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Godo Nurok
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Godo Nurok is a Sith who was created by an enigmatic alien simply called ‘Kai’ for as yet unknown reasons. Gifted with the memories of an Imperial Admiral Doog Kuron, Godo spent years traveling the galaxy before joining the Dark Brotherhood.

Rising rapidly through the ranks to earn his Lightsaber and the title of Dark Jedi Knight within Clan Taldryan, he then moved to Clan Exar Kun. Catching the attention of Grand Master Chi Long he was soon enlisted into House Ziost where he initially served as Battle Team Leader. Becoming Aedile he continued to serve Ziost before Clans Satal Keto and Exar Kun were merged. Working with Chi Long he assisted in the creation of the newly formed Clan Plagueis and House Exar Kun.

His self-destructive personality and mental instability has often seen him come into conflict with authority and seen him acquire few friends however he does remain a popular figure amongst the general membership.


False Origins

Godo had long assumed he was born into a small farming community at the edge of the galactic core to an uncaring and cruel family who lavished their attention on his younger sister. Enlisting into the Imperial Navy at a young age his quiet, calm and assertive nature made him rise through the ranks rapidly. Earning several commendations for his piloting skills he gained a fierce reputation as a combat pilot.

His inherent dislike for authority no doubt came from his upbringing, not afraid to comment on what he saw as bad leadership and poor tactical decisions he made few friends in the higher echelons of power, which hampered his career progression. Despite many who would prefer Godo ran out of the Imperial Navy he was soon given his first command aboard a Nebulon B Frigate. Rapidly earning the respect of his crew, he led several operations against local crime lords and even small Rebel incursions.

Unlike many of his fellow Imperial officers he preferred not to oust local officials and use heavy-handed tactics, instead using careful use of diplomacy and precision military tactics. It wasn’t long before he earned the rank of Admiral and the command of the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Jubilant

However upon the Emperors death several local crime lords and oppressed governments used the sudden power vacuum to force out and in some cases destroy local Imperial garrisons. A devastating assault was launched on Godo’s fleet, aided by several b-wing squadrons and local pirates they destroyed everything with Godo only escaping due to the actions of his loyal crew.

The Beginning

The truth however was a little different. An enigmatic alien known only as Kai instead created Godo Nurok how and why remains unknown. The memories in fact belonged to an Admiral Doog Kuron who actually died in that deadly final assault. Kai arrived on Doog Kurons ship claiming to be a member of the Emperors inner circle and sent to over see the Admirals activities.

When the rebellion made their fateful assault on the Imperial Star Destroyer, Kai massacred the command crew and sabotaged the ship ensuring there would be no survivors. Godo was thus born and sent adrift in a TIE Advanced where he escaped the final destruction.

He spent the next few years traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other with little direction he lived life on the edge. Selling his exceptional piloting skills to the highest bidder as a mercenary. The process of creating Godo however was flawed and was prone to bouts of sudden rage and violence. In addition he exhibited signs of split personality with many describing Godo as insular, others open and friendly. When not being hired by local criminals he would spend his earned credits patching up his now aging TIE Advanced or on drink.

Change of Direction

The alien being known as Kai had created several clones of himself and decided to check on his ‘investment’. When he found Godo he discovered he had become a drunk and showed signs of extreme mental instability. Frustrated by what he saw as a total failure he decided to use Godo to infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood.

Claiming to be a member he offered Godo a chance at a new life and directed him to Antei. With a price on his head for unpaid debts and with no more work he decided to flee to Antei to begin his new life.

Upon arrival he joined the Dark Brotherhood and was sent to the esteemed Shadow Academy for further training. Kai once again appeared and instructed Godo in private in aspects of the force not known to the Dark Brotherhood. His training was brutal and harsh, more so than even those offered by the Shadow Academy.

Kai was concerned that Godo would discover his true identity and that the Brotherhood would become aware of him. In order to evade detection he taught Godo to disguise his power and mask his abilities from even the most powerful. One of the key lessons was never to show his true power. This led many trainers within the Academy to conclude Godo would be lucky to survive beyond its walls.

His first posting was Clan Taldryan, one of the oldest and most revered Clans in the entire Brotherhood. Godo had little chance to relax as the Great Jedi War had just begun. In spite of his best efforts he excelled in battle winning several medals and winning the respect of some of the most revered leaders, including the legendary Kir Katarn.

After successfully winning the Great Jedi War, Godo continued to study under Kai in secret and continued to make an impression. Twice earning the title of Cohort Pretoria and protecting some of the most senior Clan members. His successes soon earned him his Lightsaber and the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

The Birth of Clan Plagueis

When Kai learnt of Godo becoming Dark Jedi Knight he grew concerned that he was drawing too much attention to himself. He ordered his student to instead move to Clan Exar Kun where he hoped the ongoing turmoil there would prove a greater distraction. It was at this point Godo grew suspicious of his Masters motives. He did however obey and made the transfer and was assigned to House Ziost of Clan Exar Kun.

His abilities and talents were soon recognized by Grand Master Chi Long, but he was equally concerned about his abilities which were not typical of the Dark Brotherhood. Assigned to lead a Battle Team he continued in his usual style acquiring many notable successes in the name of Ziost. This was all the evidence Chi Long needed and promoted him to the position of Aedile.

Furious at what his student had done Kai fought Godo and almost caused his death in his rage. Despite this however he proved more than capable at the job. His prior knowledge of an Imperial Admiral allowed him to organise, run and lead the House to greater and greater victories.

After a meeting amongst the summit Chi Long unveiled his plans to merge the Clans of Satal Keto and Exar Kun. With Chi Long at its head he planned to forge a new Clan, one that would dominate the Brotherhood. This met with considerable opposition from Clan Satal Keto and the other Clans. Despite this Godo saw wisdom in creating a new unity and supported the motion. Clan Plagueis was born, with Godo founding House Exar Kun, in his former Clans honor and becoming its first Quaestor.

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Winning a personal fighter, a TIE Defender from the Sith High Warrior during a Brotherhood wide tournament.