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Callus Bo'Amar
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6.1 feet


215 pounds





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Rasilvenaira StormRaven

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Tigrin's Flame

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Selket Kuro Hyo Entar de Satal

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Doku, Raven



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"No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret. "
―Bill Borden

Born to the leader of a smuggling ring in 2 ABY, Callus Bo'Amar was once a Major in the TIE Corps of the Emperor's Hammer dishonorably discharged soon after the Exodus. He lost himself in the galaxy after his discharge and exile. He discovered himself among the stars. He eventually found his way to the Brotherhood, and the Dark side. He has shown skill and potential in the various positions he has served in. Callus is a strong leader and an even stronger fighter, respected for his combat and leadership skill.

Character History

Early Years (2-19ABY)


"You'll be something one day son. I know it."
―Shamshod Tigrin

2 ABY-15 ABY

Callus was born on Hoth as Kol Tigrin two years after the Battle of Yavin in a smuggler colony on the far side of the planet as the second son to the leader of the band, Shamshod Tigrn. When the Imperials attacked the Rebels, they weren’t far off from the notion that there were smugglers on the planet.

Kol lived what could be considered a typical childhood. He was loved and cared for by his parents and desired above all to emulate and please his father. As such, Kol's father taught him the trade. He learned to smuggle properly and intimidate his underlings. The smuggler colony was quite tight knit as all were fiercely loyal to their leader, Kol's father.

Along with learning everything he needed to know about running a smuggling organization, Kol also learned how to survive. He and his brother would spend weeks out on the frozen tundra stalking wampas. It was during this time when Kol experienced his first life changing event. He and his brother had been tracking a black wampa for a month and had finally located it's cave. They were in position to take the beast down when the ice beneath Kol's feet cracked and shattered plunging him into the frigid water below. His brother pulled him from the water and was successful in keeping him alive before their father and his men arrived to return him to the base. Kol was 9 years old, and his body temperature never returned to normal. Instead it sits around 31 to this day.

13 years after the Imperial attack when Kol was 11 his brother Ghen left for the Imperial Academy on Corellia. Kol followed shortly in his brother’s footsteps after deciding he didn’t feel like staying on Hoth any longer, after already helping his father and the smuggling band reconstruct Echo Base as their new home. He left for Corellia and the Imperial Academy at the age of 13.

The Academy

Cadet Kol Tigrin


"Ability is nothing without order, and restraint"
―Imperial Officers Manual

When he first arrived, he searched for his brother only to discover that he had defected to the Rebellion or "New Republic" as they called themselves. During his time at the academy he was, like all recruits, assessed mentally and physically,

"He seems to have an acute sense of balance and timing, his reflexes are that of a seasoned TIE pilot at the age of 12. Not only that but his strength far exceeds that of his peers. He seems to know the moves he needs to make before his opponents make theirs and it shows in the simulator runs, with training this boy could be a dazzling pilot."
―Academy Physical evaluation

"If there was a single word to describe the boy it would be reckless, he seems to loose himself in competition at times, leaving his reason behind to attain victory. His mental abilities are average but his ability to make tactical plans is uncanny. His piloting is more instinctive than anything and he gave our evaluators a run for their money in several simulations. He functions well under pressure and when the time came was able to make the right decisions even if they had a smaller percentage of success. He's sharp but his recklessness will get him killed."
―Academy Mental Evaluation

Kol at one time or another was getting into trouble at the Academy. When he wasn't getting into fights, he was making practical jokes. He is still remembered to this day as the boy who rigged the TIE Fighter solar panels to fall off of the cockpit on takeoff. He did this, of course, to his rival squadron leader's fighters on the day of final examinations. While the prank received great approval from his squadron mates, it wasn't so popular with the administration. Kol left the Academy with a letter of reprimand on his record.

After graduating 4th in his class from the academy and receiving the Corellian Bloodstripe he joined the TIE Corps at 18 and was assigned to the now inactive Raptor Squadron of the inactive wing XX of the also now inactive ISD Subjugator of the failing Avenger Task Force.

