S'nar Que Seshai

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S'nar Que Seshai
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Date of Birth:

13 ABY

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Personal Information

Teroch Erinos Arconae Cethgus Atyiru Araave Nath Voth Arcona


Gorga Hutt

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate Wampa Do Shii-Cho

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Sergeant of Dark Forge Battleteam


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Known masters:

Teroch Erinos Arconae

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"The deal is rigged, there is darkness in my soul, I want to die again. An empty soul, shrouded in darkness, alone and confused what am I? Images flash memories jades. He took my life! May the Gods damn his lies"
―S’nar concerning his brother

S’nar has found a home among the Brotherhood, when he first became a member, he sought the tutelage and pursuit of power that the Brotherhood could provide him. What he found was a cause not his own, but one he is willing to lay his life down for. The ongoing war against the One Sith has allowed him to prove himself time and again, recently serving as one of the three appointed Field Generals during the Assault of Svolten has shown him, and his superiors what he is capable of.

Character History

The Quiet One

S’nar was born the thirty-second of forty-two children. Having never spoken to his father, the famed General Seshai, S’nar respected and admired his father but never knew him on a personal basis.

Practically raised by the Hunters who followed his father, S’nar grew from an early age to take on the aspects of the Kaleesh warrior tradition; honor through combat, pride through victory and immortality through legend. Kaleesh believed that the greatest of men would join the God’s in Shrupak Absemi and watch over the Kaleesh forever.

His childhood spent tracking among the swamps of Kalee, where S’nar took down his first Huk before his ninth winter. He was considered special among his peers for being able to “Sense” the presence of his prey and even the older hunters took note of S’nar’s special talent. Few seasons went by that the child failed to bring home less than a dozen prized kills for his Clan.

Death of the Father

During S’nar’s twelfth year, his father felled during combat when three tribes banded together to overcome the Seshai Clan. It was after this season when Seshai’s eldest son Batilith took his claim to the General’s position, belonging and wives.

Batilith was much like his father, arrogant, proud, and overconfident. Believing himself to be his father's heir, Batilith thought he would have little trouble continuing to walk in his father's footsteps. However, the next next three years saw the Seshai Clan defeated time and again. Batilith became hated by his Warriors for never leading his men into battle, and for blaming his father’s retainers after each battle lost.

Batilith had finally run through all of his father’s wealth, and his retainers soon left for other tribes. His wives abandoned him, or committed suicide to no longer be bound to someone considered cursed. Desperate, Batilith resorted to something no honourable Kaleesh chieftain would do: sold his own Kin into slavery, he traded his younger siblings who had yet to come of age in exchange for supplies and weapons from Gorga the Hutt.

S’nar saw the last of his homeworld at the age of fifteen, the year he should have been given the right to take up arms for his Clan; instead he would be cast into bondange by his oldest brother. The Hutts would find use for the young Kaleesh’s ability to see in the dark and his strong back: S’nar spent the next several years inside a Helicite mine.

The Darkness Consumes

Helicite Mining Facility

S’nar has never willingly spoken of his time down in the mines, the years spent without light, delving deeper and deeper. He became skilled in demolitions, his survival skills sharpened, and his body became lean and accustomed to living off next to nothing.

S’nar realized that the more time he spent finding new veins to mine, the less time he spent among the base camps, overseen by the foremen. During these years he saw his brothers only so often. Over the course of their indenture, he would periodically return to the surface to find another lost or another dead, until by the fifth year in the mines he was the last left alive.

Months spent alone and shadowed in darkness left S’nar unused to the presence of others. He became withdrawn, and began to see phantoms of his eldest brother among the mines. With only memories of betrayal for company, S’nar was left bitter, cold, and disillusioned, often considering ending his life in the void of space..

It was within those mines that S’nar felt his brother’s death. Down in the absolute darkness, his rage building as he dreamed of his brother’s betrayal, he had a vision and witnessed the downfall of his brother at the hands of the warriors of the Seshai Clan. S’nar felt the emptiness consume him as he realized the one chance he had to gain revenge on the brother who had betrayed him was gone.


Months passed by that S’nar rarely returned to base camp. When his supplies had finally dwindled to nothing, He made contact with the foreman. Only to be pulled from the mine and transferred by Thorja Cornag; Gorja’s head foremen for multiple mining sites. Another mining site had need of his talent as a delver, his ability becoming notorious among the mining camps. It was during the transfer that Thorja was hailed by none other than Teroch Erinos.

Teroch had sensed the presence of a Force-sensitive aboard Cornag’s freighter and made contact with the intent of buying slaves from Cornag for use by the Mandalorians. When Teroch found the Kaleesh, he sensed the deep void that had become S’nar’s being. Fearing that the Kaleesh was too far gone to recover and make use of, the Dark Jedi gave S’nar one chance to prove himself.

He provided S’nar with a weapon, and made it clear that if S’nar wanted on board the Mandalorian vessel then he would have to prove himself still capable of fighting. S’nar killed Thorja, his crew, and every slave aboard the vessel before being pulled from the freighter by Teroch’s own men

Life among the Elite

S’nar showed incredible promise from the beginning of his time among the Brotherhood. An aptitude for learning gave him success in the Shadow Academy. His thirst for personal combat, has led him to become one of the most active and competitive duelists that Arcona can field against their enemies, and his tireless work as the Executive Officer for Soulfire Strike team led him to aggressive promotion under the tutelage of Teroch Erinos Arconae

During this time he has made numerous allies, working alongside Atyiru Araave, Nath Voth, and even earning the grudging respect of his former, and current Quaestors Sanguinius Tsucyra and Cethgus Arconae.

