Kenath Zoron

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Kenath Zoron
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.90 meters


115 kilograms


Blond, trimmed short



Personal Information

Aiden Dru, Howlader, Declan Roark, Rulvak Qurroc, Dracaryis

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

Fighter pilot




Rebellion Era, New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Vizsla

Personal Ship:

T-70 X-wing Starfighter Blackshirt , Severian Phalanx Interceptor Mother Goose

Known masters:

Darth Pravus

Known apprentices:

Frotsu, Stajo Mawac, Kyber



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"Don't make people into heroes. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them."
―Kenath Zoron

Kenath Zoron is a General in the Dark Brotherhood. He is a member of the mercenary Clan Vizsla as a senior member of its loosely organized military forces. He was called back to the Brotherhood by his current master, Darth Pravus, after having remained behind during the Exodus. Zoron is an accomplished fighter pilot, serving with distinction in the Emperor's Hammer for long stretches of time, both before and after the Exodus.


Early life

Zoron was born on Aurora in 0 ABY, in what would eventually become Emperor's Hammer territory. Raised in the city of Coyian, he is the eldest son of a retired Imperial pilot-turned diplomat, Lord Tyr Zoron, and his late mother, Miranda. He has one surviving sibling, his sister Jusay, as his brother Arrak died alongside his mother.

As a child, he spent many hours with his father on the local Imperial base, learning the ins and outs of piloting from his father's squadmates. At his father's urging (and sponsorship), he joined the Academy to become an Imperial officer and fighter pilot.

While in his final term at the Academy, his mother and brother were on a passenger liner that was raided by pirates. Both were lost in the initial attack as the pirates "accidentally" vented the airlock during the boarding operation, killing most of the passengers inside.

Emperor's Hammer

Zoron graduated from the Academy and began to serve in various fighter squadrons in the Emperor's Hammer. Here he met many of the members of the Dark Brotherhood and eventually discovered his Force-sensitivity. He served with distinction under the former Darth Sarin in Avenger Elite Squadron, earning the "Black Shirt" distinction. While in Avenger, Sarin acted as a mentor for his burgeoning talents.


Zoron was recruited into the Brotherhood around that time, belonging to the Sith houses in Tarentum, Alvaak, and Arcona. In 19 ABY, he was made the Battleteam Leader for Apocalypse Squadron in House Oriens Obscurum before working his way up to Aedile and holding the rank of Jedi Hunter.


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."
―Kenath Zoron to Darth Sarin

Immediately prior to the Exodus, Sarin approached him and asked him to remain behind to act as a deep-cover agent in case the need arose for further actions to be taken. Disillusioned by the behaviour of Ronin and Astatine, he agreed to hide his loyalty to Darth Sarin and the many other comrades who were excommunicated from the Emperor's Hammer. He publicly denounced Sarin and played the part of a loyal Imperial pilot.

In order to avoid suspicion, Zoron completed his tour of duty and returned to Aurora. To keep well-informed, he applied for the local security forces. With his decorated combat history and chest full of medals, he was readily accepted and worked as a patrol officer on Aurora, returning to the fleet when re-called on multiple occasions.

During the confusion of the Exodus, he was able to wipe away traces of his membership in the Brotherhood from the Emperor's Hammer intelligence agents. He thus allowed his Force-talents to subside until called again to the Brotherhood.


"Come. Now. Darth Pravus."
―Message from Darth Pravus to Zoron

In 37 ABY, Zoron began to fear he was losing grip on reality. He began to see spectral images of his old friend and mentor Sarin. Knowing that Sarin had died years before, Zoron worried that the stress of maintaining his cover was causing him to go insane.

Then, one night's rest turned into a vision. Zoron finally saw Sarin clearly and was told to seek out a master to complete his training. Sarin showed him an image of another Sith Lord, Darth Pravus, and then faded away.

Upon waking, Zoron saw a message on his datapad from the secret address that Sarin had kept for communicating with him. It simply said, "Come. Now. Darth Pravus." With that, Zoron feigned a leave of absence from the fleet and left with his family to seek out his new master.


"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Zoron?"
Howlader to assembled Taldryans

Zoron was welcomed back into the Brotherhood with open arms and was assigned to Taldryan. Darth Pravus, he learned, was the Voice of the Brotherhood and had already arranged for him to recover his old honours and had already prepared a training plan for him.

