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Teebu Nyrrire
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0.9 m


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Light Brown, Orange, Black, Brown



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Schulen Syndicate


Clan Plagueis


DT-29 "Director Edition" Heavy Blaster Pistol

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Proconsul, Grand Admiral


Taldryan Republic

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Ghtroc 720 Albion

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Grand Admiral Teebu Nyrrire is an Ewok that currently serves the Taldryan Republic as both its Vice-Chancellor and Grand Admiral of the Taldryan Republic Naval Fleet. He also serves the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a Colonel within it's ranks, Magistrate to the Regent of the Brotherhood, Zxyl Taldrya, and is the son of the Deputy Grand Master Howlader, or How-How as he was known on Endor.

Since his acceptance into Taldryan, many began to see him as a miniature version of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin in both his demeanor, attitude, and absolute definition of loyalty. This earned him both immense respect from his peers and the civilian populace who saw his kinder side, but also fear from others who saw his darker side and unforgiving attitude towards failure. This was especially amplified after his efforts saw the liberation of the Perune moon of Kasiya during Taldryan's war with the Arasaka Syndicate, and in the months after when he shot his executive officer in the head for refusing to obey a direct order because of his species. Consul Appius Wight chose Teebu as his Proconsul and appointed him as Fleet Admiral of the Taldryan Fleet despite objections from all of his advisors, including the Regent, for the events that took place within Plagueis. Zxyl himself felt that allowing the Ewok to consolidate the entire Navy under his control could be a fatal mistake for the Clan if his true motives were elsewhere.

To this day, none have come to truly understand what it is he wants or his endgame. But the one thing that none can question...is his undying loyalty to Clan Taldryan, putting it above even his own life. Zxyl Taldrya, however, is the only one who questions even this...and watches him closely.

Early Years

Born on the forest moon of Endor in 21 BBY, Teebu's life had narrowly been saved by How-How, or Howlader as he came to eventually be known, in late 15 BBY after his parents were ambushed by a forest cat. Though his parents did not survive, Teebu was taken under How-How's wing as his own son and brought into his tribe. Over the next several years, Teebu learned to speak basic words and phrases of Galactic Basic Standard, though as time went on How-How became less able to speak it over the native language of the tribe. In 10 BBY however, things drastically changed, when an Imperial patrol came across the tribe and took Howlader with them. Teebu, not accepting the loss of another parent, quickly smuggled himself onto the shuttle that was bound for Coruscant.

Though he successfully made his way to the massive city world, his efforts to remain united with his father would prove fruitless after he was discovered shortly after arriving by Lieutenant Kenson, the same man who had taken his father. Teebu was sent off as a pet to another officer named Sergeant Bly, who quickly realized the potential of what he had been given. Being able to speak some words of basic, and already fluent in basic combat and intellectual strategy, Bly along with his son decided to tutor the Ewok and see just how capable it truly could be.

Royal Imperial Academy

After his own son had been completely denied admittance by the Commandant of the Royal Imperial Academy several years in a row, now putting him out of acceptance age, in 6 BBY Bly had hatched a plan after a small, but innocent, comment by Teebu that he would love to put the Commandant and any recruits that year in their place after disrespecting Bly as badly as they have. Already by this point, while he had only moderate martial skill, his mental prowess was unparalleled and his skills with a blaster were almost equally so.

And so, it happened. Despite being a laughing stock initially, after what had happened with the alien Thrawn just years prior, many were quietly skeptical about what could occur. Though in the physical exams, he was at a disadvantage, he still had managed to hold his own albeit just barely. In the technical and mental examinations, however, he tested at the very top of the pool. Disgruntled, Commandant Deenlark had no choice but to accept the fuzzball as he was being called.

Life quickly became hard for him, both due to the anti-alien rhetoric that existed, and the embarrassment that many of them had faced not long ago with Thrawn. But, Teebu was able to hold his own and even assisted with numerous projects for the instructors. In his final year in 3 BBY, an Imperial Navy Captain by the name of Roice Finado had taken notice of the Ewok and his tactical ability. Curious, Finado petitioned Teebu's instructors to allow him to present a tactical scenario for him to address on his own as a final project. Having examined the scenario themselves and quickly realizing its near impossibility of success, they knew this was a perfect way to successfully block him from graduating and accepted the offer.

