War of Ascension

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War of Ascension
(Jusadih Civil War)
Date: 28 ABY - 30 ABY
Location: Jusadih System
Outcome: Military Rule Established in the Jusadih System; Crimson Tide Destroyed

Jusadih Independence Coalition

Clan Plagueis

  • Duchess Amaelia Dartmouth
  • Archduke Christopher Tirk
  • Marquis Sid Varius
  • Marquis Evan Gonchar

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The War of Ascension established Military Rule in the Jusadih System and brought and end to the Crimson Tide.



Following the Eighth Great Jedi War, there were voids in the highest seats of Power throughout Jusadih. Christopher Tirk, once an Earl of Shintera, declared himself Archduke of the entire system. He appointed Earls and other lesser Lords from other planets to the positions of Duke and Marquis and effectly declared war on Clan Plagueis by establishing the Jusadih Independence Coalition and signing a Military Alliance with the Crimson Tide.

Before officially declaring war on Plagueis, Tirk also attempted to garner the support of the Galactic Alliance, but the message was intercepted by the Intelligence Branch of the Plagueis Military and Braecen Kaeth was tipped off to their attempt. He then co-ordinated a military effort against the JIC and declared Martial Law.

Invasion of Morroth

Alex d'Tana, Quaestor of House Satal Keto, and his Aedile, Alaris Jinn, were charged with the task of reclaiming Morroth. D'Tana issued a surrender ultimatum to the Marquis of Morroth, Evan Gonchar. Gonchar, instead of responding, ordered his small defense fleet to engage the Ballista. The Victory Class Destroyer made short work of the attackers and prepared to launch ground troops.

Jinn called upon two members of Satal Victus, Ashron and Kodais Solatus, to go to the surface in advance of the attack and disable the defensive grid surrounding Alpha Base, where Gonchar decided to hole up. The two Ketoans were successful and then the Quaestor and Aedile led a ground assault of Dark Jedi into the base and swept through the complex easily. Gonchar was eventually found and beheaded by Jinn.


Following the battle, there were several other Feudal Lords that needed dealing with and Jinn dispatched several Dark Jedi in Satal Keto to deal with them. Insurgencies popped up all over the planet and while it took several months to get rid of them all, Morroth was eventually completely cleansed of all signs of rebellion.

First Battle of Kapsina

Kapsina lived in relative peace for one month. Earl Orin Scirvel of Khanduras on Kapsina had been carefully biding his time. Once word of the fall of Morroth got to his ears, however, he began to panic as whispers of a Lone Jedi sweeping through entire legions of soldiers and wiping them out began to spread across the system. This was an exaggeration brought upon by the brutality of Alaris Jinn and served Clan Plagueis well.

Scrivel ordered the attack on the defense blockade around Kapsina, which was made up of The Baron, the Instigator, the Perdition, the Atrum Pars II, and the Omicron Platform. While just looking like a suicide mission, it wasn't until just before the attacking ships began to jump to hyperspace instead of continuing the attack that Braecen Kaeth, Supreme Commander of the Clan Plagueis Military, realized that the attack was a diversion so that Earl Scirvel could escape from Kapsina with most of his cabinet.


Some members of his cabinet, as well as much of the militia, remained behind to stage guerrilla warfare against the Clan, this continued until the end of the war, when the remaining insurgents surrendered upon hearing of their defeat. Kapsina once again became the home of the Clan Plagueis Summit and the Dark Tower once again housed the Consul.

With the news of Morroth coming to Christopher Tirk, he decided it would be a perfect time to officially declare war on Clan Plagueis. He revealed his alliance with the Crimson Tide and named Orin Scirvel as Duke of Kapsina, informing him that once Plagueis was defeated, Kapsina would be completely under his rule.

Invasion of Aerun

With both Kaspina and Morroth under Plagueis control, Godo Nurok, Quaestor of House Exar Kun, turned his eyes to Aerun, their old home planet. The war against the Yuuzhan Vong hit Aerun the hardest, and most of its citizens were forced to hide in the forests and caves away from the cities which were under Vong control.

Following the Vong withdrawal, Sid Varius claimed the throne and declared himself Marquis of Aerun. He continually petitioned the resource rich Shintera for assistance in its rebuilding, to the point that Archduke Tirk grew impatient and annoyed with Varius. When Plagueis began its invasion of Aerun, just less than a month after the reclamation of Kaspina, Varius again petitioned Tirk for assistance. Instead of sending reinforcements to Aerun, which Tirk was sure would fall, he sent a few million Republic Credits which he knew Varius could make no use of.

Because Aerun had virtually no defenses, the battle was completely fought on the surface. The Aerunians had worked so well in their guerrilla tactics against the Yuuzhan Vong that they were fairly successful against the first wave of Plagueis. In fact, they killed the entire team of the Blades of Kun leaving only Exar's Shadow in Exar Kun.

During the second wave of attack, however, General of the Aerunian Defense Force, Scott Willeneuva, issued a surrender to Nurok and his armed forces realigned themselves with Plagueis against Sid Varius.