Rise and Fall in the TIE Corps (20ABY)


"The Star that shines brightest burns out the soonest."
―Wookiee wisdom
Emperor's Hammer Logo

After 2 weeks of being in Raptor Squadron he was promoted to Lieutenant and flight leader of a flight of TIE Advanced the “Dromeasaurs". After a 2 month stint as FL of the Dromeasaurs and a promotion to Captain he was placed in the Missile Boat Squadron and while he considered his new squadron to be too slow he excelled in the position and was soon made FL of that flight. Mission after successful mission he was finally promoted to Lieutenant Commander and at the request of the entirety of Raptor Squadron assumed the Commander’s chair. Soon after he was promoted to Commander and then to Major. Over that time Kol led many successful missions that not only improved the reputation of his squadron but also that of himself. He was awarded numerous citations, including the Bronze Star of the Empire and the Iron Star with Gold Wings, along with several Commendations of Excellence and Bravery. Kol was well on his way to bigger and better things within the Corps. Unfortunately, as we all are aware, this is the time of the Brotherhood's split from the EH and that is where his star studded career in the TIE Corps ended.

In a daring attempt to free a frigate convoy from the clutches of the Brotherhood rebels despite numerous warnings. The rebels had pilfered a convoy that was en route to his Squadron's Star Destroyer, with supplies vital to the success of their upcoming missions. Kol let his temper and pride get the better of him and despite orders he called his squadron to action. The engagement was a disaster. The Brotherhood's force was much larger and better prepared than Kol could have thought possible. His entire squadron save himself was destroyed. This is an account from his court martial hearing:

[Prosecution]: So you attacked, even after you were ordered not to, you engaged with the Brotherhood frigates?
[Callus]: Yes
[Prosecution]: For what purpose?
[Callus]: The cargo within the convoy was vital to my squadron
[Prosecution]: What was the cargo?
[Callus]: Concussion missiles, and sensor equipment for TIE upgrades
[Prosecution]: That was worth the lives of your entire squadron?
[Callus]: At the time I believed it was
[Prosecution]: I see, no further Questions

He was stripped of all rank and honor and Dishonorably Discharged from the TIE Corps. At this time Kol was now 19 years old. He was, as all who are removed in this fashion given a survival kit and jettisoned onto a seemingly deserted planet. Kol was not spared this fate.

After the Corps (21-23ABY)




"Time leaves, but our desires are everlasting."
―Graa'd Smaar

Kol somehow survived and was rescued by a group of pirates, who took him and sold him as a slave. During his slavery, the man began to lose hope and determination, as is common among slaves. But something kept him going, his pride. The pride he'd had not only in his past life, but in himself. Kol met a Klatooinian by the name of Graa'd Smaar, who before being enslaved had been one of the reclusive B'omarr monks. It was during this time that Kol learned what lay deep within his mind, what his deepest desires were. To achieve these desires he would have to escape.

To no surprise, Kol's desire to escape did not go unnoticed as the slavers attempted to "break" him. To their dismay, they did not know who Kol really was or how he was trained. To the surprise of his owners, he was able to escape, even after being "broken" and secured with a neural disruptor. He slew his captors and burned stars until he reached the Core.

He managed to secure himself a ship, a blaster, and a few creds and began taking small time bounties. He excelled over and over during his short time as a bounty hunter. It was during this time that he took the name Callus to not only hide his true identity but to reflect his new calloused lifestyle.

The B'omarr Monks


"The body is but a vessel, the true "person" lies within the mind."
―Saying of the B'omarr monks

He found himself on Tatooine, reduced to smuggling and all around grunt work. Overly dissatisfied with the live that he was etching for himself he took to seek refuge with the B'omarr monks who made their home in a monastery out on the dune sea, which had at one time been the palace of Jabba the Hutt, now dead at the hands of Princess Leia Organa.

