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Coastal Jungle

Native species:


Official language:

Galactic Basic


120,000 Seherob Harakoans, 150 non-Harakoans


Foodstuffs, Art


Weapons, Pottery, other Manufactured Goods


House Satele Shan

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Seher is a Harakoan city and trading hub, situated on the eastern coast of the continent Owyhyee, where the dense jungles begin to break into the Honunom Desert. It is the first true metropolis among Harakoans, having expanded substantially in size in the aftermath of the Dark Jedi incursion onto New Tython. Specializing in metallurgy and manufacturing, Seher exports huge quantities of bronze spear-points, metal jewelry, and pottery to distant Harakoan tribes, many of whom have become increasingly indebted to the fledgling polity.



The Seherob tribe of Harakoans actually began its existence several millennia before the arrival of the Jedi as a confederation of several tribes surrounding the Bay of Seher, which united in order to defend themselves from increasingly violent raids by both the Harakoans of the Honunom desert, and those of the jungles north of Seher. Over time, these tribes began to develop a uniform culture and their quasi-nomadic villages became more permanent fixtures along the coastline, as the increased laborpool allowed the Seherob to build with local limestone, rather than the wood and grass typical of jungle-dwelling Harakoans.

Last Centuries

It was not until more recent centuries that the Harakoans of Seher Bay united religiously, shifting their varied forms of mono- and polytheism to an all-encompassing pantheism, which gave the Seherob Harakoans a not inconsequential boon in their further absorption of local tribes, as well as in their ability to trade and interact with Harakoans from farflung reaches of New Tython. This shift began a long-standing and, at times, exponential growth cycle in the region.

By the arrival of the Jedi on New Tython, the local Harakoans had not only unified into a single cultural and religious entity, but they had also subdued most raids from the Honunom Desert and the northern jungles, forcing those former enemies into trade agreements which highly favored the Seherob Harakoans, setting the stage for the practice of trade-binding which would become commonplace in Seher after the local advent of metallurgy.

After arrival of Jedi

Seher had little contact with the Jedi until well after the Dark Council invaded the planet in 35 ABY. Though the city was not untouched, it managed to repel a small incursion of Sith, and captured several of the expedition's Force-wielding leaders. It was from these prisoners that Seher managed to secure its place as the foremost powerhouse among Harakoans, as they extracted the secrets of metallurgy in exchange for their (partial) freedom, to live among the Seherob as their servants. This technological revolution, rivaled only by Iwu Koraha Mahue of Milil'ea, gave the locals the final push into a status of full metropolis, allowing them dominate the region militarily, as well as economically.


Along the coast of the Bay of Seher, the city-state is king. However, its fully sovereign territory is small. Instead, it dominates many regions, including the entire eastern coast of the Honunom and northeastern coast of Owyhyee (as well as countless islands) economically. Its influence, however, can be felt as far away as Menat Ombo and the polity of Zawag Takohu, as an influx of bronze weaponry and armor becomes more commonplace among Harakoans.

Bay of Seher

The cultural center of an economic empire, the Bay of Seher is a bustling series of ports, dotted by countless fishing villages, and dominated by the metropolis of Seher. The bay itself is a deep, but relatively calm body of water, the northern end of which is most suitable to the docking of ships (and is, for that reason, where Seher houses its navy).

The largest source of Sehers trading, the bay is home to the majority of the cities maritime professionals. Due to the nature of the Seherob, however, the bay itself rarely sees any real-time trading. Often merchants will pre-order commodities from trading-vessels prior to the ships next journey, resulting in a relatively pre-planned cycle of commerce. On the rare occasion that an outside vessel arrives at the bay they will be widely met with distrust from the locals - many will find their goods subject to thorough tests for quality and safety. It can take many years for an outsider trader to be trusted by the Seherob, but when it is achieved they are then treated as if they were any other citizen of Seher.

At first glance the bay of Seher has little by way of defenses, great breakwaters embrace the port and, as well as a small makeshift lighthouse, are used primarily to guide their far-travelled merchant ships back into the safe grasp of their home.

