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"Tempered in shadow; wrought of pain."
― Dark Forge Battleteam motto

Dark Forge was a Battleteam within House Galeres of Clan Arcona.

Dark Forge
General information
  • Valhavoc
  • Troutrooper
  • Teu
  • Ood Bnar
  • Inarya
  • Archer Merchant
Historical information

36 ABY


38 ABY

Other information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Dark Forge was a Battleteam within House Galeres of Clan Arcona. It was founded in 36 ABY, shortly following the outbreak of the Horizon Plague. Dark Forge was not the “shock and awe” Battleteam of House Galeres. The unit was designed to be supported by a base of fire to flank and destroy key targets which were chosen by the Summit. In short the team was a quick, lethal, and covert unit who were specialists in lightsaber and hand-to-hand combat.

Beyond the Horizon

Battleteam Dark Forge's first combat action was when House Plagueis requested assistance from Clan Arcona to defeat the forces that remained from Zoraan's assault on the Jusadih System during the Horizon Vendetta. Dark Forge was tasked to assist with securing Plagueis' Nebula-Class Star Destroyer, Ascendancy, with Spectre Cell.

Dark Crusade

At the beginning of the Dark Crusade, Dark Forge found itself an indefinite home aboard the BAC Darkest Night by order of the Quaestor, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar who now retired from the role. It also found itself being led into battle by a new Battle Team Leader, Jaek Kaeth. The team had not even fully settled into the ship before a course had been plotted to the first planet they would be fighting upon in the name of Arcona, Krayiss II.

Operation: Figurehead

Now almost two years into the future all but the name of the Battle Team Dark Forge have been lost to time. The holocrons and offices used by the team have been scrapped, stolen or sold as tactical information. Since the step down of Valkish Ebonvar the team recently have been fighting behind enemy lines of the One Sith during the Fading Light campaign. Specifically on Begeren. With the ascension of Lexiconus to the head office, a new light and reputation has begun to take form. As a symbol of infiltration, reconnaissance, and military espionage. With the Arconae family now leading in the civil war against the Quaestors, Dark Forge has split into separate sides, always hesitant to meet their fellow Battle Team friends in the fight. The final battle took place in the Serpentine Throne room and both sides clashed with immense fury. Lexiconus fought his own Sergeant for the first time and found he was incapable of killing her.

Modern Time

Dusk Station

The Battle Team moved forward just as healthy as before the war, and into a new home. Dusk Station became a very safe and preferred housing for the members of Dark Forge. They were not in command of the station, as this was in the hands of another serving directly under Marick. Additionally, the station is utilized as a spacedock for vessels of the Dajorran fleet in need of repair. While the facilities are inadequate to construct new ships or rectify any but the most minor damage to cruisers, it is capable of performing extensive repairs and retrofits to fighters, transports, and corvettes, as well as other small- to medium-sized vessels. Given the number of ships in the Dajorran fleet and the frequency of conflict, this is a much needed addition to Dajorra’s infrastructure.

Fading Light: Nicht Ka

With the One Sith closing in on the Dark Brotherhood, they were setting up camps and fortresses on isolated planets, which caused concern for many of the Consuls. When the Master At Arms found a datapad belonging to Esoteric which listed many One Sith personalites, and a traitor that was living in the Dark Council circles. Determined to isolate and destroy this threat, Muz sent the Clans onto Nicht Ka in order to silence this two-year threat forever. In the midst of this, Saskia left her office in Dark Forge to re-unite with her father, Andrelious to act as his Sergeant. In this gap, Meleu Karthdo a Sith Warrior, took her place and excelled on the battle field. His efforts combined with Lexiconus' made them heroes of Nicht Ka.

Operation: Resurgence

It wasn't long before the One Sith attacked home, and on a calm winters night they set their plans on Selen. During a meeting with the Arcona Summit in the SCEPTER Headquarters, a One Sith Assassin shot at the Galeres Aedile, Atyiru. This brought panic in the Clan Arcona and forced the Summit's hand into finding and neutralizing this threat. Together as a Clan, they launched Operation: Resurgence which was designed to put all their resources into finding the One Sith base on Selen and destroying their leaders. It was during this period that the mantle of Sergeant changed again, when Meleu packed and left for House Qel-Droma. This left the gap for potential, and the long-tenured Twi'lek of Dark Forge, K'tana filled in for the Sith Warrior. With the rising threat of the One Sith and the recurring threat of Rakghouls, the Arconan Summit urged the Dark Council to act. After many weeks of fighting this threat they isolated one of their primary bases; Korriban. This led to War

Eleventh Greath Jedi War: Korriban


Purpose in Sanctioned SCEPTER Operations

Members of Dark Forge officially worked in either the Future Operations or Intelligence Departments of SCEPTER, with the Battle Team Leader serving as Director of Operations. These positions provided access to review target information and assemble tactical strategies for operations the Battle Team conducted. Another asset is that equipment was available to the team much more freely for any specific mission during said operations.

