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JTF Satele Shan
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33 ABY


Jul 4, 37 ABY [2019]

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"A light hunting the darkness"
―House motto

Joint Task Force Satele Shan, one of two Houses of Odan-Urr. which existed between 33 and 37 ABY. The House served as the primary clandestine taskforce for the Clan while maintaining an active population of Jedi and Padawans, capable diplomats and researchers, and enough military might to take an active role in the defense of the Clan at large and of the Kiast System in general. The final two leaders of House Satele Shan were Director Turel Sorenn and Executor Tistito Kingang. The House retained one active Battleteam, Tython Squadron, led by Strategist Jon Silvon, which was transferred to its successor, House Sunrider, upon its dissolution.


In 33 ABY House Satele Shan was formed after a splinter group of Clan Odan-Urr made an unlikely ally in the Harakoan metropolis of Seher, one of the most advanced and independent tribes on New Tython. Operating as an advisory force for the tribe, the members of House Satele Shan were provided accommodation as well as the ability to freely pass in and out of the city. The Seherob widely respect the opinion of their Light-sided comrades due to their sworn protection of the tribe as well as their command of technology beyond the Seherob’s own.

34 ABY saw dramatic changes for House Shan almost immediately. Reeling from the destruction of his Order of the Force Ascendant, Quaestor Mar Sûl withdrew from both the Seherob and his Jedi allies. It fell to an outsider, Mako Henymory of Clan Arcona, to take the House's reins. This proved to be the last straw for many Jedi Sentinels, who were already deeply suspicious of Turel Sorenn, the reformed fallen Jedi serving as Proconsul. Several Sentinels attempted to assassinate the two; fortunately, Mako and Turel discovered the danger and lured the conspirators into a trap. Strike-team Ooroo completed a purge of the Sentinel Order, and Satele Shan took the lead in reforming SeNet.

The bulk of the House escaped the destruction of New Tython, but former Quaestor Solari and nearly all of the Seherob were lost. Yet after several months wandering deep space, Odan-Urr found a new home in the Kiast System. Now freed from the Brotherhood's Clan system, House Satele Shan was reorganized into a Joint Task Force stationed on Daleem.

The Last Voyage of the Kesaret


Director Kasula Daegella and Executor Maximus Alvinius would lead House Satele Shan during the year 35 ABY against a band of pirates called the Maelstrom Corsairs. The conflict would arise from the Shipwright’s Guild losing a valuable shipment of cargo between Daleem and Kiast - with no trace of the bulk freighter or its escort at the scene. Satele Shan would work in conjunction with the Sentinel Network to investigate matters both on Daleem, and at the last known location of the vessel, which had fallen victim to the Maelstrom Corsairs. The Last Voyage of the Kesaret would go on to show test the abilities of its members in many ways they never knew existed.

Great Jedi War XII


The Great Jedi War XII was initiated by the emergence of the Collective, a myriad confederation of factions opposed to the Dark Brotherhood, with the intent of destroying all Force sensitives within the Galaxy. The Collective attacked the Clans of the Dark Brotherhood while the Iron Throne remained idle, refusing to get involved. The Clans begrudgingly united over the Collective throne-world of Nancora. As the Odanite forces engaged the Collective both in the skies and on the ground of Nancora, it quickly became evident that the easy destruction of the Collective was not to be. For as the Dark Brotherhood battered the Collective forces on Nancora, far more ominous units were on the march to assault each Clan's home system. While pride and prestige would place Clan Odan-Urr as the First Clan due to the efforts of its members, it was a pyrrhic victory that cost the lives of many and greatly reduced the military might of Satele Shan.

Shadow of the Kesaret


The intelligence gathered implicated rogue elements of the Inquisitorius working in league with the Shipwright's Guild to overthrow the Vatali Empire. A coordinated assault by the Maelstrom Corsairs, now a known front for the Shipwright's Guild, saw House Satele Shan forces scattered to the wind and fighting for survival. The battered remnants of the House were reunited and defended the Sky Breach Base and coordinated the unit's response. Above Daleem the Maelstrom Corsairs fleet arrived, and headed straight for Sky Breach Base’s orbital platform. Tython Squadron fought a desperate delaying action to give time for OEF capital craft to respond. Things were equally bleak planet side, as the JTF Shan ground forces were deployed to protect the Imperial Gardens and thwart a Corsair move to seize the Vatali seat of power on Daleem.