There is one defense that the Seherob seldom mention and that the outer-lying tribes of the City speak of in hushed whispers, the Maw of Seher. Legend speaks of a gargantuan beast that roamed under the depths of the bay, protecting those that occupied it, all accounts differ when the physical nature of the beast, some say that the beast had a multitude of tentacles long enough to pierce the sky - whilst others state that it was round as a barrel with a vorpal, spear-like nose that could sunder the heart of any God that set foot on Harakoa. All accounts agreed on one thing however, the beast's greatest weapon was a colossal mouth, great enough to drink all of the water on the planet, wielding a set of teeth that were sharp beyond measure. Many off-worlders consider this myth and break it down simply to superstition. Built into the breakwaters that defend the bay are two tremendous, ancient chains embosomed by algae and various types of seaweed. When the chains are pulled by the hundreds of Seherob required to shit them, a set of gargantuan bladed ‘teeth’ birth from below the depths and lock themselves between the breakwaters (and the only water-born entrance to the bay). It is said any vessel that touches the maw will be sundered and sink to the abyss. Naturally, nobody has ever tried.


The city itself is surrounded by a plethora of geographical formations. To the west, the city rests up against the eastern tip of the snow-capped Eastern Mountains, from which the city extracts its mineral wealth of copper, tin, and gold. To the south, lies the imposing Honunom desert, and the north is dominated by ever-thickening jungles, housing small, ancient tribes of Harakoans.

Jedi Citadel

Entrance to the Citadel

Near enough in the centre of Seher, stands an immense, stepped frustum--a flat-topped pyramid. Atop this frustum, there is a grand building, made out of a smooth stone. Its columns are simple, and were left unadorned by intricate carvings. Instead, they are solid and stoic. The only detailed carvings are on either end of the building depicting idealistic views, such as Harakoans working with colonists and Jedi as equals, or the Harakoans governing and trading within their city.

Inside this grand, polished stone palace is where most of the business is conducted. These rooms are made out of either local hard-wood and carved beautifully, or other materials that are equally artistic.

Inside the palace, there are a myriad of meditation chambers, libraries, sparring rooms, infirmaries, among others. There are also a few rooms to relax in, with local beverages, comfy chairs, and a game table or two. The citadel’s purpose is to both improve the Jedi and also to make it their home. The Harakoans have taken to calling it the ‘Muul Baholtichumuuk’, which means the Pyramid of Compromise.

Atop the pyramid-like structure, and surrounding the citadel the Jedi residences are set out radially. These homes are less grandiose than the citadel, but they are still very elegant and beautifully crafted buildings. They aren’t large and usually only encompass two or three rooms: everything else they need can be found either from nearby markets, or from the acropolis itself

The citadel wasn’t made to intimidate, or to enforce fear. It was created to be a place where the Jedi took their residence, but also a place where the locals would feel comfortable going to talk about their problems. Most of the relations with the local Harakoans takes place in it’s fine reception halls, though if there is dire need, such as a serious medical emergency, then the citadel’s other functions are utilised.


Seher functions as an Oligarchy, an Assembly of Noble families effectively rule over the entirety of the Metropolis, each noble family elects a representative from their own bloodline to represent their Noble affiliation - usually these are family members who have been given extensive education under the assumption that they will go on to act as one of the Noble Representatives. The Noble Assembly vote on all matters of importance regarding the law and governance of Seher, when the Nobles cannot come to an agreement on a motion or if they decide a motion is not for them to decide they pass it down to the ‘Public Assembly’. The Public Assembly is a collection of representatives from the Seherob populace and as such is primarily Harakoans - particularly natural leaders from each sector, merchants, traders and so on, House Satele Shan has three representatives in the Public Assembly, Quaestor Turel Sorenn , Aedile Tistito Kingang and the Disciples of Baas Leader Len Iode. The Public Assembly is also used for it’s representatives to flag issues and requests to be taken to the Noble families for consideration.

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Clan Summit: High Councilor: Aura Ta'varCouncilor of War: Celevon Edraven ErinosCouncilor of the Roll: Len Iode

House Hoth Summit: Quaestor: Creon SaldeanAedile: TBD

House Satele Shan Summit: Quaestor: Turel SorennAedile: Tistito Kingang

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