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Unknown Regions


Caperion System





Rotation period:

17.26 days

Orbital period:

17.26 days


4,748 km



Primary Terrain:


Native species:
  • Human
  • Various Others

3 million

  • Meraxis Empire
  • Democratic Republic of Elaya
  • Nayama Dynasty
  • The Republic of the Force
  • United Corporations of Elaya
  • House Excidium
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Ulress is the single moon of the ringed planet Albicosus and is the home of House Excidium. The moon has a long history paired with the planet it orbits. Once a valued mining colony, the now hollowed interior of the moon harbors the less than reputable citizens of the system.


Ulress is a cold moon with no natural atmosphere. Its orbit and day length are the same, making it tidally locked with Albicosus. The moon itself is cold, like the planet it orbits, with a low natural gravity.

Physical Geography

The surface of the moon is simple, rocky and icy. The moon held many great valuable minerals however, leading to centuries of mining on the moon. Over time the entire interior core of the moon was hollowed out, leaving a massive shell.


The mining of Ulress goes back centuries, with civilians moving to a small mining colony on the planet, Albicosus, and then traveling back and forth to proceed with mining operations. The moon was rich with natural resources, and all the different political parties on Seraph desired to harvest what they could from the moon. When the interior of the moon had been wiped bare, the civilians abandoned the hollow moon and the mining colony on Albicosus.

As a testament of their technological prowess, the corporations who would eventually form the UCE created artificial gravity generators, and strengthened the outer shell of the moon, building on top of the mining infrastructure. When they finished was a interior city that began to grow.

It didn’t take long for the city, officially named Ulr Uvi, to become an outlier in the system. The corporations that led to its creation let control of the city slide into hands criminals and gangs. Commonly referred to as the Black Core, security of the moon was left to hired help from the Nayama Dynasty, who took up residence in the abandoned mining colony on Albicosus.

Once Clan Scholae Palatinae began its settlement in the Caperion System, House Excidium made it's home in Ulr Uvi within the halls of Sinagra Villa during Operation Sleeping Dragon.

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