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Modified CEC YZ-775 Freighter Entil’Zha
Production information

Light Freighter


450,000 credits


Halcyon Rokir

Technical specifications

52 meters

Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):

1150 Km/hr

Engine unit(s):

Heavily Modified Corellian Evader-GT Ion Drive with Aurum Thrusters

Hyperdrive rating:

Primary Class 1 Backup Class 10

Power plant:

Modified Stock


Chempat Shield Generator (3) - 250 SBD


150 RU

Sensor systems:

Modified Stock

Targeting systems:

Modified Stock

Navigation system:

Modified Stock


Modified Stock

  • Double Turbo-Laser Turret (1)
  • Double Laser Cannon Turret (2)
  • Proton Torpedo Launcer (2) – 12 Torpedoes Each


Minimum crew:




Cargo capacity:

400 metric Tons


6 Months

Other systems:
  • 2 Escape Pods
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Slave Circuits

Transport; Temporary Living Quarters


Halcyon Rokir

Known commander(s):

Halcyon Rokir



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The Entil’Zha is Halcyon Rokir’s Modified CEC YZ-775 Freighter, used as his personal transport as well as temporary living quarters when he is off-planet. It also acts as a transport vessel for his fighter, the Anla'shok


The Entil’Zha has served under a number of other owners during its lifespan, operating under various other names during this span of time. The vessel had been impounded when its previous owner wasn’t able to come up with the necessary docking fees. On a brief sojourn through his native planet of Drall, Halcyon stumbled upon the ship auction, his eye catching the large yet powerfully-built vessel. Cashing in a number of his investments, the Master bought the vessel, transferring ownership to another of his identities.

Transferring the freighter to his then home on Altur, Rokir took a proper look at his purchase. The bulk of her systems had been left as it had been made, the stock vessel already having numerous powerful systems. However, much of the interior had been converted into a smuggler’s heaven, the Master having used the force to locate all of the hidden compartments and other hidden features throughout the vessel.

Along with the ship itself came two “crewmembers”, a dilapidated R5 astromech and an older-model LE-series repair droid. From what Halcyon had learned from the auctioneer, the previous owner had stumbled upon this craft but was completely inept in its use, the droids themselves running the various systems before breaking down through dis-repair. The entire vessel was also run-down, carbon scoring covering many areas of the outer-hull as many internal systems had shut down due to maintenance issues.

Having soon gained the position of Master at Arms, Halcyon used the resources on Antei to help modify and refurbish his transport as well as repair the two droids to make them serviceable once more.


Unlike is personal starfighter, Halcyon did not gut out the Entil’zha. Using what free time he had, he helped personally modify the various systems currently in place, tweaking each one for greater power and efficiency and bringing them up to current technological specs. Re-working discarded capital ship hulls, he had them grafted onto the current hull, increasing its overall strength and durability.

Two systems that have been replaced were the engines and shielding. Corellian-based Ion Drives were installed as well as specialized thrusters, increasing the speed and maneuverability of the large freighter. The stock shields have also been replaced by three Chempat generators, designed for overlapping protection giving the freighter extra protection and durability.

The largest changes however occurred to the interior of the freighter. No longer needed for smuggling, much of the actual interior was re-made. Turning the vessel into more of a “home”, a more limited number of quarters were made, but each one larger and more comfortable than originally intended. Halcyon’s own quarters are quite spacious, with hidden alcoves for his various weapons and other items. A common area was created with a holo-chess table and sabacc table along with a well-equipped galley. Much of the cargo area has also been converted into a docking area for the Anla’shok, or any other smaller fighter vessel. A small repair facility has also bee created in this area. Further in is a small training area with room to spar or meditate.

The cockpit has also been slightly re-designed, allowing Halcyon to control every aspect of his ship, including all of the weapons manually through use of the force. The droids have had their memories wiped and were fully repaired. Shiner, the LE-droid, has been programmed to pilot the vessel when needed as well as handle more complex repairs while Rusty, the R5, handles the general maintenance as well as helps in navigation.


The Entil’zha is very much a multi-purpose vessel, used for extended trips or to handle routine business. As Halcyon’s personal transport, and due to his constant movements throughout the galaxy, it has become very much a second home. A number of identities have been made for the freighter, allowing it complete access to all portions of the galaxy, its systems being kept legal to avoid extra hassles.

The droids handle much of the general maintenance, Halcyon ensuring they are taken well care of so that they in turn take good care of his ship.