In Taldryan, he quickly re-familiarized himself with the workings of the Brotherhood and found himself spending large amounts of time training himself back up to his old skill levels. After heavy study and many duels, he surpassed his previous abilities, and found himself earning the title of Dark Jedi Knight.

He was assigned to the Battleteam Wardens and took advantage of the many more experienced members within. While here, he befriended a younger Sith, Aiden Dru, with whom he partnered with on many assignments and missions. Eventually, Zoron worked his way to the Battle Team Sergeant position before being promoted to Battle Team Leader in 38 ABY.

Fading Light

"The relic is the objective, our survival is secondary."
―Zoron, to Dru, discussing tactical considerations on Bosthirda

During the sequence of events now known as Fading Light, Zoron and Dru were deployed to Bosthirda with members of Taldryan's conventional military forces in order to secure a powerful Sith relic. In the course of making planetfall, their ship was struck by ground-to-air weaponry and crashed well short of their objective. The pair attempted to reach the area where the relic was believed to be, but were prevented due to heavy fighting while en route. The pair were called back and airlifted back to the Taldryan Fleet once it was confirmed that another Taldryan team had successfully achieved the objective.

Later in the campaign, Zoron engaged in a series of reconnaissance and strike missions on the planet Begeren. He was successful in recovering a minor Jedi relic from a series of caverns after a vicious battle with a female Force-user. Days after, he and Howlader were able to infiltrate a One Sith defensive position and destroy the weapon emplacement within. In his final mission of the campaign on Begeren, Zoron was gravely wounded in a fight against a Brotherhood Force-user who grossly outmatched him in terms of sheer power as well as experience. He was medivaced to the Taldryan Fleet for extensive medical treatment and did not return to the planet.

Elevation to Equite

"Taldryan has come to depend on Zoron, and between his work ethic, his knowledge and willingness to expand his horizons for the good of the Clan, and the Brotherhood, I am extremely happy to see him promoted to the rank of Sith Warrior."
―Citation from Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor

After gruelling study and many battles with his fellow Wardens, Zoron found that he had increased his mastery of the Force to such extent that he was formally recognized as an Equite. With that, the rank of Sith Warrior was conferred upon him. At the same time, his master, Darth Pravus, was appointed as Deputy Grand Master. In response to this promotion, Zoron was also assigned an additional role as a Magistrate for Darth Pravus.

Ektrosis Leadership

Held the position of Aedile from Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Held the position of Quastor from Mar 2015 - Jun 2015

Elevated to EQ2 (Battlemaster)


Engaged in combat missions with Darkfire 9 vs Loyalist and One Sith forces

Assisted in mission into the Valley of the Dark Lords with Dru, Darkfire teams, and other Taldryans, including one of his apprentices, Kyber

Result of the turmoil of the war and actions seen and experienced, converted to the light path

Elevated to EQ3 (Seer)

Taldryan Leadership

Returned to leadership role, taking on Proconsul position for Taldryan in May 2016 through to Oct 2016

Embracing Light Side

Transferred to Clan Odan-Urr in Jul 2017

Elevated to EQ4


Lead a rescue mission for stricken Odan-Urr forces under attack by quadrijet suicide bombers

OOC, placed 40th overall in the GJW. Placed 2nd in the Blast from the Past event, with 5 additional top-10 placements.

Loss of Force Powers

Fictional reasons for Roguing in Mar 2018 - partial losses of connection to Force; intermittent, kept hidden from rest of Clan and peers - left on personal mission to discover reasons for the loss

Returning to the Fold

Returned to COU in Nov 2018, Force powers still failing without reason

Credits, Not Words

Founding of Clan Vizsla in May 2019

Full loss of Force powers, focus changed onto piloting role

Transfer to Loyalist path (EQ4 - Colonel)


Senior officer on duty upon word of false flag attacks framing the Brotherhood. Arranged for Vizsla assets to prep for deployment and briefed clan's senior members and leadership. Undertook scouting mission to Lyra-3K-a to obtain verification of false flag actions. Destroyed pair of imposter TIEs before returning to base to report back to the clan.

Later, after the false flag attacks were revealed in detail, he led a Vizslan mission back into Lyra system as a full combat operation. He was able to prevent destruction of multiple Principate fighters via "diplomacy" and superior targeting skills while his squadron destroyed Collective craft.

