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Blades of Kun
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13 ABY


27 ABY


29 ABY (final time)

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House Exar Kun


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The Blades of Kun were one of two battleteams in House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. The Blades originated as a gaming-based team but their function would expand over time as it was repeatedly closed and reopened in response to membership levels. Like its rivals in Battleteam Exar's Shadow, the Blades played pivotal roles in The Crimson War, protecting clan and house. Ultimately, the team was dissolved forever when Clan Plagueis evolved into a house and created a new lore with new teams.


Shintera, home of House Exar Kun and the Blades.

The Blades of Kun originated as a secret group of Imperial assassins serving under the Emperor. The group was highly trained and picked for their potential affluence in the Force. After the collapse of the Empire, the Blades fled to Byss. Knowing their loyalty to the deceased Darth Sidious, the Imperial Remnant sought to hunt them down, forcing the Blades to remain mobile as their numbers dwindled to only seven.

They would eventually be approached by a mysterious figure representing the interests of a recruitment party. The deal led them to the Antei System where the seven Blades were initiated into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and shipped to the Shadow Academy. Upon graduation the tight knit group was transferred to Clan Exar Kun where they served loyally as trained warriors.

After the Dictum of Two Skies, the Blades of Kun became one of two battle teams within the newly formed House Exar Kun. They served with honor in the Seventh Great Jedi War but were weakened by the Assault on Diadem Fortress back home. Over the years, the Blades of Kun would be closed and reopened as membership levels dictated but no guiding figures emerged. The Blades developed an intense rivalry with Exar's Shadow particularly while fighting in The Crimson War and the chase of Alonzo Bodelle.

The Blades were diminished after both the Invasion of the as well as the Crimson Tide and would be disbanded until 27 ABY when Tiberious di Cloud was called upon to reinvent the Blades in the wake of Exar's Shadow's downfall. Tiberious and the new Blades set up headquarters on Shintera and forged a new and stronger team than before. Again, the Blades served with honor, but when House Exar's Kun was closed the new House Plagueis Summit thought it best to create a new lore through new teams. The Blades of Kun were closed for the final time, their history and artifacts stored within the Plagueis Vault.

Roll of Commanders

Battleteam Blades of Kun
Commander Service Dates
Thran Occasus 12/01/2005 to 03/10/2006
Schisca 03/10/2006 to 05/01/2006
Vasily 05/01/2006 to 08/07/2006
Famosus 08/07/2006 to 09/27/2006
Closed 09/27/2006 to 03/14/2007
Venquis 03/14/2007 to 04/08/2007
Khrysthalia Kara El 04/08/2007 to 04/22/2007
Closed 04/22/2007 to 10/10/2007
Kor VanTil 10/10/2007 to 05/19/2008
Closed 05/19/2008 to 06/15/2009
Kaira Rohana 06/15/2009 to 08/11/2009
Tiberious di Cloud Unknown