For his dedicated service, unceasing participation, and effort to lead his fellow Dark Jedi during the battle of Bhargebba. S’nar made the rank of Dark Jedi Knight faster then any current member of Arcona’s fighting forces.

Dark Jedi Knight

Left with little time to prepare, S’nar returned from Bhargebba a Dark Jedi Knight and was immediately faced with the worst conflict of his life. Upon returning to Dajorra System, House Galeres found itself faced with an old, but not forgotten enemy. S’nar and his apprentice Azasell were sent to investigate an outer system mining rig. During their investigation the rig came under attack by the Death Walkers, S’nar and his Apprentice both suffered unbelievable torture at the hands of the Deathwalkers.

When Soulfire Strike Team came to extract their captured comrades, aided by the then Quaestor Sanguinius. S’nar managed to escape his bonds during the ensuing chaos, and while trying to make contact with his Battleteam. Came across the leader of the Deathwalkers in an intense struggle against Nath Voth, while the Barabel proved to be equal to one of the Dark Jedi Knights, through the combined efforts of the two Knights they managed to eliminate the enemy leader.

For his actions during the Homecoming Event. S’nar was offered the Sergeant position of Dark Forge Battleteam. Though reluctant to leave the Battleteam he had come to know, for the betterment of Galeres, S’nar accepted the position and alongside Sanguinius; led half of the ground assault force during the Svolten Campaign.

Personal Information

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S’nar’s earliest years were spent on Kaleesh being raised as the child of a great General and Chieftain. S’nar fully believes that his father earned a place in Shrupak Absemi the home of the Gods. He looked up to his father as the example of a Kaleesh warrior, someone who walked in the footsteps of General Grevious and Bentailis.

When taken by the slavers of Gorga Hutt, S’nar spent several years watching his more rebellious siblings be broken. Down in those mines, S’nar became lost in his anger, almost haunted by the wraith of Bentilith’s actions.

Now that he is free, he has found an opportunity to remember what he was supposed to be. As a Dark Jedi he will become strong enough to not only walk among the Gods of the Kaleesh but become one of them. Though he now serves another master, this master he serves of his own desire.

The Obelisk order was a natural choice for S’nar. The constant combat, the constant turmoil, and need to prove oneself in combat has given S’nar the chance to unleash that anger. Only in battle has he found a way to shrug off the mantle of a slave and feel completely free.

Combat Style

Despite being taken from his homeworld, in his youth S’nar had trained alongside his father’s warriors. He developed an early talent for use of the Shoni spear, the Czerka Outland rifle and a variant of the Broken Gate style that his father had brought back to his kinsmen among the Kaleesh.

After his time in the Academy, S’nar devoted himself to the mastery of his martial disciplines. He is well aware of Teroch’s reason for having him trained, knowing his master prefers those that feel the desire for perfection. Among the first of those accepted into the Battleteam SoulFire S’nar embodies passion and the drive to succeed at all costs.

The true weakness to S’nar’s fighting is that he has yet to develop fully as a Force-user. While his abilities aren’t difficult for him to summon, he is often without much endurance for Force use; and with little effort by his counterparts they can break down his defences.


S’nar has the characteristic appearance of his people: dark brown, scaled skin with a red tint. Generally kept covered, those few who have helped in his training have seen the tangled webbing of scars across the Kaleesh’s body from years spent in servitude. The Kaleesh has given up his peoples customary armor and attire for a more traditional and tactical customized suit of Sith battle armor designed to fit his form and still allow for freedom of movement.

S’nar has adopted the weapons of the Dark Jedi, he carries a double handed lightsaber intended for use with his chosen form of Shii-cho, and a slightly modified Lancer Projectile Rifle Mark 1 (LPR-1). The two weapons were given to him by Teroch Erinos as a gift upon his reaching Dark Jedi Knight.

Although something he only recently developed a renewed interest in, S’nar has a talent for demolitions. Years of blasting tunnels for the Hutts has made him well aware of the use of multiple types of explosives, the timing for each of them, and the mechanisms used to create them.

S’nar once carried the trademark Huk mask of his people, upon the destruction of this prized possession at the hands of the Deathwalkers leader he chose not to replace the mask, and instead walks among his brothers now without hiding his face.

Position held

Though only beginning his term of leadership in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, S'nar has already left several events for his previous Battleteam, and currently holds the role of Sergeant.

Positions Held
Before Position After
None Executive Officer of Soulfire Strike Team
37 ABY
Socorra Erinos
Kalon Dane Sergeant of Dark Forge
37 ABY

DJB Facts

  • Joined The Dark Brotherhood (April 22, 2013).
  • Joined House Qel-Droma.
  • Became Apprentice to Teroch Erinos.
  • Transferred to Galeres to serve as Executive Officer of Soulfire Strike Team
  • Promoted to the Sergeant of Dark Forge (July 5th, 2013)
  • Member of Grand Master's Royal Guard (First Echelon: III).
  • Achieved Dark Jedi Knight in 1 months and 2 days (May 24, 2013).
  • Took Azasell Kirin on as an apprentice.
  • Earned a Silver Novae competing against Cethgus Arconae during the Battle of Bhargebba Crusade event.