Arconan Armed Forces

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Arconan Armed Forces
Organizational information
Led by:

Consul Zuza Lottson


Approximately 30,000

Chronological and political information

27 ABY

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The Arconan Armed Forces, more commonly known as AAF, is the organization that encompasses all of Arcona's military forces. This includes the Arcona Navy Corps (ANC), Arcona Starfighter Corps (ASC), the Arcona Army Corps (AAC), and Dajorra Intelligence Agency (DIA). The former three are divvied, according to need, into the Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF).

The DDF is tasked with protecting the Dajorra System from outside attack, while the AEF is the Clan's offensive fighting force. The ASC contains all of the AAF’s starfighter squadrons that are assigned to capital ships throughout the two fleets, as well as to garrisons on Dusk Station and within the Dajorra System. The ACN consists of all of the fleet officers and staff on the capital ships and transports of the DDF and AEF. The AAC contains Arcona's ground forces, many of them stationed on DDF or AEF vessels. The smallest and most secretive branch is the Dajorra Intelligence Agency, a close-knit group in charge of special operations and intelligence.


The AAF was conceived as the supreme military organization, overseeing its four branches with ultimate authority, following the debacle at the Battle of Antei in 27 ABY to the present. It was under Consul Mejas Doto, with the help of his Proconsul Sashar Arconae, that the reorganization was carried out.

Following the Dark Crusade, Proconsul Legorii carried out an extensive restructuring of the AAF in the name of Consul Marick Arconae. The opening salvos of the Twelfth Great Jedi War, however, would see further restructuring, as almost the entire military was thrown into upheaval over the course of a series of surprise attacks by the Collective. Arcona was forced to reconstitute its forces under Consul Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, now a fraction of its former size, but no less formidable. Due to the nature of the plague that was ravaging the Dajorra system at the time, however, those forces assigned to Eldar were withdrawn to stations on Selen.

The AAF has since gone on to fight admirably in each successive action against the Collective, including the defense of Arx, the Brotherhood’s replacement world to the dead planet of Antei, and multiple actions at home against both Collective forces and ancient domestic foes that began resurfacing in 38 ABY.

While the vast majority of the forces are troops stationed throughout the Dajorra system and concentrated on the core planets of Eldar and Selen, there are a lot of personnel dedicated to patrolling Dajorra and venturing out to interact with other Clans and organizations. The Consul is the final authority on the armed forces' policies and operations, but has a myriad of advisers and fleet officers charged with directing the AAF on a daily basis.


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The AAF is broken up into four primary branches: the Arcona Navy Corps (ANC), the Arcona Starfighter Corps (ASC), the Arcona Army Corps (AAC), and the Dajorra Intelligence Agency (DIA). The former three are further broken down and operationally fall into the two fighting forces, the Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF). All of these are overseen by the Executive Council that is headed by the sitting Consul and Proconsul, while the subordinate branches of the AAF are chaired by select senior ranking members. The DIA’s role of Director is, like the Council’s leaders, also part of the Arconan Summit, and is held by the sitting Rollmaster.

Executive Council

  • Commander of the Dajorra Defense Force: Emilie Lauraugina (former; KIA)
  • Commander of the Arcona Expeditionary Force: Krox Noctem (former; KIA)
  • Commander of the Arcona Starfighter Corps: Jonathan deLuce (former; KIA)
  • Commander of the Arcona Navy Corps: Iax Helenus (former; KIA)
  • Commander of the Arcona Army Corps: Dariik Dhaaci (former; KIA)
  • Director of the Dajorra Intelligence Agency: Kordath Bleu

Dajorra Defense Force

Main Article: Dajorra Defense Force

The Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) is the “last line of defense” for Arcona and the Dajorra System; ostensibly as any enemy that has made it to Dajorra has either bypassed or defeated the more offensively oriented AEF. While a military agency, it also performs policing of the system for greater threats than local police can handle, including smuggling and piracy. With multiple planets to protect and garrison, they contain a greater percentage of the AAF’s ground forces than their AEF counterparts. Because of this, DDF command falls to the senior ranking member of the AAC.

Arcona Expeditionary Force

Main Article: Arcona Expeditionary Force

The Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF) is the military arm of Arcona tasked with handling external threats, and is thus the offensive arm of the AAF, taking the fight directly to the Clan’s enemies. Because of the need for both mobile transportation and firepower, the AEF has a greater percentage of the AAF’s naval forces than in the DDF, used to break an enemy’s space superiority, destroy ground/space installations, and support ground troops’ assault operations. Because of this, AEF command falls to the senior ranking member of the ANC.