All appeared lost as enemy landing craft began to converge on The Foundry, the Shipwright's Guild main industrial complex, discharging thousands of assault forces. However, the timely arrival of the Remembrance of Seher gave the few remaining friendly forces a brief respite that was direly needed. As the Corsair fleet surged forward to finish off the rag-tag flotilla, their flagship was isolated. Taking the initiative, a trap was sprung with the arrival of a newly acquired Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, the Resolve. Caught in a pincer movement, the Maelstrom Corsairs were annihilated and the enemy ground forces loyal to the Shipwright's Guild were isolated and contained. House Satele Shan had held.

Dominion - Phase I

After the Shipwright's Guild was taken under direct control by the Vatali Empire, the remaining guilds of Daleem rapidly moved to seize power in the ensuing vacuum left by the erstwhile controlling guild. An Imperial Edict was issued by Empress Kaltani stipulating that all remaining guilds must relinquish their sovereignty over their subject areas, allow a token garrison to be installed on the outskirts of their capital holding, and that their personal militias must be disbanded.

Royal Guard Commander Slynn Keldra and the airship Scimitar were secretly dispatched to Daleem to convey the message to the heads of the Pua'an Pharma and Chem and the Indag Conclave of Daleem summoning them to submit to the order. As a precaution JTF Satele Shan was tasked with providing security during the summit and to be ready to overawe the guilds with a show of force the Vatali Empire could not muster on the planet.

During the summit, Seer Junazee detected unknown forces marshaling in the tunnels below and alerted the diplomatic mission in time for them to capture the heads of the remaining guilds and flee to Sky Breach Base. Corsair Haran 'Ji' Urr and a team of crack mercenaries investigated the tunnels and found that while the guilds were not directly tied to the pending assault on the summit, they were heavily implicated in a web of corruption and black market contracts that had flooded Kiast with scores of mercenary bands. For their efforts to secure Daleem for the Vatali Empire, both Satelites were tasked with overseeing the new garrisons and installed as barons over these new Imperial fiefs. Thus, Seer Junazee was granted the honorific of 'Baroness Sajin' and Corsair Haran that of 'Baron Zadan' corresponding to the guild capital cities their garrisons overlooked.

Scorched Earth

In late 37 ABY, Daleem underwent an unexpected crisis. The planet had been terraformed into its current state, but it required constant terraforming to support its exosystem. While this technology was constantly defended and maintained for centuries, it was eventually forgotten by the ruling government following the death of its last chief mechanic. This lack of maintenance resulted in glitches emerging in the system, and the machine being thrown off by a single degree. Without warning or even fully understanding the threat posed against them, the planet faced a calamity unlike any other in its long existence. Volcanos simultaneously erupted across the world, and cities were rocked by near-perpetual earthquakes as the seas themselves turned to stone under kilotons of lava racing to the surface. House Shan fought to maintain various rescue efforts during this crisis, and succeeded in enduring the cataclysm despite heavy collateral damage to the surrounding regions of the planet.

The End of an Era

In the months that followed, Clan Odan-Urr was given full citizenship within the Vatali Empire following the events of Operation: Vanguard, but this came at the cost of its existing structure. The Clan was required to streamline its membership and ranking system in order to carry out the tasks required of it, resulting in the dissolution of both House Hoth and House Shan. Each House's ships were gifted to the Vatali Navy, and in one final celebration on Palioxis Station House Satele Shan was disbanded entirely. In its place now stood House Sunrider.


Like the rest of the former Clan Odan-Urr, Satele Shan is dedicated to restoring peace and justice to this region of the galaxy, the defense of the Kiast System, and the continued existence of the Clan in general. In contrast to their more militaristic comrades in JTF Hoth, Satele Shan focuses on soft power. Satele Shan works closely with the Sentinel Network to conduct espionage and recruitment operations against the Brotherhood. In their duties, they are specifically tasked with protecting innocents both within Brotherhood space and beyond it. They accomplish this task by preemptively seeking out and claiming, or destroying, artifacts which may hold dangerous abilities. They also accomplish this task by actively seeking out evil individuals and tactfully removing them before they become a threat. Historically, Satele Shan also served as Clan Odan-Urr’s main diplomatic force, and are still occasionally called upon to settle disputes in a peaceful manner.


