Arcona Citadel

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Arcona Citadel
General information

Estle City, Selen



Physical specifications



100m (estimation)


300m (estimation)


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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The Citadel serves as the headquarters and base of operations for Clan Arcona in Estle City on Selen, residing in the Dajorra system.

The Citadel is a tower fortress set back from the lip of the plateau in Estle City, with a large, open area perfect for the various ceremonies undertaken by Arcona and its leaders. Before it is a long causeway that grants a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. At the base of the slopping stairway leading up to the first level of the Citadel is an odd looking tree that is only visible on certain days. Rumor has it that the tree is none other than Ood Bnar, Arcona's resident Neti. This rumor has yet to be confirmed, however, as no one has ever seen the tree come or go.


The Throne Room

Birds eye view of the Throne Room

A pair of massive, ancient doors loom at the entrance to the throne room. Upon opening, they give way to a large chamber with a high ceiling carved smoothly into stone. The chamber itself is the size of a professional holo-ball court but the hard-tile flooring has been sand-blasted to perfection and patterned symmetrically throughout. Tall, rounded pillars frame a center dais that forms an elevator platform. Perfectly centered on the low platform is the heart of Clan Arcona's power -- the Serpentine Throne. The ornate throne stands several feet above the head of even the tallest Shadow Lords. The dais is backlit by an ever-glowing wall of flame that attunes itself to the Order color of the current Consul. A sable carpet trimmed with white blankets the shallow steps and continues all the way to the entrance doors.

The Throne Room is completely sound-proofed, and almost feels like entering a vacuum. Voices carry easily, but never leave the chamber. A combination of alchemy and engineering allow the room to be shut off from the rest of the Citadel while maintaining proper ventilation for the unique curtain of flame. It maintains a steady room temperature, ignorant to the climate outside and throughout the Citadel's ancient walls.

Citadel Cantina

Inside the cantina


The Citadel Cantina is located on the second level of the Arcona Citadel. The bar itself is small on the surface, but possess an expansive selection thanks to a clever servos-operated storage system built into the underside of the bar. A bartender only need punch in what drink they require (other than the typical stock) and within a minute the bottle is distributed. The bar is lined with transparisteel display panels. Relaxed, soothing music plays over the speakers, and a big-screen display terminal with access to the holonet sits across from a series of comfortable lounge chairs and stools.

The Cantina is full-service and is manned by a gruff, one-eyed Rodian named Mick. Mick is a grumpy former sergeant who served in the Arconan Armed Forces years and years ago. He goes about his business with a series of grunts, gestures, and monosyllabic dialogue. A man of few words, but a genius of alcoholic beverages and mixology, Mick has a very strict rule about no fighting or brawling within the Cantina.

Mess Hall

Layout of the Mess Hall

The Cantina opens up into a dedicated mess-hall that can hold up to a hundred sentients before it starts to feel claustrophobic. Open at all hours, the mess-hall has been sanctioned as an acceptable area for members to settle disputes and other frustrations. The tables are all firmly bolted into the hall's floor to avoid being thrown over, and are crafted out of durable material that has held its own throughout the years. At the far end of the mess-hall there is a pair of double-doors that lead to the kitchen and storage area. The mess-hall is maintained by a full staff of droids, and occasionally a new recruit who has earned the ire of the Rollmaster.


Outside the Citadel

Despite being on the first level of the Citadel, the massive courtyard remains hidden behind towering walls of stone and sediment. An elongated central patch of neatly-trimmed grass stretches out for almost a fifty-meters while maintaining a twenty-meter width. At the center of the grass is a large, ovular fountain in the shape of the Arcona emblem, with water running from the tips of each pointed edge. Vegetation grows along some of the walls, and an archaic clock-face is carved into the face of one of the entryways. A small group of rotating sharpshooters are scattered across the walls as the courtyard is supposed to serve as a safe place for Arconans to enjoy some quiet time, or to meet with visitors. It has served as the venue for multiple honor-duels over time, and there is a significant crater off to the side of the grass left behind as a result of a contest between Marick Arconae and Wuntila Arconae. The duel had taken place prior to either Arconae serving as Shadow Lords and in a quieter time before all Arcona knew was warfare.

Towards the back of the courtyard, closer to the base of the cliff that the Citadel is constructed upon, a tall tree shoots up from the stone, its shade guarding an entrance into the Citadel proper.