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House Exar Kun

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House Exar Kun was one of two houses in Clan Plagueis prior to the Clan's reorganization into a House in 33 ABY. Named after the Dark Lord of the same name, the house is based off the former Clan Exar Kun, closed after the merger. The House was primarily a Sith and Obelisk house. Previously Clan Plagueis' strongest house, it was weakened considerably after the two Great Jedi Wars. During the Seventh Great Jedi War the house was crushed by the Assault on Diadem which left a lot of Kunians dead, although it has since then bounced back.

During the Eighth Great Jedi War however, House Exar Kun was to suffer an even more devastating fate at the hands of alien invaders. Their home planet, Aerun, was left a barren land, with the many cities and buildings totally gone. The two great beacons of House Exar Kun's strength, Diadem Fortress and the Ash Citadel, were both Completely destroyed and little remains of the long history of the two structures.


Note: For a detailed history of House Exar Kun before the merger, see Clan Exar Kun.

Dictum of Two Skies

Main article: [[Dictum of Two Skies|Dictum of Two Skies]]

The once great Clan Exar Kun was in turmoil, the Crimson Tide had struck them with the precision of a scalpel. Even though the war was won by Kunians and Ketoans fighting side by side, the leadership of both clans was wiped out in one battle, only one elder remained standing after the last battle was fought.

As Clan Exar Kun started to weaken without its seasoned leadership, Corruption became more and more prevalent while at the same time the Kunians started to cling desperately to the shreds of past glory and honor. Clan Satal Keto wasn't in a much better state than the once Glorious Exar Kun.

Eventually, the Star Chamber witnessed the troubles of Satal Keto and Exar Kun and decided to intervene. They would break open Exar Kun and Satal Keto upon the forge and create Clan Plagueis out of its shattered remains, a Superclan containing the Vitality and Power of Exar Kun with the Arcane Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge of Satal Keto. The Reborn Clan would be named appropriately after Darth Plagueis the Wise, Master of Life and Death.

And inside this new Clan Plagueis the former clans would be bound as House Exar Kun and House Satal Keto in memory of the glory and honor of the broken clans, these two Houses would be joined by the new House Bane.

Exar’s Shadow to the Rescue

Main article: [[Return to Eden|Return to Eden]]

The fourth planet of the Acarr System, a world named Eden was the scene of one of Exar Kun's more bizarre battles. Starting out very simple the conflict quickly escalated to the paranormal.

In the ending days of 19 ABY, House Exar Kun, then based on Elysian, picked up a distress signal originating from the abandoned world that previously served as the home to the closed House Byss then House Bane. Suspecting Crimson Tide involvement due to incoming reports of a planned attack, the summit decided to send the battleteam Exar's Shadow to check it out. Upon landing though, they were immediately beset by troopers in Imperial Armor.

These "Imperial Troopers" turned out to be Tide Pirates who where searching for the Firefly Supercomputer which had already been moved to Castle Frost on Byfrost and later to the Dark Tower on Kapsina. In the end the pirates were killed, some by the Battleteam, others by the Ghost of Darth Bane.

After killing all pirates and deactivating the beacon, the remaining Tide members were ambushed while evacuating and Alonzo Bodelle, their leader was captured.

Abandoning Acarr, Jusidah Becomes Home

Main article: [[Battle of Byfrost|Battle of Byfrost]]
Aerun: Exar Kun's new home

In the Acarr System, the sun was shuddering with anger. The great feat of the Star Chamber had distorted reality by merging the great powers of Exar Kun and Satal Keto, causing the heart of the great star Sigil, which had already been unstable, to falter. The doom was close, but the Clan and Houses still had time to act. With great speed, the Clan mobilized and began evacuation, fleeing to the Jusadih System.

During the evacuation, the dreaded Crimson Tide returned to seek revenge for the defeat suffered when battling the old clans. The entire clan was not there at that moment, however, since many were already in the Jusadih System preparing it to be the clan's new home. Specifically, almost all of House Satal Keto had already relocated, and thus Exar Kun was forced to work by itself in defending the remaining cargo.

They fought galiantly while holding off the Tide, even managing to destroy their Dreadnaught capital ship, along with their small outpost on Ysgard. Finally, after around four hours of fighting, the Tide realized they had lost again, and started to retreat.

