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Recruitment Tribune (T:R)—The Recruitment Tribune is responsible for the administration, development, and direction of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's Overall Recruitment Policy, Social Media Strategy and New Page content standards. The Tribune's primary focus is to help focus the Brotherhood's efforts within the various social media platforms, and grow the Brotherhood' brand by generating and guiding News Page content, as well as more traditional recruitment methods. The Tribune's general duties include:

  • Works in conjunction with the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master to establish and pursue an overall recruitment strategy for the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Assists the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master in administering the News Page Policies and Best Practices
  • Oversees the maintenance and activity of the Brotherhood's Social Media Accounts along with the Grand Master & Deputy Grand Master
  • Increases the visibility of the club on, and offline via social media, letter writing campaigns, advertisement and a variety of other means.

Specific Recruitment Tribune Duties


  • Organize a team that oversees the majority of News Page posts for the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Advises the Grand Master on what social media platforms the Club will be focusing on, and designs a plan of action for each individual platform.
  • Coordinates the maintenance of the social media share buttons on the website with the Seneschal.
  • Maintain a primer on news posts, and news post categorization for easy reference for those with access to post news.
  • Organize and oversee a team to expand the Brotherhood's visibility through more traditional means including but not limited to: letter writing campaigns, interviews, link swaps or featured articles.


  • Ensures standards in relation to post tagging, post content and post categorization are maintained.
  • Ensures standards in relation to post neutrality to prevent any partisan tactics from interfering with the news reporting for our membership, or guests.
  • Oversee the awarding of Dark Side Scrolls for officially requested News Posts and/or Reviews shared via the website.


  • Ensures standards in relation to post tagging, post content and post categorization are maintained.
  • Works to make sure the Dark Brotherhood's social media accounts are constantly monitored, and that news from the Brotherhood is shared on the major social media networks.
  • Works in conjunction with the Dark Council to create unique and engaging content for the front page of the website, including but not limited to: Star Wars News Announcements, Brotherhood wide fiction and art updates, Star Wars and Gaming related product reviews.
  • Coordinates the posting of news with the Dark Council and the Recruitment team in order to ensure the balance between timely news announcements, and Brotherhood related initiatives.


  • Develop and maintain standards for members of the Recruitment team, including behavior on Social Media, Guidelines for Appropriate Content as well as Clan neutrality.
  • Selects members appropriately suited for positions within the Recruitment team.
  • Ensure consistent communication with staff at all times, and that members on staff are actively working toward their goals.
  • Assign roles to staff members to best make use of their abilities.
  • Ensure staff members are properly rewarded with Scrolls of Indoctrination for their work.
  • Ensure contributors are properly rewarded with Dark Side Scrolls for their work.


  • Occasionally create competitions to make use of the various resources and increase exposure to our Social Media platforms and website.
  • Maintain an up to date news watch service so members of the team stay up to date on current Brotherhood and Star Wars related news.
  • Help answer any member questions in regards to recruiting, and entertain member suggestions and ideas to help the Recruitment office grow.

Neutrality Standards

Recruitment Team

The most basic purpose of the Recruitment Tribune, as well as the team they hire is to go about finding new members for the Dark Brotherhood. As such it is imperative that all actions taken in this regard will not be done to specifically further the fates of any individual Clan. The efforts of the Recruitment team are devoted specifically toward the goals of helping all the Clans. Recruitment reference pins should not be given by Recruitment Team members in the course of the standard execution of their duties.

Website News, Reviews & Announcements

The Recruitment Tribune will ensure that all "blind view" posts, such as Star Wars News Category, and Gaming News Category posts also maintain a unit neutrality, so as to not bias the front page toward any individual Clan. The reason for this is to ensure that a guest to our site will view news that all our membership can share in without any reference or branding for an individual Clan, thus allowing Clans to gain favor by partisan posting of news.

The above is obviously exercised with caution and an eye towards reasonability: News that pertains specifically to individual Clans, or activities within Clans are inherently unit biased, and do not apply to the neutrality standards. If there are any questions in regards to your post, please contact the Recruitment Tribune or his staff prior to posting.


Staff Roles

News Team

  • Members of the news team are responsible for coordinating with the Recruitment Tribune and appropriate Dark Councillors to ensure relevant news is posted to the website in a timely fashion.
  • News team members will maintain news posting standards, and work with other members of the team, as well as the membership to ensure high quality news posts.

Social Media Team

  • Members of the social media team are responsible for keeping the various social media outlets up to date with new content.
  • Social Media Team members are responsible for maintaining a timely discourse with any interactions, as well as helping to expand our fanbase by interacting with other entities, and monitoring current trends.

Current Staff

Past Tribunes