The Battle Team could sometimes find themselves being represented as the face for SCEPTER and met with potential employers to elaborate on “solutions” the Private Military Contractor could offer. This provided a cover for travel to new locales that House Galeres liked to develop additional intelligence on, or may already have some vested interest in. During these operations the unit typically functioned in 2-4 person units however it is known that a single person may have approached a mission with no ties, using unmatched skill, strength, and martial arts. These members were called Commanders.

Purpose in House or Clan Operations

The Dark Forge Battle Team specialized in lightsaber combat, martial arts and demolitions. This provided a direct contrast to the long range reconnaissance capability of Soulfire. In large scale engagements the team was typically used as a flanking force while a base of fire pins down enemy targets, members often utilized speeders or other means of transportation to quickly close the distance with the enemy before executing quickly. These perilous tactics reigned in some of the Clan's greatest multi-skilled specialists and those well-versed in saber and hand-to-hand combat.

Dark Forge was also capable of infiltrating and eliminating key enemy facilities using their demolitions expertise, with each member of the Battle Team having received extensive training on the variety of explosives used, shortly after their own induction into Dark Forge. The extensive knowledge of mechanics, advanced robotics and splicing was also a key factor for the missions given by the House Galeres Summit, especially for prison rescue, interrogation and internal security of Arcona.

Dark Forge
Specialism Agent Dossier
Director/CQC Galleros Sjl 13880
Commander/Mechanical Kordath Bleu d'Tana 13593
Professor/Research Ood Bnar 3317
Superintendent/Operations K'tana 13419
General/Tactical Available Available
Commandant/Reconnaissance Available Available
Captain/Construction Donblas 13272
Ambassador/Diplomacy Reginald R9


Housed in the personal quarters of the Dark Forge office, this is a specialist who knows the theory behind every martial art, every lightsaber form intimately and understands how to use every weapon available. He has a wide knowledge of battle tactics, and has deep experience of close quarters fighting. Armed to the teeth with the melee weapons of modern technology, this member has the ability to use anything to their advantage whether it is blunt, sharp, corrosive, old or prototype that this being can arm themselves. Closely tied with the Tactical department and Reconnaissance, this member has the ability to train the others in any form they desire and to help them understand the theory and emotion.


Covering mechanics means being able to fix anything to do with wires, computers, slicing and overriding any system. It means needing to constantly be on the ball with regards to new techniques to go undetected, and to always be aware of new technology. They can get anything needed from anywhere for anything. They can forge documents, identities, and pick up the details that no one else would notice. They can obtain food, shelter and documents from nowhere, and has a secret network of contacts. They can disguise everyone to fit in, and find the weak spots in any place. They has a working knowledge of explosives and their detonators, and can wire up practically anything to become a bomb.


Locked in the deepest labs and infirmary of the Dark Forge office, the medic rescues all members from stabilizing fallen allies on the battlefield, over amputating damaged limbs in muddy ditches, to saving their lives in the operating room. Medicine covers a wide level of proficiency and skills. A good working knowledge of medical breakthroughs is required, as well as a basis in alchemy and other Force related skills.


Based at the Communications array of the Dark Forge office, they work tandem with Tactical. Operations would talk to someone, as Tactical put the knife in their back. As an Operations officer, their role is to assign small-scale missions that arrived in the Dark Forge office to the most suitable team member. Tasked with this delegation, they also hold every piece of information about each team member, what their skills are, where they need improvements and how to constructively piece each member into the larger-scale campaigns. With this method of mentoring, they also work closely with the Diplomacy department to discuss future missions, with the Reconnaissance department to micro-manage all new data, and with the Tactical department to assign the strategy of the whole team and to train new members.


