The Varonat Crisis

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Exodus era.
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The Varonat Crisis
Date: 31 ABY
Location: Varonat, Anoat sector



Team One

Team Two

  • Approx. 40 commandos

  • None
  • Several commandos

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The Varonat crisis is the name for the events that transpired on the planet Varonat, in the Bajic Sector in 31 ABY. After a failed mission Kah Manet and V'yr Vorsa were captured by the mercenary company, Alpha's Omega. In an attempt to rescue their leaders, the Knights of Allusis were dispatched to deal with the situation.



"They were scouting for the disappearance of an agent, apparently they discovered what caused that disappearance. Your mission is to rescue them and gather any information you need. Collect what equipment you need and head for Varonat."
―Councilor Liam Torun addresses the Knights

Kah Manet and V'yr Vorsa came to the planet Varonat in search of a missing Odanite agent who's mission was to spy on the Tenloss syndicate, a known associate organization of the Thuron Monarchy. However, during their inspection of the safe house in which the agent was to be found, they were ambushed by well armed and organized combatants. The skirmish was short, with Kah injured and several of the enemy combatants dead. Vorsa lowered her weapon when the enemy overwhelmed her. It was the start of the crisis to come.

Back on planet Haven, where the House was temporarily situated, Councillor Liam Torun received a disturbing holorecording. The mercenaries called themselves Alpha's Omega and demanded ransom for Vorsa and Manet. Unable to pay such a price and unwilling to let his people perish, Torun ordered the rest of the Knights to travel to Varonat and free their commanders. Thus the rescue mission began. The Knights separated into two teams so they could cover their ground better and proceeded to search for the missing Jedi.


"Let's pay Gunta a visit, shall we?"
―Evant Taelyan

The Jedi only found a lead when Evant Taelyan received a holorecording from one of his contacts. The rodian left the disc and swiftly left their meeting place. After a short rumble in the bar, Evant and his apprentice escaped to the safe house. There they reviewed the recording, finding out that the mercenaries were indeed on the planet and they were well armed and well trained, as they predicted. The information led them to a shady bar called Gunta's place, lead by a Transdohan named Gunta.

It was when they med Gunta's Twi'lek associate that they ended up in trouble. Leading them into the back offices, under the pretense of introducing Gunta, the Twi'lek activated a trap that knocked out the team. After giving the Jedi to the Omega mercs, the Twi'lek gleefully went back to work, in anticipation of more of their team.

The Pit

"The Jedi are very predictable. As soon as the three of you walked into the Cantina, the force detectors spiked. So tell me Jedi, how many more will come after you?"
―Commando guard

Evant's team was moved to the "Not So Abandoned Shack," where they were stripped and put in energy cages. Benedict had not been captured or detected at Gunta's Place, and he had followed the repulser truck to the site, where he had slipped in. Benedict heard his commander, V'yr Vorsa, through the force and released Evant's team following her distraction of the mercenaries.

Evant's team made their way through the tunnels, where they encountered friendly mercenaries and retrieved their personal belongings. Nathan and his team made contact with Benedict. With the locator beacon turned on, Nathan could hone in on the signal and rescue the captured Jedi.


"Nathan Deciarus, Putra, Jabis Ravenhawk, Sa Ool, Aerin Taggart, Benedict Williams, Evant Taelyan, Ryan Neale... I have warrants for your imprisonment. I intend to take you all in front of the magistrate to stand for your crimes."
―Zack Sallis

Nathan used the shuttle to break open a segment of the tunnels and the entrapped team made it topside with the exception of Rilin, who had broken away from the group in the tunnels. Seemingly abandoned, the field was the stage for the ambush planed by Zak Sallis, who made the mercenaries presence known with an ion shot knocking out the shuttle's electrical systems. The Jedi, now surrounded by mercenaries dug into positions and armed with heavy repeaters and repeating blasters, surrendered without any incident.

The teams were transported to the Diligence, where they were interrogated until their arrival on New Tython. Rilin Farris evaded the mercenaries, made his way back to the safe house, and contacted the leadership about the deteriorating situation on Varonet.


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