Satele Shan's primary base of operations is the planet Daleem in the Kiast System. The task force has been given the legal status of a guild by the Vatali government. The Vatali Empire was born from the bloodlines of the Sephi monarchs and was founded to extend the reach of the monarchy into the Kiast System. Mirroring Sephi civilization, it is ruled under a royal lineage of monarchs that were entrusted to rule the Kiast System from Kiast. The Empire is protected by the elite Vatali Royal Guard. These few, but exceptionally talented soldiers make up the Vatali Empire's limited ground infantry, but can be called onto serve as high-ranking officials in the Navy. A number of them serve as guardsmen to Voraskel Palace while the bulk is stationed on the Vatali's other worlds as peacekeepers. All guardsmen are trained pilots but excel in ground-based warfare as combatants and leaders. At times, these few elite can be tasked with delicate matters as special operatives making them the most versatile combatants in the Vatali Empire.

Although the Odanites do their best to stay out of Vatali politics, they are aware that their fortunes are affected by it. The Director - with assistance from the Sentinel Network and the Jedi - attempts to maintain good relations with Daleem's governor and prominent guilds, through whatever means are most expedient. Due to ongoing threats to the Vitali Empire the Satele Shan leadership is maneuvering to take a more direct and active role in safeguarding Daleem for the Vitali Empress personally.

Notable Landmarks


Sky Breach Base is the ground-side station for JTF Satele Shan’s space elevator, and it serves as the operational headquarters of the battleteam Garza’s Pathfinders. It is a primary node of defense for the JTF, as it represents the Satele Shan compound’s first and only access point through the chaotic electrical storms that envelop Daleem. The Base is also the continent’s primary transit hub, both in terms of goods and commerce and in terms of intelligence and operational opportunities. Outwardly, the Pathfinders and adjutant Base personnel act as a garrison and local security. In reality, the battleteam takes full advantage of the information flow that passes through the Base, allowing them to intervene in Daleem and Vatali affairs to the benefit of the JTF. The Base is designed such that the battleteam shares most of its living and working spaces with travelers and Base workers. Whether they are playing dejarik with a freighter captain, chilling at the Havoc’s bar or assisting a P&C team with a difficult surgery, the Pathfinders are always “on the job,” gathering intelligence for the next assignment.

The Havoc’s bar

The atrium also leads to the Havoc’s Tether, a cantina-diner whose huge kitchens are run by owner and head chef Bohl Chomo. Freighter crews, visitors, and off-duty personnel go to the bar for drinks, live music and perhaps a game of dejarik. The bar, connected as it is with interplanetary trade, is well-stocked with liquors and cocktails from all over the galaxy, though the Devaronian bartender often complain that all he hears from spacers is “Just slide me the grog, Yelko!”

The Havoc’s (and indeed the Base’s) star attraction is undoubtedly Bohl’s cuisine. His kitchens can cater for up to 300 hundred beings in the central mess hall, though he has also been known to host distinguished parties of delegates and Sephi nobles. Bohl’s simple dishes are a celebration of their primary ingredients, which are often locally sourced and carefully chosen. Bohl eschews spices and complex recipes. He is instead a master at exalting the quality of each component of his dish. Some of his most renowned dishes are his game gornt T-bone, his nuna and waffles, the Mimban marsh stew, smuggler’s mynock eggs and the jolly jogan pie.


The personnel assigned to the task force generally fall into one of three categories: the Satele Shan Expeditionary Force, Analytical Operations, or Sentinel Activity and Special Operations. Military assets, including the Remembrance of Seher as well as any other units or warships delegated to Satele Shan, fall under the Expeditionary Force. The SSEF specializes in hit-and-fade strikes and reconnaissance missions.

