Giletta Spaceport

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Giletta Spaceport
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27 BBY





Physical specifications

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Points of Interest

Giletta Spaceport is officially within the confines of Estle City, however, the Spaceport is such a tactically important location in itself that it warrants its own Division of troops stationed to repel any landings after an abortive Hutt attack on Giletta Spaceport shortly before the Eighth Great Jedi War.

The Spaceport controls all incoming and outgoing traffic from Selen from the Space Traffic Control Center which is above the main barracks complex, adjacent to the central freight terminal. The Freight Terminal handles all incoming and outgoing traffic related to Selen’s natural produce and her major necessities and as such sees a fair amount of larger ships. Thus, it usually has a number of larger hangar berths and landing pads that are often tiered and modular, so they can be adapted to berth a myriad of craft.

Surrounding the Freight Terminal are innumerable smaller landing pads for smaller transports to land and take off in, all following a rather low-tech sunken circular pit design to handle the private transports coming to and going from Giletta.

During the Arcona Civil War of 21ABY, several of the landing pads were damaged, one almost entirely destroyed, when agents acting on behalf of Vassan Rokir attempted to assassinate Arcturus Xyler by placing a thermal bomb near the exhaust vent of his personal ship. It is said that the blast marks in these landing pads can be seen to this day.


  • Lieutenant Colonel: John Malay
    • 48 Infantry Squads - 480 Troops
    • 49 Heavy Trooper Squads - 490 Troops
    • 4 Scout Squads - 40 Troops
    • 3 Medic Squads - 30 Troops
    • 6 Engineer Squads - 60 Troops

Total: 1,100 Troops