At first the simplicity of the monk's lifestyle was hard to comprehend, how they could sit for hours thinking on one single word or phrase and call it a lecture. And then, of course, there was the shedding process where a monk would have his brain removed from his body to further enlighten himself. Of course, without a body, the brain could live on for several thousand years, but Callus never liked the idea of pulling his brain from his skull. Through all this he remembered the words of Graa'd Smaar, "Time leaves, but our desires are everlasting."

It took Callus awhile to adjust to the lifestyle of the monks, but in the silence he was finally able to hear his own heart, not the orders of a commander or the conditions of a contract. He heard his own desires, his own needs and for the first time in along time felt like he was whole. He learned what it would take for him to fulfill the desires he had discovered during his enslavement.

After months of training and waiting he felt he was ready to leave the monastery. The monks gave him their blessing as he left them, somehow reborn through their studies. He began on his first desire that had revealed its self to him during his time as a slave and re-enforced while with the monks. To find and kill his brother.


Little is known about him during the short time after he left the monks before he came to be in the brotherhood. Some say he just floated in space until he finally crash landed on Lyspair and was rescued by the Krath there. Still some say that they thought they’d seen him working as a mercenary on many different planets. One thing is certain though. He sought out and killed his brother.

The Brotherhood (23ABY-Present)

Clan Satal Keto


"Order, Power, Unity"
―Motto of Clan Satal Keto
Clan Satal Keto Logo

Callus' potential in the force was limited compared to others of his same age and race but he never let that stop him. His work ethic made up for his mystical short comings.

Upon his arrival in the brotherhood he advanced at a rapid pace in the faltering Clan Satal Keto. In House Aleema, under the guidance of Enathropes Entar, within two months he was made Tetrarch of the Ensaguined Reavers Phyle as a Protector. Following the teachings of his master, Pug Milamber Titanos and his Quaestor Xhedias Draconis Entar, his power grew still. As a Guardian he was made Aedile of House Aleema where he served until the time when Xhedias left Satal Keto for Clan Naga Sadow. His master, Consul of Clan Satal Keto, Selket Kuro Hyo Entar, completed his training to become a Dark Jedi Knight.

The training was not easy by any means. Selket knew that soon the time would come when the future of not only House Aleema, but all of Clan Satal Keto would rest on the shoulders of her apprentice. During his training Callus was tested in ways he never thought possible. He was beaten, bloodied, and bruised, but he never faltered. When he was left in the jungle to fend for himself after his ship's systems malfunctioned. He stayed within himself and eventually returned to his master. His greatest trial, was not one that his master planned however, it was his duties as Aedile of his house, and learning what it would take for him to assume control. The grueling trials finally ended for Callus, But they we're the least of his upcoming challenges.

He was made Quaestor of House Aleema as a brand new Dark Jedi Knight.

His house and clan prospered at the time until the darkness that was the merge fell upon him and his clan mates.

The Dictum and Clan Plagueis


"This is going to happen, like it or not"
Chi-Long to Callus on the upcoming merger

No truly accurate accounts can be found on the incredibly chaotic times that preceded the Dictum of Two Skies and those that followed soon after. Perhaps this is for the best, no one really wants to remember the horrific battles that ensued between members of Exar Kun and Satal Keto. Some remember, Callus and others remember. Callus, in particular, remembers the fall of his master.

Callus during the Dictum

The sun was setting below the trees on the forest world of Eos as Callus and his master Selket moved silently through the trees trying to reach a safe place where they could regroup. They had been getting pummeled all day long, the forces of Exar Kun were organized and precise. Callus and his master moved deeper into the forest when out of nowhere a lightsaber ignites and cuts through the darkness of the late evening. Before she can even defend herself Selket is cut down and Callus, in a fury ignites his blade and attacks the enemy. In a short moment Callus is victorious and carries his master's body from the battle field and gives her the rights that befall an Arch Priestess.

After the initial chaos of the merger of Clan Satal Keto and Clan Exar Kun into Clan Plagueis began to subside and order was restored, Callus stepped in as Aedile of House Exar Kun and calmed his people down while he completed the training of his student, Doku. Callus and Godo lead their house to a successful showing in the Independence games. Soon after he was asked by the Consul of Clan Plagueis, Lucien - who replaced Grand Master Chi Long - to step aside due to his “lack of vision”.