Being given only a week to prepare, Teebu quickly went to work and examined the scenario in detail. To Finado's amazement, the Ewok had made over seventy requests for additional information about the armaments and defenses of each vessel that was going to be involved from the Imperial side, as well as information regarding the expected resistance's ships and forces as well. He had not expected him to go as in-depth as he was going, even sending requisition requests for astronavigation charts and hyper lanes within a five-lightyear radius of where the scenario was scripted to take place.

By week's end a conference was convened where Finado, Deenlark, Teebu's instructors, and several Imperial tacticians were all in attendance to examine what he had created. To all of their surprise, he had both digital copies of drawn-up orders, visual aids, and fleet routing paths leading up to the time of the scenario, as well as a holoprojector view of the 'battle' as it should unfold given the information he had access to. There were even contingency plans in the event the enemy forces reacted differently than he had expected, nine others to be precise.

The tacticians quietly spoke amongst each other, examining their datapads and going over the information for well over four hours before they, in complete concurrence, gave an affirmative thumbs up to Finado. Deenlark was mildly confused at what was going on before Teebu spoke up that the tactical scenario he had been given was for an upcoming assault against a world in the Outer Rim Territories. It was his interpretation from the files given to him that they had wanted to see what he could do with an actual upcoming battle, one which had never occurred yet and thus could not be openly researched like many previous battles could be, to test his aptitude.

Finado congratulated him on both successfully identifying the purpose behind the assignment, as well as the efforts he had put into it. Having passed this final test, Teebu graduated from the academy and became a Lieutenant under Finado, working as one of his tactical aides.

Prime Years and Empire's Fall

The Remnant

Ascending to the Brotherhood

Originally hailing from the Theta Asteroid Station in the Rend System of the Surron Sector, Teebu was brought up under the parentage and brutal tutelage of the Schulen Syndicate Chancellor Arturis Schulen, a Dark Brotherhood and Clan Plagueis exile, as an Imperial Remnant Officer. After a failed assassination mission, he was captured by Clan Plagueis and forced into slavery. He had very quickly proven himself in his repeated escapes from captivity, which eventually earned him a place in the Clan instead of execution. His knowledge of strategy and tactics saw him quickly rise through the ranks, even his own command within the Ascendant Fleet.

Teebu charging into an enemy encampment to prove his worth, circa 36 ABY.

The Rite of Supremacy

Things had started to look promising for Teebu, despite the hurdles he faced within the Battle Team Opress. The Battle Team's Commander, Aleister had begun to respect and even mentor him to several degrees, which allowed him to focus almost exclusively on his tactical prowess instead of his stealth and assassination skills. In addition, with the extra time he managed to spend on board the Ikaruga, his crew had finally all but acknowledged him as their Captain.

Because of the degree that the crew had come to know of Teebu, his typical antics and prank style nature no longer worked on them as they were able to see straight through him every time. And even though he was not truly a Grand Admiral, the entire crew had come to recognize him as such. Following the battles on Myrkr, and the departure of Plagueis Consul Ronovi Tavisaen, he had been formally promoted to the official rank of Admiral within the Plaguian Military after Selika Roh assumed the post of Consul and Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis. It was at this stage that Teebu had begun to mature overall, and his skill base as a tactician flourished.

As a conflict known as the Rite of Supremacy began to grow, and various groups within the Clan had gone to support the various factions participating in the conflict, Teebu decided to keep the Ikaruga stationed over Aliso to deter any who might try and make a move in the absence of numerous Dark Jedi.

This bright time for him was not destined to last. A message had arrived on the Ikaruga from his father Arturis Schulen that requested his presence on the Theta Station, one that read with much more urgency and an overtone of anger compared to past messages. Though he had been tempted to ignore it, he still owed the Kushiban and reluctantly decided to travel to the station.

Upon his arrival at the station, Teebu was met with an armed entourage that immediately escorted him to the Syndicate Council Chambers in the Afterlife Club. For the first time ever, he saw not only Arturis, but also all nine of the Syndicate heads gathered though their faces were shrouded by darkness. Before this, he had never been in the presence of a single one of them much less all of them, and with all of them here he knew something was direly wrong. Every instinct and fiber of his being told him to run, but that desire was quelled by the tip of a blaster rifle placed firmly against the back of his head.

Arturis explained that the new Dread Lord Selika had terminated the slave contract with the Syndicate that had been established under the former di Plagia leadership structure. Not only that but she also had blacklisted any allied organizations and worlds with Plagueis from any dealings with the Syndicate at all. This had apparently put a major dampener on their income stream and established to numerous other groups that a Clan of the Brotherhood could dictate the Syndicate's influence, that it was not an organization to be feared.