Based in the War-room of the Dark Forge office, this member is a sniper specialist from long distance. Works closely with Operations. They know how to kill everyone in any position or place possible. They have impeccable aim, and could select a target in the middle of a crowd, kill them and walk away before anyone noticed. They can plot a plan without any notice, they can adjust the plan in the middle of a gun fight gone wrong, and can get everyone out of any problem situation.


Situated next to the War-room for comfort and convenience, they are the prime survival master when the team are at impossible odds. They can slip in and out of a tightly locked box without detection. They notice the smallest of details in a fake and can spot the deviation from a plan in the enemy. They can take the small details in from the wide picture and have the survivalist knowledge to land anywhere and be able to instinctively know where to camp, what they can eat and if they are safe or not.


Based near the Hangar bay of the Dark Forge office, they can infiltrate and storm any building with complete surprise and without the use of assistance. Their expert knowledge in surveying, civil engineering and their understanding of harsh terrains give the team an edge in escaping unwanted attention. With their knowledge in buildings, ships and space stations they are an invaluable team member when confronted with space battle, boarding parties and the interplanetary transport. They work closely with Operations to collect and analyse blueprints, with the Mechanical department to collect and trade all their hardware and tools, with the Tactical department to discuss strategies and with the Reconnaissance department to analyse evasion plans.


Housed in the Command center with the Director, the Diplomat is always on the edge with new ideas, interests and queries about the team’s missions of past, present and future. This member can change the tide of a mission with several simple words and holds unlimited patience. With the knowledge of all space treaties, affairs, rumors and legends this member has the ability to create missions if the team need any. They work closely with the Operations department to interpret data, with the Research department to discuss innovative theories, with the Tactical department to update strategies and with the Construction department to report ship and building designs.


During official SCEPTER Negotiations, team members typically wear tailored suits or clothing appropriate to either their rank or position. This gives the team a professional appearance which only reflects the seriousness of meeting with potential clients. The clothing is cut specifically to allow a lightsaber to be concealed, though only if the team member desires. A sidearm is also sometimes carried in a drop holster on the thigh, however several members are known to prefer an under arm sling holster instead or holding a protective case for replicated splicing equipment. There are also options such as boot anchors and repair belts, but this again is generally down to the individual member.

This individualism involved with Dark Forge is a large step away (and perhaps an advantage) to other organizations that can be found within Galeres and indeed in all of Arcona.

Members of Dark Forge will also be issued with a standard Arconan Armed Forces military uniform (if they haven't already received one) with a chest badge of the Battle Team along with a shoulder patch to represent SCEPTER. This clothing is ideal for SCEPTER negotiations and award ceremonies although it is not compulsory.

Praetorian Mask

Designed and put into commission by Sergeant Jaek Kaeth, the Praetorian Mask is indispensable to ground forces in command of their troops. Developed from an ornate armored faceplate, the mask is made of enhanced durasteel. With distinguished markings being carved into the face-plate to make each one related to the member, often coloring is added to strike fear into the opponents that the members of Dark Forge come into contact with upon the battlefield.

Furthermore; the added heads-up display functionality of the Praetorian Mask gave the wearer a much higher combat efficiency rating. The HUD (Heads Up Display) would add an active battlefield screening giving a topographical breakdown of the environment, active FoF (friend or foe) tags with added rangefinder capabilities, battlenet/holonet connection capabilities, and finally active climate/weather sensory systems.

DF-1s Armored Vest

A variant of the AV-1s Scout Armor, Dark Forge's armor DF-1 is significantly lighter than the original design produced by GTU. Removing several armored layers on all but the torso area reduces the armor's weight to 9 Kg without the helmet. The helmet adds an additional 1.5 Kg of weight if worn and reducing the bulk of the armor from the extremities allows for increased dexterity, which is conducive to multiple lightsaber techniques and Dark Forge's speed focused style of assaulting objectives.

Several items are noticeably absent on the
DF-1s armor
when compared with its parent AV-1s counterpart; The servo motors which are used in the AV-1s Power Armor to amplify the wearer's strength have been removed, with little to no armoring or external support structure on the wearer's extremities (besides from what is essential) there was no benefit to include the devices. The power lamp is an optional piece of the vest, at the user's choosing. Many members of Dark Forge will forgo the power lamp, instead using the vest's helmet or their innate Force abilities to assist in low light environments.