Clan Naga Sadow


Callus in Combat

With urgings from his former Quaestor Xhedias, he joined Clan Naga Sadow. He offered his services to his new clan as should be done, but he was still wary of establishing relationships with anyone within the clan after the incident that took his home from him. Callus served in several capacities within the clan; Envoy for House Marka Ragnos, and Tetrarch of the Night Hawks phyle. Callus during this time was also made a judge in the Antei Combat Center, a job that made him even more distant from his new clan and that was "very fine" according to the Combat Master. It was also during this time that Callus was a Guardsman for the Headmaster. The reasons that Callus left Naga Sadow were less clear then when he left Plagueis. The events surrounding his sudden departure are still shrouded in mystery to this day. Only few know the reasons behind his departure


Callus learned that Spears, the Headmaster, was looking for Guardsmen for his protection. Callus was sent a communication, giving him a list of items and locations. Callus took the challenge, along with several others to be the first to complete the galactic scavenger hunt and bring all the items back to the Headmaster. Callus was successful in retrieving the items, even though he wasn't the first to return. He was the obvious candidate for the Headmaster's protection. Callus served in this position with honor and pride.

Clan Arcona


After leaving Naga Sadow and going rogue for quite some time, he made his way into Clan Arcona for reasons he doesn't wish to recall. He was still staying low and doing several things here and there for the clan when the mood struck him. The only thing he did worth note was act as Battle Team Leader for Bas-Tyra. He stood out somewhat during the Rite of Supremacy securing several victories in single combat for his clan. When the incursion began, Callus was aboard the Corvette Torment. During the Alien attack the corvette Callus was aboard was completely annihilated. He was fortunate enough to be picked up by a passing Plagueis ship and after a long period of recovery he spoke with Consul Aabsdu and was accepted back into Plagueis

The Force-devoid Invaders


Callus fighting one of the Aliens

Callus, the ranking Jedi on board the Torment was in command of the operation of the craft, though he would normally leave the piloting to the captain. When the Aleisn struck the bridge crew was decimated. Callus assumed control, calling on all of his knowledge from the Academy. He somehow got the ship righted and angled the strong side of the craft towards the attackers when the Aliens swept buy his ship again. This time the damage was worse, the hull integrity was shattered and the shield energy had dropped to 10% and the corvette was without 80% of its engine power. The situation seemed bleak, but that was before the retreat into the shroud was ordered. The ship didn't stand a chance, the ship was abandoned and Callus has no recollection of what happened afterward until a passing brotherhood ship mercifully pulled him in.

Callus wasn't effective at all during the rest of the conflict, spending most of it in an infirmary on a ship constantly fleeing the attacking Aliens. Callus was in and out of consciousness for the entire event and could barely make heads or tails of what happened until after the fiasco was over and he got to have a conversation with Aabsdu.

Clan Plagueis, Part Duex

27 ABY-Present

Now back in Plaguies, with a renewed sense of vigor Callus has done more here than he'd done for the past year and a half. He is now the Clan Envoy and is working in getting the clan active and where it needs to be to stand on its own after the Alien attack. Callus lead a small group of Journeymen to the planet of Faraspar, a planet with ties to the Crimson Tide. Callus and the others succeeded in neutralizing the threat of the small base on Faraspar. Callus unfortunately was unable to extract with the team and his whereabouts are as of now unknown.

The 2nd Crimson Conflict
Callus after rescue

"The fear of Death is more to be dreaded than death itself"
―Publilius Syrus

The details of his capture have yet to be released to public eyes as Callus has refused to relate the story to anyone. The only thing known is that he was kept secluded for days, even weeks at a time with his force abilities suppressed by a ysalmir. Months after his capture hanging on the brink of death; his rescue was organized by Alaris Jinn and the Battle Teams of Clan Plagueis. The operation was successful, if foolhardy, and Bo'Amar was rescued from the clutches of the Crimson Tide. In a pure surge of dark energy he swarmed through several pirates and brutally murdered Alonzo Bodelle.