This had angered Arturis and the Council. Because of this slight, retribution was not only expected, but demanded. Teebu questioned what this had to do with him, as even though he was now an Admiral within the Navy, he still had no access to either the Ascendancy or the upper levels of the Pinnacle on Aliso where any sensitive information might be stored. And should the Syndicate wish to use him and the Ikaruga to attack Plagueis, that it would fail spectacularly as well as paint a target directly on Theta Station.

Being an even more sinister tactician, Arturis had already thought of that solution much to Teebu's surprise.

The Traitor

The Rite of Supremacy: The Betrayal

The plan as laid out before him by the Kushiban Arturis was that in the Rite of Supremacy that had just begun to fester to the surface between the Severian Principate and the Tenixir Revenants, Arturis would pledge himself to the Restorers faction supporting the Principate within the conflict, while communicating to his Battle Team Commander Aleister Mavros that he was pledged to the Retributionists, who supported the Revenants. Teebu knew that most of the Battle Team had already pledged to the Retributionists, while he himself had stayed neutral to provide a defensive posture on Aliso.

It was then that he understood exactly what Arturis was going to ask, and it was proven when he asked just that: His plan was to further shatter the trust and morale within Plagueis and it's surrounding allegiances by making it appear to the Tenixir Revenants and the Retributionists that they could not be trusted. To do this, Teebu was given a choice. If he went through with his plan and supported it, he would be released from his debt to the Kushiban. If not, he would die right there. Regretfully, he chose the former of the two. The plan was for Teebu to present himself to the Howling Ospren, a Retributionists frigate over the world of Dandoran under the guise of helping them defend their location from an incoming Principate attack, and instead sabotage them.

After confirming with Aleister what he planned to do, Teebu began his journey to the Howling Ospen. During the journey, he was mentally torn. He knew if he did this, Plagueis would take a massive hit as well as the Battle Team especially. The Revenants would no longer trust them, or anyone affiliated to them. He knew however, that he had no choice. But this would be the final time choice was taken from him.

Upon arrival at the Howling Ospen, he presented a data chip that Arturis had given him to the ship's Captain, informing him that it contained tactical data of the attacking Principate force as well as formations that will be used by the Ikaruga, which would be arriving shortly. Following this exchange, Teebu returned to his shuttle as a Star Destroyer jumped into orbit near the Howling Ospren, with it's squadrons heading to the opposite side of Dandoran as the tactical data had suggested.

His pilot was the first to notice something was awry after Teebu ordered him to head towards the destroyer, instead of remaining on the Howling Ospren to defend it. Upon communication contact with the destroyer, which identified it as the ISD Intrepid under Captain Richardson of the Restorers, allied with the Principate, the pilot drew his weapon on him demanding answers. The Ewok obliged.

He explained exactly what was happening, much to the pilot's horror. His fear and commitment to Opress got the better of him and as he attempted to communicate with the Howling Ospren, as Teebu had hoped he would. The Ewok made his move and killed the pilot in a split second with a wrist dagger to the back of the neck. He then took over the controls and headed towards the Intrepid as the aforementioned destroyer opened fire on the Ospren.

Teebu knew it had no chance. The data chip ensured that their entire system array would be offline, including communications, weapons, and shields. It would leave just enough operational to allow it's Captain to escape. The Howling Ospren was destroyed less than 30 seconds later, with a lone shuttle launching from the ship. Teebu had closed his eyes in deep thought knowing what he had just done, and what was about to be reported in. It was done. There was no going back now.

Grand Admiral No Longer

"...you really did what they say happened, sir? Why would you cross Mavros like that? You realize he will never stop hunting you no, right?"
―Captain Veramus

Less than an hour had passed on board the Intrepid before every datapad and access point that the Admiral had with both the Battle Team Opress, and Clan Plagueis, had it's access terminated. He knew word had already reached them of what had happened. Aleister as well, through words unspoken and unseen, had made his intent clear. Teebu knew his rules and his actions, and that his own actions had painted a black spot directly on him. He would be coming for him, that was certain. Before he departed the destroyer, he disposed of everything that could be used to track his location upon return to Aliso space. There were final things he had to gather to prepare for his final escape, and exile, from Aliso and his home.

Teebu stashed away on board a cargo freighter bound for the Tonus Anchorage in the Aliso system, sending a single communication to the only person he felt that could still trust within the Clan at this stage; Captain Veramus of the Vindicator Seraph. No sooner than he had arrived on the station was the Captain already waiting for him, the Seraph docked off the station. He had managed to get the ship there under the guise of troop transport to reinforce the exterior system lines in case of potential blow back from what Teebu had caused.