Meanwhile, a dedicated corps of researchers, analysts, slicers, and other experts remain based on Daleem under the aegis of Analytical Operations. Although they are not often on the front line of Satele Shan's battles, their expertise keeps the Satele Shan forces in the field as well-informed as possible.Covert or clandestine activity that cannot be handled by the Expeditionary Force or Analytical Operations' slicers is the domain of Sentinel Activity and Special Operations (SASO). Comprised of Jedi Sentinels, veterans of Shadow Company, and similar experts, SASO excels in exfiltrating targets from deep within enemy territory - or planting things within it.

The newest arm of Satele Shan is the Tython Squadron. Tasked with internal security and counter-intelligence, the squadron has the public face of a military unit defending Daleem from a repeat of the destruction of New Tython. Secretly, the unit runs surveillance on all allied personnel and ruthlessly destroys any and all insider threats to the House.

Tython Squadron

Main article: Tython Squadron
Tython Squadron TIE Defenders

Tython Squadron is a Battleteam led by Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Wynter. The unit was founded in 35 ABY. Currently, the squadron is undergoing extensive flight training to achieve operational accreditation and final commissioning. The squadron’s official mission is to aid in the defense of the Kiast System as a subordinate unit under the operational control of JTF Satele Shan. Unofficially, Tython Squadron’s true purpose is to serve as the internal security apparatus within Clan Odan-Urr, tasked with combating corruption, sedition, and infiltration from within the Clan’s ranks.

Upon the initial formation many new pilots flocked to join Tython Squadron to the point where many lesser pilots transferred to flight crew and field operatives of the nascent internal security arm of the Battleteam. Needing to run the unit through operational trials, Mauro Wynter and Silvia Tanos engaged the Basic Flight Training slate of events. The pilots underwent countless training missions and simulations.

During one such training mission the squadron caught a smuggling vessel, the Raxanna's Remorse. This C-ROC Cruiser was moving advanced weaponry within the Kiast System and sending coded messages to the Iron Throne and hidden operatives within Sky Breach Base. The cruiser, due to impressive flying by all parties, was captured and returned to Daleem. For their conspicuous gallantry Chrome, Junazee, and Ranarr Kul-Tarentae were awarded the title of Aces by Maximus Alvinius.

The team next frantically began investigating the data gathered from the "Raxanna's Remorse" and other fragmented intelligence. This presented an opportunity for Tython Squadron to test out their abilities as field operatives and keenly perform counterintelligence and internal security screening on the personnel assigned to Sky Breach Base and JTF Satele Shan as a whole. During the so called Operation Enigma, Tython Squadron spent extensive time and efforts tracking down insider threats. Key evidence implicated a young officer known as Ensign Yon Keto. Keto was receiving large sums of funding from off-system and dispersing it widely in small increments - pay offs - to accomplices and subverting the junior officer corps within the JTF. Sadly, he was killed before more intelligence could be gained. His death was kept a well guarded secret for only those with top secret clearance and vetted by Tython Squadron members personally. Due to their conspicuous gallantry, Korroth, Arcia Cortel, and Ethan Martes earned their Tython Ace stripes.

However, evidence pointed towards a clandestine mercenary group operating under the aegis of the Iron Throne and other large industrial conglomerates within the Kiast System and the Arx System. Tython Squadron triangulated communications stemming from the Unknown Regions, and was contacted by members of Battleteam Nighthawk of Clan Arcona. The team rapidly mobilized an expeditionary force for advanced scouting and reconnaissance. This would turn out to be Tython Squadron's first mission outside of Kiast and its baptism of fire.

This heavily classified event, later known as the Rendezvous of Destiny saw the pilots of Tython Squadron launch a coordinated strike with the assistance from the Maurader-class frigate Nighthawk and several flights of Arconan piloted X-Wings against a flotilla of ancient fighters, support vessels, and a rearmed Nebulon-B frigate, the Defiant-II. Seer Constantine was given operational control of the Tython fighter-craft, under the tactical guidance of Mar Sul, while Mauro Wynter and a strike team of Jedi and military personnel landed on the Defiant-II flight deck.