OOC, placed 29th overall in the GJW. Completed all bins. Placed 1st in the Miscellaneous - New Acquisitions competition for the concept design of the Mk-6 Explosive Lure. Also placed 1st (along with dozens of others) in the Gaming - Laser Overload competition Placed 3rd in the Clan-Wide Run-On as well as the Dauntless Scavenger Hunt events.


Mostly dealt with administrators who were overly obsessed with rules and regulations. Killed some enemies and earned heaps of credits for the clan and himself.

OOC, placed 34th overall in the GJW. Completed all bins. Earned three 3rd place event finishes - Hunt the Jedi, War Trivia, and Puzzle

Ad Vizsla

Zoron became the first member to earn Clan Vizsla's Clan Title, Ad Vizsla, on 04 May 2021.


Taldryan Military

"Each of the teams you're working with have earned the designation of "Jedi Capable". They've proven themselves able to taken down a full-fledged Jedi, so use their tools appropriately."
―Shaz'air Taldrya briefing Wardens members

From his previous military training, as well as his civilian role as a security officer, Zoron was quite comfortable working as a go-between for the Taldryan Force-users and their Special Operations arm, the Darkfire Battalions.

Taldryan military doctrine sees Taldryan deploy its non-Summit members alongside conventional military forces to major conflicts when enemy Force-users are suspected. As a result of this doctrine, Zoron regularly works alongside Darkfire Team 9.

Most recently, he, Dru, and Darkfire 9 engaged in heavy combat operations on Bosthirda. Here they recorded a confirmed kill of an enemy Nautolan Jedi in addition to various conventional troops. On Begeren, Darkfire 9 rescued Zoron following a near-fatal fight with the unknown Jedi that felled him.


Zoron's father, Lord Tyr Zoron, is a former Imperial pilot and current diplomat on Aurora. His mother, Miranda, and younger brother, Arrak, are dead. His younger sister, Jusay Garne (née Zoron), is a Holonet reporter for CorelNews and is married with two children

Zoron is married to Hana (née Chusil), who is a tutor for high-ranking diplomats' children. They have two children, daughter Aroha (2 years) and son Medes (3 years).

From his marriage, he also has a sister-in-law, Allys Chusil, who works as a medic with the Auroran emergency services.

At the moment, it appears that his family on Aurora has not been affected by his now-permanent defection to the Brotherhood, but safety measures have been put in place and Zoron is actively attempting to secure their safe evacuation away from Emperor's Hammer territory.


  • The first member of Taldryan to be Knighted after it Reclanned in 37 ABY.
  • The first Taldryan Gatekeeper. Defended his title for the ensuing month.
  • One of the original roster of members for the formation of Clan Vizsla in May 2019
  • The first member to earn the Clan Title for Vizsla, Ad Vizsla
  • Due to frequent ret-conning of the DJB fictional timeline, the dates in the table below have been put into IRL dates ... because mid-2017 is 35 ABY, but early-2014 is 37 ABY ... for reasons.
Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Battleteam Sergeant of Apocalypse Squadron
Oct 2002-Feb 2003
Sarin Sith Commander of Apocalypse Squadron
19 ABY (Feb 2003-Mar 2003)
Closed during Exodus
Sarin Aedile of House Oriens Obscurum
19 ABY (Mar 2003-Apr 2003)
Aiden Dru Battleteam Sergeant of Wardens
38 ABY (May 2014-Jul 2014)
Raistline Majere
Aiden Dru Battleteam Leader of Wardens
38 ABY (Jul 2014-Oct 2014)
Raistline Majere
Graus Colvin Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master
38 ABY (Sep 2014-Feb 2015)
Aiden Dru Aedile of House Ektrosis
38 ABY (Oct 2014-Mar 2015)
Raistline Majere
Ernordeth Puer-Irae Magistrate to the Grand Master
39 ABY (Feb 2015-Feb 2017)
Rulvak Qurroc
Halcyon Rokir Taldrya Quaestor of House Ektrosis
39 ABY (Mar 2015-Jun 2015)
Raistline Majere
3 Panelists Appeals Panelist of Chamber of Justice
(Jul 2015-Nov 2016)
3 Panelists
Howlader Proconsul of Clan Taldryan
(May 2016-Oct 2016)
Alaris Jinn
Justinios Drake or Rhylance Magistrate to the Fist
(Sep 2019-Jul 2020)
Kojiro Keibatsu or Gui Sol