Exar Kun would not have it, though, and used the force to trap a large majority of the Tide in the system, where the radiation from the sun killed them. Those still alive quickly fled. With that, Plagueis left Acarr forever, heading towards their new home in the Jusadih System.

Re-capturing the Captured

Main article: [[Recapturing the Captured|Recapturing the Captured]]

For months Battleteam Exar's Shadow, led by Sith Commander Aabsdu Dupar, interrogated Alonzo Bodelle, but they could pull nothing valuable from him. One night, a small squad of pirates unrelated to the Crimson Tide invaded Diadem Fortress. They released Alonzo from his sell and stole blueprints of the Dark Tower on Jusadih.

Alonzo Bodelle managed to escape Diadem with the help of a group of pirates

Quaestor Braecen quickly sent the house's two battleteams, Exar's Shadow and Blades of Kun, after the pirates. They chased each other for three days before finally coming to an epic battle over the planet of Dathomir. Blades of Kun fought the forces in space, while Exar's Shadow boarded the pirates' capital ship, The Treasure Chest. Shadow placed bombs all throughout the ship, and detonated them while Commander Aabsdu searched for Alonzo. In the end, however, the team was forced to retreat as the ship started to fall apart. They left, sure that Alonzo and the rest of the pirates had been killed.

They were unaware, however, that Alonzo had in fact survived. He made his way to Dathomir, where he met up with the rest of the Crimson Tide, and slowly they formed their plan to attack Clan Plagueis once again.

Great Jedi War

Main article: [[Assault on Diadem|Assault on Diadem]]

The Sixth Great Jedi War was a time of darkness for House Exar Kun as enemy forces moved to wipe the Dark Jedi from the face of Aerun. As the Dark Brotherhood split in two, rogue Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow convinced growing anti-Kunian forces on Aerun to revolt and assault Diadem Fortress. Realizing that rebel sentiments were growing on Aerun, Quaestor Scorpius made his way to the Aerunian Senate to put them in line. En route, however, his shuttle was attacked and shot down. Aerunian rebel forces, with support from rogue Naga Sadow Dark Jedi, then attacked Diadem. Jonaleth Isradia and Aedile Aabsdu managed to hold off the attackers until Scorpius crawled out of the Decarian Jungle, bloody and bruised, to help fight off the enemy forces.

In the battle, Blades of Kun were almost completely obliterated by the attacking forces and minor damage was inflicted on Diadem. The Kunians successfully fended off the attack and captured the rebel leader, whom Scorpius publicly executed before the Aerunian Senate as a show of what happens when House Exar Kun is crossed.

House Exar Kun did not have too much time to lick its wounds, however, as the Clan Summit called them to battle for Plagueis and the Jac they supported on Antei. Scorpius resigned as Quaestor at this time to pursue a secret mission the Consul had sent him on, and Aabsdu replaced him to lead Kunian forces on Antei against the rival clans. When all was settled, the House of Exar Kun returned home to Diadem Fortress, tired and torn but ready to pursue a new dawn of glory for Exar Kun.

Enter the aliens

The house had since recovered from the events of the last Great Jedi War, and Exar Kun was well and truly back on its feet. The current summit had been in power for many months now and things were looking good for the Kunians. Reports had been coming in for months on the incoming threat of a race of unknown aliens. It was rumored that they were heading for Coruscant, and being in such close proximity, the whole Jusadih System was put on high alert.

It did not seem like they were going to attack though, and the Consul had said that it was highly unlikely they would target the Jusadih system anyway, so the Clan, and the House let the rumors pass. The Rite of Supremacy award ceremony followed, and the summits were all in attendance including Quaestor Royal and Aedile Jagan.

The attack came during the ceremony though, when everyone was least prepared, and even the greatest of Jedi could not sense the aliens, who had no presence in the Force. They tore through the Exar Kun fleet and the members at the ceremony had just enough time to escape and flee into the shroud.

Meanwhile, back on Aerun, the aliens had begun bombing the entire planet and sent down numerous warriors to dispatch of the Jedi left. Sith Warrior Dismal and Archpriest Scorpius were among those left to protect the planet, but despite their valiant efforts, even they could not hold off the invaders and were forced to flee the planet as the last remains of the Ash Citadel and the Diadem Fortress were destroyed.