Fighting their way from the flight deck, Mauro tasked Arcia and Chrome to lock down the ship's propulsion system as the Jedi made their way to commandeer the bridge. Finding little resistance, a trap was sprung by a cunning Grand Inquisitor known as Taril Hron and a small cadre of lethal IG-100 Magna-Guards. While Junazee held the Inquisitor at bay, Knights Tyraal Bitshiver and Zeline Nemesis fought the deadly droids. Wynter was able to retrieve data from the bridge implicating the Shipwright's Guild and the Inquisitorius in the rampant number of ships going missing in the Kiast System and of a plot to overthrow the Empress of the Vitali Empire.

During the heat of battle, Wynter distracted Hron and Junazee dispatched her, eliminating the threat. Calling in their reinforcements, the joint forces of Tython Squadron and Nighthawk were able to force the remaining crew to surrender and take the Defiant-II back to the Kiast System as a war prize, with barely enough time to brief Director Alvinius and Executor Iode on the ongoing threat to the Odanite forces. For their exemplary dedication to duty during this engagement Korroth, Talis Demorte, and Ethan Martes were commended as Tython Aces.

Sentinel Network Involvement

Main article: Sentinel Network

As a Joint Task Force, Satele Shan draws manpower and equipment from Odanite Expeditionary Force, Vatali Royal Guard, and the Jedi Order. However, Shan's emphasis on clandestine and covert action means that the JTF's culture and methods are dominated by SeNet. Although SeNet is an independent entity with its own command structure, a huge portion of its assets are under the day-to-day command of Satele Shan's Director Turel Sorenn and Daleem is the center of much of its operations.

The Defenders of Satele Shan

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The title of Defender of Satele Shan is awarded to the most active member in a quarter within JTF Satele Shan. This honorary title is part of Satele Shan's way to recognize exceptionally active members by involving their character's fictionally into the lore of the house with this honorary title. The title of Defender will be held by the member forever. The title resets every quarter but can be won multiple times by the same member over the course of it's awarding.

Permanently Assigned Military Assets

Task Force Seher

House Summit Roll

House Satele Shan
Quaestor Period of Service Aedile Period of Service
Ji Mar 3, 2015–Apr 22, 2015 Solari Mar 3, 2015–Apr 22, 2015
Solari Apr 22, 2015–Jun 6, 2015 Mar Sûl Apr 22, 2015–Jun 13, 2015
Mar Sûl Jun 13, 2015–Jan 4, 2016 Seridan Brehevik Jun 22, 2015–Sep 21, 2015
Kah Manet Sep 27, 2015–Feb 3, 2016
Mako Henymory Jan 4, 2016–Sep 3, 2016
Alethia Archenksova Feb 10, 2016–Sep 3, 2016
Alethia Archenksova Sep 3, 2016–Apr 14, 2017 Daniel Stephens Sep 11, 2016–Mar 9, 2017
Len Iode Mar 9, 2017–Jul 11, 2017
A'lora Kituri Apr 22, 2017–Sep 25, 2017
Maximus Alvinius Jul 25, 2017–Sep 25, 2017
Maximus Alvinius Sep 25, 2017–Apr 10, 2018 Len Iode Sep 25, 2017–Mar 5, 2018
Mauro Wynter Mar 5, 2018–Apr 10, 2018
Mauro Wynter Apr 10, 2018–Dec 16, 2018 Talis DeMorte Apr 29, 2018–Sep 17, 2018
Haran Sep 17, 2018–Dec 16, 2018
Haran Dec 16, 2018–Feb 22, 2019 Xirini Kurai Dec 16, 2018–Feb 22, 2019
Turel Sorenn Feb 22, 2019–Apr 15, 2019 Tistito Kingang Feb 22, 2019–Apr 20, 2019
Tistito Kingang Apr 18, 2019–Jul 4, 2019 Xirini Kurai Apr 23, 2019–May 31, 2019

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Clan Summit: High Councilor: Aura Ta'varCouncilor of War: Revak KurCouncilor of the Roll: Gui Sol

House Sunrider Summit: Quaestor: Alethia ArchenksovaAedile: Ira Ojiman

Battleteam Leaders: Jon Silvon

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