The repulsorlift engine remains fitted to the back of the vest, although it also has been modified. The standard 100m flight ceiling has been reduced to 60m and the gain from this modification is increased flight speed. The total amount of power cells within the vest have been reduced to one, the only functions which consume this cell are use of the repulsorlift engine and the power lamp. The repulsorlift engine in particular, is a significant drain on the power cell. The vest is only able to support 30 second flight periods from the engine, at maximum speed. Periods of flight greater than 30 seconds will rapidly drain the power supply. Testing of the vest shows that from a full charge it can support a total of 120 seconds of uninterrupted flight at maximum speed before power reaches levels which are inoperable for the repulsorlift engines.

The helmet to the DF-1s Armored Vest is an optional piece of equipment. All functions standard to the AV-1s helmet are included. Specifically these are; long range thermal imaging (200m range), low light imaging, environmental scanner, integrated macro-binoculars, multi-channel comm unit with encoder, a 50 kilometer range external voice amplifier and bio-med readout/sensor which displays the status of the wearer's vitals to themselves and the remainder of the team (who are wearing the DF-1s helmet). If the helmet is worn an insignificant amount of power is used to operate its systems as well thereby allowing it's systems to continue to function even after the previously mentioned 120 second flight testing.

Organization & Requirements

Currently the only requirement to join the Dark Forge Battle Team is that the applicant be at the Protector rank or higher.

Operating more as a Bureau agency, then a traditional policing unit. Dark Forge is capable of forming, and re-forming members as necessary to handle any situation that arises. The most common technique to aid in the development of the Journeymen members is depending on the difficulty of the mission assigned, to send one Equite level member, alongside one or more Journeymen. This is usually the Battle Team Sergeant. During the battles of Svolten, Dark Forge presented its full military strength in leading the ground forces of the DDF.


Praetorian Mask with Dark Forge Insignia

Members who have expressed true commitment and loyalty to the Battle Team are awarded with a Praetorian Mask. Usually only the Battle Team Summit would own these, however those who show their entire service to be committed and proud deserve to have a mask forged. The mask is shaped around the member's face according to their species, gender or age and then darkened with paint. Then the Dark Forge Insignia is stamped into one cheek using a hot pipe and cast. Once delivered, this mask is to represent a feared and unmatched member of Galeres, being an example of a true warrior, leader and diplomat.

Dark Cross

Dark Cross

Members of Dark Forge who have served on the team during House, Clan, or Brotherhood sanctioned combat operations can be awarded a Cross by the Battle Team Leader for their efforts and dedication. If a member holds dark crosses at this present moment, they are permitted to pin them to their DDF uniform after reaching certain benchmarks, following the Identification Line system. The Cross is fashioned from common doonium, the award is backed by a simple oblate ring. The cross itself is in the "flory" design representing the recipient's early growth within the Brotherhood.

Star of Lord Kressh

Star of Lord Kressh

Throughout a member’s career for the Dark Forge Battle Team, they prove themselves worthy enough to be respected more so than others. Indeed some members join us with a structured and high respect, and it is often confusing to the eye who holds which rank. The Star of Lord Kressh allows us to understand who is respected more or holds more valuable leadership experience. Initiates who start in the Battle Team have no fragments of the star at first, but when they gain their knighthood they receive their first emerald of the star. Fragments of the star are then awarded for each time a member is promoted through the Equite and Elder ranks, in appreciation for their long-term efforts in the Battle Team. The star is comprised of six emerald diamonds, flawless and translucent. These are attached onto a runic cast to hold them in the star-shape. When a member reaches Dark Prophet, the star is condensed and pressurized using the sophisticated machinery in Dark Forge to create a lime diamond star.

Member fragments:

  • Lexiconus: 2
  • K'tana: 1
  • Ood Bnar: 5
  • Kordath Bleu d'Tana: 2
  • Donblas: 0

Roll of Commanders

Dark Forge
Director Service Dates (ABY)
Valhavoc 36 ABY
Jaek Kaeth 36 ABY
Nath Voth 36 ABY
Bron Vesh 36 ABY
Kalon Dane 36 ABY - 37 ABY
S'nar Que Seshai 37 ABY
Kordath Bleu d'Tana 37 ABY
Valkish Ebonvar 37 ABY - 38 ABY
Lexiconus 38 ABY