Rayne Victae

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Rayne Victae
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

65 BBY

Physical Description





1.83 m (6'0")


58 kg (127 lbs)


Icy white


Bright aqua

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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

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Known apprentices:

Shadow Nighthunter



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Rayne Victae aka. Rayne for short, is a strikingly beautiful and mysterious Firrerreo Dark Jedi. She has confidence in her abilities, whether it be with her lightsaber in battle or singing at the local cantina in her free time. Rayne knows where her strengths and weaknesses lie and cautions herself against overconfidence. She is a long-standing member of Scholae Palatinae and a Sith Battlemaster.



The eyes of Rayne

Rayne is a typical Firrerreo with a quickly regenerating biology, eyes that can perceive ultraviolet and full lips that conceal a pair of fairly deadly canines. Her skin is liken to the shade of a pale sunset, saffron mixed with gold and shimmering in the light. It also reflects her mood changing from a warm golden color, to a cold silver hue when flushed with adrenaline. Rayne is able to recover past grievous wounds as long as her major organs are preserved or at least supported mechanically until she recovers.

Glacial white hair cascades just past her lower back and is usually left to hang freely. When in combat, she braids it simply, allowing it to hang down her back. It is best described as naturally white, but it has a slight gleam of light icy blue when the light catches it. Her hair is feathery and light, but very luxurious. Rayne has the typical two-toned striated hair of her people, but the second tone of her hair is visible only in the ultraviolet spectrum. It flares an iridescent pearl color and can only be seen in UV light or among those who have the ability to see in the UV spectrum.

She stands tall at 6' even and is substantially beautiful and nicely well-endowed with a graceful, lithe figure. Head to toe, she is a wonderful specimen of the female figure, curved in the right places and full in others. Bright aqua eyes are stunning to look at. She is able to see in the UV spectrum, but there is a drawback. She is sensitive to bright lights and intense direct sunlight, as the UV rays bombard her senses. In certain instances, such as a desert or ice planet or even a bright room, she commonly wears protective eye gear or darkened contact lenses. Able to convey compassion or a warning in the second of locked eye contact, their hidden potential of surveying in an ultraviolet spectrum is almost overlooked.

Rayne in combat gear


Her combat gear is reinforced composite material able to absorb or deflect most ordinary forms of projectiles. It is worn skin tight and completely covers her body from the neck down as mobility is very important to her. In addition, it comes with a simple hood and can be worn with a helmet. She stays in excellent condition and keeps her body ready for immediate combat. She has impressive reflexes and is always maintaining her remarkable agility. For DB official business, she dons the Sith Nightsister robes and cloak.


Because of her Firrerreo heritage, she was raised never to give out her name. Firrerreos believed that one could 'own' another's name, and therefore would almost never give out their name to another, unless it was their mate or close friend. Speaking another's name was considered a form of power over that individual. Rayne is fiercely protective of her name, even among those she befriends and a very select few have the honor of knowing it. She choose to use the name 'Rayne' as a pseudonym.

Rayne ready for battle


Rayne is a mysterious and enigmatic individual. Almost always quiet, she is a master at stealth. She usually emerges from the shadows when she is needed and just a quickly fades back into them. Rayne can appear cold and makes sarcastic remarks about situations when she does speak. Rayne has a strong will and is quite clearheaded. Growing up as a Firrerreo, trust issues have always been a problem for her. Now that she's older and more experienced with others, she has made friends and is merely more cautious than most. When in public around her husband, it is rare for those who work with them to even suspect the two are husband and wife since they remain completely professional and keeping their minds on their missions. However, that all changes once she's behind closed doors and around him and others she trusts. She smiles and laughs and cherishes her time to relax and be sociable.


Rayne possesses a form of miniature communications device, a Subcutaneous comlink, that she uses for her missions of espionage and a personal stealth field generator as well as Electronic lock breakers.

Rayne also has a modified Insect mimic message droid. In comparison, it's much larger than a normal insect mimic message droid due to the modifications. Its primary function is reconnaissance.


Rayne has a cat which lives with her and her husband in their quarters.

Personal Weapons

Rayne currently has a small assortment of armament and she is trained in both blasters and melee weapons of different kinds.

Her mother's staffsword

She owns a customized sword that belonged to her mother, a staffsword, a DH-17 blaster pistol and dual scout blasters, a sniper rifle. Her favorite weapon is a Chaingun, specifically, the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, after using one in during Clone Wars.

Her mother's sword is a specialized weapon. A staff sword. 2, 32" steel katana swords that are constructed to fit into each other. The blade of each sword fits into the handle of the other sword to form one long staff.

Known Languages

Specialized Training

  • Spy work or Espionage, Reconnaissance.
  • Trained to work exceedingly well in cold weather and icy climates, and has taught many Clone Troopers to work in such environments.

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Brent and Rayne kiss

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."
―Rayne Victae to her husband

  • In real life, Rayne and Archangel is the quintessential 'nerd story' since we met here in the DB. We've been together since April 2007 and got married in real life June 2010.