Prior to departing for the Tonus Anchorage, Veramus was able to gather everything Teebu had requested except for the items he wanted from his flagship, the Vindicator Ikaruga. Following his betrayal, the Ikaruga was the first thing seized by Opress along with his entire command staff and those closest to him for any information that could lead to his location and capture. Veramus himself had also been captured and interrogated, but released by orders of the Clan Summit against Aleister's wishes.

As they arrived at the airlock bridge to travel to the Seraph however, a squad of Opress assassins stood in their path. It was then that they both understood why Veramus was released as quickly as he was, and that he was a fool for thinking the Summit was on his side. The skills of the assassins were nearly on par with Teebu's, and together they barely took down the group. On arrival at the Seraph airlock, behind them stood Aleister and the remainder of the Opress Battle Team.

Veramus gave a signal with his hand as he slammed his hand on the door closure switch, a shot from one of the Seraph's cannons ripping through and destroying the bridge connecting it and Tonus Anchorage. As the Seraph departed from the Anchorage, it came under heavy fire from the station as well as both the Vindicator Vigilant and the Strike-class Termagant which had positioned themselves in it's path.

Ignoring the damage output, the Seraph took the blunt of the attack before jumping to lightspeed.

The Fall of the Seraph

The plan was to journey towards the Unknown Regions and link up with Arturis at the Theta Asteroid Base to regroup. With it's extensive defense system and offensive capabilities, it would make for a perfect hiding location until things cooled down. Without warning however, the Seraph fell out of hyperspace. No matter what the bridge crew attempted, the Seraph would not return to lightspeed. Upon inspection in the engine room, it turned out that the hyperdrive had been sabotaged.

Teebu assumed that the Termagant and the Vigilant would not be far behind if saboteurs were on board, the navigational plans were most likely communicated as well. Veramus concurred and proposed making for the Caelus System, the domain of Clan Taldryan which was not far from their location. With the clans not being on the best of terms, the plan was risky but without a hyperdrive there was no where else they could travel and have a chance of survival.

On the outer border of the Caelus system as expected, the Vigilant and Termagant jumped out of lightspeed and began their assault on the Seraph. In it's efforts to defend itself, the saboteurs struck again and took the Seraph's weapons and shield systems offline. As shuttles transported Opress troops to the Seraph, Teebu and Veramus headed their way towards the hangar bay. The chances of Aleister being with them were far too high, and unless they escaped on board Teebu's personal freighter the Ghtroc-720 Freighter Albion then their plan would be in vain.

Enroute to the Hangar Bay, Aleister stood between them and the final passage. Veramus remained behind to face Aleister while Teebu traveled into the ventilation ducts of the ship. When he descended inside the hangar bay, a group of Seraph officers stood before him as well as a large group of Plagueis slaves that served on the ship. As the Second Officer identified himself and walked to Teebu, he was quickly assailed by the Ewok. The others quickly made their move as well, attempting to overwhelm the furry Admiral.

With close to half of the group deposed and both of Teebu's wrist daggers shattered, one of the officers managed to land a vibrodagger straight into Teebu's back. Teebu slumped to the floor as the officer nudged him with his foot to see if he was dead. As the others breathed a sigh of relief to catch their breath, Teebu jumped up with the dagger still embedded into his back and reignited his assault.

Saved by House Ektrosis

By the time the battle was finished, Teebu was barely able to stand. Aleister entered the hangar bay and made a run straight at Teebu focused only on finishing him. Out of the corner of Teebu's eye, he saw his BB-8 Unit come up behind Aleister from behind at full speed, ramming his legs and successfully knocked him to the ground. Teebu grabbed on and together they bolted up the ramp of the Albion. Suddenly it began to take off, much to the surprise of Teebu.

In the cockpit was his Lieutenant, MacMillian. He had posed as part of the saboteurs and waited in the hangar bay, before quietly sneaking on board after Teebu's arrival. The Albion quickly took off into space, going straight for the Caelus System border.

Both the Vigilant and Termagant brought up pursuit, even crossing into Taldryan space to continue chasing it. As the Albion began to suffer critical damage and the Termagant came in for the deathblow, several squadrons from House Ektrosis came into radar range and began to open fire on both Plagueis ships in support of the Albion.

To prevent a major situation, Aleister ordered both ships to retreat against his judgement. The last thing Teebu remembered before passing out was someone from Ektrosis demanding that the ship follow them to the planet Ostara over comms.