The attacks on the House, and indeed the whole clan, continued for nearly a week. The aliens were relentless in their attacks. They finally stopped after the commander of the invaders was given new instruction for his mission, and Exar Kun was saved as the aliens left to pursue other missions.

New Dawn

In the short time House Exar Kun had been established, a great deal of activities and successes has become part of its history. The House’s success has already brought it great prestige and nostalgia of the glory days of Clan Exar Kun could be heard throughout the Diadem Fortress on Aerun. The House is more than ready to attain great glory; it is only a matter of time until House Exar Kun is given the chance.

Away from home

With the alien attack on the House’s home planet of Aerun this left them with one choice, they had to move to Kapsina for the time being. House Exar Kun was left to look towards what would come their way, and it wasn’t long before the Clan needed the House once more.

With this a time to war came for the house, bringing the next great Jedi war into effect. The Ninth Great Jedi War titled Unification was underway. This was one of the House's times to prove themselves yet again. The House saw the war through, and the outcome was one that was suspected, the Brotherhood, working together as one, managed to retake their Home World of Antei. On coming back to the Dark Tower, times changed for the team, as they returned, it was time for a new leadership within the house, Quaestor Cethgus and Aedile Ood would be the ones to lead the house into the future.

Roll of Quaestors

  1. Godo Nurok: 6/12/2005 to 9/22/2005
  2. Ethran Sayre Isradia: 9/22/2005 to 10/20/2005
  3. Godo Nurok: 10/20/2005 to 1/21/2006
  4. Braecen Kunar: 1/21/2006 to 4/10/2006
  5. Scorpius: 4/10/2006 to 7/20/2006
  6. Aabsdu: 7/20/2006 to 8/15/2006
  7. BubbaX: 8/15/2006 to 11/4/2006
  8. Valerian Orzon: 11/4/2006 to 11/13/2006
  9. Ky Terrak: 11/13/2006 to 3/1/2007
  10. BubbaX: 3/2/2007 to 3/14/2007
  11. Royal: 3/14/2007 to 8/28/2007
  12. Ky Terrak: 8/28/2007 to 10/14/2007
  13. Jagan: 10/14/2007 to 11/6/2007
  14. Cipher: 11/6/2007 to 05/16/2008
  15. Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth: 05/16/2008 to 07/07/2008
  16. Godo Nurok: 07/07/2008 to 10/15/2008
  17. Jonaleth Isradia: 10/15/2008 to 01/06/2008
  18. Yzarc Rellik Kaeth: 01/06/2008 to 06/14/2009
  19. Cethgus Kuga: 06/14/2009 to 08/24/2009
  20. Ood Bnar Sythe'rae: 08/26/2009 to 10/20/2009
  21. Quejo Drakai: 10/29/2009 to present

Roll of Aediles

  1. Callus Bo'Amar: 7/16/2005 to 8/1/2005
  2. Ethran Sayre Isradia: 8/1/2005 to 8/20/2005
  3. Schisca: 8/20/2005 to 10/30/2005
  4. Gaidal Dupar: 10/30/2005 to 1/22/2006
  5. Braecen Kaeth Kunar: 1/22/2006 to 2/25/2006
  6. Thran Occasus: 2/25/2006 to 4/3/2006
  7. Aabsdu: 4/3/2006 to 7/19/2006
  8. BubbaX: 7/19/2006 to 8/20/2006
  9. Vasily: 8/20/2006 to 9/11/2006
  10. Ky Terrak: 09/11/2006 to 11/13/2006
  11. Arso Slyth: 11/13/2006 to 1/7/2007
  12. Dismal Visutor al'Tor: 1/7/2007 to 4/22/2007
  13. Jagan: 5/8/2007 to 10/14/2007
  14. Cipher: 10/14/2007 to 11/6/2007
  15. Vithril: 11/12/2007 to 01/28/2008
  16. Rilkel: 02/14/2008 to 05/16/2008
  17. Godo Nurok: 06/02/2008 to 07/07/2008
  18. Ralph Vundu: 07/14/2008 to 06/14/2009
  19. Ood Bnar Sythe'rae: 06/14/2009 to 08/26/2009
  20. Octavia Morgan Kuga: 09/11/2009 to Present

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