Arcona Navy Corps

Main Article: Arcona Navy Corps

The Arcona Navy Corps (ANC) is the portion of the AAF dedicated to manning and staffing the naval vessels of both the AEF and DDF. ANC officers and deck hands are trained primarily at the Giletta Spaceport in Estle City, as well as from the Golan II Space Defense Platform Dusk Station. Graduates of the Standard Naval Training (SNT) are placed either in the AEF, DDF, or in Logistics and Support, and stationed on a vessel for the duration of their service requirements.

Arcona Starfighter Corps

Main Article: Arcona Starfighter Corps

The Arcona Starfighter Corps (ASC) is the portion of the AAF dedicated to starfighter pilots, and falls under the administrative umbrella of the Navy. Pilots are trained at the Savric Flight Academy on Boral using a program originally developed by former Imperial pilots. With the reorganization of the AAF, including a large quantity of New Republic-style fighters, this training regimen has shifted to reflect the tactics employed by those types of starfighters.

Additional to the mainstay fighters, interceptors, and bombers, are the multitudes of support craft. These also fall under the ASC’s purview. However, due to the nature of their missions, they are very often operationally controlled by their Army counterparts when not directly involved in naval actions, as they would during an offensive planetary assault.

Arcona Army Corps

Main Article: Arcona Army Corps

The Arcona Army Corps (AAC) is the branch of the AAF that is directly responsible for all ground operations, both defensive and offensive. Many are trained at the [Arconan Military Parade Grounds] just outside of Estle City, as well as across many of the other Selenian military installations.

Dajorra Intelligence Agency

Main Article: Dajorra Intelligence Agency

The Dajorra Intelligence Agency, more commonly known as the DIA, is Clan Arcona's special operations and intelligence branch. It is split into two divisions, one which gathers the information and manipulates massive data networks to provide the Clan with the resources it needs, and another that is in charge of conducting the spy operations and coordinating the high profile assassinations and extractions handed down to them by the Consul. The DIA is led by the Intelligence Director, who commands the entire group from the Citadel.

Members of the DIA must be invited to join and approved by the Director himself. The Director of the DIA also serves the dual purpose of Rollmaster of Arcona, allowing the individual in the seat to closely monitor the latest “hires” as a function of internal affairs.

House Discretionary Forces

With the advent of the AAF’s restructuring under Atyiru, the subordinate Houses of Galeres and Qel-Droma were given reduced command capabilities over the greater AAF. To balance this, the Houses were appropriated funds to recruit, train, and equip their own forces to support their own individual mission requirements. As a result, Galeres fields a medley of infantry and artillery alongside the successor Marauder-class corvette ‘Nighthawk’ (which replaced the previous Agave-class ship of the same name) and its hangared starfighter squadron; Qel-Droma, due to its basing on Port Ol’Val, has its forces comprising a greater number of starships. While still ostensibly part of the AAF, these forces fall under direct command of their respective Houses.

Uniform & Insignia

Main Article: AAF Ranks
An example of the white AAF duty uniform.
An example of the AAF blue duty uniform.

Like many militaries of the galaxy, the AAF has a plethora of situationally applied uniforms for its personnel. From work coveralls, to combat fatigues, to full dress uniforms, both the AAC and ANC/ASC have a variety of prospective uniforms to choose from. Rank insignia on dress uniforms are worn on the collar, using well-shined metal rank plaques for officers, and brass for enlisted personnel. In duty uniform however, officer’s rank plaques often have a reduced luster, and enlisted ranks are displayed on the upper sleeve; both are color coded relative to their membership in the army or navy/starfighter corps.

An overview of the AAF ranks by branch (army/navy) and authority (enlisted/officer).

Ranks are broken down between enlisted personnel and officers, and differ somewhat in titles between the branches to follow traditional army and navy rank structures. Key to recognizing individuals in the army versus the navy or starfighter corps are the coloration of their rank insignia on their 'duty' uniforms. The army uses dark red on its officer rank plaques, and green for enlisted soldiers’ fatigues. The navy, by contrast, wears blue rank insignia throughout, as their position aboard ships requires less tactical subtlety in their appearance.

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