A New Ewok Era


Upon his awakening, Teebu was immediately interrogated by House Ektrosis regarding the incursion into the Caelus System and why exactly they would be attacking one of their own. Especially one of their own Admiralty. He explained the entire situation from start to finish, from the Rite of Supremacy to the events that brought him before them, and requested sanctuary with Clan Taldryan.

As he had expected however, his request was met with blowback from Taldryan Consul Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama. He learned that not only was his request denied, but that this was an instance of the worst attempt to place a mole ever attempted by Clan Plagueis. So bad in fact, that she would spare the Ewok's life and exile him right back to Plagueis with a special transport.

During his prisoner transport to Chyron, he was met by Taldryan Proconsul Appius Wight. He gave the Ewok one chance to prove himself, and he would personally see to it that the Consul allowed him to remain within the Clan instead of being sent back. All he would have to do would be to give them every secret, every access code, every hidden area that he knew about within the Pinnacle, and everything that he had knowledge of regarding Clan Plagueis.

Though he no longer held any loyalty to Plagueis, his honor forbade him from honoring this request and he refused. Despite that, he confidently asserted would gladly fight Plagueis if presented with the opportunity and use the knowledge he had of them for Taldryan's advantage. Appius smiled, noting that was the exact answer he wanted to hear. Had he betrayed his knowledge of Plagueis, it would raise conflicts that he could betray Taldryan as well. But through his affirmation that he would use his knowledge to combat them, it guaranteed an edge should battles ever arise between the clans.

He then informed Teebu that Erinyes did plan on sending him back to Plagueis, however was contacted by Consul Selika Roh first. She was offered a substantial supply and credit bounty for his return, confirming the story that Teebu had told them. Erinyes played along with Selika, making every indication that she supported sending him back to them as the two had an in-depth discussion.

Following that conversation she declined the offer, and that she would never hand over a member of Clan Taldryan to them, much to the anger of Selika. Despite finally accepting him just to spite Plagueis, had he answered the question any other way, he would have been sent back regardless. Teebu strategized the same as their own tacticians that the clan itself would not make a move against Taldryan even despite this, at least not in it's current state following the conflict and resolution of Myrkr. In conflict with their data however, he stated that Battle Team Opress would be a consistent threat however despite any condition that Plagueis exists in.

When asked what he meant, he explained how Aleister had become over the years and his internal motifs surrounding supreme loyalty to the Battle Team. With his betrayal, he would always be hunted even if Aleister were given direct orders not to. Even if that caused a war between the two clans. Appius asked if Plagueis would support Aleister's actions, Teebu could neither confirm nor deny it. If Aleister moved against him early, the clan would not follow suit in it's own best interests. But as time progressed and the conditions changed, anything would be possible.

Considering the best way to avoid a potential future conflict, they both agreed that if used as bait, they could draw Aleister and Opress out into the open against them. In turn, this should force Selika's hand in quieting her mad dog.


Before taking on this task however, now that he was a member of Clan Taldryan the first thing that Teebu had to get accomplished was more adequate medical treatment following his stabbing on board the Seraph. Unfortunately, the damage had been done by the vibroblade and several of his nerves that controlled his left arm and legs were irreparably damaged. In speaking with the medical officer, he knew exactly what this meant; that his days of stealth assassination and pristine acrobatic moves were done. Oddly enough even though this would have discouraged him in the past, it actually brought him a sense of relief. With the changes that were quickly occurring around him, it forced him to adapt and accept those changes. Not just that, but he could focus far more on what he enjoyed doing instead of having his innate talents exploited under the guise of letting him grow.

It would be a month before he was rehabilitated from his injury, ultimately regaining much of the strength he had before minus some mobility. He clearly demonstrated that his continued stubbornness and determination had not changed however when it was recommended that he use a cane to walk. Instead, his BB-8 unit rolled up behind him and he promptly sat down before rolling out of the medical ward without a word much to the shock of the medical team. In this time, he also began training with

It would be another month following his medical clearance before he lost additional weight that he had put on during his downtime before he could finally comfortably fit into his re-tailored Grand Admiral uniform once again. He had to give credit where credit was due, the Taldryan's tailors were among the finest around. The uniform fit him far better than the previous had, and felt far more comfortable. From that point onward, every meeting he had with others in the Clan even including Appius, he wore it exclusively. At first he was very apprehensive about it, especially given that his rank within this clan was significantly lower; down to Commander for now from his previous station of Admiral in Plagueis, but after seeing that the Ewok had no intentions of doing otherwise he decided to let it go unless it eventually became a problem.

