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Modified Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor
Production information



Halcyon Rokir

Technical specifications

8 meters


3.92 meters


1.44 meters

Max acceleration:

5,200 G

Max speed (space):

112 MGLT

Max speed (atmosphere):

12,000 Km/hr

Hyperdrive rating:

Incom GBk-785 hyperdrive (Class 1)

Power plant:

Vinop O2K cryogenic power cells and ionization reactor


Chempat "Defender" deflector shield generator (75 SBD)


Titanium alloy frame and durasteel outer hull (15 RU)

Sensor systems:

Fabritech ANv-9q sensor system with PH-5s long-range phased tachyon detection array and PK-8f short-range primary threat analysis grid

  • 4 Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 1 Missile Launcher (6 missiles)


Cargo capacity:

50 kg


1 Week

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The Anla'shok is Halcyon Rokir’s Modified Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor.


During his time as Commander of the Guard, Halcyon had been sent on a brief mission to the Outer Rim. Upon completion of the mission and returning to Antei, a brief vision appeared before him, enough to show him a set of coordinates. Intrigued and close to that location Halcyon made his way toward the coordinates and came upon a derelict starfighter. Once he was able to return with a vessel to tow in the fighter he noticed it was an old “Jedi Starfighter” from just before the Clone Wars. However, it had been through battle, its surface charred from laser fire and many of the systems having been shorted out.

For the next few years, with what available time he had as well as finding the necessary parts, Halcyon used his past skills to completely re-build the starfighter. While still retaining its original look, the fighter itself was put back together with almost completely new parts, each one specially modified to fit within its hull and tweaked for maximum efficiency. As such, only Halcyon is able to effectively maintain and work on the fighter. Upon completion he christened it Anla’shok after a group he had led in the Emperor’s Hammer.


The modifications were extensive and went over a few years creating a new ship under an old exterior. The Anla’shok looks to be exactly like that of the old Delta-7s, painted in green and grey. However, one significant feature missing is that of the astromech droid, which was removed. Instead, a Class 1 hyperdrive system was installed as well as a simple navigational system that can roughly 10 hyperspace coordinates. Through use of the force the hyperdrive can exceed its class speeds. The original sub-light engines were kept in tact, however they went through a number of small modifications to increase their effectiveness and take into account the new power systems. The modifications allow the Anla’shok to be on par with that of a Tie Interceptor while in space, and still blindingly quick in the atmosphere. For longer trips Halcyon installed a meditation chair instead of the regular pilot’s seat, as well as increased the amount of air the fighter can hold in reserve. The engine modifications allow it to use less fuel without losing any of its effectiveness.

The defensive and offensive systems of the fighter went though a complete overhaul, the original systems being completely gutted. Four heavy laser cannons from discarded A-9 Vigilances were installed after modifying them to fit into the starfighter hull. There are two on the dorsal and ventral sides of the fighter. A concussion missile launcher has also been installed just forward of the cockpit and can hold a maximum of six missiles. The targeting systems are fairly simplistic, Halcyon instead relying on his formidable skills and the force. Using an old X-wing deflector shield Halcyon tweaked it and installed it giving his fighter some added protection should he need it.

Lastly, managing to procure a couple of B-Wing parts during regular shipments Halcyon installed its powerful sensor system into his fighter, and through some ingenious mechanical work, installing a power plant as well. Able to power such a larger craft with many more systems, the power plant allows the Anla’shok to use all of its systems at peak effectiveness.


The Anla’shok is used primarily to ferry Halcyon from planet to planet, system to system. It is not a craft that can be used in extended missions, but for short trips and missions it is ideal. It is also a highly effective dog-fighter, especially in Halcyon’s hands. It’s speed and firepower is a match for nearly any other fighter around, and couple with a skilled force-user and pilot it becomes exponentially deadlier.