Investigation on the Omicron Platform

"Go away."
―Xathia to Callus

Shortly after his rescue from the Crimson Tide Callus became increasingly secluded from the rest of the clan. It is anyone's guess as to why, some speculate at the closing of the Society of Envoys that prodded his deep meditation, perhaps some revelation that occurred during his time in captivity, no one can be certain. Callus retreated to his office on the Omicron Platform that was left surprisingly undamaged by the Aliens. He began a series of small investigations learning all he could about the Platform and its workings while he was away. In 28 ABY the Consuls from Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae were to meet on the platform to discuss a new treaty, Callus was part of the delegation. During the negotiations Callus was made aware of the presence of a Krath Dark Jedi Knight by the name of Xathia. During an intermission of the talks Callus and Xathia had short scrap and the negotiations were immediately halted. Callus, still intrigued by both the survival of the Platform and Xathia, sought the Krath out to petition her for assistance in investigating the platform.

Callus and Xathia, posing as a husband and wife team of Cargo haulers delivering goods to the station the pair was invited to a dinner hosted by the former administrator of the facility "Captain" Tolken Maddic. They took advantage of the man and were able to learn from him that the Aliens had given him a villip with wich to report on movements of the Brotherhoods ships. Callus had ended the life of the pitiful man and he and Xathia had gone to search for the villip. They discovered it hidden in the Administrators office and convincing the Force-devoid invaders hat Callus was the new administrator of the facility set up bait that the Aliens couldn't help but take.

An Alien battle group was sent to capture a treaty ship carrying the Consuls of Clan Plagueis and Clan Scholae Palentine. Little did they know that waiting for them were the combined fleets of both clans. The battle group was successfully crushed and the inside line into the movements in the Judasih system for the invaders was cleanly severed.

The Beginning of the End

Callus spent little time doing meaningful work during the last days of his time in Clan Plagueis. However, shortly before the latest conflict that engulfed the brotherhood Callus was given in name what he had already attained in body. An elevation to the level of Obelisk Prelate. Callus had already attained the martial and mystical abilities of those of this level of the Equite class but now that it was official he was granted a few extra provisions within the system of the brotherhood.

After the Ninth Great Jedi War, and the wild shift of the balance of power that was already beginning to take shape, Callus knew that his time in the young clan was at an end. The details of the events that transpired are quite inconsequential as any who Callus would care to share them with are long gone from reach. Needless to say, as soon as the forces of Clan Plagueis returned to the Judasih system Callus was already packing his bags.

New Horizons

House Revan Emblem
Callus had all but sworn off the brotherhood as a whole and was prepared to be like the Jedi of old and wander the galaxy aimlessly. He wasn't looking particularly forward to it but it was something that wouldn't cause him too much grief. He even had an inkling to pick up where his father left off and become a smuggler, start a syndicate or something. With the Force at his back he could go to heights his father never could have dreamed. That was until he received a message from a mysterious corporation known as Sun-Manadyne, saying that they had a business opportunity for him. He was close to dismissing the message, that was until he saw a symbol that caught his eye. He knew that it wasn't just business that this Sun Manadyne wanted from him.

He arrived at the meeting location where he was to have a sit-down with the heads of the company. Needless to say he was surprised at who they were. When he arrived he discovered that he wasn't the only one invited to the meeting. Several other Dark Jedi were in attendance. Some of them he knew, others only by reputation. The two conducting the meeting however were two of the more prominent figures within the brotherood. Raken and Sarin, they shared with the attendees their vision for an independent house within the brotherhood and had invited those in attendance to help them realize it.


Physical Description


"Callus is a physically imposing Human specimen standing at just under 2 meters and weighing in at about 95 kilos he is, at the age of 23, in peak physical condition. A Human 'tank'."
―ACC Combatant Database

Callus is just hitting his stride coming up on his 30's. For his particular version of the Human genome, being an Epicanthix, he should have at least 40 or 50 years of active life left ahead of him. Callus like other members of his race has the abilities of a warrior, even going so far as being more skilled than Jedi when it comes to the art of combat.

