The Shattering

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The Shattering
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4' to 6'

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The Shattering is an artifact weapon given to Clan Scholae Palatinae following the events of Shattered Ties, a feud against Naga Sadow. Created by the ancient Sith Lord Okemi, this legendary polearm bonds with its owner, and shatters following the breaking of that bond, only to reform anew.


The Shattering is a polearm that was created around 4,500 by Sith Lord Okemi, during his rule of the planet Antei. It is one of many such weapons believed to have been created by Okemi and given to members of his elite personal guard that watched over the many great temples he had built in his own honor. The blade would attune to the force signature of its wielder over time, developing a bond between owner and weapon.

The Shattering can be traced as handled by seven core members of Okemi’s guard following its creation. Each of these guards that wielded it were killed in battle, resulting in the blade of the weapon shattering as its connection with its wielder was severed, only for it to reform, ready to bind to a new force signature. This is what earned it its name. The Shattering was ultimately lost in a failed uprising in 4,398 BBY. The next record of its appearance was in 3,742 BBY during the reign of the Triumvirate, in the hands of an indigenous leader of the near-humans that inhabited the planet.

The Shattering eventually found itself removed from the Antei system prior to the Obscuration in 2,950 BBY, where it ultimately fell into the hands of a clan of mercenaries, where it was used to ravage dozens of worlds. This movement around the galaxy ended when Jastok Ventall crash landed on a planet with pre-hyperdrive humanoids, who killed the mercenary as he attempted to pull himself free from the wreckage. The indigenous humanoids ultimately died out, and the weapon remained there until it was discovered by a band of Red Fury pirates, looking for collectable artifacts they could sell at an extreme cost to wealthy patrons in the core worlds.

It had been stored on the planet of Mygeeto when the combined forces of Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow attacked the base. It was recovered by Clan Scholae Palatinae following its double crossing against the Sadowans and was allowed to remain in Scholae Palatinae’s control by the Grand Master Pravus.


The Shattering is a polearm weapon, standing on a hilt that is capable of adjusting its length to fit the style of the one it is attuned to. The hilt typically can be found to be four to seven feet in length. The blade of the weapon itself shows its long history of shattering and reforming following the break of its attunement with its owner. It ranges nearly two feet in length, and curves up and out away from the hilt.

Both the blade and the hilt are comprised of a phrik alloy, making it nearly indestructible in normal situations, and completely lightsaber resistant. Sith runes run down the sides of the hilt from the base of the blade, and begin to glow as its connection with its owner grows stronger.