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Emilie Lauraugina
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Arcona Expeditionary Force; Arcona

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"What keeps me going in life? Well, you know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you accomplish something? I live to squash that feeling."
―Tactical Analyst Emilie Lauraugina

Emilie "Voidheart" Lauraugina is a female Human from the planet Eldar. She holds the rank of Vice Admiral and acts as defacto commander of Arcona's Armed Forces when the Consul is away from the Dajorra System. She previously served as Chief Tactical Analyst aboard the BAC Shadow before taking command of the Dajorra Defense Force. When the Arconan military was reorganized, she remained in command of the newly-formed First Fleet.

Character History

Early Life

Emilie was born into a very poor family on Eldar, long before the Dark Jedi arrived. She had an older brother, Maxwell, who was the man of the house since his seventh birthday. Their father died when Max was 7 and Emilie was 5, leaving his wife pregnant with Emilie's younger sister. The mother gave birth, but had to leave the child in Max and Emilie's care, while she worked two jobs to keep food on the table. Max got a job himself on his 14th birthday, easing the stress on his mother a little bit.

Then the Dark Jedi came. Emilie was 15 and Max was 17. The fleet just dropped out of the sky one day, and the Dark Jedi set up their bases and began construction of the huge fortresses they would be known for by the locals. Then one day, about a week after they truly landed, the soldiers began to come around and get a feel for the natives. Literally. A trio of marines came to the little hovel were the Laurauginas were living at the time, knocking down the door and dragging Emilie and her mother out of the house. They brutally raped Emilie and her mother, and were about to kill Emilie when Max interrupted. The marines beat him and his mother while Emilie took her younger sister and fled.

Both Maxwell and Mrs. Lauraugina were killed that day, and Emilie thirsted for their blood ever since.

Joining the Expeditionary Force

Emilie enlisted in the Expeditionary Force to serve aboard the BAC Shadow after her younger sister was old enough to get a job and fend for herself, and was immediately let in to serve as an assistant Tactical Analyst. She had a fire and ambition unparalleled in the other junior officers aboard the Shadow, and she gained favor among her superiors quickly. She still searched for the names of those marines who had committed to the terrible crimes against her family, just for sport. It took her a long time and a lot of effort before she finally uncovered three names.

All three were still serving, only aboard the Last Light cruiser. Emilie decided that her revenge would have to wait until she had authorization to deal with those three wretches. She turned her efforts once again to rising through the ranks, starting with taking the place of the current Tactical Analyst.

Tactical Analyst

When the Tactical Analyst unexpectedly and suddenly resigned from his post aboard the Bothan Assault Cruiser Shadow, Emilie was first in line to take over for him. She did so, after making sure that her very few rivals were safely out of the way. The woman was developing into a cold blooded machine, which was good for the Expeditionary Force as it benefited from her flawless leadership and abilities aboard the ship.

Quaestor Vorion himself noticed her work, and ensured that she serve as Tactical Analyst aboard the ship that was known as the pride of House Qel-Droma.

Early in 30 ABY, Emilie was transferred to the INT Creeping Darkness under highly unusual circumstances, promoted to Captain and granted command of the vessel.

Commodore of the DDF

In 31 ABY, just a few years into her time with the Clan Arcona navy, Emilie found herself promoted to Commodore of the fleet, stepping up to fill the shoes of former Commodore Sulaco, who had been killed in action recently. Her excellence as Captain of the INT Creeping Darkness had caught the eye of the Consul himself, leading to the no-questions-asked promotion to Commanding Officer of the Dajorra Defense Force.


Emilie is a quiet girl, introverted and cunning. Her brilliance as a tactical analyst shines through whenever she is at work, but she never discusses it or even talks to her fellow officers at all. The hard upbringing, responsibility, and grief that form the core being of Emilie Lauraugina prevent her from making any friends in the fleet. Instead, her efforts are focused solely on achieving that revenge against the men that had stolen everything from her, and on the career she is quickly building in the Expeditionary Force.