V'yr Vorsa

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V'yr Vorsa
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

~346 BBY (age 383)

Physical Description




  • 195 cm - humanoid
  • ~604 cm - tree-form

~160 kg

  • Vines and branches
  • Auburn-brown




Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Orange
  • Purified white
Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:

The Tortoise

Known apprentices:

Shiran Kastav, Turel Sorenn, Ryan Neale, Destin Oceanfel, Alexia Corden, Aurora Ta’var



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"You thought you knew your enemy before, but I say you have only come to know them now. To give in is to let them win. When billions more are at stake, you must be the one who stands and says ‘no more’."
―V'yr Vorsa, to Aurora Ta’var after the burning of Judecca

V'yr Vorsa is a Neti peacekeeper, tactician, military leader, lecturer, councilwoman, and Elder of Clan Odan-Urr.

Ancient by human standards, Vorsa is three-hundred and ninety years old and has spent most of her life in the Jedi Order, first as a scholar and archivist, than as an accomplished military leader. Devoted to the preservation of innocent life and civil liberties, her mission has seldom changed since her youth. She is still a peacekeeper and warden against darkness. As often as she can spare, she takes the fight to the New Order and teaches her younger compatriots how to fight off and against the influence of the Dark Side. Steadfast and strong in her convictions, her destiny is as yet unknown, though she has embraced her role in the ever changing tapestry that is the will of the Living Force.

Character History

Early life

Sprouted from a Neti seed after centuries in incubation sometime around 350 BBY on the forest planet of Myrkr, Vorsa spent her youth on her homeworld with her people, supposedly with her mother. Though hardly anyone knows anything of her earliest years, some assumptions have been made by Clan Odan-Urr’s historians and chroniclers. She is very private about her past and rarely talks about the Neti to outsiders, trusted or otherwise.

What is known is that sometime around 300 BBY a group of Jedi arrived on Myrkr with an unknown purpose. There, the Jedi found the young Neti and brought her back to the Jedi Temple after sensing her massive potential. This much is known from what is left of the Jedi archives that is available to the public after the fall of the Empire and reemergence of the Republic. Those who know the whole story know that Vorsa was sent by her mother to find a life in the galaxy, away from the withering ways of the Neti. Her mother wanted a better life for her daughter than staying on one world, isolated from the galaxy. Thus, Vorsa's life as a Jedi began.

The Jedi Order

Knighting ceremony

Even though she was already in her fifties, Vorsa was little more than a child by Neti reckoning. She had spent most of her time exploring her planet, communing with nature or just playing in the woods with her friends, knowing very little of life. She was an innocent child, so she was deemed to still be of an appropriate age for training in the Jedi Order. They welcomed her with open arms.

Vorsa was never an excellent student, nor was she gifted in any particular area of study. She was average, just like most of her comrades, despite her alien and exotic nature. Many Padawans found her a curiosity and object of admiration early on, as her appearance back then resembled more her natural form than any sort of humanoid shape. Still, she learned quickly to blend in, very soon learning the ability to change her shape into a more humanoid form. As years passed, eventually, she had come to look no different from a human, bar the hair and skin tone. With time she came to think of herself as humanoid as well, nearly completely adopting her new look. It was a rare instance to see her in any other form in those days.

Despite her shortcomings, Vorsa excelled at teaching her fellow Jedi, mostly about nature and how to properly care for living things in the wild. But, she was also a slow learner, a trait her species exhibited regularly, especially in areas related to human or near-human relations, biology, psychology. Her own species was vastly alien by comparison and relating to short-lived races seemed an impossibility. Seeing her friends grow old and die was particularly painful as she had grown attached to them over time, but eventually, with study and understanding, she fully grasped the notion that they were one with the Force, and so with her in spirit.

Though her Initiate and Padawan days came and went with several different teachers and masterd, once she became a Jedi Knight she looked for a way to be useful to the Order. Not particularly adept at combat, at first, she chose the more natural course and became an archivist and librarian, teaching students, and by extension herself, in many, many fields of study. She always had her head dug into books, holocrons and archive data, vastly expanding her knowledge of the Force and other topics she found relevant. History was a topic that most interested, but also appalled her. There was beauty and wisdom in history, as well as cruelty and fear. Vorsa learned about the wars of the past and the horrors they brought many millions. It pained her that such suffering existed and to think of a future that would involve any.

To her dismay, some two hundred years later, during the Clone Wars necessity required her to leave the safety of her libraries and archives and move her abundant knowledge and skill into the field to fight alongside the Clone troops of the Galactic Republic. That was when it all went wrong.

The Clone Wars

Battle of Jabiim

During the Clone Wars, Vorsa found a new self — a warrior self. She wasn't particularly fond of it at the time, but it was a necessity. She told herself that it was for the survival of the Republic and that she needed to protect those who had no way of doing so themselves. The war dragged on and more and more Jedi were needed to lead the army. As a Jedi General, she fought on several major battlefields such as the battles of Kashyyyk, Duro, Coruscant and, most notably, Jabiim. Her encyclopedic knowledge of ancient battles, and studies of tactics and warfare she conducted over the centuries, became a boon to the Order. These were the origins of the general she became nearly sixty years later, but they were also the road to her downfall.

At the time, everything Vorsa knew of life came from books or holocrons, and though she saw the war as abhorrent, she was intoxicated with the opportunities it had presented. She started to matter in the grand scheme of things and, slowly, she became more and more prominent as, battle after battle, the Republic pushed the Separatists back.

Order 66 was issued when Vorsa was negotiating relief supplies for refugees on Jabiim, a recently liberated world whose inhabitants held nothing but ill will towards the Jedi, mostly due to the actions of Anakin Skywalker. Vorsa was chosen as secondary envoy and diplomat in peace talks due to her tact and knowledge of xenosociology at the time. The attack came when Vorsa was in talks with a city official. Clone troopers entered the chamber with the intent to inform her of “an escalating situation”. It was only her superior awareness and instinct that saved her head. She defeated the Clones that attacked her but failed to stop them killing the delegate. Soon, Vorsa found herself hunted across Jabiim.