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Galactic Basic

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31 ABY

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The Dupar Family was a small force-sensitive family maintained primarily through a group of friends within Clan Plagueis. With a history streching back over one hundred years, tt has almost always had ties with the Crimson Tide. For a brief time it retained official family statehood within the Brotherhood, but as its member broke away, so did the family, and currently the name of only held by its original founders.



The Dupars have been around long before the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, probably longer than current records even show. At this time, the earliest know ancestor is Graal Dupar, a Human born on the planet of Naboo, although his exact birth date has been lost. Born to a somewhat wealthy family, he grew up in politics, and eventually became an advisor to one of the planet's Senators in the Galactic Republic. At the age of twenty, he married a young woman named Vella Torsin, and in 60 BBY they bore a child together, a male their named Ajax.

Relations with the Tide

Graal and Vella wanted their son Ajax to continue in his father's footsteps as a politician, hoping he might even end up a Senator, but as he grew up he started to despise politics more and more, as well as the peacefulness of Naboo. When he turned eighteen, he left the home and planet altogether, and joined what was at that time the Crimson Shipping Consortium on Chandrila. Over the years, he rose in the ranks and eventually became an aide an bodyguard to the leader, Juris Crimson. Sometime while with the Consortium, he married Mantisa Vanukar, and in 34 BBY she gave birth to two twin boys, Darius and Ullus.

For around ten years, they grew up peacefully, but as the galaxy around them started to erupt in civil war, Juris Crimson was killed, and his son Adom took over the business. Wanting to gain a better profit from the war, he transformed the Consortium into the Crimson Tide, a small group of assassins. Unable to escape from his contract, Ajax was forced to join in with them, and had to leave his family on Chandrila while he went off to fight in the Clone Wars. While Mantisa continue to raise her two sons, Ajax participated in several assassinations, eventually gathering a reputation for himself, as well as several death sentences. It is suspected today that he was force sensitive, which would have assisted him greatly in his jobs. In 19 BBY, he was killed by Republican forces.

Third Generation

After learning of her husband's death, Mantisa promised herself that she would never let anything happen to her sons. Still, the prospect of adventure soon reached their ears. Having lost Ajax, the Crimson Tide was in need of new troops, and were well aware of Ajax's two sons. Hoping they shared some of their father's talents, a recruiter approached them one day in the marketplace. He promised them action and adventure, and tired of the boring life their mother kept them in, they quickly agreed, and in 10 BBY they joined the Crimson Tide.

The two quickly showed their father's potential, and grew up to be promising assassins. In 13 BBY, Darius was sent on a job to Tatooine, where he was to eliminate a smuggler causing problems with the Tide. He finished the job easily and ahead of schedule, so he decided to take the rest of his time off and relax. During these few days of "vacation", he had a one night stand with an unknown woman, who he left a few days later and returned to the Tide.

That woman ended up pregnant, however, and in 12 BBY, while traveling to Kyandria, gave birth to a baby boy she named Nemo. His father was never heard from again, and in fact never made it back to the Tide.

Rather, he was discovered by Jedi Knight Spiro Ozarrio Vacul, a survivor of Order 66. Senseing the force in Darius, he convinced him to join him and took him to Dantooine, where he was trained in the ways of the force. One day, they left on a mission that would test Darius, and prepare him for Knighthood. Sadly, the two were never heard from again, although rumors have arose saying Darius was spotted on Korriban and even a cantina on Kyandria. Still, today the two are thought dead.

As for Ullus, he true grew up to be a very respectable assassin within the Tide, and eventually married Nene in 7 BBY (last name unknown as it is believed she was a slave). The two purchased a small agricultural estate in the rural region of, Kyandria, and Ullus left the Tide to devote his life to his new wife.

Jedi Children

Over the next seven years they would have a total of four children: Gaidal Dupar in 4 BBY, Dismal in 3 BBY, Galaphile in 2 BBY, and Kai in 0 BBY. During this time, however, war ravaged Kyandria constantly as the Chancellor attempted to seize complete power. Ullus was able to find a job handling the distribution of spaceport visas and corresponding documents while Nene stayed at home and cared for the children while working on the farm.