Luckily for the Proconsul however, it did not. Teebu never used it in an official capacity or announced himself as such, nor did he use it for his own gain. In fact it actually brought him some joy, watching as lower level members, junior officers, and even officers were taken aback and caught severely off guard when they noticed Teebu walk by them in an "on official business" type of stride. Had he been of normal stature with guards or other officers, he might have been noticed quicker allowing them more time to react. The best being when he silently followed behind a Captain who was confused as to why so many people were saluting him as sharply as they were. One such officer especially who said "Admiral." particularly caught him off guard, but when he turned around he saw no one there. Appius watched as the Captain quietly corrected the officer, who then motioned downward beside him. When the Captain looked down and behind him, Appius tried to stifle a laugh as the Captain literally tripped over his feet as he tried to correct his posture and salute the Ewok, but instead fell flat onto the ground in embarrassment. Without a word, Teebu walked back down the hall by himself going past Appius with a smirk on his lips. Several senior-level officers decided to go along with his fun as well to change things up and played along to keep their officers and enlisted personnel in line, as none of them dared make a mistake in the presence of an Admiral much less a Grand Admiral. That, and watching them occasionally slip up brought them much needed enjoyment from time to time.

The only ones who did know his official rank and treated him as such were Appius and senior-level officers. As time passed, several of them began to ask for his advice in tactical matters that often were left to them when he would randomly add comments that ended up intriguing them, instead of offending them as would commonly happen when people interjected into their matters. His strategic know-how and knowledge became strongly apparent to them, and it was not long before he was invited to bring ideas and suggestions before the clan's strategists as well. It was not long before he had earned the respect of much of the Taldryan Navy with his ability, and true acknowledgement from Appius.

It was at this stage that he began to come into the gaze of Taldryan's Consul, Erinyes, who had distrusted him the most even after bringing him into the fold. Compared to other officers, she had his access severely restricted from the beginning and it was only with the requests she received from others that the grip around him was gradually loosened. Despite that, she had him under constant surveillance by other Elders and Equites in secret. With him being around other senior and command level officers, if he even a hint of betrayal or deceit, and they were authorized to end him to protect the clan's interests. Instead he began to even garner their confidence and support just from watching him and his actions, and this was clearly relayed back to Erinyes.

Months had passed since his arrival in the clan, and at this point it was decided that it was time to truly and definitively once and for all ascertain his true loyalties.

Measure of an Ewok

At last, Teebu had been assigned his first mission. And it was one that surprised even him, as it had been decided that an alliance would be formed with the Schulen Syndicate on the Theta Asteroid Station. His assignment was to travel to the station as the Clan's Envoy, and negotiate an agreement that would see the supplies which had previously been earmarked for Aliso and Clan Plagueis be rerouted and brought to Ostera instead. He would not go as Arturis Schulen's son, or as his apprentice, but as an Admiral of the Clan Taldryan.

The Ewok traveled with a small entourage, one of which was an extremely egotistical and annoying Gungan Captain named Yub Yub, and within a day reached the defense perimeter field of the station. Initially the field remained active and several smaller asteroids that were just entering attack range fired on the ship, which caused Teebu to bring them to a halt. The ship was contacted by the Theta Defense Commander, whom point blank asked why he had returned to the station as he no longer had any business there. After explaining he was there on behalf of Taldryan, the Commander reluctantly allowed them through.

In the docking bay waited Arturis, who was flanked by several Death Troopers as Teebu and Yub Yub approached. To say that Arturis never expected to see Teebu again after the events of what transpired was an understatement in his own words, and was especially surprised to hear from Taldryan. He had known an envoy was coming, but was again surprised that it was him.

In a less than pleasant demeanor, Teebu concurred with his statement but emphasized that he was here on official business with the Syndicate and nothing more. Arturis acknowledged this, and lead the pair to the council chambers. Once there, the Death Troopers flanked the inside of the doors and stood guard as Arturis took his seat, and Teebu and Yub Yub stood in the middle. With a press of a button, a sound shutter closed behind the chairs which eliminated the sounds from the Afterlife Club and prevented anyone from seeing in. Bright blinding lights lit up, revealing not just the full details of Arturis, but the remaining nine members as well. This was the first time he saw them in their full glory.

