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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

6 ABY (28 years)

Physical Description





1.6 metres


54.9 kg


Black with grey ends


Red (Formerly amber)

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Sith Knight
Known masters:

Selika Roh

Known apprentices:
  • None


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" Do you suppose she's a wildflower? "
― Daisy, Alice in Wonderland, 1951.

Malice is currently a Sith within Clan Plagueis.

Character History

Birth and Early Life

Malice was born in 6 ABY on an unknown planet, under the name Kaila. Upon discovering their child was force sensitive, her mother and father attempted to hand her over to the nearest Jedi Temple. However, because she was too old by their standards, the Jedi returned her. Not knowing what else to do, her parents abandoned her on the wild planet of Cholganna, where she was taken in by a pack of Nexu. She was nourished and raised by the large felines, and soon adapted to their environment, leaping through the trees just as fast as the Nexu themselves. As she grew stronger and stronger, her bitterness concerning her parents grew as well, resulting in her view of non-force sensitives as weak and pathetic.

At the age of 12, a group of hunters and poachers arrived on Cholganna, searching for Nexu to capture and sell to the wealthy. The pack kept a close eye on them, until one night the hunters set fire to the forest, in an attempt to draw the pack out. Many Nexu died, and many more were captured. Malice was woken and told to flee by Imani, the Nexu who'd stepped up as a mother figure for her. She handed Malice the only cub of her litter who had survived, and Malice and the tiny cub, who she'd later name Aiya, took off into the forest. Spotted by one of the hunters, the pair were pursued relentlessly, until finally he had Malice and the cub cut off at the base of a large mountain. This was the first time Malice would discover her force sensitivity and ended up using it to slaughter the man.


She and Aiya grew together, becoming extremely close. The two would spend their last years on Cholganna wiping out any attempts to hunt on their land. Word spread quickly through the ring of hunters concerning the wild girl, raised by Nexu and now killing any who set foot in the forests and used a mystical energy to protect herself. These rumors caught the attention and curiosity of Selika Roh, a self-serving Sith warlord and leader of Clan Plagueis, a clan in the Dark Brotherhood. Selika visited the planet in an attempt to find the wild girl, and upon doing so, convinced Malice that her potential lay with her as well as with the Brotherhood. Malice agreed to become her student, and with Aiya by her side, left Cholganna and traveled with Selika.

The Brotherhood

Once arriving at The Anchorage, Malice, who had since then gone by a name consisting of several feline chirps and chitters, was given the name Malice. Meaning to desire to inflict pain or suffering on another, it was the perfect fit for the vengeance-seeking girl, constantly killing and injuring those who had wronged her in the past.

Once settled into her new home, Malice quickly discovered the Shadow Academy. When she wasn't training with Selika, Malice would most often be found there. She loved learning anything she could get her hands on, and within a matter of days had already completed multiple courses. After just a few days time, she'd attained the Neophyte rank. She quickly became a Journeyman and continued to work towards a knight rank. Along the way, she was appointed Battleteam Leader for Disciples of Dreypa.

After a few weeks in this position, Malice attained the rank of Knight and was promoted to the Aedile position in House Ajunta Pall.

Personality and Traits


1.6m tall, Malice is of average height for a human female. She has a relatively small frame, but a very willowy build. She has very dark, near black hair with graying ends. Due to its usual wild appearance, she keeps it tied back minus the bangs that frame her face. Due to her eyes having been an amber color before she became sith, now that they're red they still hold specks of amber in them. Though it isn't visible, she has a burn scar running horizontally across her lower back from where a large burning branch fell on her during her childhood. She keeps it covered by her clothing on most occasions.


Malice's typical attire.

Though she does have a fairly standard set of Sith robes, Malice is usually found to be wearing an outfit that is much more reflective of her time on Cholganna. Free and easy to move in, she much prefers this to heavy black robes. She's not usually found wearing shoes, and instead simply wraps her feet up, so she can feel the ground beneath her. Two black markings rest just under each of her eyes.

She carries her lightsaber on her hip, attached to the cloth band she wears there. It provides for quick access and also convenient and out of the way storage.


Malice has a very difficult to understand personality, mainly due to the fact that she rarely spends enough time with others for it to be shown. For the select few she does spend time with, she's known to be stubborn, sarcastic, and loyal. Those who earn her trust automatically receive her full loyalty, and she's been known to risk her own life to protect them. She's very observant, listening more than she speaks, which gives her the air of being apathetic. Due to her childhood on Cholganna, she is not very well accustomed to human behavior and often has a difficult time relating to them or picking up on social behaviors. She prefers to be by herself, the exception being Aiya, Selika, or Kalon Tsucyra Entar. She has a moderate patience level, though it is nearly nonexistent when it comes to non-force users.


Selika Roh

Malice met Selika Roh while still living on the planet Cholganna. Selika had heard rumors of a force sensitive who was taking out any hunting parties that landed on the planet, and went to investigate. Sensing a lot of raw and untrained power, she offered Malice and Aiya the opportunity to join her and strengthen her abilities. They accepted, and Selika brought them back to Clan Plagueis. Both Malice and Aiya have grown a lot stronger with Selika's training and look forward to continuing to strengthen themselves. Once finding out about Malice and Kalon's relationship, she occasionally gives "advice" on how to act in a relationship. This advice usually consists of things that actually drive Kalon crazy. Though she is a tough instructor, Malice actually looks up to Selika quite a bit. They share the same opinion of non-force users, and Malice is always aiming to make her master proud. Even after attaining the rank of Knight, she still treats Selika with the highest respect, and keeps herself near and available if errands need to be run.

Kalon Tsucyra Entar

Malice and Kalon

Kalon Tsucyra Entar was the first person Malice met upon arriving at the clan. Though their personalities clashed at first due to their high levels of stubbornness, after teaming up on a few occasions, they grew closer. Even after finishing with Selika's training, the two spar often, and enjoy facing off against each other's different fighting styles. Due to this, they've become an excellent team, balancing each other out where their fighting styles would leave weaknesses. When they began to develop feelings for each other, Malice was unsure how she was supposed to proceed, having never experienced anything even similar on Cholganna. After a few days of Kalon being a lot more patient than he normally is while Malice figured things out, the two decided to give it a go and are currently still together.

The two had a child together, Ora'esh'lyc, but shortly after she was born, Kalon went away to finish some unknown mission, leaving Malice and Ora alone. Because of this, and Kalon's sparse communications with them, Malice has grown slightly bitter towards him, though she cares very much for their daughter.



Mal and Aiya

The only known surviving cub of the Cholganna fire, Aiya grew up with Malice, and they bonded closely during their childhood. When they fled from the fire, they watched out for one another, developing an almost synced relationship. Malice's force ability only strengthened this bond, and they're able to openly communicate together, which can be an odd sight for any onlookers. Malice is also able to call to Aiya using just the force, if they're separated by a certain distance. This talent has been used on multiple occasions when Malice has felt the need to call for backup during fights.

Now a full grown adult, Aiya is large enough now that Malice could easily ride her. She doesn't often, as they enjoy fighting separately, but they've done it on occasion.

When Ora'esh'lyc was born, Aiya grew very fond of her, and has been given babysitting jobs multiple times when Malice has to leave. Along with the droids in the house, Ora is very well cared for.