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Presumed 26 ABY

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"The Darkness that surrounds this Dark Jedi, is the Silence that is coming for your life."

Silent was an Exarch within House Plagueis. Seemingly a prophecy child from birth, he quicly excelled through the ranks when he joined the Brotherhood, making his mark in leadership. In 26 ABY, when he came in contact with the spirit of Darth Plagueis, he was possessed, and when released severely weakened. While he was taken back to the Dark Tower, he could not be revived, and became one with the force.


The Birth

The depths of space for the first time made a sound…a super nova. Finally an unknown planet in the unknown regions had made its end and with it a super nova that could be heard from the inner cities of Coruscant. For those who were nearby to the super nova blame it on an old prophecy, it was one of the oldest called “Famsa” which meant “Through birth, a silent death will destroy all”. What would cause people to believe of that prophecy? It was a of a young Shi'ido born at the exact moment of the super nova, that child was named… Silent.

The Prophecy

The day that Silent was born the elders of the planet slaughtered the parents and shot a pod containing the young Shi'ido into known space. Needless to say the pod was found by Two Twi`leks females. They were heading to Corillea to live off the few credits they earned from dancing, The Twi`leks didn’t know the young child was a Shi'ido for Silent was born in the Humanoid form and only when he was five did he finally start to shape shift. The young Shi'ido mastered the way of the shapeshiting by the age of 10 and soon learned to shift into what appeared to be “non living” objects which tried him to a near point of death which could take him anywhere from hours to days to recover from it….thus making him different from other Shi'ido.

The Prophecy “Famsa” was coming true, a child born, one who mastered his abilities in shape shifting and beyond what other Shi'ido thought possible. What of the Death the prophecy spoke of? It was around Age 12 Silent learned of a power beyond the call of a Shi'ido, a power that was neither good nor evil a power only true Jedi’s held… the Force.

The Phoenix

At the age of 15, mastering the basics of the force through simple training on his own, some at the Jedi Temple would of given him a rank at least one or two levels under a Knight. Hell he even made his own lightsaber and practiced daily, but it was one night that changed his life, the one moment in his life that lead to his final approach down the path of evil… Murder.

The lower levels of Coruscant are a dark and dangerous place for anyone

It was a stormy night in slums of Coruscant, the young Shi'ido was at a Dance club The Phoenix in which his two mothers danced to pay the bills. He could remember it as if it was yesterday, a robed man entered in club, his robes dripping water to the ground and it was as if the room stood still just for him. Then the shooting started…a drug deal gone bad and his mothers stood in the middle taking fire from both sides. The blood filled the dance floor as the young Shi'ido ran to his dying mothers and heard their dying words:

"You are our blessing in life, in our death our memories shall live on in your heart, live for life, and life will live for you"

That was the moment in Silent’s life that he knew he had died and was reborn out of ashes of his mothers death, with the saber he had made he drew it and slaughtered every single person and burned the place to the ground after removing his mothers bodies.

A New Family

For the next 7 years of this young Shi'ido life he had a new family, a dark twisted family in which helped him grew stronger and stronger in the Dark arts of the force. He learned the teachings of the Krath under the leadership of Aleema followers and then moved on to the grand saber styles of the Obelisk which he still stands for today. Through the times he spent learning the Krath and Obelisk ways he entered numerous combat missions allowing him to go up in the Brotherhood order earning him leadership positions in his formal Clan Satal Keto.

Clan Satal Keto was the only thing Silent had going for him until an unknown message was sent to him saying “Your true parents are alive, the Unknown regions call for you” With in an instant Silent knew he must find the truth behind him and leaving the clan.

The Unseen Eye

After the return of the former Ketoan, Silent, who had come back after years of searching in the unknown regions of the galaxy, he found it his home no more and learned of the past events and took up an oath to avenge his former CON’s death and to help the younger members reclaim some of the lost powers of the Clan Satal Keto. This young Shi'ido, born into the Krath, but turned Obelisk after his CON’s death, rose through the House reclaiming his old office of Aedile, then on to Quaestor. From there he ruled his House with an Iron fist, keeping tabs on his House planet of Morroth.