For over an hour they discussed the terms on which the Clan had proposed their alliance, some members skeptical of it while others were optimistic. Some resigned to it, with their own operations still in tatters after their contracts had been severed by Plagueis. By the time the meeting drew late, all nine members had agreed to the terms and signified this with a press of a green button on each of their chairs. Yub Yub bowed forward and thanked them in a traditional Gungan way, before he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the Death Troopers walked forwards...and flanked the Captain at his sides. Teebu was taken aback, as was Arturis with a look of surprise and shock. In that moment both of the troopers lined their weapons straight at the Kushiban. He demanded to know the meaning of this, and Yub Yub was more than happy to oblige him. After Teebu had fallen into Taldryan hands, they had begun to investigate every part of his life to try and ascertain if he was truly a mole or a victim of a much deeper plot. In that investigation, an older Elder of Taldryan had recognized Arturis' name.

Looking into him further, it was found out that Arturis had been known by a different name many years ago. Several, in fact. Teebu listened as Yub Yub explained that Former Deputy Grand Master Mav had remembered him from the time when Grand Master Muz Ashen used Transfer Life on whom he thought was an insignificant Tarentae and an untrustworthy Ex-Taldryan. He used this to place that individual into the body of a white Kushiban, which became as brown as the dirt under his boot following the ritual. That Kushiban, was Arturis. And before that he was Aidyn Wolfwood, the Former apprentice to Quejo Xyler, the Rollmaster of Clan Taldryan.

Upon hearing that name, Taldryan Consul Erinyes immediately remembered him. He was the one who had betrayed Taldryan to Clan_Tarentum, much the same way that he had betrayed Teebu to Plagueis. This statement surprised Teebu the most, who asked what Yub Yub was talking about. The Captain looked at Teebu and explained that the contracts being severed by Selika was a lie. That his hatred of the new Consul ran back several decades, and he refused to work with her. To that end, he lied to and used his own son as leverage to wound Plagueis to the point where Selika would be forced out of her new role, and the Syndicate could step in once again to support the di Plagia as it had in the past.

Yub Yub closed his long statement by also adding that Erinyes had taken the initiative to support her new Admiral, and passed all of this information on to not only Selika and Aleister, but also to the Syndicate Council whom had suffered at the hands of his personal vendetta. Clan Plagueis immediately suspended it's hunt for Teebu, and reluctantly Aleister agreed to back off. Before Arturis could respond, the council did so in kind as they all stood, lightsabers of various colors in hand among them. It was clear, that his time as Chancellor was over.

Arturis sat back in his chair, paw on his face as he started laughing. It was hard for Teebu to tell if he was laughing out of disbelief, or laughing because he was not yet as done as the council was indicating. Saddly for the Ewok, it was the former of the two as he indeed confirmed that he had lied. Lies and deceit had always been the catalyst behind his life, lies and deceit had always been the avenues for which he took power for himself. It has almost been the catalyst that would have earned him the Consulship of Plagueis had Consul Ronovi Tavisaen not supposedly passed on from alcohol poisoning as he had thought at the time. Ever since Muz has saved his life, his only passion in life was gaining and consolidating more and more power. After the failure with Plagueis, and his branding as a traitor following the return of Tavisaen, he shifted gears and started Theta. It was here that he had hoped to gain enough power to one day usurp Plagueis for himself, and eventually the Iron Throne.

But it was not to be. In a last act, Arturis challenged Yub Yub to a one-on-one battle. Teebu initially stood in, wanting to face his father for himself, but Yub Yub asked for the honor. That this was a gift from Taldryan to him. Understanding, Teebu agreed and stood back. He watched as Arturis lurched his hand forward with a massive burst of Force Lightning, which he thought for sure would fry the Gungan. Instead, the Gungan extended his hand outward and the entirety of the lightning coalesced into a large orb in his hand, slowly dissipating. Arturis' eyes widened as he let his cane fall to the floor and used both hands with a much more massive force lightning burst straight at him, but was dispersed in the exact same manner with no effort at all.

With a chuckle, Yub Yub's voice shifted entirely to that of a humanoid. He questioned if Arturis was really still as pathetic as he once was if that was all that he had. He had expected more from the Adept-level Krath. The Death Troopers grabbed Teebu by the arms and brought him further away from the battle as Arturis extended his orange lightsaber and charged straight at the Gungan. Yub Yub did not respond in kind however, merely raising his hand to meet every slash and strike that the Kushiban threw at him. Teebu could see a light blue coloration in front of Yub Yub's hand as each strike stopped barely inches from it.