Nene became increasingly worried about her children growing up in a war torn world, especially for their youngest and only daughter Kai, who had been frail since birth. After only a few months, they took her to a doctor, but he insisted that it was nothing to be worried about, just a different immune system then her siblings.

Gaidal, Galaphile, and Dismal each took interest in different areas. Gaidal enjoyed learning in general, and tried to absorb a new piece of knowledge about everything each day. Dismal, on the other hand, immediately sparked an interest in spacecraft, and studied long and hard for his technology and fighter courses, passing each with flying colors. Meanwhile, Galaphile perferred the fine points of warcraft and weaponry, and by 6 ABY was able to name almost every blaster he saw, as well as the company that produced it.

Over time, Ullus and Nene started to notice that their three sons were different from the average child. They possessed special powers, often knowing what was going happen ahead and time, and in some cases moving objects through the air without actually touching them. Ullus was well aware of the old Jedi Order, but he was also aware of how it had been destroyed, and how during these dires times when the New Jedi Order was still establishing itself things were tough.

In 8 ABY, however, Jedi Master Jomar Vacul, son of Spiro Vacul, came to Kyandria to fetch the three boys and train them to become Jedi. Nene saw it as a way to help them escape from the turmoil that Kyrandria was engulfed in, since by now the war had ended, but the economy was destroyed. Jomar saw great potential in the boys, especially the oldest, Gaidal, who had already trained himself to influence others' minds, and in some cases hide his own presence from others.

Gambling with the Force

They traveled to Dantooine, where they trained long and hard, and by 14 ABY the three of them had reached the peak of manhood, and where turning out to be skilled Jedi Knights, and building their first lightsabers. Their emotions often got in the way of their training, however, and Jomar was constantly warning them to keep them in check. While Galaphile and Dismal were able to do so, Gaidal took the advice as personal insults, and became increasingly obsessed with the power his anger brought to him.

Through the years they continued to train, but Gaidal started to practice with Dark Side forms and powers, watching his strength grow exponentially. Eventually he even started practicing with his two brothers, who while at first had enjoyed the life of the Jedi started to see the life of a Dark Jedi as being much more promising.

In 20 ABY, when it came to the attention of the Jedi Council that the three boys were walking a dangerous path, Jomar scolded them for their actions, but did not see just how much of a mistake it was. Gaidal told him what their true intentions were, as well as how flawed the Jedi Order was for keeping a Jedi's true potential locked up just so the council could keep control. The three brothers ignited their lightsabers, and despite Master Vacul's skill he was taken by surprise, and the three brothers overpowered him and slew him.

Separate Ways

They fled from the temple, escaping to a spaceport and each going their separate ways. Gaidal stole a shuttle, renaming it the Dark Phoenix, and traveled to Korrban where he studied ancient text and teaching from Sith Lords past. In 22 ABY, another Dark Jedi arrived on Korriban on a mission, and while there spoke to Gaidal of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and how it would help him along his path towards greatness. Gaidal accepted, and enrolled in the Shadow Academy.

He quickly moved through the ranks, joining Clan Plagueis and eventually becoming Aedile and then Quaestor of House Exar Kun. It was also during this time that he adopted the up-and-coming Dark Jedi Lorien Sinclair to be a Dupar with him. During this time, however, the Crimson Tide attacked the clan, payback for their defeat against Clan Satal Keto and Clan Exar Kun. Strangely enough, Dismal actually participated in this battle, fighting against Clan Plagueis, although he did, of course, survive. This fact was not discovered until years later when Dismal joined Clan Plagueis, but he has only admitted this shameful truth to his family members.

Shortly after the Battle of Byfrost, as the attack as been called, Gaidal started to lose interested in the Brotherhood, especially after his encounter with his cousin Nemo Dupar, who believed he knew the location of his father, Darius. Gaidal went Rogue, and while he returned during the Sixth Great Jedi War, and ultimately left once again, and has not been heard from since, and is believed dead.

Lorien, also, went Rogue after the move to the Jusadih System, and was not heard from again until 27 ABY, when she was welcomed back into the Dupar family.