It wasn’t long after he reached QUA status that the visions he once had as a child returned to him. He would always remember the words of his former Master regarding the visions: “In the light you can always find your way, that will make you weak; In the dark you must trust your self, trust your strength, trust your skill, and let the force guide you, if you do so then you will only become stronger.” Silent took the words to heart and saw it was time to follow his vision to a continent on his House planet. Annwfn is a forbidden land on Morroth but it was where the Visions lead him and his AED Raken. Upon his arrival, just like in his vision, he touched the small stone lying in the middle of the snow capped forest and from it rose a grand temple. Silent told Raken to summon their forces and keep outsiders away. Then the two entered the Temple with sabers ignited. Once they reached the center, Silent found a Sith holocron and an inscription:

“Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you…” From that moment on a light of crimson shot forth and the body of Silent was taken by a Dark Sith Lord… Lord Plagueis. Reinforcements arrived some time later to the shock of their Quaestor possessed. With the Lord Plagueis who once gave his blessing and wisdom to the Clan, he now challenged them to prove their worth and save Silent, and thus the House members took the challenge and entered the tomb…

Fierce fighting ensued, but the House fought as if one hand was bound behind their back. To defeat the ire of Plagueis was to kill their beloved Queastor. Try though they did, the assembled Ketoans were unable to recover their Quaestor from the grip of the dark lord. Many Journeymen succumbed to madness at the exposure to such power as that of Plagueis’ magnitude. The Ketoan Quaestor, himself an Equite, finally fell broken mentally and physically from the ordeal of the possession.

Barely alive, the surviving Ketoans brought him from the temple battleground to the medical facilities of Alpha Base. There he convalesced for a time until his strength returned. What did not return, however, was his desire to rule and seek more power. Like all bright stars, they eventually glimmer then fade. So too did Silent, Quaestor of House Satal Keto, recede into darkness.

Soon after the defeat of Lord Plagueis, and put up in the medical facilities Silent soon passed on through the force streams of life.

The Unknown Regions

DJB Facts

Positions Held

DB (certain positions gone due to split and this being new ID #)

  • 9/11/2003 Appointed Krath Tetrarch of Spirits of the Night Phyle
  • 1/25/2004 Appointed Krath Tetrarch of Angels of Death Phyle
  • 3/7/2004 Appointed Krath Tetrarch of Slaves of Darkness Phyle
  • 5/17/2004 Appointed Aedile of House Kirleta
  • 4/27/2006 Appointed Sith Commander of Satal Keto Transfer Phyle
  • 6/23/2006 Appointed Aedile of House Satal Keto
  • 7/28/2006 Appointed Quaestor of House Satal Keto
  • Mastering 3 students to the Rank of DJK. Pug, Warhunter, Xhedias
  • 4th Order of Keto

EH Command Experience-before and after split

  • SL of Vendetta squad 1 for 6 months (EH HF)
  • PC of Vendetta Platoon for 6 months (EH HF)
  • WS for Dragon Kabal in the BHG (EH BHG)
  • CC of Vindictive for 7 months (EH HF)- Company Commander of anywhere of 100-200 people
  • DC of Corona for 5 months (EH HF)
  • PCON of CSK for 8 months (EHDB)


  • Through countless years of his life after building his own saber without training, Silent focused on the was of the saber learning thougher styles of combant such as Vapaad. Though not fully mastering the style Silent still continues to practice day in and day out
  • After reaching the rank of GRD, Silent by then had been in numerous combat missions, making victories of all of them he was given his warbanner by the Master at Arms as a token of my great deeds. The creature in the middle was once a sybol of his past life transforming himself in a small creature that bring joy to his friends...the few that he had.
Silent's Lightsaber, Made to help his fighting style in the Vapaad arts