Elleron Morakei

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Elleron Morakei
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

20 ABY

Physical Description





135 cms


40 kgs


Short and Blond



Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

House Odan-Urr

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Solan Morakei



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Character History

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Originally a spy for a small sect of Dark Jedi named the Shadow Sith, D'hak joined House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona soon after it was Clanned and became an active warrior of the Krath order. He served as Tetrarch and Quaestor before his death at the hands of a Light Jedi named Sebastian.

Sebastian was captured by Qel-Droma, who tortured and twisted him in to a Dark Jedi. Driven insane, he stole the Dark Orb crystal and escaped, declaring that he had seen a vision that the Dark Orb would bring about the destruction of House Qel-Droma. He hatched his plan months later, sending a mercenary army to distract the House. During the invasion, D'hak arrived and helped rescue the House from Sebastian's designs, returning the Dark Orb to its rightful place.

Unknown to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, D'hak's corpse was exhumed by the Shadow Sith and used in their experiments to produce a super soldier. The redeemed Jedi Solan Morakei rescued the clone of D'hak, who became a member of House Qel-Droma and followed in the footsteps of the original, becoming Tetrarch and Quaestor. He eventually left the House to investigate his origins when Solan Morakei pleaded for his help to stop another of the Shadow Sith's schemes - to produce an even more powerful clone that would know no equal.

After destroying the main research facility and dooming the super clone project, D'hak returned to House Qel-Droma, meeting an imperiled Laethan Avarik along the way. D'hak took him as an apprentice and returned to House Qel-Droma, completely unaware that Laethan was actually the Quaestor of House Byss of Exar Kun, and that their meeting was not by chance.


Now that Laethan was in position, he waited until the House was at its weakest before activating the Dark Orb crystal. Trapped within the jewel was a great power prophesised to destroy the House, and this power was unleashed - Denath Ciarus, an ancient Dark Jedi Master and bodyguard to the Dark Lord Arcona some 4000 years ago, was reborn.

Despite D'hak's superhuman levels of strength, speed and endurance, Denath was able to beat him in combat, using the ancient form of Juyo to great effect. Denath then seized the lightsaber of Ulic Qel-Droma, using its power to seize the position of Quaestor. Knowing that Consul Halcyon Rokir could oppose him, Denath conceded to be policed by D'hak, and the two formed an unusual master student relationship where they each taught the other.

When the Dark Lord Halcyon Rokir was summoned elsewhere, Denath seized the throne of Clan Arcona, whose fallen condition was an affront to his memories of the once mighty Lord Arcona. He began a crusade against his own Clan, pitting the Houses against each other until finally, one of them broke. Under the iron fist of Denath Ciarus, House Qel-Droma was crushed, fulfilling Sebastian's prophecy of the Dark Orb.

The Elders of Clan Arcona grew concerned over Denath's attitude and heavy handed leadership. D'hak decided to take action by assassinating the Consul, who confessed that he knew of the dissent of the Elders. Denath decided to retire as Consul, and D'hak decided to abandon his mission and leave Arcona.

The two journeyed together for several years before Denath decided to return to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Knowing that Consul Braecen of Plagueis would recognise Laethan's body, Denath joined Clan Plagueis, where he served for two years before Laethan's body failed. The process that had transferred Denath into Laethan was imperfect, and his natural ability to age and heal was considerably reduced. Worse yet, the condition was causing him to deteriorate.


Knowing that the Dark Orb crystal could save him, Denath asked D'hak for help stealing the stone. However, they were unable to infiltrate the mighty Clan Arcona, and lost hope until Solan Morakei revealed to D'hak that another crystal with similar capabilities existed. D'hak, Denath and Solan hunted down the crystal, which revealed itself to be a Force-sensitive Shard. It defended itself by driving the trio mad, and a great battle ensued. Elleron, Solan's young son, was gravely wounded during the fight and watched as the fight continued, and when Denath was finally overwhelmed by his condition and collapsed Elleron seized the Shard. Deciding to try and save Denath's life, he brought it to Denath, who tried to use it to transfer his essence in to Elleron. Denath died during the transfer, and while his consciousness survived, he was unable to wrestle control of his new host.

Solan was left in a difficult position. Knowing that his son could face persecution and imprisonment by the New Jedi Order due to his possession by Denath, and fearful that the boy may fall to the Dark Side without better guidance than he could provide, Solan asked for D'hak's aid. The clone knew of a planet near Brotherhood Dominion that held a population of Jedi, and he smuggled Elleron to New Tython while Solan returned to the Core Worlds. D'hak abandoned Denath and Elleron on New Tython in good faith, not realising that the Brotherhood had become aware of the Jedi of Odan-Urr. Elleron recovered from his injuries some time later, and joined the Guardian Order of House Odan-Urr.

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