Callus has a light brown/dirty blonde hair, he also has a goatee of the same color. His eyes are a blue-gray. Callus spent the bulk of his youth on Hoth with his family's smuggling operation. As such he learned the value of packing on a few extra pounds to help hold in heat whenever possible. He entered the imperial academy to be a fighter pilot and his physical form changed to suit that. Going from a somewhat chubby kid to a lean, tight fighter pilot. Of course upon leaving the service he went through some different times that he focused on his physique, packing on muscle and cutting the fat. He now has the build of a Smashball player, despite the fact that he has never played smashball.


  • Resilience
  • Conditioning
  • Combat Experience
  • Seasoned Pilot


  • Command over the Force
  • Knowledge of the Force
  • Being Subtle


Callus practicing Soresu

Callus is a steadfast adherent to the Shii-Cho form of combat. Though many other fighters consider the style, obsolete and a relic, they can't argue with the results that Callus has received spending the time mastering it. The Shii-Cho style lends itself to a fighter like Callus, where not just the damage of the blade is needed. The grip, the strokes, the blocks, everything about the style exemplifies Callus own body. Strong, Powerful, Impregnable. Callus also has recently began to study Soresu seeing how the quick motions and defensive focus of the form can be an asset, and a perfect complement to Shii-Cho

Callus is also a fair shot with a blaster, he prefers the DX-2 disruptor whenever he can get his hands on it. When his saber is not being used Callus usually carries a pair of punch daggers with him that he uses mercilessly. It's said that once with aid from the force, Callus was able to strike through an opponent's torso with the blade coming out his back.

When unarmed Callus is still a formidable force. He has studies extensively in the art of Hapan Boxing that was taught at the academy. Hapan is an art that allows the practitioner to use all of his strength and apply it into strikes. Callus also has taken full advantage of his strength and constitution by studying in the Noghri art of Stava. As a martial art, Stava was a very close-ranged art, fighters charging into tackles, throws, and full-arm body blows, using quick and deadly strikes when such techniques were ineffective. Callus has also studied Kartranin and Petranaki along with the basic but effective art of Broken Gate taught by the Jedi of the Old Republic. Much like Shii-Cho the Broken Gate is an old style and considered antiquated but it serves Callus well.


Callus has, since joining the brotherhood had a disdain for the robes. He finds them itchy and that they grab in all the wrong places. When it's permitted he usually wears a white tank top shirt and a pair of black mesh shorts with the Clan Satal Keto emblem embossed on them. If the weather turns cool he has a bantha hide jacket and a pair of old flight suit pants. Of course when the situation demands Callus will wear his traditional robes. The entire time however he'll be tugging at it, itching in places, and waiting for any excuse to get out of them.

One occasion will see Callus wearing his full Combat Center attire that consists of a mesh under layer, black knee high boots, thigh holsters on each thigh for his daggers. A short vest secured with a utility belt on his hips and dark black bracers on his hands and wrists. This event is the Combat Center championship that Callus is a known and expected participant.


Callus, a typical Obelisk has little difficulty leaping into battle with reckless abandon. He has a low tolerance for the musings of the other orders. The Sith, in particular, always blinded by their delusions of power and future glory, they'd rather plan for glory than do something proactive to attain it. The Krath look for things that aren't there, grasping at shadows and smoke. Callus could do without either of the other orders but they do serve their functions.

Callus is also an atypical Obelisk. He is calm and calculating. His voice, nor actions under normal circumstances would ever betray his emotions or intentions. Unlike his fellow Obelisk, Callus doesn't spend the entirety of his time training his body; he is meditative and rather studious, defying the mold of the Obelisk being 'Brick Brained'. Recently Callus has been enamored with the legends of Darth Bane, the Sith lord who reminded him so much of himself.