Galaphile became a freelance mercenary, spending his time in various cantinas and taking any job that paid. Around 23 ABY, an unknown male approached him with a proposition to join a Dark Jedi Brotherhood, where he could harness his dark skills. He accepted, and moved through the ranks until becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. During this time he was reunited with his brother Gaidal, and later Dismal.

Dismal, who had always enjoyed starfighters, stole an old X-Wing and traveled to Chandrila. Remembering of the group of assassins known as the Crimson Tide, he tracked them down, and joined their ranks. For five years he worked for the Tide, until being contacted by the same man who had contacted Galaphile. In 25 ABY, he joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, where he was reunited with his long lost brother Galaphile, but Gaidal had already gone Rogue by this time.

While Gaidal was in House Exar Kun, he became good friends with an up-and-coming leader called Aabsdu. The two became very close, and eventually Gaidal invited Aabsdu to join the al'Tor Family. Later, though, Gaidal would leave the family went he went Rogue. Before doing so, though, he adopted Aabsdu as his brother, and he became a Dupar.


During their time in the Brotherhood, Galaphile, Dismal, and Aabsdu had come to become good friends, as well as members of the al'Tor Family. In 27 ABY, however, they decided they wanted Dupar to become an official family, if anything to keep the line going in honor of Gaidal, who by then was thought dead.

In order to do so, however, the three of them would have to leave the al'Tor's. They did, dropping the family down to a mere two members. While the three did not have anything against the family, the betrayal has caused conflict between the two families, and they rarely have anything to do with one another.

Brotherhood Family and Decline

When Dupar was given status as an official Brotherhood family, Aabsdu adopted several new members into its ranks: Scorpius, Aalos Fier, and Jaden Kyrath, as well as welcomed back Lorien, though she would soon go Rogue once again. For two years this small group held their kinship closely, working to continue on the Dupar name. When Aabsdu was promoted to the Dark Council as Headmaster, however, Galaphile and Dismal soon thereafter split away into different clans, and Scorpius and Aalos both fell into the abyss of Rogue status.

The Ninth Great Jedi War, however, still fell across the Dupars as it did every family. Having lost contact with each other, Patriarch Aabsdu led what was left of the family as commander of the Arcanum, using his access into Shadow Academy records to search for lost members of the Dupar line. Elsewhere in Clan Arcona, Taigikori Aybara had fought the Jedi Crask and joined forces with Aabsdu as head of the Shadow Academy, unaware of his own severed connection to the Dupar line through his adopted father, an old and distant descendant of Graal Dupar. Though his blood was Aybara, his adopted father had evaded the remnants of the Empire and any connection to the Force after the destruction of the second Death Star. Aabsdu discovered this lost line between he and his Praetor, and officially adopted Taigikori into the Dupar family, linking Master and Apprentice, but leaving a great many questions unanswered.

While the Brotherhood had reclaimed Antei, it was still recovering from the chaos of exile, as was the Dupar Family. Separated and out of contact since the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, the various Dupar members fell to distant corners of the galaxy. When Clan Plagueis captured Nemo Dupar as a prisoner of war, only the adopted Aabsdu and Taigikori truly remained. In 31 ABY, due to low members and lack of true blood relatives, the Dupar Family was disbanded in the Brotherhood, though Aabsdu continues to carry on research into the line in honor of his lost friend and mentor Gaidal Dupar.

Family Tree

                   Graal Dupar--+--Vella Dupar
                    Ajax Dupar--+--Mantisa Dupar                        
                         |             |
 Unknown Female--+--Darius Dupar  Ullus Dupar--+--Nene
                 |                             |
            Nemo Dupar                         |
 |       |                |                  |             |
 |   Kai Dupar    Galaphile Dupar     Gaidal Dupar   Dismal Dupar--+--Laela (Orus)
 |                                                                 |
 |                                                              Lola Dupar
          |             |             |                |                  |                |
      (Adopted) (Adopted;Removed)  (Adopted)   (Adopted;Removed)   (Adopted;Removed)    (Adopted)     
       Aabsdu    -   Lorien   -    Scorpius   -   Jaden Kyrath    -   Aalos Fier  -  Taigikori Aybara