.



Due to the strong Matriarchal society in which she was raised in, she hold men in a low. Her upbring was very strict, the harsh training she received caused her to develop a cold exterior which does not allow much space for personal emotion or feelings.