Despite the fact it has been disbanded Callus still holds a fierce loyalty for his home clan of Satal Keto. Some say it makes it hard to get along with, he says it gives him character. He shows his loyalty by wearing an homage to his clan on his combat attire. This also in a way isolates him from the clan he happens to occupy at the time. He tries his best to avoid forming personal connections with those he comes in contact with. It saves him from wasting time investing in a relationship that will end in death eventually. He has only formed relationships with those from Clan Satal Keto. Enahropes, Selket, Warhunter, Xhedias, and others. He obviously can't help but form certain bonds with his apprentices, which is why he's refrained from taking apprentices as of late.

Callus has a blood lust that is seldom satisfied despite the amount of combat that he sees. As a result his temper at times can flare up and it's best just to stay out of his way. Callus at times can spend several hours on end training attempting to release his aggression. It would be expected that he would loose his cool on missions, but its the complete opposite. On a mission he knows that he has specific jobs to accomplish, and that his life and others are hanging in the balance. If Callus does ever loose his cool on the battlefield it's in open combat, where his skills can really shine.

Special Traits

Callus also has a sub normal body temperature for his species after falling through the ice in a Wampa's cave on hoth. Instead of the 37 degrees that Humans and Epicanthix normally boast. His core temperature is around 35.5 degrees. In most normal people causing stage 1 hypothermia. Making the fine motor skills required of the hands and fingers impossible due to shivering and numbness. Callus has overcome the problem and now suffers no outward effects, save for he sweats at lower temperatures than others, and he has higher tolerance for cold temperatures.

Callus suffered a knee injury in his teen years while playing a game of Grav-ball with his friends while at the academy; tearing his meniscus and his Medial Co-lateral Ligament in his right knee. This injury healed well with the assistance of the medical facilities at the academy. They replaced his ligament with a cloned ligament and his meniscus with some synthesized cartilage. Callus through time and training has overcome these injuries and he’s stronger than he was before the injuries even happened. It normally doesn't bother him, of course a direct hit at the right angle will be painful.


Callus doesn't have much in the way of material possessions that would be of great interest to many people other than three or four items.


Callus' newest blade
Callus' original saber

Over the years Callus has had several different sabers due to use and sabers being rendered useless by damage suffered over the years, such as being melded to his flesh, dropped in acid pits and other such things.

Callus' original saber was originally constructed as one of his trials of knighthood, like it is for many young Jedi. Callus prized his weapon until it became obsolete. It has been rendered dysfunctional due to severe use and obvious damage it's suffered over the years.

Callus' newest blade that has been crafted to his customized specifications. The metal work however isn't completely his. His former student, now Dark Jedi Knight, Raven helped him craft the blade's hilt. They used only the finest durasteel and for the grip the most luxurious bantha hide leather.

Callus uses an Adgean crystal in his lightsaber. He has used the same crystal in all of his blades to produce the icy blue coloration of his blade. The crystal is a Pontite, a sub type of the general Adgean. The Pontites are known to produce higher quality blades in a wider array of colors.


Preceded by:

Opening of team

Tetrarch of Ensaguined Reavers

23 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Aedile of House Aleema

23-24 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Quaestor of House Aleema

24-25 ABY

Succeeded by:

Closure of House

Preceded by:

Opening of House

Aedile of House Exar Kun

25 ABY

Succeeded by:

Ethran Sayre Isradia

Preceded by:


Tetrarch of Night Hawks

25 ABY

Succeeded by:

Horus Blackheart

Preceded by:


Tetrarch of Bas Tyra

26 ABY

Succeeded by:

Team renamed Apocalypse, all trace of Bas-Tyra wiped out

Preceded by:


Knight Class Envoy of Clan Plagueis

27-28 ABY

Succeeded by:

Disbanding of the Society of Envoys

Preceded by:

Founding of House

Rollmaster of Independent House Revan

30 ABY

Succeeded by:

currently serving

DJB Facts

Callus has served in many aspects of the Brotherhood. Some of his credits are as follows:


  • Callus is also known as CBO pronounced CEEEEEEEE BOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWw...
  • Wrote the first Dark Voice article about Rebirth