After the death of Varius, which was issued by Aedile Ralph Vundu, Aerun smoothly transitioned to Plagueis control. While some of the lesser Lords on the planet gave Plagueis some trouble, the majority of them surrendered their holdings and accepted Military Commissions.

Invasion of Nintura

Amaelia Dartmouth was Duchess of Nintura. The entire planet knew of her Jedi history, but both her and her cousin, Han, had left the Jedi order almost ten years earlier. They now considered themselves to be Grey Jedi.

The Duchess's tower was heavily defended by a planetary bombardment shield and massive reinforced metal walls, which had been alloyed with Cortosis. It took the combined Force of the Aerunian and Plagueian to be able to break through, which still never happened; it wasn't able to.

In the tower, the Duchess was growing more and more weary by the bureaucracy and ineffectiveness of the JIC. She and her cousin, both took the opportunity of the attack to destroy as many Coalition Loyalists as possible in her own throne room. Together, they killed multiple lesser Lords, advisors and sub-Committee members.


For her work, Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, Lieutenant Supreme Commander of the Plagueian Military, offered her the position of Colonel, and gave her command over the combined Aerunian/Ninturan Defense Forces. Because the planet didn't change leaders, it wasn't difficult for Plagueis to assume command of the planet. The few insurgants that existed were brought to an end by Colonel Dartmouth and her forces.

Second Battle of Kapsina


Two months passed without any activity. Plagueis didn't dare attack Shintera for the fleet that existed there. Calliban Crimson thought it just best to bide their time and wait for the New Jedi Order to discover the problems at Jusadih and to come help against the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis. Against the will of Crimson, Tirk decided to send the combined fleet of the JIC and Crimson Tide to attack the spread out Fleet of Plagueis. With the Ballista at Morroth and the Atrum Pars II patrolling the Jusadih system, Tirk commanded his fleet to attack the Plagueian Fleet at Kapsina.

Deep in the night, Braecen was awakened by a former mentor, Grand Master Emeritus, Chi-Long. The founder of Clan Plagueis informed Kaeth that someone would be coming to see him to tell him of something incoming. Chi-Long wouldn't elaborate but simply disappeared from Braecen's chambers to return to the Star Chamber.

The next day, while alone in his Throne Room at the pinnacle of the Dark Tower, the Consul was met by a vision of Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Plagueis the Wise. Plagueis told Braecen about the incoming attack and demanded that he defend the Clan with all of his being. Braecen told the Dark Lord that he would have no problem in destroying the incoming forces. Over the next few days, Braecen formulated a plan to annihilate the JIC/Tide Fleet.


As if arriving on schedule, a fleet comprised of twelve Corvettes and the ISD Nemesis, jumped out of hyperspace. After a short conversation between Jonah Kraul, Commander of Tide Space Forces, and Jonaleth Isradia, the new Quaestor of Exar Kun, the two forces began to attack each other.

The Corvettes easily weaved in and out of the two Plagueian Star Destroyers keeping them from being able to fire on the Nemsis. Eventually, so much damage was done to The Baron, that it was nearly irreparable. At that time, Master Isradia, on board the Omicron Platform, sent out a small energy burst, that appeared to simply be a sensor glitch.

On board the Ballista, which hid behind the satellite of Kapsina, Nasva, the new Quaestor of Satal Keto, Alaris Jinn, prepare the ship for its assault. Sliding out from behind the planet, the Star Destroyer launched its fighters and bombers on the Nemesis. The Corvettes attack The Baron and the Instigator immediately turned tail to defend the larger ship, but to no avail. The damage to the Nemesis had been done; its engines were destroyed and it began to get sucked into the gravity of the large planet below.


The stupid move by the Archduke led Calliban Crimson to simply end the fool's life. Crimson took command of the entire JIC/Crimson Tide Force and prepared for the biggest defense of his life, a defense that he knew would end in his own death. Kapsina, secure in Plagueian control, returned to peace and began to reconstruct it's governmental system in the views of Braecen Kaeth.

Invasion of Shintera

With no Navy in space to protect them, the entire battle took place on the surface. Both sides suffered massive casualties, especially to the Aerunian/Ninturan combined forces, including Colonel Dartmouth. Her Cousin, Lieutenant Colonel Han Dartmouth, took command of the forces and eventually achieved victory alongside the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis.

A small force of Dark Jedi, including Braecen Kaeth, Alaris Jinn, Jonaleth Isradia, Kal Vorrac, and Jedi Hunter Vivackus Kavon, infiltrated the tower that Crimson was using as his hideaway. While Jinn and Isradia both swept through the building, destroying everything in sight, Kaeth and Kavon climbed the side of the tower and burst into the Throne Room were Crimson was waiting. Kavon was given the order and attacked the leader of the Tide, chasing him through the building and eventually killing him at the bottom of a massive staircase.


Following a test of his loyalties, Kavon was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight in front of his master, Vorrac, and his Quaestor and Consul. Shintera surrendered after the death of Calliban Crimson and was returned to the Plagueis Dominion. The Crimson Tide was finally extinguished and the Jusadih Independence Coalition was no more.


The War of Ascension was used as a massive Clan based compeitition where each event would have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in both Fiction and Graphics. The overall winner would receive an additional award, as would the person who participated the most.