Teebu was mystified, not even aware that the Captain was force sensitive much less as powerful as he clearly was. Arturis seemed to be surprised by this as well, with nothing he was doing having any effect. The Captain was finally tired of the fight, and with a whisk of his hand, his lightsaber was ignited and at his side already. Arturis' eyes widened as both of his arms in less than a quarter of a second following its ignition were on the ground.

It was then that one of the Death Troopers handed Teebu their weapon, and Yub Yub motioned for him. Teebu felt anger towards his father, feeling compelled to strike him down. Arturis looked at him with broken eyes however, and he knew that even if he did, it would no longer matter. Teebu instead asked if he had indeed wronged Taldryan in the past, to which Yub Yub confirmed this. In a move that surprised the Gungan, but met no objections from the council, he ordered the Death Troopers to take Arturis into custody to be delivered directly to the Clan Summit. He would let Erinyes decide his fate, if he should die or rot far beneath the Ostara Citadel.

Arturis was quiet as he was dragged away to Teebu's ship by the pair. The council thanked him for his actions, and that as promised they would begin preparations to move the station towards Caelus' Asteroid Belt. In return for the aid rendered, the two troopers were now his to command as he saw fit. Teebu thanked the council, and began his journey back to Ostara.

Return of the Admiral

"You did well, fuzzball. Knew you would. By the way, got something for you..."
―Appius Wright
Quaestor Teebu of House Ektrosis, circa 39 ABY.

Upon returning to the Ostara Citadel in the Caelus System, Arturis was taken into custody by Appius and whisked away from Teebu's sight. What the clan had done for the Ewok though, he would never forget. He had done little to earn what had been given, and with Plagueis off his back as well it took a massive target off of him. The one thing he knew for sure though, he would personally give his life before he ever allowed harm to come to Taldryan. Not only had they demonstrated their loyalty to their own, it definitively locked in his absolute and unyielding loyalty to them as well.

And if push came to shove, he would stand in front of any foe that dared try and get to the Summit. Even if the Brotherhood itself turned on the Clan and the Grand Master himself came at them, he would be the final line of defense. Granted, that defense would last only seconds, but those seconds could be the meaning between survival and defeat. And he would scratch out every second he could.

Before Appius left, he had one final matter to bring up with the Ewok and handed him two separate insignia badges. The insignia of a Taldryan Quaestor, and the insignia of a Grand Admiral. Though others thought it might be a bit early, given that the risk of him being a mole or a traitor was all but evaporated and dispelled, both Erinyes and Appius felt that Teebu would serve them best in a leadership role: as Quaestor of House Ektrosis, it's little Pint-Sized Grand Admiral. With gracious appreciation, he accepted the insignias and swore not to let them down. With a stern warning, Appius chided back that he had better not. It was his former seat, and a lot would be riding on him being correct on his assumption that an Ewok of all things could lead it.

As an added surprise, the Deputy Grand Master Howlader had come to briefly visit. Though Teebu did not immediately recognize him, after listening to his voice for only a few moments he quickly caught onto who he was. After seeing holonet photos of the Ewok, and digging into his background, Howlader had recognized his son from years before. After learning of his successes to this point, he wanted to be present for this moment to congratulate his son. Though the moment of reunion was as joyous as it was brief, it brought a new sense of loyalty to Teebu knowing that his father was both from Taldryan and also served the Brotherhood at large. Something he would forever protect and serve, now and forever.

Ascension to Proconsul

The Kasiyan War

Over the next months the Kasiyan Government, controlled by the Arasaka Syndicate, out of fear of Clan Taldryan would launch a cyber-offensive against the Clan on their homeworld of Ostara while Consul Erinyes was away on Dark Council business which left Proconsul Appius and Quaestor Teebu to coordinate retaliatory efforts against them. Through the quick thinking and combined efforts of both Teebu and Dasha_'Jala'_Talus, the cyberattack had failed and left Kasiya wide open for counter-attack.

Utilizing a small window of opportunity, Taldryan made it's move against the small moon. Alongside War Marshal Starr, Teebu helped to coordinate the efforts on the ground as the war progressed into Port Kasiya, the capital city. Each district one by one began to fall with the assistance of several of the gangs which had grown tired of Arasaka control. It would be nearly a month before the main military force would finally be within striking distance of the Arasaka Tower, which sat at the heart of the massive city.

After one heavy push, the Tower would fall before House Ektrosis and Clan Taldryan's combined might and the city became the new home for the House. But this was not before a skirmish between Quaestor Teebu and Consul Appius that resulted in [ [ REDACTED BY ORDER OF CONSUL APPIUS WIGHT ] ].

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